Mutharika clears DPP from Cashgate: ‘Malawi ex ruling PP must answer for it’

President Peter Mutharika has rejected suggestions that his government is not revealing names faulted in the report by British audit firm, Baker Tilly, on Cashgate because some of his ministers or members of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are implicated.

Mutharika told the local media in Malawi’s commercial, Blantyre, that the former ruling People’s Party (PP) and its leadership are wholly to blame for the scandal.

Fisi anakana nsatsi (a vernacular idiom to emphasise denial of responsibility). This was the work of PP and its leadership and they must answer for it. DPP was never involved,” said Mutharika in a response to a question from a journalist on why his government was not keeping a campaign promise to make public the identities of culprits in the British auditng firm’s report.

President Mutharika (left) dismisses cashgate charges on DPP

President Mutharika (left) dismisses cashgate charges on DPP

He was addressing a news conference on the United Nations General Assembly in New York, United States of America from where he returned on Wednesday last week.

The report was presented in the Malawi National Assembly on Friday by Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu, but names and particulars of suspected wrongdoers were kept under wraps.

“Cashgate happened between April and September 2013. At the time, the DPP was not in power. Therefore, my ministers could not have been responsible,” explained Mutharika.

The Malawi leader said he had a meeting with Tembenu on Friday who presented a copy of the report to him but he was yet to read it.

“I am informed there are names there,” said Mutharika.

“ I can assure you that these names will be given to the people of Malawi. I will not target anyone and I will not protect anyone. I will simply act according to the law,” added the Malawi President.

Baker Tilly of London were outsourced to audit the plunder of resources christened cashgate to provide credibility to the exercise.

A revised figure shows that about K20 billion was looted by a syndicate of public officers, politicians and private citizens.

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Sometimes i always feel sorry for ourselves as Malawians. If we critically follow the cashgate issue, our diary tells us that it started wayback before the PP Administration. This simply means without exception of DPP Administration. Now for the so called President Peter Mutharika to deny his party’s involvement in the cashgate is just non stater. His late brother Bingu, refused in the first place to conduct this forensic audit. He new pretty well that they will be exposed. Just release the names of the culprits and act justly. Politicising the whole thing will not help Malawians. We know the… Read more »

Amalawi ndi anthu osekesa zedi. Ndipo ntafunsako, mbava itabwera ndi kuba mbwani m’munda mwako, ndipo iwe osamugwira. Tsiku lina wakuba wina mkubwera kudzakuberanso mbwani wako. Koma iwe wosamugwira munthuyo. Ndipo iwe uli mkati molondera m’mundamo ukuwoona mbava ina yalowa m’munda mwako mkuyamba kuba mbwani wako. Mwa Chauta iwe mkumugwira munthuyo.

Kodi mwa anthu atatuwo iwe uzazenga mulanu ndani? A Malawi nkhani ya cashgate ngakhale mzungu wa pa tsidya la nynja adakaniratu kwamtu wa mbuzi baba. Adaneneratu kuti umbva uwu udachitika pakati pa April ndi September mchaka cha 2013. Izi zidalendezedwa mchiyankhulo cha amanu kuti mumvetse bwino.


How on earth can a theif clears his criminal organisation

The Patriot

“Tembenu gave him the report and he has yet to read it”. How does our dear President know that his ministers are NOT there? Blue lie!


I always believe that there will be a Valley of Decision where there will be no favour, a sin shall be a sin no matter who did it. This social injustice shall be no more. I wish to see the City where we shall weep no more. Today the DPP is a sacred cow but in that valley all shall answer according to their works. It is painful to see a professional lawyer speaking like a child. TIRIBE MZINDA M’DZIKOLI OLIMBA NDI OKHALISA.




pliz, don’t take us 4 a ride, we have someone we turn our attention to when we are desperate so watch out, the reference is in ur house and diary, tread carefully, we are malawians



DPP, Please go to work, nthawi ikutha. See below. Malawi: Country is number eight on the list of poorest countries (All Africa) The country is ranked the eighth poorest country in Africa, new data reveals. The list of poorest countries captures the outlook of the gross domestic product (GDP) in each country as of 2014. The ranking, produced by Richest Lifestyle magazine, takes into account the total market value of goods and services produced by the national economy during the last year in regards to each person in the country. “Agriculture and services make up a huge chunk of GDP,… Read more »

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