Mutharika hits at ‘misguided and crazy’ critics: Donors are fed up, get over it

President Peter Mutharika has hit at his critics who say Malawi traditional donors who pulled out their budgetary support as misguided and mentally disturbed.

President Peter Mutharika speaking in Mangochi: Opposition are misguided lot

President Peter Mutharika speaking in Mangochi: Opposition are misguided lot

At a political rally on Saturday in Mangochi, Mutharika insisted the donors have gone for good to attend to their problems in their own countries.

“I hear someone in parliament say he would bring back the donors within a month. He must be joking…The donors are gone, they are fed up having helped us for 51 years,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika faced severe criticism from leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera and People’s Party leader Uladi Mussa who accused the President of doing nothing to calla roundtable discussion to get the donors back.

They told Mutharika that his predecessors faced similar situation and successfully managed to woo the donors back as negotiations on IMF facility progressed well.

However, Mutharika said his focus is not on foreign investors.

He said his administration has already got K950b investment from a Chinese company apart from other international investors from Europe.

The Malawi leader said in addition his government has development programmes capable of turning around the economy such as a US $600m Liwonde dry port, a US $400m 30000 seat stadium in Mangochi and an international hotel and world class golf course in lakeshore district of Mangochi as some of the major projects in the eastern region apart from a dozen road projects.

Mutharika also said funds have been identified to make Mangochi airport an international airport with planes flying in directly from world destinations and the airport will have an international immigration office and other facilities.

“The opposition is saying the country is going in a wrong direction, they are not telling us which is the right direction,” he said.

Mutharika stressed that cashgate, the wanton looting of treasury by greedy politicians, public officers and business people hit the country so hard that it will take so many years for Malawi to recover from the disaster.

He said it is time Malawians forge ahead in unity and in shaping their country’s own destiny and ensuring that cashgate does not repeat.

“I am not trying to blame anyone but it is a fact that what happened with cashgate affected this country really hard that it will take many years for us to recover,” Mutharika said.

Up to K20 billion mostly Malawians’ tax payers money, was looted from treasury under former president Joyce Banda’s watch between 2012 and early 2014. It is reported the looting started in 2005.

Almost all Malawi’s traditional donors including Britain and the United State of America who were contributing up to 40 percent of the national budget withdrew their budgetary support at the peak of cashgate in 2013 that saw an attempt on the life of the then Ministry of Finance Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo.

Mphwiyo who was profoundly touted by Joyce Banda as a victim of a fight against corruption is now one of the key suspects in the ongoing cashgate cases along people who are suspected to have an attempt on his life.

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51 thoughts on “Mutharika hits at ‘misguided and crazy’ critics: Donors are fed up, get over it”

  1. Nyapaphi wabowa says:

    Mphwepwa ya president! Donors bring in dollars vital for international trade. Our currency is continuously flactuating due to lack of foreign currency among others. And the road construction projects the president touted about are also funded by donors. So what do u mean when u say donor time is over? A bundle of contradiction!!! Nanunso angulu tatiyeni tisamangosapota zili zonse. Amalawi tikuzunzika ndi kukwera kwa mitengo chifukwa cha maganizidwe osathandizawa. We are still at infancy as far as our economy is concerned. Donors badly wanted. Kupusa kumeneko!

  2. choonadi says:

    A Winston Msowoya, is our democratic right dependence on western donor aid and not chinese? When we dont do according to British interests, they dump us as well. So where is the difference? Let the Chinese build infrastructure rather than have the British who think they own Malawi because they finance the government/civil service. Our democratic right is to be economically independent. Stop partisan-contaminated reasoning.

  3. Yes APM is quite alrght donors have gone to solve their problems we shouldn’t rely on them but we need to find means on how we can find a solution to at least bring back our economy on track.

  4. The Patriot says:

    Mr President, please just do the right thing: probe the 577 billion Kwacha Cashgate scandal and donors will come back. Mukuopa chiani?
    All articulate Malawians know that the donors are waiting for your leadership to come up with a report on the Cashgate of 577 billion Kwacha and arrest the offenders then aid will resume. The report will take ten whole months to come out according to the Auditor GENERAL! kodi a Malawi atha kudikilira miyezi 10? Mukufuna afe anthu angati????
    The DPP government is holding Malawians at ransom! Mumamva bwanji a Malawi akubvutika inu mukubisa ma report, kuteteza political career yanu ndi ya anzanu?
    History will judge you very harshly, and we will be there to emphasize the point that your leadership failed Malawians big time!!!
    In 2012 , it took only a few days for donors to resume aid after DPP was booted out of power and Malawians celebrated, please a President tapota nanu do the needful for the sake of Malawians. You are a President for all of us, and we expect you to behave as such.

