Mutharika clears DPP from Cashgate: ‘Malawi ex ruling PP must answer for it’

President Peter Mutharika has rejected suggestions that his government is not revealing names faulted in the report by British audit firm, Baker Tilly, on Cashgate because some of his ministers or members of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are implicated.

Mutharika told the local media in Malawi’s commercial, Blantyre, that the former ruling People’s Party (PP) and its leadership are wholly to blame for the scandal.

Fisi anakana nsatsi (a vernacular idiom to emphasise denial of responsibility). This was the work of PP and its leadership and they must answer for it. DPP was never involved,” said Mutharika in a response to a question from a journalist on why his government was not keeping a campaign promise to make public the identities of culprits in the British auditng firm’s report.

President Mutharika (left) dismisses cashgate charges on DPP

President Mutharika (left) dismisses cashgate charges on DPP

He was addressing a news conference on the United Nations General Assembly in New York, United States of America from where he returned on Wednesday last week.

The report was presented in the Malawi National Assembly on Friday by Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu, but names and particulars of suspected wrongdoers were kept under wraps.

“Cashgate happened between April and September 2013. At the time, the DPP was not in power. Therefore, my ministers could not have been responsible,” explained Mutharika.

The Malawi leader said he had a meeting with Tembenu on Friday who presented a copy of the report to him but he was yet to read it.

“I am informed there are names there,” said Mutharika.

“ I can assure you that these names will be given to the people of Malawi. I will not target anyone and I will not protect anyone. I will simply act according to the law,” added the Malawi President.

Baker Tilly of London were outsourced to audit the plunder of resources christened cashgate to provide credibility to the exercise.

A revised figure shows that about K20 billion was looted by a syndicate of public officers, politicians and private citizens.

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78 thoughts on “Mutharika clears DPP from Cashgate: ‘Malawi ex ruling PP must answer for it’”

  1. GABRIEL YAKO B says:


  2. Kaka says:

    Sometimes i always feel sorry for ourselves as Malawians. If we critically follow the cashgate issue, our diary tells us that it started wayback before the PP Administration. This simply means without exception of DPP Administration. Now for the so called President Peter Mutharika to deny his party’s involvement in the cashgate is just non stater. His late brother Bingu, refused in the first place to conduct this forensic audit. He new pretty well that they will be exposed. Just release the names of the culprits and act justly. Politicising the whole thing will not help Malawians. We know the DPP well from the grassroot; from the midnight 6 to elections rigging!!!!!! Mind you Malawians are demanding the truth now!!!!!!

  3. Bamusi says:

    Amalawi ndi anthu osekesa zedi. Ndipo ntafunsako, mbava itabwera ndi kuba mbwani m’munda mwako, ndipo iwe osamugwira. Tsiku lina wakuba wina mkubwera kudzakuberanso mbwani wako. Koma iwe wosamugwira munthuyo. Ndipo iwe uli mkati molondera m’mundamo ukuwoona mbava ina yalowa m’munda mwako mkuyamba kuba mbwani wako. Mwa Chauta iwe mkumugwira munthuyo.

    Kodi mwa anthu atatuwo iwe uzazenga mulanu ndani? A Malawi nkhani ya cashgate ngakhale mzungu wa pa tsidya la nynja adakaniratu kwamtu wa mbuzi baba. Adaneneratu kuti umbva uwu udachitika pakati pa April ndi September mchaka cha 2013. Izi zidalendezedwa mchiyankhulo cha amanu kuti mumvetse bwino.

  4. Gimbogo says:

    How on earth can a theif clears his criminal organisation

  5. The Patriot says:

    “Tembenu gave him the report and he has yet to read it”. How does our dear President know that his ministers are NOT there? Blue lie!

