Mutharika jail cell visit ‘stinks’ – Mayaya

Malawi President Peter Mutharika was widely criticised on Wednesday when  he led Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters in the capital Lilongwe in “celebrating” two years since he was freed on treason charges and went to his jail cell and did a graffiti when he scribbled his  name n the wall that he stayed there.

President Mutharika and other colleques in the Cell at Lumbadzi Police Station - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika and other colleques in the Cell at Lumbadzi Police Station – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Mutharika: Writting the walls of his jail cell

Graffiti: Mutharika writting the walls of his jail cell

The visit drew widespread criticism amongst Malawians who took their anger to social media platforms to accuse the President of using the tvisit to pirison for political gain.

One of the human rights activist Billy Mayaya who has largely been soft with the DPP regime took it to Facebook to trash the visit.

“ The idea of commemorating the arrest of Peter Mutharika stinks!” Mayaya posted.

He wrote: “ If you were planning to irritate Malawians once more you have! I can’t believe the government would sink so low! The beginning of the end!! “

Also commenting was Sanga Mwamlima who stated that President Mutharika “should try a better stunt.”

He wrote: “Peter please bring one project that will define your legacy. Pay the civil servants in time.”

Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) executive director Rafiq Hajat said: “It is very disappointing and inconsistent for the President, who is a professor of law and who can interpret the Malawi Constitution much better than most of us, to have been part of the elaborate celebrations.”

In 2013, Mutharika was arrested together with six other DPP members Jean Kalirani, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Patricia Kaliati, Goodall Gondwe, Nicholas Dausi, Simon Vuwa Kaunda and Bright Msaka. They were charged with treason. The charges were later dropped when he became President.

The cell where Mutharika was sleeping during his arrest has been painted blue and the corner he slept has been dubbed “Freedom Corner”.

“I was arrested alongside my good friends, Goodall Gondwe, Henry Musa, Bright Msaka among others and we spent three days in jail. While here, the then Inspector General of Police Loti Dzonzi received a directive form the former President that I needed medical attention that doctors have been assigned for that which was a blue lie.

“Three fake doctors  arrived here (at the Lumbadzi Prison) and before they could enter the prison they were detained by the DPP supporters who demanded their identities and explanation of their motives.”

He added, “When our party supporters asked if I were sick I said no, this, angered them to the extent that they started chasing the so called doctors and beat them up.”

The President said he did not know the reasons behind his detention as well as the doctors who were sent for him.

“I have assigned an affidavit with the Inspector General of Police I will produce it at an appropriate time,” Mutharika said in brief as he promised to disclose more at a rally he had later in the day.

The President donated blankets, 15 chairs and 8 solar lamps among other items to Lumbadzi police station.

Mutharika lamented at his inauguration last year that he faced persecution under the previous regime when he alongside former Cabinet ministers in the Bingu wa Mutharika administration were charged with treason.

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159 thoughts on “Mutharika jail cell visit ‘stinks’ – Mayaya”

  1. TK says:

    uyu ndiyo kaya. Izi amapanga ndi ana Ku primary kulemba mu ma toilet ndi bibi

  2. EKaPol says:

    Taking graffiti to another level… That is exactly what we are teaching Malawians

  3. Dineo says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! kulila mokweza a Mayaya. Pangani zanu. asiyeni anzanu ndi nthawi yawo. za ziiiiiii! kapenteni nau ndende. poti munalemba mmadzi a PP chule anafuta. mumayesa akaferamo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! wangosiyamo signature tu basi!

  4. chisoni kobasi says:

    I dont trust our POLICE , police is there for the entire country…….Apolice alola bwanji kuti anthuwa akalowe mkulemba pakhoma ? Police statation yomwe ikugwiritsidwabe ntchito… yomwe sinakhale miziyamu? apa akuwonetsa mbali apolice kuti amasopota DPP..
    MKATI MWAKE KU PENTEDWA BLUE…….AAAH NO MALAWIANS…. I WISH APOLICE AKADAMAGWIRA NTCHITO MOSAWOPA MUNTHU… if it was like me to write on that that wall apolice sakadalola or half…cell ya 3days aaaaaaah.

