Mutharika hold talks with Kagame: Rwanda commits to help Malawi develop ICT

The Rwandan government has committed support the Malawi Government in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to assist the country’s transformation agenda.

APM and Kagame -Bilateral talks

APM and Kagame -Bilateral talks

The commitment was unveiled on Monday, when President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika held bilateral talks with Rwandan President Paul Kagame at Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on the sidelines of the 18th COMESA summit.

This was a fruitful meeting for President Mutharika as his government has already embarked on improving access to ICT services in what is dubbed, lCT for all.

Kagame said ICT is becoming a vital component of development around the World hence the need for Malawi to pay a great interest in the sector.

He said Rwanda will support Malawi in ICT for the benefit of the country’s majority farmers.

He said Agriculture is one of the sectors which could benefit from use of ICT especially farmers to enable them access important information from different countries on how to boost their agricultural activities.

The Rwanda President told Mutharika that it will not be difficult for the two countries to work together as most of the things his administration is doing, Rwanda has already done and proven successful.

During the Commonwealth-e governance Forum Africa, which happened on 24-25 March in Kigali, experts commended Rwanda as a model in using ICT and e-governance.

Kagame also took some time to salute President Mutharika for the introduction of decent and affordable housing Scheme Project and encouraged him that that’s how Rwanda improved their housing system through the same initiative.

In this programme, Kagame also vowed to give the Malawi government all the support it needs to successfully achieve its goal of providing Malawians with good habitable environment.

Kagame also states that Malawi is moving in a right direction in terms of development citing the introduction of community colleges.

He said the same   initiative was successful in Rwanda, as it helped to create job opportunities amongst the youth, provides skilled labour to their industries.

Kagame said his government will give support to the Mutharika administration on community colleges especially infrastructure and material support.

Before meeting Kagame, Mutharika had also an audience with Egyptian Prime Minister ,Ibrahim Mahlab whose government has also  shown   interest to invest in Malawi.

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48 thoughts on “Mutharika hold talks with Kagame: Rwanda commits to help Malawi develop ICT”

  1. developer says:

    How can u develop your ICT when all ICT leaders in Civil Service are clueless, they dont know ICT. You take ICT career as Human Resource career promoting people based on age, those with fat heads, and long serving period. ICT is completely different and opposite to human resource. Anyone with 4 years on a post plus diploma in ICT can become a Director, leaving or oppressing the deserving staff who are just watching, and they cant help to guide professionally because they are deliberately frustrated. Can u develop your ICT in this way?

    You say anyone with a diploma in System analysis can run an ICT College that produces degrees, any sense here. Diploma or MSCE holders supervising master degree holders any sense here.

    What kind of ICT structure is that? You expect tangible things to come out of such clueless bosses, is it possible?

  2. Abale samalani says:

    Peter start dealing with lomwelisation 1st then u can develop malawi eg case of namalomba at mra otherwise ur fellow lomwes r the ones who cannot help u in ur developmental initiatives achina Rosa Mbilizi mbava zotheratu basi kukamuyika DCG

  3. No wonder in 1990s America and Europe described him as the best Army General in African history

  4. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:


  5. What ever these two leaders were discussed is true, but the government must take a right way, not an ordinary farming and think themselves that the country will develop never it,will not. The government need to spend money accordingly as well if they want this country to develop it is easy if they are seriously to do so,what is needed is there is more lands in the country nothing on it why don’t they not an estate and prant crops on those lands that we can have enough food in the country. About water God blessed Malawi we have more fresh water than other countries so why they have good farming than us? The answer is simple our leaders are greedy with money end up in their pockets can’t that money buy tractors and employee young generations as a drivers others to work there to terminate poverty in the country to create job opportunities in this country. Malawi depending in few rate in a day but still struggling in their life since 1958 and we don’t know will become right, everyone who lives in Malawi and out side knows that Malawi is graveyard not a country any more. The people who are going to the graveyards are dead so the person need someone who lives to help the dead, that is Malawi we are waiting for the donners instead of doing it for ourselves until forever, some deference countries are developed shortly after they get peace in their countries, but we are still talking a bout the same thing, for example look at Mozambique short term the country developed remember we have been with Mozambiquean in this country while they were in struggles. This country faces no any war struggles but poor struggles we can end easly than war why are we still struggling to destroy this poverty? because of our leaders they are selfishness, the Malawian have more jealous we don’t want someone to be successful behind someone that’s a reason. We Malawian we take a leader of the country as our god we want to sing for him to pleaded him this kind of leadership that’s why the country it becomes worse because the leaders they took power on their hands they fair nobody in the country. We need a special group of organization in parliament which can look bother sides without taking parts of ruling or opposition so they can stand up to present the people of the country the mps they forget their own people who voted them in the parliament they have no fair that they will be removed on the power by them. I hope this message reach to you all mps and communities in Malawi.