  5. Mr Pheee says:

    Kulibe dziko muno mu Africa limene silimapangidwa suport,umbuli bwanji kodi, mufunse Zimbabwe akauzani zimene anaona ndiye inu mukukula mtima kumawauza okuthandizani muli akathane ndi mavuto awo, Are you serious wawa?

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    Sir,where will you get that economic independence with the national economy on the verge of collapse?For sure,it will take another 51 years before the nation’s economy stands on its feet if we continue to elect leaders on tribal basis than on merits.Right now,Muthalika seems to have reached the zenith of his political honeymoon,his notions are now limited to corruption and the doctrine of divide and rule.Malawi must acknowledge the fact that,Donor nations by far have nothing to loose and in the aforeseable future,his Chinese friends will dump him after getting what they wanted from him.The fact that the Chinese government does not recognize human rights in China itself,they are not concerned whether Malawians have medicines in the hospitals,Availability of jobs and live under democratic norms.Malawians Wakeup from your slumber and defend your democratic rights.

  7. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Kuzolowela kudya zopasidwa ma nyasa kulilila ma donors

  8. Mwethu says:

    I think its not correct what APM is saying about donors because even though the donors have stopped supporting the budget, they are still pouring in their monies through non-budgetary support, like NGOs and other projects and programs which are not being done by Government. So if he says the donors are tired, why is he applauding the chinese projects because china is also a donor only that people think of the west when they hear the word donor!!
    And as a leaned person himself he should not think like a village idiot, he should show us that his time in America wasn’t a waste, bwanji akumangoganizabe ngati wangochokera kwa Ngongoliwa dzana lomweli!!

  9. mpokosa says:

    guys who r these donors tisamapuse kugulisa umunthu wathu ndi ndalama akatipasa ndalama zaozo azitiuza zo kwatirana amuna tokhatokha?uve,akhalenazo,china woooyeee!!

  10. luviriboy says:

    why waste time crying over the leaving of the donors? At 51 years still depending on donors. We need economic independence Sir.

  11. martin says:

    The Donors will come back. Just work Mr President towards bringing back confidence to us and the donor community by closing up the holes in this pocket we keep money. And when the donors come back, let us ask them to reduce their aid yearly like from 40% to 37% 34%30% 27% 24% 20% …and so on till you are able to look after your family (malawi) Mr President. Mr President ,we need one day stand independent of them. Iam a father and i cannot allow my family to be receiving help from others for life for me to run my family…..No,No,… We cannot wait for another President to come. You can do it Sir.

  12. Athemba says:

    a prezident!
    vomelan kut donors went coz of coruption of dpp gvt & pp.
    mukuopa kukambilana nao poti munli nao mboma la dpp,
    anzanu managd to convince donors look we hav FUEL TIL TODAY BCOZ OF NEGOSTIATIONZ.

  13. The Analyst says:

    “The age of donor aid is not over. What is over is the age of donor aid being given to people who can not be trusted.” – Lazarus Chakwera

    While we acknowledge that the donors have their own problems, the reason for pulling out, is not because they would want to attend to those problems rather, the one pointed out by this modern-day John Chilembwe.

    Look at JB, all she did was to feign and play innocence and look angelic, kwinaku atayasamula kukamwa nkunyambitamo ndalama zonse nkuthawa. You just need to be trusted.

    Now, trustworthiness doesn’t just come from what one says but also what one does. Can one surround himself with suspicious faces like the ones worn by Nicolas Dausi, Vuwa Kaunda, Nankhumwa, Jappi Mhango, Bright Malopa . . . and then expect to be trusted? Never! You should have cleaned up this mess and would realise that the age of donor aid is not over. And later on shall cease to call the critics crazy.