  5. Hello! says:


  6. Jihad John says:

    Iwe ‘Aferazao’ ndiwe chitsiru kwabasi. How do u compare this sheet with sugar cane sellers from Nambuma? Unamva kwa ndani kuti anthu a ku Nambuma amaganiza mopepera. Ndiye chitsiru ku Nambuma kulibe a Lomwe wamva. Only Lomwe behave in disgusting ways osasokoneza zinthu. Kugulitsa mizimbe ndi kulakwa? Fotseki

  7. achimzy bambo a manze says:

    Very bad acts indeed! How. Can the whole of the state president do such a thing. Totally impossible

  8. Chilungamo says:


  9. ineyo says:

    hahahaha, , , , , ,koma guys

  10. Mphwache says:

    This guy likes graffiti on walls, etc. You will remember he also cut his name and Bingu’s on a tree in his home village. The tree still stands with its tattoos today. If we dont stop him, he will write his name on everything he sees. Watch out Sanjika, Presidential Palace, Ndata, shortly he wants his name written on the hills and mountains of Malawi.

  11. Mojamoja says:

    How come that Malawi is very good at producing GOOD presidents elsewhere but cannot do the same for her own mother Malawi? So sad!


  13. stephen says:

    koma yaah. even a nursery school going child can never think like that. koma nkumati dzikoli akyendetsa ndi akulu wa? Chilima uli pa chi ntchito.


  15. Lipupa says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa dziko langa ilo. zovotera. government resources kukawona ndende. I thought the guy was a professor. good thing he never taught at Chanco, ma lawyer akadakhala mbuli zakufikapo.

  16. Aferazao says:

    I am ashamed of this stinking sheet. How can right minded people, including a whole professor of law stoop so low and act like sugar cane sellers from Nambuma? Shame shame shame shame and more shame.

  17. Jihad John says:

    The writing is on the wall. That’s where he belongs. He was supposed to be there for concealing his brother’s death and take over power from JB. In my opinion it is the guilty in him that made him to visit the cell because of the unfortunate things he did to his dead brother’s corpse. Good he has kept this on record and wrote on it on that wall. Tamangidwapo ife kukatitsekera mu cell ku Lilongwe police kutinamizira kuti taledzera titakana kupereka ndalama kwa a police pa msewu. But in APM case the charges were true and undesputed

  18. moto mwikho says:

    Comments are extremely reactionary and vindictive. Only people who were detained are qualified to comment whether the commemoration was worth it or not. It is a personal evaluation and there are no prescribes criteria about it.

  19. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    Malawi is the most beautiful country in africa but it is shit like this that spoils the image of this country. ARe we ever going to find a PRESIDENT who will really understand what the duties of a president are? Poor Malawi!

  20. Phwado says:

    First idiot of Malawi indeed!Kuli bwino APM udzikagulitsa zinanazi ku Tchoda!Wasowadi chochita nganga!

  21. Chule mkulu says:

    This stinks big time eish,whats this,this is childish.

  22. Jihad John says:

    Utsiru. Kukalamba akusowa nazo zochita. It is true that this group of thugs hid the death of Bingu. On his cross it was written he had died on 7th April when had died on 5th April. That a a coup and Bakili even condemned these thugs.

  23. chakuhenga says:

    chindere chakufikapooo

  24. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Someone said ” we vote for hyenas to take care of goats”. siizi!!

  25. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    Kamuzu used to say KUYENDA NDI KUPHUNZILA KOMWE meaning traveling is an education in ittself how right he was1! Malawians are the poorest andmost ignorant people, How can you vote for such an idiot! Angofuna kukudyerani and you will remain poor and ignorant forever.

  26. Taweni says:

    This party of exiles instead of thanking Malawians for bringing multiparty they scorn them with this hoodwinked treason trial.