  6. ImplementationMbola says:

    The problem with us Malawians is lack of implementation on most of the strategies that we have. If my memory serves me better, the ICT country strategic plan that Rwanda implemented was obtained from us Malawians, they implemented it and made strides on it yet for us and we are going to them to seek advice on a thing the borrowed from us.
    Likuni Phala is a Malawian product, Kenya got it and we started importing it from Kenya forgetting that it was our product.
    if you can go into the documents archives in many Government Ministries and departments, you will find a lot of documents, nice ones and well written on various projects that could have moved the country forward, yet we don’t implement these good ideas. it seems we are contended ndi ma donations and ma allowances tikamapita for education visits without implementation strategies.

  7. Name* says:

    Malawi must reduce duty of ict equipments..

  8. mlauzi says:

    Pachithunzipo Kagame looks lean and physically fit. Wathuyo pot bellied, unfit and rusty

  9. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Malawi has everything to do with ICT Knowledge. What is lacking is the enabling environment starting with the heavy taxes MRA metes on ICT related activities. In fact Malkawians are more technologically aware than Rwandans, just look at the many mobile apps Malawians have produced. We certainly dont need Rwandas to teach us ICT. We should be teaching them. APM should just review the issues that are making ICT usage lag behind. A good starting point will be MRA and his own Department of Information Technology which is not playing its rightful role.

  10. Nkhombokombo says:

    Am applying for my sons schollarship to Kigali, I admire the steady progress the country is enjoying.

  11. mzatonse says:

    Peter Mutharika ndi president wochititsa manyazi kwambiri. Zoona kupempha chithandizo ku Rwanda, dziko loti akha akuphana pachiweniweni? Koma bwampini ameneyu!!

  12. Rwanda is going through reconstruction after the most destructive genocide in the novel history on our planet that precipitated by tribalism hatched by Hutu majority ethnic group.Malawians are not Engels,let us not full ourselves on the increasingly tribalistic rhetolics that the so called leaders especially those from the majority ethnic groups from the south and central.In Rwanda it started the same way when the Hutu majority used to treat the Tutsi minority as foreigners and the Hutus felt extremely disgusted of the Tutsi’s gargantuan success academically and otherwise.It is shameful to see Rwanda doing well on economic field under tumultuous conditions while Malawi has been enjoying relatively peace and stability,and yet it is the poorest nation on earth.

  13. PETER says:

    Comment GOOD FOR THAT

  14. boney m says:

    Malawi has way too many dull people for it to develop. a nation requires a critical mass {number} of intelligent people to get a general cognitive consensus of what is required for the country to develop Rwanda, Kenya and all asian countries have that- Malawi does not. case closed.

  15. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Paul Kagame is Dictator ,in other words Africans are used to Dictatorship not democracy our culture is not suitable to democracy ,Uganda is also high on the index of African countries doing well.Food for thought

  16. nana says:

    Really getting ICT principles from a genocide war torn country?we are a shame. After fifty yrs we are not done yet

  17. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Welcum dvlopment!

  18. 50 YRS of independence no sound development in malawi it’s time to stop running government like chikamwini.

  19. GEZZA says:

    Amenewo nde olankhula nawo chizungu osati pa misonkhano ya midzi enafe sitimanva! Kunthalire komwe kutipweteka nacho chingelezi kodi sangamabwele ndi omasulira ngati Kamuzu????

  20. Just keep an eye on South Sudan and you will how they are going to beat us on development mind you it attain independence on July 2011

  21. makito says:

    The one cow per family initiative came from Rwanda. It failed miserably. Cows were sold even before JB left the podium. The cheap housing won’t work either. In Rwanda there is no grass thatched house. Nobody sleeps on the mat… by order from the top office. Our president is diametrically opposite of the man Kagame is: problem #1. His politics are backward, examples we all know. In Malawi people do not shiver at the mention of one Arthur Peter Mutharika. In Rwanda they do. Rwanda had genocide, Malawi not even civil war, very hard to legitimise an iron hand. Let’s not just copy things please.