  14. akuti cashgate hit this country so hard that it will take years to heal the situation, mamane anthu aja akutibera moipa basi, kuchita kuneneratu kuti patenga zaka za nkhani nkhani, sha this country has really been given to wild dogs

  15. Noxy says:

    I like APM stand on this issue,the donors all along have given to Malawi “DEAD AID” we are failing to stand on our own because we plan on donor money,let’s change our mindset guys.We have to start to stand on our own.let’s work very hard,do alot of tangible research and make more money on our own.Let’s wean donors or else we will remain stupid forever.

  16. Kavuluvulu says:

    This so called president is just like his late brother. Adamant for nothing. Donors will only come back if our house is cleaned.

  17. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Zogwilitsa ntchito ma donor ngati nyambo amalawi za madonor zinatikwana. Kaya asiya pazifukwa zitha kukhala zoona koma mutha kuona nokha maboma ons kuyambila mcp, udf , pp akhala akusiya kuthandiza ndichipani chiti adzachikhulupilie. Kodi dziko lathu bambo Chakwela ndi Uladi mukutiuza mulibe kanthu kotiyeneleza kuti tingazithandize tokha zopempha ngakhale kumudzi kuno munthu wabwino pogaila amafuna akakugaila lelo nawenso upeze zako . Tithokoze bwana pulezident tilimbikitseni tichoke ku msinga za ma donor

  18. Matako says:

    Muthalika should not try to lie to Malawians. Donors withdrew their support because of corruption. Muthalika should accept responsibility for once. Blame game and pointing fingers will not convince those Malawians that know better. Muthalika and his corrupt ways is the sole reason the donors are not back. He is still remaining gang-ho against a forensic audit of MK577 Billion. It is no wonder that he is turning to China because the donors are demanding accountability which Muthalika is refusing to cooperate. A corrupt clueless leader is what Muthalika is. Muthalika should admit and deal with his corrupt government. It is of no surprise to majority of Malawians to notice how look-warm he is against corruption. Fish rots from the head.

  19. pwefu says:

    Guys if u sayn we can do without donors now is like WA std one kukamlenbetsa mayeso a std 8. Msova zosatila

  20. lackison says:

    Don’t lie Mr president, donors are not gone coz of problems in their countries, they want accountability , that all wat they want, they are waiting for Te honest leader to release the funds , we need independence from aid slowly slowly not at once as wat u are boasting

  21. Njolinjo says:

    Drogda you have an empty skull. The donors pulled out because we were not using their money for the intended purpose and now we are saying to hell with their money. Is there any logic here? Stupid!

  22. Cole J says:

    Man up walk the walk and talk the talk not time for politicking. The legacy you leave behind matters letting intergrity set a trend than denying pending issues. Clean up the house first #

  23. Antoni apaphata says:

    Awa ndi ana enieni a UDF. Remember kuntunda saying wandu wopenga kkkkkkkk

  24. Kenkkk says:

    Levelheaded, none of the three reasons you have given for donors withholding budgetary support are true. What donors give to Malawi is just a drop in the ocean when compared to their budgets at home. They have their own budgets for overseas aid year in year out. They give far much more money to other countries than the peanuts change they give us.

    They are not giving us money simply because of the thieving and missuse on their money by the previous dpp and jb regimes. They are refusing to give us money because Peter continues to deny that bingu dpp didn’t cash gate any money which as we know is indeed laughable. Bingu dpp was the instigator of all serious cashgate problems.

    At least Jb acknowledged cashgate and she did appear to be doing something when caught but you dpp thugs are denying the obvious. So how can donors trust you?

    Even your or our so called chinese friends are not giving you or us budgetary support, why? They also think exactly like the west but keep quiet and do their projects themselves.

    Get used to No budgetary support is the future and the way to go in the long run. Meanwhile the stubbornness and arrogance of Peter is punishing us all Malawians by refusing to acknowledge his brother’s cash gate. In the short term donors could have given us the budgetary support we need if Peter was honest enough about cash gate by dpp and some of our immediate economic problems could have been eased off.

  25. myao says:

    Drogba. Ndiwe chindere chakufikapo,donor os one way of recovering what yhe europeans stole and continue to steal from, the problem is how we utilise such resources.

  26. Slim D says:

    To transform Malawi into victory is not an easy not point finger the President. Doners have gone, let’s work hard time its gone.

  27. Watson says:

    Peter Mutharika, I think he knows what he is doing. Malawians just cannot appreciate.