    Malawians deserve better and not this childish of a demonstration or fanfare when they were perched in hiding New York and London when Kamuzu reigned supreme here. And who said they were not guilty when evidence the charge of conspiracy to commit treason has not been contested in a court of law.

    And defence lawyers have all been rewarded with appointments to judiciary. If this is not corruption of high proportion; what is it for APM Administration?


  27. Political Guru, Gwanda Chakwamba where are you? Please assist this prisoner how to run the country. Or should simply resign or go int self made exile. We need a serious leader! How much govt. money was spent on this nonsense. We are in trouble. Umbuli wathu watipweteketsa. We voted for a wrong animal

  28. Chibanja tv says:

    This is rather nonsense, always critisizing APM when will you day one appreciate his efforts in trying to fix the dilapidated economy? mwatinyasa nazo lembani zina.

  29. Ngongoliwa says:


  30. Kambwali says:

    Thank you because you’ve commented outside working time..and you are not Malawian. Why are you concerned

  31. Omex70 says:

    This president is a disgrace to Malawi.

  32. brutsha says:

    Ine ndimadabwa kuti anthu ena ophunzira bwinobwino kumasapota Peter mwina poti zimayendera mitundu izi. Ayi bodza munthu wa onjeza uyu. Komanso Penapake ine ndimati ndikaona kuti pulezident woti ali ndi nzeru zabwino angamagwirizane ndi a tcheya chonchija. Ayi ndithu!

  33. M'dyanyama says:

    Sometimes it’s not what is said but who has said it that is important. If Billy Mayaya, an unapologetic APM supporter, says this stinks, then APM should be very worried. It means his clowning has reached a new low. He really needs to start taking his job as President seriously…

    What I personally find frustrating about the whole ‘prison’ thing is that although APM does not tire of talking about his ‘stupid’ treason charges, he is not willing to explain why he disrespected his brother’s body and spent considerable effort and public funds in trying to conceal his brother’s death from Malawians. This is something about which Malawians should demand answers from APM. How much public funds were needlessly spent on ferrying the body of Daniel Phiri to RSA, then back to Malawi?

  34. Ambele says:

    Anaoletsa maliro ayenera akalowe

  35. Tengupenya says:

    It is called personal pride after realizing an end that was almost slippery and the right to freedom of expression!

  36. paul says:

    good ideas come from wise peoples and likewise! no need of saying woooh!

  37. Hoitty says:

    Freedon corner??? My ass!! Whose freedom were you fighting for? Mukanalemba kuti Peter was here for: Hiding the death of his brother and left his body to rot and stink like it was a dog. He tried to grab power illegally with the help of his good friends who have written their names here. He is proud of these acts that is why he had to commemorate the acts that led to his arrest. Especially lying that his dead brothers name was Daniel Phiri and leaving an honourable mans body to stink like wrotten mice. Shame. Ulembenso ku Sanjika kuti Peter was here 2014

  38. Think Tank says:

    There is nothing in his “in” tray. The out tray is also empty. What remains is what to do to relax. He has been in the kitchen very long,according to Ben Phiri’s assurances for a feast.

  39. zaluma says:

    A good example, prisoners please just write your names in the cells you are. Koma Billy Muyaya yekha a yi. He is a failure. that is the reason is failing kumaliza doctoral degree ku Mzuni. Nzeru za umunth ndi mkalasi alibiretu koma kulongolora ndiko

  40. ujeni says:

    Mbava ya president iyi. He has zero leadership qualities hence trying to manufacture some heroism, mulomo uli lendelende

  41. katiwako says:

    Izi zilibe usogoleri izi zachibwana basi

  42. And its very unfortunate that the person who put our dear President behind bars left the country soon after losing the elections miserably fearing for the same,really what goes around comes around(akulu anatero)
    Some of you may talk your Crap here because you’ve no clue how is it like to be put behind bars which is infested with bed bags and mosquitoes for no valid reason
    ~~One President at a time~~Professor Munthalika Woyeeeeee
    Atupele Muluzi Woyeeeeee
    Wakwiya ndinfiti^

  43. mahara says:

    peter,mutu wake sukuyenda bwino.he needs to be checked by doctors.we have learnt a lesson,in 2019 we shall vote for strong and young president osati nkhalambazi.the president should step down since he has run out of ideas.