    1. njolomachipilingu says:

      Iwe Makito or whatever they call you if the cows were sold before JB left the podium dies that mean the programe failed? Where were the cows sold to? Abroad or in Malawi? if they were sold within Malawi then it worked and it could have improved the cattle population in Malawi.If at all you know any senior official from Minstry of Agriculture then go and ask if that programe was a flop.Ask Heifer international guys if that prograne flopped they will tell you in the face that it was fantastic and it could have changed lives of many poor rural Malawians.As for houses for the poor do ur research properly before you coment.

  22. We eat too much mbewa that’s why we are lagging behind in developments.ku Mozambique, Rwanda, Burundi,Congo, kunali khondo koma amatiposa chitukuko.

  23. frank says:

    I am a shamed of my country 50 years of independence , no war and we have the courage to beg Rwanda to help us. Cashgate people unless we put our house inorder we will ictgate RWanda too.

  24. Nkhombokombo says:

    Shame on Malawi! After attaining our Indipendence 50 years ago we beg to be coached by Rwanda who have been at war for years. Where did we get it wrong or doing it the wrong? It’s time we should get right, no greedness on the part of our leaders. When are going to be an example for doing good? We set very good stratigic plans but never do we follow them. We are best at theiving what should help us as a Nation. Umbava basi!!

  25. Jwa Mjimpi says:

    Unfortunately Paul Kagame cannot assist APM with political will and the ability to see the bigger picture. ICT in Malawi is being stifled with high taxes and duties; the government is interested only in the revenue it can milk from ICT now. It does not occur to our Government that it can generate much more revenue by keeping taxes extremely low thereby generating more economic activity.

    ICT is like power generation – the more power that Malawi can generate the more economic activity there will be. A government that looks at the bigger picture would do everything possible to increase the availability of these two important factors of development

    Recently APM set the target of 5 years for Malawi to wean itself off donors; but at about the same time Goodall Gondwe was adamant that the APM administration would not do away with FISP. This is the real dilemma for Malawi: Wishing for something on hand, but on the other hand being stubborn to make the necessary changes to make that wish come true…it will be the same with ICT

  26. Atcheya says:

    Strange that a country that has never experienced war can be begging to a country that experienced the worst genocide in African history. We really need to be ashamed as a country

  27. tell me says:

    hopefully these talks will substantiate as a university student abroad, I am idealistic and hopefull for my country and I hope to see my country develop.

  28. Chimphamba Nedi says:

    Ujeni, I think you are fair. You really have been in Kigali. I only hear about it. That one can move at 2. am and be scared of no one. It has been rated as one of the safest places on earth. One can imagine that! Only after that infamous genocide, Kagame has managed to bring up one small nation to recognition. The media of late was becoming critical of Kagame and labeling him as autocratic. However, those around him supported him. The media sometimes is used to demonize and destabilize our small countries. Kagame is a great leader worth of our friendship.. our President’s “courtship”. He is stable and unshakable… not corrupt!

    1. Tsiku la Mowa says:

      Kagame is indeed autocratic; he can be compared to Kamuzu. He also follows his perceived enemies abroad to kill them. Several of his operatives were arrested in South Africa for killing an opponent of Kagame. The USA has explicitly told him not to try this on US soil.

      While his developmental achievements cannot be denied, ultimately things will turn sour because of his dictatorial tendencies. It is wrong for some people to suggest that democracy is bad for development: It is fair to say that almost all countries that have a high standard of living for the majority (not just a select few) of their people are actually democratic…

      1. ujeni says:

        He is not Autocratic, western media labels him that, not African media. Who knows Africa better? Africans or Europeans?

  29. Khima says:

    Chitukuko choterechi chimafuna dziko lomwe likudziwa zomwe likupanga…up to now we don’t have a basic public processes that are efficiently working start to end…you go to Road Traffic you struggle just to get a picture taken not even mentioning getting final products without doba go to immigrations same, just to get a police report mpaka 3 weeks if no ones hand is not palm oiled, public hospitals, schools etc….First tikonze zomwe tili nazo then we can easily move forward.


  31. Mapwiya says:

    What Malawians must know is that Kagame rules Rwanda with a heavy hand (dictatorship). There is so much discipline in Rwanda and people abide by laws to the letter.