  28. Okay? says:

    Koma guys I applaud APM for telling Chakwera in the face that he is a novice in politics. Too much chicken crying for nothing. Amati olira sayang’anidwa kukamwa koma kwa Chakwera kwanyanya kutuluka nyansi, so that’s why people are fed up with his crying. Fortunately, in 2019 Chakwera will vote for APM having seen the developmet the DPP has made in Malawi, including the road behind his house from Kasiya to Santhe. Bola mbusa tameki adzamutalikire. Amfuse Puludzu amuuza kuti DPP sichipani chochitengera kumtotso ayi. Munaona bwa ku Mangochi? Pitakoni mutionetse ngati mukanunkheko kanthu. Ifetu DPP tadula Ntcheu and down South tizipani tinati ayi while ife kuchibundi kwanuko tikulowa muli maso tong’ooooooooooooooo.

  29. Jayjay says:

    K577b +K92 + BRICS = 0 , Peter is a foreigner that’s why he insisted on due citizenship, he wants to continue the second term of Bingu. He lacks nothing at our expense. He doesn’t care even if every patient in govt hospital dies; he is concentrating in southern region policies to get more votes. He has already murdered UDF for selfish gains. He doesn’t care about dwindling education standards, I’ll economy provided he fills the bellies of boot leakers who accompany him during international events. I know he is greatly misled by brother Chaponda. Soon we will just witness his untimely downfall. He is afraid to woo donors just because he is in Mpwiyo’s shoes. People from the central and north have you noted that all tax payers money is diverted to the southern region. Open your eyes and see before it too late. Better federalism.

  30. Fingo says:

    The donors are very clear about the conditions on which they will resume direct budgetary support: 1. Tighten controls on public finances to avoid ongoing and future cashgates 2. Investigate ALL cashgates without being selective (i.e. don’t just focus on JB cashgate, Bingu and APM cashgates need investigation and justice too) 3. Bring Issa Njaunju’s murderers to justice 4. Cut out waste from Government.

    Unfortunately APM is unwilling to do all 4 things – he would rather protect DPP extravagance and patronage than comply with the donors’ demands; which are quite reasonable.

    APM and DPP supporters should also be very careful about how they talk about donors – Western donors are still assisting Malawi, but outside the budget. China can provide a loan to build a stadium but it cannot provide funds for topping up nurses and doctors’ salaries to ensure that these medical workers stay in Malawi, or buy medicines for our hospitals. China goes for highly visible white elephant projects while the Western donors do the heavy lifting – assisting with invisible but extremely useful support like the medical salary top-ups.

    If APM continues to disrespect the extra-budgetary Western support, they may abandon him completely so that his Chinese friends should do everything. His friend in Zim has already seen how risky it is to think that China can be a substitute for Western support…

  31. ophiri says:

    hear hear! it’s about time we stood on our own two feet. we have, or is it had, uranium, bauxite, rare earth metals, we may have gas and oil. in the meantime, lets get back the cashgate moolah to help support the budget. there are billions of kwachas in lilongwe properties just waitng to be auctioned off.

  32. munthu wamba says:

    Our president should not give us the impression that we are prepared for life without donor aid. Everyone knows that donors pulled out when he least expected it. Downplaying the impact of the donor’s aid withdrawal at this critical time reminds me of the arrogance of the dpp’s leadership a few years ago when they chased envoys despite advice to the contrary. Only time will tell if lightning will not strike twice!

  33. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Admit your incompetence!!!!

  34. Guguh says:

    Fact is the money cashgate started way before JB. So you can’t use it as an excuse over and over

    Another fact during campaign you said you will turn things around..what things? Look at the months you’ve been on office and compare with the same months JB was in power, the situation she found and what had happened. As an observer I’d say that woman changed a lot of things.

    So instead of blabbing your mouth away can you produce something to show for? Forget mukanamizans ndi China zo but real actions by the government..there’s nothing..and to be honest munthu oti ku malawi kuno kunalibe for the past 40yrs ndakaika ngati angachite zokupysa..and when he came back he failed and failed and failed in all the ministries his brother gave him. Musamaiwake kuti Bingu yo paja anamulandanso Bakili unceremoniously.
    Munkangoba mavote…zotsatira zake Nzimenezi.