  44. Jim chambo says:

    I am sorry people no wonder you are the poorest in the world. What are you all whingeing and whining about a visit to a cell. Oh my goodness. You are probably writing these comments during working hours on company time too. I swear, you will remain in your miserable poverty for ever, you have no sense and way too ignorant. You chase away investors because they are stealing your uranium. You get a degree from Chanco and you think you are educated. You should all go and live in a western country for a couple of months and smell a bit of civilisation, may be that will open your blindness a bit. Be smart. Peter Mutharika is a smart man. I am sorry Malawians you are not smart.

  45. chiroad says:

    Unagonabe pa shamba and you deserve more because your behaviour was undemocratic during your brother’s death

  46. Confused says:

    Hey!!!!!! This is what every Malawian arrested by the Malawi Police will do????? Police cells will be full of names then. We have better things to do than this. Any uniqueness in the people who have decorated the police walls with their names???????

    Who will do this for those mysteriously killed in our country??????

  47. apao says:

    Vuto la handscrapers ndi limenelo

  48. PHODO says:


  49. Boyoyo Boys says:

    Zamanyazi, Nelson Mandela didn’t even think of doing that but he was a freedom fighter. Does this President have advisors?

    1. Malindima says:

      Not true! Mandela visited his cell many times after his release.

  50. Mojamoja says:

    Why are these bunch of idiots so called DDP including its clueless president who also happens to be the president of the poorest country in the world busy painting a wall of the government property in their party colors????????? This is a government property and not DPP’s property!!!

    Really, this time and resources could have been well spent!!!!!!

  51. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    oh, I did not know that this President is so petty and unsophisticated. This country needs serious leadership rather than this nonsense.

  52. nasimelo says:

    he was wrongly arrested he has every right to commemorate this fateful day. Akakhala abiti nchira ndia wo akungoyendayendabe wo

  53. Chimutu says:

    I agree, a whole president can not waste time with such triviality, what I don’t agree with is attaching Peter’s actions to alomwe. His actions has nothing to do with his tribe. A Malawi, for once, let us stop these tribal labels like Atumbuka, Achewa, Achawa, Alomwe, A Sena, etc.

  54. Big Man Wamkulu says:

    We all know DPP wanted to side step the constitution to stop Madam JB ascending to power… those medals have been given to the henchmen who were trying to facilitate the move… onsewo akuba… you make a mockery of real freedom fighters that history will talk about for centuries to come… idiots… you are just lucky JB was also busy looting she did not bring the law down on you… Heros my ass… do something real for the poor Malawians…

  55. Nachithidzi says:

    Bingu ine ndimamulirabe mpaka pano… Kaya bwezi Malawi ali pati? I miss u Bingu!! A man of his words. Koma @ Malawi sitinaone izi ndithu… Tinamuseweretsa Bingu kwambiri… Pano tikulira!!

  56. Nkhondo ku bedi says:

    it is better you step down you don’t know the KPI of the presidency this is really a shame and brutal , even standard Eight pupil can have good ideas of ruling our Country

  57. bingiza says:

    thats him, i mean real peter. a mad man.

  58. mjiba says:

    Ha ha ha kkkkk a komanda ini tchifi kusogolera kuwononga ma selo ku Polisi polemba pakhoma, uwu ndi mulandu kaya mu malamulo a dziko lino. Khoma limeli lizapentedwa ntundu wina, tsiku lomwelo mutazaluze chisankho, chimenechi muzichiziwa.

  59. mundali says:

    We need doctors to examine his state of mind.

  60. Chidzukulu cha Akwitusya says:

    Shhould we undersand him coz he does not have anything to show Malawians? No and paining party colour hat really sick… xool students who do amakhala opanda nzelu…..what kind of president is this….