    Maybe Malawi needs another Kamuzu. Everybody is doing their own thing and cannot even keep our cities clean!!!!!! These are simply basic principles and you want ICT? Be faithful in small things first.

  32. ujeni says:

    Kagame is the best Africa has ever had. Arriving in Kigali, you feel like you are arriving in Paris or New York. The man is a genius.

  33. ENOCH says:

    Zoopsatu ngakhale ndege yoyamba ku Rwanda ana bwereka ku Malawi Kwacha aagaluwa asanayamwe Air Malawi achina Serenje ndi anzawo. Ma Engeneer athu amapita ku Rwanda For C-check koma lero Rwanda ili nde ndege zawozawo osakhala za ife za Ethopiazopussa

  34. Kikikiki says:

    You can’t eat the cake and expect to keep it at the same time. What are you smoking at Ndata?
    It’s pathetic and shameful. That’s all I can say for day.

  35. Concerned Malawian says:

    why the fuck is it that Malawi’s president only think about begging? can someone lecture me on that?

  36. Piche Yakiti says:

    Rwanda has an advantage coz its a country ruled by dictatorship which has proved to be a disciplinary tool. You will agree with me that if Dr Banda was not toppled, the country would have been way far Rwanda by now.

    Democracy is bad?

    1. Political Theorist and Philosopher says:

      Aristotle described democracy as the worst form of politics, power is handed to people who do not have capabilities to handle that power and use it properly. the only reason they have the power of the is because they are popular among the masses being popular doesn’t mean you are able to the job. Aristocracy and/or Kingship type of leadership is the way forward. Rwanda has a kingship leadership style.

  37. Kanonono says:

    Rwanda offers the best development lessons for the entire SADC. As for Malawi, it is easy. Instead of putting the senseless roadblocks – over ten of them – between Songwe and Mzuzu, it is now time to have only one serious roadblock. Rwanda is open to everyone and good flow freely. Corruption is a serious crime in Rwanda. You need to do the same to attain the desired development goals. Instead allowing traders to lose MK100 on every MK1000 when they transport their goods from Karonga to Mzuzu, you simply turn corruption into a serious crime as is the case with Rwanda so that your people can enjoy best products at affordable rates since traders will have no additional costs to transfer to the final consumers. If you see a normal traffic police officer – who earns just MK40,000 as monthly salary and who does not have any legally-recognized business – operating three minibuses, then you do not need an economic professor to tell you that corruption is real in that part of Africa and that a few corrupt individuals are enjoying at the expense of the population. You also need to teach your people to love their nation. Rwandans love Rwanda like nobody else in Africa. The poor history that they went through forced them to hate tribal politics to the extent that naming someone by his/her tribe is a serious crime in Rwanda. Unfortunately, in Malawi, everyone – including the president and his wife – loves his/her tribe better than Malawi. When people love their country, they will be willing to die for it and work hard to develop their motherland. It all begins with equitable sharing of the national cake. It is possible!

  38. Rwanda is one of Africa’s fastest-growing ICT nations. But this country just experienced the worst genocide in history. But if you go to Rwanda today, it is not just business as usual. There is not much time for politics but rather development. Only if our leader can learn something from this man, we may one day move up from the bottom pit of climb the poverty ladder. Kagame is no match to many African leaders including the our so called prof.

    1. powder says:

      the problem here oluza savomereza so evrytime they are busy castigating the winner which pulls him backwards. evrytime he plans for someting they criticise causing delays

      1. Political Theorist and Philosopher says:

        Politics is about disagreeing, the only way to get around convicing your opponent to support is to forecast his objection and factor that into your planning so that by the time you present your argument you present it in a way that already addresses opposition concerns living opposition little chance tto delay the process. Malawian politicians and government generally don’t do that they present the bill from their point of view giving little consideration to opposition concerns and when the opposition begin criticizing they cry foul and have to start over again.

  39. Chemjambe says:

    This is one of the usual songs we hear whenever the president has attended a certain meeting/function. lets wait and listen to the chorus

  40. When you are poor you think all others are rich begging from Rwanda kiikikikikik

  41. brutsha says:

    It’s interesting now Rwanda becomes a benchmark. Even when you arrive in Kigali you can see how beautiful,clean and fast growing the city is despite the disturbance the country had due to the genocide. Malawi has had no political turmoil but still nothing tangible worthy mentioning. Next time Rwanda teach us on on the importance of irrigation.

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