Mutharika hold talks with Kagame: Rwanda commits to help Malawi develop ICT

The Rwandan government has committed support the Malawi Government in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to assist the country’s transformation agenda.

APM and Kagame -Bilateral talks

APM and Kagame -Bilateral talks

The commitment was unveiled on Monday, when President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika held bilateral talks with Rwandan President Paul Kagame at Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on the sidelines of the 18th COMESA summit.

This was a fruitful meeting for President Mutharika as his government has already embarked on improving access to ICT services in what is dubbed, lCT for all.

Kagame said ICT is becoming a vital component of development around the World hence the need for Malawi to pay a great interest in the sector.

He said Rwanda will support Malawi in ICT for the benefit of the country’s majority farmers.

He said Agriculture is one of the sectors which could benefit from use of ICT especially farmers to enable them access important information from different countries on how to boost their agricultural activities.

The Rwanda President told Mutharika that it will not be difficult for the two countries to work together as most of the things his administration is doing, Rwanda has already done and proven successful.

During the Commonwealth-e governance Forum Africa, which happened on 24-25 March in Kigali, experts commended Rwanda as a model in using ICT and e-governance.

Kagame also took some time to salute President Mutharika for the introduction of decent and affordable housing Scheme Project and encouraged him that that’s how Rwanda improved their housing system through the same initiative.

In this programme, Kagame also vowed to give the Malawi government all the support it needs to successfully achieve its goal of providing Malawians with good habitable environment.

Kagame also states that Malawi is moving in a right direction in terms of development citing the introduction of community colleges.

He said the same   initiative was successful in Rwanda, as it helped to create job opportunities amongst the youth, provides skilled labour to their industries.

Kagame said his government will give support to the Mutharika administration on community colleges especially infrastructure and material support.

Before meeting Kagame, Mutharika had also an audience with Egyptian Prime Minister ,Ibrahim Mahlab whose government has also  shown   interest to invest in Malawi.

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How can u develop your ICT when all ICT leaders in Civil Service are clueless, they dont know ICT. You take ICT career as Human Resource career promoting people based on age, those with fat heads, and long serving period. ICT is completely different and opposite to human resource. Anyone with 4 years on a post plus diploma in ICT can become a Director, leaving or oppressing the deserving staff who are just watching, and they cant help to guide professionally because they are deliberately frustrated. Can u develop your ICT in this way? You say anyone with a diploma… Read more »
Abale samalani

Peter start dealing with lomwelisation 1st then u can develop malawi eg case of namalomba at mra otherwise ur fellow lomwes r the ones who cannot help u in ur developmental initiatives achina Rosa Mbilizi mbava zotheratu basi kukamuyika DCG

i phone Kaunda

No wonder in 1990s America and Europe described him as the best Army General in African history

Phaghlani Vwavwa


segal seleman
What ever these two leaders were discussed is true, but the government must take a right way, not an ordinary farming and think themselves that the country will develop never it,will not. The government need to spend money accordingly as well if they want this country to develop it is easy if they are seriously to do so,what is needed is there is more lands in the country nothing on it why don’t they not an estate and prant crops on those lands that we can have enough food in the country. About water God blessed Malawi we have more… Read more »
The problem with us Malawians is lack of implementation on most of the strategies that we have. If my memory serves me better, the ICT country strategic plan that Rwanda implemented was obtained from us Malawians, they implemented it and made strides on it yet for us and we are going to them to seek advice on a thing the borrowed from us. Likuni Phala is a Malawian product, Kenya got it and we started importing it from Kenya forgetting that it was our product. if you can go into the documents archives in many Government Ministries and departments, you… Read more »

Malawi must reduce duty of ict equipments..


Pachithunzipo Kagame looks lean and physically fit. Wathuyo pot bellied, unfit and rusty

Boyd Kilembey

Malawi has everything to do with ICT Knowledge. What is lacking is the enabling environment starting with the heavy taxes MRA metes on ICT related activities. In fact Malkawians are more technologically aware than Rwandans, just look at the many mobile apps Malawians have produced. We certainly dont need Rwandas to teach us ICT. We should be teaching them. APM should just review the issues that are making ICT usage lag behind. A good starting point will be MRA and his own Department of Information Technology which is not playing its rightful role.


Am applying for my sons schollarship to Kigali, I admire the steady progress the country is enjoying.

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