  61. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Paint wanga mmanja. Am gonna paint in all places that makes history for me. Eye witness was here!!!!

  62. DPG says:

    Malawians we are full of mourning. we really are chickens. What’s wrong with visiting a cell? I bet if Mandela was Malawian we could also be crying each time he visited Robin Islands

  63. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    I am finished, no strength in my muscles, completely puzzled and with no words of how stupid bwampini petulo muthalika and entire dpp thugs are becoming each and every passing day.
    The whole entourage and all millions sure being spent on such a trivial event?
    The whole of presidency with that thinking and go ahead to excute that useless function?
    This tells why peter and his dpp has steered Malawi into number 1 poorest country in the planet Earth.
    Very shameful to the entire world and everywhere people are laughing at us.
    The whole of professor writing on the cell wall ” bwampini amfana petulo aka gay dull muthalika was here b4 you”
    Zamanyazi ndithu komaso zomvetsa chisoni

  64. Ine says:

    Chindere chakufikapo

  65. Uncle Lex says:

    What a shame the whole president doing this. And zitsiru zinzake kugundika kuombera mmanja. What sort of advisers does this Ntchona have? Shame shame, very shame on all of you DPP cadres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. jp says:

    Ichi ndiye chindere chakufikapo, chitsiru coapanda mwini, garu weniweni, i

  67. Abiti says:

    ndemwati fake doctors ankafuna amuchite tintini petuloyo? bwana petulo l thot munapitakukaika mwala wa madziko pa project yomangira polisi nyumba mmmh anyway ndemwati magawa ma blanket ndi ma solar bwana?

  68. Bongololo says:

    Just like the red-carpet thing while visiting disaster victims, this man is full of himself!

  69. sabiti says:

    What do Mw benefited from this tour, how much does it cost Mw to fund this stupid tour?how many Mw are destutes while u spend such amount on nothing,what freedom were fighting for? WE MW we fought for our freedom in 1992 To 1994 we were u? Shame on u

  70. Insight says:

    Ladies and gentlemen allow me to express my deepest shock and dismay to this nation displayed by our imposed president. To begin with, I find it rather abominable and disgusting that a whole president, who even never won an election but is there by virtue of some misguided judges and one Maxon Mbendera, can go and write on a cell wall in which he spent only forty eight hours. And to add it to ambiguity is to say that he is writing on the wall as a liberator when in actual sense the guy should have remained there for the charges against him and his so called freedom fighters were not tramped up charges but genuine that to say that he is now a freedom fighter is nothing more than mere rhetoric and a mockery not to justice only but to himself as well. sufice to say Malawi has indeed lost direction and has a cartoon for a leader. Does one expect that one day we will move from the bottom position as a poorest country with a president with his entourage spends his time wring on a prison cell that PRO Arthur Peter Mutharika was here detained for a mere two days. Nelson Madiba Madikizera Mandera, him who spent thirty seven years in prison has never, if my memory serves me right, spent a day to commemorate his inprisonment yet here our own honourable first citizen takes his entire cabinet to show the nation where he was detained and about to be assassinated. The question we must answer is, Do we really have a president in this country? I rest my case.

  71. THE BRAINS says:

    Ngati mukusowa chochita osamangogona bwanji? Kapena kumangoledzera.

  72. MCP GVT says:

    Is Peter President of Malawi? As for me I usually forget that we have the President. Later, especially when I visit capital-hil (ministry of youth) I do remember that we have mr. Chilima who is always in office dealing with his civil service reforms. At-least he fits to b the president.

  73. Sukula Masulu Nkhalikukula says:

    So our prison officials can allow the fully grown men to vandalise prison walls with such silly graffiti’s?