  6. Alungwana says:

    I always believe that there will be a Valley of Decision where there will be no favour, a sin shall be a sin no matter who did it. This social injustice shall be no more. I wish to see the City where we shall weep no more. Today the DPP is a sacred cow but in that valley all shall answer according to their works. It is painful to see a professional lawyer speaking like a child. TIRIBE MZINDA M’DZIKOLI OLIMBA NDI OKHALISA.

  7. kukhala says:


  8. wake says:

    pliz, don’t take us 4 a ride, we have someone we turn our attention to when we are desperate so watch out, the reference is in ur house and diary, tread carefully, we are malawians

  9. KAYAKAYA says:


  10. hst says:

    DPP, Please go to work, nthawi ikutha. See below.

    Malawi: Country is number eight on the list of poorest countries
    (All Africa)
    The country is ranked the eighth poorest country in Africa, new data reveals. The list of poorest countries captures the outlook of the gross domestic product (GDP) in each country as of 2014. The ranking, produced by Richest Lifestyle magazine, takes into account the total market value of goods and services produced by the national economy during the last year in regards to each person in the country. “Agriculture and services make up a huge chunk of GDP, accounting for 35% and 46% respectively. [But] a shortage of foreign exchange… led to Malawi being unable to pay for some imports” reads a statement by the Magazine. Malawi joins three other SADC member states on the list, namely: Madagascar on number 9 as well as Zimbabwe and DRC which are the two poorest countries of all. Another survey conducted by the acclaimed Mo Ibrahim Foundation has established that Malawi’s economy has not improved since 2010. The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) administered by the foundation shows that Malawi’s economy has continued to fall. IIAG is the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance that aims to offer an annual assessment of the quality of governance in African countries. The economy picked up during Bingu wa Mutharika’s first term, picking from 41% to 48.7% in 2010. However, this year’s index shows that for these four years the economy has gradually been declining to hit a 45.9 mark. The foundation ranked Zambia at number 13 and Mozambique at number 22. Despite being among the top ten poorest countries in Africa, President Peter Mutharika extravagantly led a lavishing lifestyle in the United States where he went to attend the UN general Assembly. President Arthur Peter Mutharika accommodated himself at the Waldorf-Astoria where a presidential suite comes with a price tag of US$17,000 (MK7 million).

  11. banga says:

    The heat is on your ass APM you may run but cant hide kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Matako says:

    Ha!ha! APM you are a very funny man. Do you honestly think that Malawians are that damn that we can not see right through your plot? How much did your brother steal from us before JB came to power? How much did the governor of the reserve bank help your brother to swindle which he later asked him to address? How can you unequivocally say that DPP was not involved? Are you serious really? Well Mr president let me give you a piece of advice. Do not pick the speck out of your advesory’s eye while you have a log in your own. There is more to cash gate than you try to make us believe and I do hope God will help us come to the real truth. Your government is equally responsible as it was pointed out that cash gate started with your brother. So lets be serious and address real cash gaters once and for all. While at it please address the issue of the houses which you bought below market value. That in itself is corruption. Please address that. I noticed that the media which was available at your press conference were all afraid to ask you real questions but again we already know that they had to submit questions in advance. It is our hope that the donors will not be hood-winked by your drama. We need to get to the bottom of cash gate.

  13. chatty man says:

    Tilly Baker has all the names so don’t worry Mr presidentwe will still get all the information even if you are trying to hide ur thieves in DPP. Zosabisa izi lero!!!!!!!

  14. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Some comments are surprising, why insult? Comment on the issue or what the president has said on cashgate. The writing is on the wall. What was done in cashgate unfortunately cannot be undone. Pray that the punishment is not harsh.

  15. rosie says:

    Can TB Joshua reveal his future death now please.. We are getting tired of already!!! and this must continue for 5 fucking years!!

  16. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    look at the above photo, the way Kaliati looks down on what APM is signing kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk boma ili nde masanje eni eni!!!

  17. Kaya says:

    And Mr.apm who voted u to become a president? Is not u use votegate. So now u r full of shit why?

