Mutharika coy to respond to Catholic pastoral letter: Viola says Malawi President has not read the epistle

President Peter Mutharika says he will not respond to the hard hitting, soul searching Catholic bishops pastoral letter, saying the letter was meant for Catholic faithful.

Viola: President Mutharika has not seen and even read the pastoral letter, its for the Catholics

Viola: President Mutharika has not seen and even read the pastoral letter, its for the Catholics

Presidential press secretary Gerald Viola said by Monday afternoon, Mutharika had not seen the pastoral letter.

“May be after he has seen it, read it and understood its contents, he may respond but the understanding is that the pastoral letter is meant for Catholic faithful. Just be patient, he may issue a statement,” he said.

Mutharika has devout Catholics in his top brass including vice president Saulos Chilima, Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati, Leader of Government in Parliament Francis Kasaira and state chief spy Nicholous Dausi.

In the pastoral letter, the bishops accused the government of being slow in dealing with problems affecting ordinary Malawians which include acute food shortages and the sharp in rise of cost of living.

Chancellor College assistant professor Happy Kayuni urged the government to take the Catholic criticisms positively instead of being on the defensive line.

“These problems highlighted by the Catholic problems were there, may be the government will now take them seriously now because they have been highlighted by the bishops otherwise the opposition and everyone have been talking about this,” said Kayuni.

He said the government should immediately get to work and tackle each problem if the country has to move on and experience change for the better, saying the condition on the ground is dire.

Peoples Party publicist Ken Msonda advised Mutharika and government to avoid being on the defensive by responding to what the bishops have highlighted.

“God has spoken,” said Msonda on his Facebook wall.

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23 thoughts on “Mutharika coy to respond to Catholic pastoral letter: Viola says Malawi President has not read the epistle”

  1. Donald Trump says:

    the Catholic represent abomination = check in bible

  2. bunny joe says:

    mtsogoleli amasankhidwa ndi mulungu chonde amveleni ma bishopuwo

  3. Mlauzi says:

    Some of us foresaw all this in 2014. These days I rarely comment on this forum because I had already predicted this would be our situation if we were to vote for that lot.

    If you can not create employment for your youths, you can not create markets for your produce, you can not add value etc. the result is poverty, poverty and excruciating and grinding poverty. A good leader would have put in place strategies to cushion the economy in times of calamities such as drought, floods etc. Remember Joseph and Pharaoh in biblical times?

    It is now intriguing that even some of the zealots who voted for this lot, my fellow tribesmen whose choice is not guided by reason, but by the home boy syndrome, those who could not see the logical syllogism in my advice, are now weeping, wailing, mourning and gnashing teeth and regretting their vote. I hope you will be guided by reason next time. Remember Bob Marley who sang ” until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, that is a war” In the same vein we can say “until the philosophy that holds one tribe superior and another inferior is discredited and abandoned…….”

  4. lloyd says:

    Don’t be stupid Peter , I just say and agree that politics is not ur part, but u r greedy man.

  5. Bazooka says:

    The problems we have in Malawi were started by Malawians ourselves. When this President was a cabinet minister he perfomed very miserably and we Malawians elevated him to the position of President despite his many failings. The Tanzanians elevated John Magufuli to the presidency because he was a star perfomer when he was a cabinet minister. Peter Mutharka’s short comings were apparent from the word go. I do not understand him when says that he doesn’t fail when everything around him in chaos.

  6. Boliwoli2 says:

    Iam So happy kuti ampingo mwaziwanso vuto limene liri ndi mtsogoleri uyo.Ngati sakuyankhani what willbe the next step ?aaaaa! Wajaira nda ife a Malawi. He is indeed a proffessor.

  7. therere says:

    There is no need to respond, just do the right things period

  8. Nkhombokombo says:

    The response to this letter simply is by action, “change for the better”. Do not sound arrogant, things change, you must not forget!!!!

  9. Stupid as dumb says:

    He needs to talk to Kamuzu Banda, that’s how it all started.

  10. Lets take our country back says:

    Paja alibe pulobulem garu ameneyu

  11. As far as I know,Viola is a good friend of ECM Communications Officer,Mr. Prince Henderson who circulated the Pastoral Statement On Sunday and for No double he shared his friend a copy who I believe could have taken an initiative to share with his boss APM as the Presidential Secretary.Or ngati Samalandile anakatha kumpempha Prince.Amamweranso limodzi amenewa so let him not lie to Malawians that he hasn’t seen it yet.

  12. Matete in Mazizi says:

    The Pastoral Letter is addressed to all Catholics and people of good will. Viola’s statement suggests the President is not a person of good will.

  13. Chambe says:

    The Catholic Clergy has visited Kamuzu Palace on many occasions. They have had face to face discussions about challenges the country is facing.If the The pastoral letter is a confirmation to these discussions, then indeed the letter is meant for Catholics. Again if the letter is addressed to the President and that it requests a response by way of actions required to tackle these, I think the President has to respond in due respect.
    The Church can aid in building or braking the government and the President would want on the building side.

  14. john phiri says:

    Vioala wanena apa kuti if the president understands it meaning the guy does not understand thing. Chibekete cha president

  15. Sam says:

    He not supposed to respond, but act.

  16. ineyo says:

    We also some bootlickers as commentators. They always try to sound positive in the face of the govt such that they pretend not to know that these problems are out there.

    God should also punish such useless souls. Selfish and stubborn creatures with no upper teeth like goats.

    Keep locking the boots but mind you God is never you cousin.

  17. Nyamakumutu says:

    It’s true the president should not respond because it is a pastoral letter to the Catholics. Did they say that Kalata yama Bishop yolembela kwa once or kwa president for him to respond. If I were him I was not going to respond. It’s not a communique from a general conference like the PAC all inclusive after all its exclusive in its nature.

  18. Mphwache says:

    Waiting for a Pastor Bushiri Pastoral Letter.

  19. lipenga says:

    why did you respond to the prophecy of TB Joshua then ? he didn’t even mentioned your name that your are about to die! your brain is full of water a clueless leader.I Wonder if your religious adviser’s are really working. leave the prophecy of TB Joshua to us ,at least the pastoral letter is mentioning your name and government pls respond you lose nothing by being a humble leader .

  20. Sexy says:

    Guys how can thise idiot say he did not see the letter and he say the letter is for the cathoric thats rude and idiots word from the fool head of state , tinkanena ife kuti peter wangokula mutu alibe nzeru mwaona anthu winu a soulth shit anamarete

  21. Mccarthy says:

    This APM is rude, I pray to God he must fall; How can say that Muthalika had not seen the pastoral letter” are kidding me?! This president is devil & God will punish you so soon!!!

  22. Phwisa says:

    So Nyasa wanted Peter Mutharika to respond to the pastoral letter. Unless the reporter of the story was born yesterday then otherwise all pastoral letters every year 1992 to date would have been responded fto by all preceeding regimes. It was meant for Catholic faithfulls. CCAP Nkhoma, Blantyre, Livingstonia; Assemblies, Abraham, Winners have theirs and it they are not meant for Malawians otherwise they would have been prepared by all and there would be chaos. President can not respond. Nyasa reporter only shows us he is silly and an idiot .

    1. Dowa Boy says:

      If this Pastoral letter was in praise of Peter and DPP government, would this clueless government not respond? Why do you defend and support an inept leaders? Do you want to tell me kuti akuvutika ndi a Cathoric okha in this country? To hell with your APM!!!! To hell with your DPP!!!!!! Alomwe anthu osamva za anzawo!!! Very selfish tribe….

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