Mutharika happy to be honored with Doctor of Letters Degree by Addis Ababa University

President Professor Peter Mutharika says the Doctors of Letter Degree Honoris Causa he will receive from Addis Ababa University will have an impact not only on himself but also on Malawians.

President Peter Mutharika, leaves Malawi for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at Kamuzu International Airport, Lilongwe(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

President Peter Mutharika, leaves Malawi for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at Kamuzu International Airport, Lilongwe(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Vice president Dr. Saulos Chilima, some Ministers and some Government officials wave Peter Mutharika on his journey to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at KIA, Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Vice president Dr. Saulos Chilima, some Ministers and some Government officials wave Peter Mutharika on his journey to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at KIA, Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

The President told reporters  in Lilongwe, Friday, on his departure to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, where he is going to be awarded the degree for the outstanding work he has done in academia in Africa but also in the world.

Mutharika said apart from the university honoring him, Malawi as a country has also been recognized and honored with this award.

He said he was honored to be among those recognized by the old and magnificent University of Ethiopia saying part of the reason the university is honoring him is the progress Malawi is making from being a dependent country to a self sufficient nation.

The president is also Regional Universities Forum (RUFORUM) Champion for Higher Education in Africa, co-convener of the International Commission on Financing Global Education and hence the recognition.

Mutharika will be conferred the degree on Saturday 9th July, 2016 at Addis Ababa University.

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11 thoughts on “Mutharika happy to be honored with Doctor of Letters Degree by Addis Ababa University”

  1. Disgruntled Citizen says:

    A PhD is of no significance to the Malawian economy, another silly way to spend much needed money which the country could use. We will see if those credentials will get you elected Mr PhD. Seriously we should be happy for you for what? maybe people who don’t have an education can celebrate with you but not same of us, your leadership is highly questionable. Malawi shall not prosper when the likes of you are plundering the Nation’s little funds we have.

  2. kabishuda says:

    only shallow minded leaders like peter get excited with honorary degrees. leaders who cannot think and are just a waste of resources to the country.

  3. Gogodasi says:

    Nyasa Times, are you sure University of Addis Ababa is magnificent? Have you you ever been to the campus to see the school? Please, don’t muddle the Queen’s language to fool those those that haven’t been there and I really don’t understand what you mean by this.Can you compare it with the Cairo University in Egypt in terms of physical looks and academic excellence? Cairo University is the only university in Africa that competes favourably with South African universities and Addis Ababa is far backwards. Can you place the picture of the university on this page for the readers to believe your story. What you are doing is sensationalizing a story which is bad journalism because you are lying. What you should know about honourary degrees is that in most cases, this is a fund raising drive by the universities especially those from poor countries like Ethiopia. Do you think the President has just been awarded this degree without him giving the school some money? Ask yourself why Mugabe and the renowned Prof. Wole Soyinka of Nigeria have been declining these honorary degrees – they are useless degrees. The President is only trying to build a case to defend madam akunyumba who also got an honorary degree by the Polytechnic, which was strongly criticized. This is politics at play and you as journalists should be able to read between the two lines by going deeper than what you see on the surface before publishing a story, otherwise this undermines public intelligence.

  4. Issa says:

    Vuto la kudya mbewa umayamba kuganiza ngati mbewa. Iwe chitute wakwedza fees ku Universiy chifukwa iweyo ukukalandira dzulele. Too much of mice eating you start reasoning like mice. Your degree will never help Malawi. Why don’t these people honour Obama, Cameroon? They know kuti sangalandira anthu odzindikira.

  5. C Banda says:

    Nyasa Times, you must have made up that bit about the President saying that Malawi is a self-sufficient nation. Are you trying to tell us that donors are not assisting us to source and pay for maize for drought-relief, that we ourselves are funding Mary’s Meals in order to feed our starving kids, that no donor is providing drugs for HIV treatment and other maladies, and so on and so on..

  6. Chambe says:

    I believe other people have been honored for such degrees whilst absented from the occasion.
    He could do the same and his degree could have been collected by the Malawi Diplomat there.The government could have avoided this wasteful travel expenses.

  7. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.President,you are absolutely absent minded when you said that your PHd will have an impact not only on yourself ,but also on Malawians.On Malawians how? Afterall,what has your first PHd helped you enhance Malawi an extra-mile? Instead,under your rigged leadership,Malawi has reversed hundreds of KM,the economy of the State is unrecognizable,crime has reached its zenith,corruption is second to none in Southern Africa,tribalism has become part of our daily life pitting one another,joblessness is equivalent to a failed State of Somalia,theft of State funds is horribly skyrocketing,so why all this fuss of the so-called PHDs? For your informations,there are tons of PHD holders in Africa,and yet,the Continent is swiftly sinking into muddy waters exposing its vast citizenry to medieval poverty.For your information,you can easily buy a PHD certificate or degree on the street of Kampala,Uganda and other nations in West Africa.However,Africa’s economy will not be enhanced by billions of PHD holders,but by local hardworking and transparent citizenry.So Muthalika’s PHD,s are not the ultimate cure for our economic and political dereliction,these are just home decorations!!!

  8. John says:

    Don’t forget to spend some more of the cash gate money on your trip

  9. nancy says:

    Zopusa basi

  10. Mwendo says:

    Let’s not link this recognition to Malawi’s progress/transformation into a self-reliant country. The two are unrelated and should not be confused. By the way, which self-reliance when we are chronically food insecure (fed by outsiders) and increasingly poor with high unemployment rate and poor social economic indicators? This is a very personal accolade and of little benefit to the country as a whole. This idea of beautifying one another for little or no progress on the ground is killing us Africans. Let’s focus on work and not pampering, increasing egos. Let’s get real work done on the ground. Otherwise, we will continue wasting ourselves and generations with such meaningless praises/ decorations/ colourings.

  11. Chandamale says:

    Useless how many thieving ministers have gone with him. This is sad. If it was Great Britain, France, Belgium or Greece today we could have heard the president resigned from his position together with those ministers who are thieves because 7 ministers involved in corruption is criminal to this country citizens and tantamount to prosecution. How do these university honor such leaders. How many MWK have u paid so far. Nosense.

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