  18. annoymous says:

    Nyani oyamba ndiiwe ndipo wamkulu chiyenda yekha

  19. annoymous says:

    chilungamo chimawawa you are the first monkey not others i dont blame you ablame your mother and dad

  20. Michal says:

    Accountability and transparecy goes togethr,plse let see the aftrmath of wat hapened to ths controversal issue

  21. cynk says:

    dzinkhopedzo ngati dzodwala mumps kapena titi kandukutu kapena titi matsagwidwi kkkkk

  22. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    APM ndi president wa anyani osati anthu!

  23. dyson Mdalla says:

    Peter is a thief

  24. Pa banja pako says:

    DPP is probably reluctant to release the report because it is chockfull of names from the Asian business community. They are literally walking on eggshells. It is very hard to believe that there were no Malawians of Asian origin involved in cashgate, everyone knows those guys are crooked to the bone. Yet to date, no single asian business person has been implicated in cashgate, except for that extravagant clown who owns HTD motors. Unfortunately, asian businesses are like the spinal cord of Malawi, we cannot disable them without paralyzing ourselves. So the DPP has to walk on it’s tippy toes about this one, hey? We all do!

  25. RealMalawi says:

    Patriotic Malawians avail the original copy of the report to the suffering masses

  26. waife nyaphaphi says:

    Wadziwa bwanji kuti. A DPP mulibe ngati report sanawelenge.

  27. chilinde guy says:

    Chonde Mr professor ife sitikufuna kumva kuti waba ndi chipani cha PP tikufuna maina. Ine zimandiwawa ndikamaona mmene ndalama zathu za tax mukuonengela kudzala mwa agalu asilikali. Ntchito yao uhule basi . mukuwalora kumakhala ndi nyumba za boma ziwiri ziwiri boma kumalipila rent kuma area 47,43, 3,12 pomwe ambiriwa alinso ndimanyumba ku salima barracks , zomba barracks, chilumba barracks, para barracks. kodi asilikali kapena ma officers ali ndi entitlement ya manyumba awiriawiri aboma? komanso ndalama zambiri sa cashgate zinasowa through MDF account kusonyeza kuti kumeneku kofuna kuunikako bwinobwino osamangonamizila kuti zida za nkhondo . Chinanso pa masintha inu a Pitala munanena kuti mwachotsa anthu mumaudindo kuti kafukufuku wakubedwa kwa ndalama kuyende bwino kodi nanga tikumva kuti nthawi imene general Maulana anali Director of Logistic kunabedwa ndalama zokwana 10 million US dollars imene anagulira katundu wopita ku peace keeping pa mitengo yokwela dubias prices monga camp bed or matress amodzi at 500 thousand Malawi kwacha. Maulanayo ngati director anasainila ndepano akwnitsa kulamulira. He is a failure in life even his liver has failing. he is a walking corpse. mark my words u will see what will happen ife mchilindemu tikumva zambiri

  28. MWANONI says:


  29. wobeba wanga says:

    Big up APM

  30. Chemwali says:

    That’s prejudicial Mr. President. Why don’t you let the responsible organs finish the job first? Your statement is tantamount to interference with the judicial process. You should know that, being a liar (lawyer) yourself…

  31. MZIMBAMUBE says:

    Don’t just support the APM Government. Remember how he acquired the Mayor’s house in Lilongwe. How he bribed the likes of Maxon Mbendera, Willie Kalonga to still the votes. Ask APM how Kaliati dealt with the issue of Nyika National Park. All these things need to known.

  32. Abiti Mtila says:

    Wa DPP akanaba akanamangidwa nthawi ya PP bwanji anamangana wokha wokha? Kodi ungamange mwana wako kusiya mwana wopeza? Anthu opanda nzeru inu!

  33. Njereza boy says:

    It is now clear that the document has been heavily doctored. If Peter thinks Malawians are fools then he better go to Mpumulo wa bata and ask his brother what Malawians are made up of. Going by the way DPP conducted its business in the 8 years or so the if this report does not mention DPP names it becomes a useless document that we Malawians will laugh it off. Its value will be heavily eroded to the extent that some of us will not even want to read it twice. It will only be viewed as a political script aimed at victimism the opponents of this junk votes government.