  74. Jelbin mk says:

    I tried to find words befitting this cartoon president but couldn’t find one he is neither a fool, an idiot, daft, silly, insane, intermingled nor mad he is indescribable his actions are unfathomable untamed unjustifiable and embarrassing. We told you people that this man is incompetent to run the whole country while he miserably failed as a mere minister. Can you hear him that he didn’t know why he was determined oooo my foot did the rigging of elections delete his memory?

  75. Big brain says:

    PALIBE story APa what’s wrong here

  76. kaizer says:

    no wonder why we are the poorest country on earth.the kind of sense of imagination which our leaders have leave a lot to be desired.

  77. Kanyimbi says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen please receive my apology on behalf of the President.

  78. Justice says:

    A whole load of advisers and this is what you advise the whole president to do? writing graffiti on a prison wall? shame…no wonder we are still poor after 50 years of independence.

  79. mapwiya says:

    I have always defended Mr. President in my comments monga munthu wakwathu koma apa pokha ndiye zandivuta. Even Alomwe anzanga zikuwavuta kuti ndiye tinena kuti chani. Honestly, apa palibe chanzeru. Munthu wathuyu akusowa zochitika. Mwina ndi ukalambawu. Tikhululukireni

  80. MMALAWI says:

    Ndikulilira dziko langa! Imagine international news outlets writing “Malawi President writes on prison cell wall, promotes graffiti! ” How about that for a headline? And hosting a whole function for public display of stupidity funded by taxpayers! Oh my god! Please have mercy on us. Take him away as quickly as you can

  81. (tNameDpp says:

    Bwampini was here

  82. tsetsefly says:

    A bunch of chamba sellers and smokers. Is this what we voted for? Cry my beloved Malawi.

  83. Tatyata says:

    Bravo Peter! also those crying are PP sympathizers

  84. Hamu says:

    This man is very stupid!!!!!

  85. Nachika says:

    Agogo Mutharika! What is the meaning of this! My Foot! This is shameful, kusowa zochita or what? Is there anything meaningful that you have done since your cheating victory? God rescue us.

  86. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Zonsezi ndichifukwa cha chitsiru chimalira mu Comesa chija

  87. tsetsefly says:

    i doubt if the professor has any clue about the challenges facing this nation and what he must do to bail it out. He goes on to scribe his names and titles on a police cell wall like a primary school kid. I like the energy in presidents like Uhuru Kenyatta. I dont think such leaders have time to spend on such nonsensical issues. The old man should have been taking care of grand children because to me he has demonstrated lack of understanding on how serious govt business is.

  88. Live him ndinthawi yake akupanga zambiri yake osati yako even mtakhala ine ndikhoa kumakumbukila masiku owawitsa pa moyo wanga

  89. Sacks Chilli says:

    You are not Kamuzu and others who were imprisoned for fighting against colonialism, neither are Nelson Manadela who was imprisoned for fighting against apartheid. Your imprisonment was for trying to get onto the throne you are sitting on now, illegally.

  90. Antobwito says:

    You have visited and campaigned to the Inmates (by painting your blue color and name), So what? What do you mean by “Freedom Corner? What about the Gweru prison corner where the real president slept and suffered for our (yours and mine) genuine freedom. Can you go and paint that corner also in Bulawayo Zimbabwe? Old age sickness! You are really befitting to the late Bishop Zuza’s name he gave your brother as CHINDERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Hell Pierre!!!!!!!

  91. The Patriot says:

    Do these DPP gurus really believe that the treason case is over?? Just watch this space, once DPP gets out of government that case will be alive and kicking!!! I hope APM and his cohorts will have a long life to see their day in court!!!

