Mutharika, Chakwera in tribute to the fallen: Remembrance Sunday marked across Malawi

President Peter Mutharika and his political foe Lazarus Chakwera Sunday stood side by side for a two minute silence to pay tribute to the country’s war dead at an annual Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in  old capital Zomba.

President Mutharika lays a wreath on the war memorial tower in zomba.Pic-Francis Mphweya-Mana.

President Mutharika lays a wreath on the war memorial tower in zomba.Pic-Francis Mphweya-Mana.

Members of the diplomatic corps (Britain and South Africa) with their wreaths during the remembrance day.Pic-Francis Mphweya-MANA

Members of the diplomatic corps (Britain and South Africa) with their wreaths during the remembrance day.Pic-Francis Mphweya-MANA

Finance Minister Goodal Gondwe lays a wreath in Mzuzu. Pic  by Chikumbutso Kajani, MANA

Finance Minister Goodal Gondwe lays a wreath in Mzuzu. Pic by Chikumbutso Kajani, MANA

Malawi army officers in Rememberance tribute

Malawi army officers in Rememberance tribute

President Mutharika leads the tributes

President Mutharika leads the tributes

Mutharika with veteran soldiers

Mutharika with veteran soldiers

A two-minute silence took place at 11am before wreaths were laid at the memorial near Cobbe Barracks and Zomba Maximum Prison to remember fallen heroes who fought in the two world wars, the wars that were started due to uncompromising political differences and power struggle.

Mutharika and Chakwera, the leader of opposition in parliament joined political, civic, religious and security leaders in commemorating Malawians -then Nyasas -who bravely fought in the mainly European First and Second World Wars.

At exactly 11 am, all the people, including Mutharika and Chakwera stood for two minutes for that was the exact time on November 11, 1918 when the guns fell silent and First World War was declared over.

President Mutharika sporting a red poppy then laid a wreath as the Malawi Defence Force band played spiritual instrumental music to capture the sombre mood.

He was followed by the commander of the army, General Ignasio Maulana, deputy inspector general of police Duncan Mwapasa, the chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and First deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and opposition chief Chakwera then stepped forward, briefly bowing his head, followed by chief secretary to government George Mkondiwa and the British envoy to Malawi Michael Nevin, among top dignitaries that laid the wreaths.

Religious leaders prayed for peace in Malawi indirectly referring the political struggle between Mutharika and Chakwera, leader of the MCP.

It is said 10 million people were killed in the First World War and up to 85 million in World War II, two wars that never concerned Malawi, then Nyasaland. Late Rev John Chilembwe said it was senseless to force Malawians fight in wars they never understood.

Hundreds gathered along the memorial pillaR, joining veterans as they paid their respects to the fallen.

Elsewhere, Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima and Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe led the similar ceremonies in central and northern regions, respectively.

The Festival of Remembrance began in 1927 and was originally intended to honour the sacrifices of those who died in World War One.

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14 thoughts on “Mutharika, Chakwera in tribute to the fallen: Remembrance Sunday marked across Malawi”

  1. vin says:

    Kuzolowera kutsutsa

  2. vendort says:

    Laying a wreath with one hand? Abomination

  3. Abdul razak muhammed karim says:

    Kumamuuza wanuyo on how to lay a wreath, not just kungoponya

  4. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    It is suprising to read here that the leader of opposition attended the Zomba function and yet MBC during the 8pm news never mentioned the leader of opposision. What type of news ethics are they using and yet this is a public broadcaster whose funding comes from taxes from all Malawians. Come on MBC you would have done much better.

    1. Kamoza says:

      Even Nyasatimes has failed to show Chakwera’s picture.

  5. Mwethu says:

    I noticed the president just laying the wreath with one hand, I feel that was not respectful to the fallen soldiers. Everywhere else in the world, a wreath is carried and laid by both hands and not the way APM did it. He seems to have no manners or else he despises everything malawian this man. I may be looking too much into it but if you see the rest of the deginitaries, they carried their wreaths in 2 hands, and went down with both knees bent to lay the wreath, but APM just used one hand!!!

  6. duduzi says:

    Koma abale utchonawu…….Nanga mpakana a Mutharika NKHATA kuyika nkono umodzi?

  7. Picture ya Chakwera ukuifuna kuti uyitani? Mbuziii.

  8. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Even the wreaths look malnourished.

  9. Makomu Ekisi says:

    This were senseless bloody wars by the greedy British.A Blackman from Nyasaland had nothing to do with their stupid wars.Malawi should be compensated for such wars to help looking after a few old remaining soldiers and compensate the families involved.British benefit from such wars but a Blackman do not benefit anything.

  10. becks says:

    Owners of these battles were handsomely compensated some of them were given massive land in Africa and Malawi like on Tyolo and Mulamulanje estates. But grandparents fought for nothing. Shaaaaaa

  11. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    The War Veteran’s Memorial Day is more than about the loss of lives of Malawians ( then refered to as Nyasas or manyasaland). Besides the tragic and senseless loss of lives due wars that as the Late Rev. Chilembwe pointed out, Malawians knew so little about.

    This day should be a reminder of how as colonized people, as people who were abused by the British, Malawians were, to add insult to injury, were forced to go and die to save their abusers!! What a humiliation!!

    It is said that the colonized people were told to fight in the war because the British believed in freedom of the people unlike Hitler’s Germany which was a doctorship. And yet, when India (one of the colonized countries) asked the British for Political Independence, Winston Churchill who was British Prime Minister at the time responded: ” I did not become Prime Minister to preside over the dissolution of the British Empire”.

    Every African country had to fight for Independence from the colonisers (British, French, Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians). To this day, Africans are treated as colonies (sources of cheap raw materials and markets for manufactured goods from Europe, America, Canada, China and other countries).

    So, this Memorial Day should remind us how enslaved and colonized and abused we still are! The only difference is that this time round, we are let down by our leaders. They think small; they cannot see how, given the collective resolve Africans can become s world economic powerhouse; self-reliant and exporters of a variety of manufactured goods to the rest of the world. Is Malawi exporting peanut butter? Or cotton clothes? Or canned fish? Or mango juice? No!


  12. haward says:

    Nanga picture ya Chakwera a nyasa times simunayikepo bwanji? Dziwani kuti tsiku lina Chakwera adzalamulira ndipo mudzayika ndithu ngakhale Lero mukumusala

  13. mtima wa nyani says:

    abale wreath yo ndikuiona bwino bwino wilawila wake? am sure something descent could match the ceremony better.
    ndalama apangila phwando lovinitsa ana a eni ake mabala pantunda. dikilani ana amenewa aphuzile akuceni SUE ndi violation ya privacy mwina mutafa koma wa mbewu ozamayankha mafuso azakhalapo .
    Othandiza kuimiliila a veteran wo nde kufinyatu. kotooo ine zinthuzi abale anu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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