  34. Felix Mizimbe says:

    I doubt if the so called prof is serious in what he is saying. Ask another prof in the name of Mathews Chikaonda. He openly stated that cashgate began way back before PP was ushered into power and the Baker report is covering the K93 billion which went missing when mapuya mkulukulu was in power. Assure him that we are no longer blind or death.

  35. loveness says:

    You are very stupid

  36. rational says:

    Peter Mutharika is annoying to those who did not vote for him. For us, we have a president that we love and that he is living to our expectations. Keep on crying!

  37. Jabulosi says:

    The more this President opens his Mouth the more crap comes out of his head. I doubt his intelligence and integrity.

  38. sanches says:

    DPP did plunder k92b bcoz it was so PP could nt let them walk away wt it,issue would hv boiled n DPP by nw wud hv been convictd and orderd 2 pay back,mr pres z right!wakuba ndiamene wagwidwa.ndipo zaonetsa kt 92 ikunenedwai anaba ndi mrs pres chfkw adaliko

  39. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Hehehe! Odi uko. Ndikuti all the culprits a cashgate are JB children.K92billion existed in the mouth of JB & had no proof, in reality it is a political amount created by JB to kill DPP. Zakanika, hehehe! Uisova

  40. tenson mkumbwa says:

    y r u delaying to release the names???????

  41. Ku lira says:

    Koma dengu wasenza Gertude Maseko pamutupo muli mbiya? Kodi

  42. Fukulani says:

    There is no way you are getting out of this one Scott free Ibu

  43. Big Kahuna says:

    the best and only solution is give this bullshit muthalika 5 good rounds in his head and malawi will be a better place,Just one couragious man or woman,just 5 quick rounds done

  44. Vyachalo says:

    where does this number come from 92billion kwacha. where are Dollars and pounds found in brothers house how many banks were demaded to deposit money in your brothers A/C

  45. That is a joke you think your boys will go away with it K92 billion is coming and you think people will just sitt back and see mukunamizana. Maumboni ngambiri zedi.

  46. Happy says:

    APM wise leader

  47. Harry says:

    Wina aliyense akudziwa kuti noma LA APM ndila anthu a serious when doing things for the better of all Malawians

    The present was right in his address because he has never been involved in the scam.

    Koma Ana a PP ndye eeeeeeeeee??!! Anasakaza

  48. Luke says:

    that’s right Mr. President

  49. Dance says:

    Kubadi kunali kwa PP Odiukoooo kikiki

  50. Suzie says:

    Fisi anakana nsatsi PETER is right

  51. Liar Liar Pants on fire !!!

  52. ujeni says:

    This Mutharika man is a nuisance and annoying git. Everytimes he talks its all rubbish. Where did these Mutharika people come from. We deserve better in Malawi not this gabbage we are having for five years.

  53. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Uneneri uja upherezeradi. Patsala pang’ono chabe. muchonganso

  54. Unenesko pera says:

    Fools, dont cheat people, you are playing the game of cheating people. Mk 92 bilion is from who? If God had time for review meetings bwezi pano mutasiya kuyankhula zopusazo.

  55. Thats ur work mr presdnt n dats w@ we r waitng.all thieves shud b arrested,da@ w@ rules telling us.osawanyengelera ave mbebe pa malawi ameneo.

  56. munthu says:

    Free advice to APM and DPP
    Dont cheat us petulo and ur bloody Dpp.. Never think a malawi ndiopusa and mbuli to be cheated by your devilish manipulated sentiments.. Tikuziwa move yimene mwatenga but nkhanga zawona… Watchout for an explosión soon. Daré to make those baseless arrests.. What u have to know is that we are watching with keen interest..
    Leadeship is not about political man hunting.. Show non patriótic and persecutory leadership in your friends.. This kind id leadership wont take our country anywhere..