  35. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Let us not declare that time for donors is over when the aim is to avoid accounting for the K577billion. What a shame. Can Malawi survive without aid when countries that Malawi is receiving aid from are receipients of aid from some rich country. Why do always boast that we can survive only after donors have pulled out. That is why we are not progressing as we should have. Malawi lets wake up!!!!

  36. drogba says:

    One day, a man saw another hungry man walking on the road. The man invited the hungry man into his house, gave him food and water. The hungry man then went his way, fed and happy. The next day, the same hungry man was again invited by the same kind man who gave him food and water. This happened for a long time until it became a habit. The hungry man forgot that the kind man gave him food and water out of kindness and nothing else. One day, the kind man made a decision not to give the hungry man any food and water. The hungry man was so furious and bitter that the kind man did not give him food and water up until he went to a local chief to sue against the kind man. LESSON: Donors have been helping us for a long period of time to the extent most of us stopped thinking that the reason they were giving us money was out of kindness. We got used to their kindness to the extent we thought it was their responsibility to be giving us aid. Are we surprised then that today we’ve this outcry from some misguided zealots when the donors have decided to stop giving their aid to Malawi? Please politicians, instil a hardworking spirit in people other than a dependence one. The opposition could do much better in helping the government make all the people realize that its time to pull up our socks and work hard. Donors have chosen to leave Malawi, nothing else. Let us all work hard, reduce our fertility rate and manage our resources well failing which we are all doomed.

  37. Guantanamo says:

    But the same donors r still helping Zambia, SA, Kenya, Israel, S Korea, Haiti, etc in budgetary support

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      Get equipped with information before you embarrass yourself here. Which Zambia and Kenya are you talking about?

  38. Joloza says:

    To be honest, let’s forget donors and forge ahead. Why should we sing about them in this Era. Think beyond your heads guys. It means you have run out of ideas if you stick to them.

  39. Crap of th president Malawi has ever had.

  40. Alex Likoswe says:

    Yes, he has tried and fail. So should he continue trying, I guess not.

    The only wisdom is to keep quiet my man

  41. Zambulo says:

    Bwana mukayamba kubweza moto chomwechi Malawi will score a double on two carďiac arrets two brothers two presidents. The only differebce will be one was straight and the other one preffered the asshole.

  42. levelheaded says:

    What is making donors to withhold budgetary support can be one of these three reasons; they have chosen to concentrate on their problems in their respective countries, they hate Mutharikas or they have a trust that the Mutharikas can run this country without their aid.

  43. levelheaded says:

    Guys I know that the donor support that has been withheld has left us so many problems indeed but on the other hand I feel very proud as a true Malawian who can stand out to say we are slowly graduating from this donor dependency syndrome.

    Amwene ndi bwino kudya gaga Ali ogula wekha than kudya pizza oguliridwa. We are here to support your programmes Sir and if we excel in these waters you will be regarded a true fighter than all the presidents that have ruled Malawi.

  44. mukharapwio says:

    Donors are only fed up with leaders who think public money is theirs.they are still funding Israel, Palestinian Authority, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syrian Rebels, Libyan Transitional Authority, Egypt, Somali Transitional Gvt etc.only when u stop corruption are they going to come back bcoz they always get back to leaders who are seriously looking for them

  45. chimanyisko says:

    We r interested in ur work not ur words. So show us don’t tell us Bwampini

  46. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    There is an old saying which goes like “its better the devil you know than the angel you dont know”. Its generally believed that childhood friendship is more intimate than aldulthood friendship which leans more towards material benefits. We just hav to be careful with the diplomatic decisions we are making because the repercussion may be hollifying. Just imagine what will happen if our latest darling, the Chinese, decide to “..go for good to attend to problems in their own country..”

  47. AK47 says:

    I dont even why GOD Permmit these wicked idiots to rule my land!mukakhala pamsonkhano mzikamba zogwira mtima osati kulimbana mkunena ena. mantha chani? U MUST KNOW THIS(CHAKWERA IS AGOD GIVEN LEADER)He is REAL later MOSES

  48. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Just imagine 92billion u think donors are blind lik you pay back the money thats all we demand

  49. does the president call K577billion misguided does he think donors are sleeping? if he is directly involved in this mother of all cash gates then he has to find a way of saying out since he can not arrest himself, shame !

  50. Mkwapu says:

    Donors r fed up with dpp thives!!!

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