  57. kondwani nyasulu says:

    Baba murupale mapwiya muthalika ndinu munthu wamkulu timakupasani ulemu tipaseni mayinawo zokambakamba basi zatikwana

  58. Think Tank says:

    Is it the president who is going to act? What does that mean? I was thinking it will be law taking its course.

    1. Mr President you are right to think that way because thus the way you’ve behaved since you landed yourself on that highiest seat. The idea of inviting Tilly came about because of Chihana’s Report. The figures may seem heniuos but they carry a message, “Thieves”. Whether from MCP, UDF, DPP,PP and DPP again if money was misused by anybody please return it to us, don’t protect the few and the obvious. Just let the courts deal with them. Your verdict shall be deemed bais and poor.

  59. Alungwana says:

    The more you insist that the DPP were not involved in the cashgate, the more you show your unproffesion and incompetent and so the MORE THE DONORS FREEZ THE AID.

  60. ine says:

    Mzungu ali pa pic ndi ndani?

  61. upile kulekangana says:

    A DPP ali momo dont lie. Dare change the report Malawi will be on fire like 20 Jul y

  62. McPherson Kaunda says:

    Iyinso ndi mbuzi eti? So he has not read the report yet to know if the names are in it or not? Jackup Mr President and get ticking.

  63. Dpp ndi pp onse amangidwe chifukwa adaba ndalama za Boma iwe peter usakondere Atonga akuona ukafuse chihana malemu.

  64. Telling it the way it is says:

    Mr President Sir Cashgate is the biggest thing happening in Malawi and having been given the report you have not read the report yet? Are you for real?so you are a liar too now? Let’s wait for The donors to tell us how much was looted by Bingu?

    1. The problem the president and his people are taking people of malawi for gratend they think we do not think so that we can believe them in all lies.

    2. rosie says:


  65. pearson sadala says:

    Knowing dpp. They wud have blown a trumpet. Some of its cadres are in therr.

  66. Chilungamo chioneke anthu akuvutika ku mudziku mumayenda magalimoto abwino koma kuba mulungu akuona zonse.

  67. James Liuma says:

    Nice Suit. You are now dressing like a President.

    1. Mwale says:

      I can’t even commend the suit because its bought with my tax money after staying in a $17,000 hotel in US. Shame on those who cannot open there eyes and see the damage being done to the country by these people.

  68. kunpando says:

    hee!!!! what kind of president is this? what is he presdenting for? koma abale awa ndiye mavuto awusogoleli. Amene munganene muthuyu nkuva muthandizeni bwino wachepa nazo IBU

  69. jedi says:

    Am confused here, so you are saying the President won’t reveal names coz some DPP gurus are in the report and yet you are also quoting the same President that “he will not target anyone neither will he protect anyone?”. Which is which?

  70. foaseki so you have managed to to make a fake copy of cash gate names with letter head ya tilly baker to look ngati its genuini kodi mukunamiza ndani mwachepa. yelekezani kumanga jb muona. MOST PEOPLE HAVE SEEN THE ORIGINAL COPY OF NAMES NDIYE AMAKUNAMIZA VUWA AND MALOPA

    1. ns says:

      Iwe ungotaya thawi ndi kulira amene atchulidwawo aulura anzawo. Munawapusitsa amayi inu. Munya wayesa federal system imalora kuba?

    2. Trade carefull otherwise you will end up shooting your foot Everybody knows that most people in DPP stole money yambisani muone you wlll regrate we know you all just waiting some one to blow the wizulo

  71. John says:

    Of course! Ayi, nyang’ani ndithu. Ndi thawi yanu. Big Brother akukuwonelani. Towonana, mmesa federalism/secession ikubwera.

  72. lutanani says:

    Mr president,you are a liar your finance minister is there too.Goodall Gondwe to be specific

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