  92. ine says:

    Anthu kusilira ndende; read about Mandela or Kamuzu, above all what you did qualifies a treason,

  93. uyu ndiye chitsiru cha president .ndikanakønda akanamawerenga nyasatimes

  94. aheli moto says:

    mwaayamba nokha zomalemba muzipupamo. muona umao ena atalembereno

  95. Liberalist says:

    Peter Mutharika is too old to think properly. Can a man with an upright mind celebrate release of 4 days imprisonment? Well the problem is not only him; High illiteracy levels, uncivilised educated elite & tribalism are what is Mutharika’s vantage point. How can a whole Prof. waste government resources on such stupid tour. PRIMARY SCHOOL Teachers have not been paid Leave Grants, CHAM EMPLOYEES NO PAY TODATE, MACRO Laying off workers, multitude of problems but our gogo busy wasting money. This country will never develop for the next 250 years. Mark my words. We vote for foolish leaders who manage the state foolishly

  96. Achimtedza says:

    Stupidity at its best..
    Zitsiru zenizeni mxiii

  97. Mwama Du says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk!!!!! zimene tiona ife ndi ma president anthuwa!!!! Kkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

  98. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Malawians deserve this type of leadership. Headless, visionless, careless,. Where else would you see a president engaging in such stupidity and mediocrity ? Only where one presides over the poorest nation on earth….My only worry is that public money was used in this useless event. I am not complaining.

  99. jonathan says:

    Even without advisors, a state president can not do what our president did on 11/03/15. No wonder we are still living like astrolopithecus.

  100. Patriot says:

    Nafe tizalemba pa khoma pa chikumbutso cha Robert Chasowa amene MUNAPHA.
    Komanso pa July, 20, tizalembanso pa khoma kukumbukira anthu 20 amene MUNAPHANSO.

  101. preckad says:

    NYAPAPI……chitsiru chen-chen………kusowa zochita….thats why we will remain the poorest nation on earth with this circus in town…Cry my beloved country…!

  102. Boko Good says:

    Now I understand why Chilima quickly left for a useless study tour. He did not want to be part of this nonsense. Bravo SKC! Just imagine a whole president writing on a wall like a primary school pupil. My foot!!!. Thieves will also write on the same wall that “I was also here with chindere chakufikapo” and the wall will be full of shit writing. and then APM and the midnight six will again go there next year to read all the writing in the name of cerebrating the anniversary of treason case. Soon the day will be made a holiday and then, and then, and then we will all dance to the silly tune after being brainwashed. Typical of poor Malawians. Why do we tolerate this nonsense. No wonder we are number one at the bottom.

  103. Nkhombokombo says:

    What Freedom corner? Bwana Presido, it is time you should show the Nation of what material you are made of not this trash you are displaying. Using prison political gain went with Kamuzu. Is it strange to be imprisoned if you are deemed prison worth material? Tikufa ndi umphawife!! Do something! Not the jokes you are playing! That doesn’t amuse us!! Asaa!!

  104. Angozo says:

    Billy Mayaya ndi chitsilu kwambiri kodi a Muthalika akunama kuti anayikidwa mu ndendemo? Is not true that Mutharika’s arrest was political? It was pure political and for him to remember his arrest in such way is not bad, those who think it is bad are all stupid.

  105. Sinthani says:

    Really? Previous time wasted for trivial issues!

  106. Think Tank says:

    this is just the begining. Ben Phiri told us to espect surprises from the president who was busy in the kitchen. This is an appetiser. Wait for the main courses on the Menu. Pitful

  107. BigMan says:

    The president went to the prisons yesterday to donate blankets and assorted food items, he also painted the cells in a neutral blue color. These are commendable efforts that should be commended by any Malawian of goodwill. Just because somoeone wears a blue dpp cloth when embarking on a task does not make the task a political stunt.

  108. nzika says:

    chitsiru chenicheni

  109. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I am done.

  110. mwene says:

    Don’t blag around, Charges have been dropped because you are now a President. The fact remains ” YOU AND YOUR GROUP HAVE A CASE OF TREASON ON YOUR HEADS” time will tell. This case is against the Malawi nation and not an individual!!!

  111. Avicenna says:

    Bwana simunagone mu cell ku Lumbadzi Police otherwise how did u manage to see your DPP cadets chasing the ”alleged fake doctor’s”,u slept in one of the offices on a mattress owning to how the Police were loyal to u then and evening during the voting day.

  112. paul says:

    what about crop inspection ,because u have visited prison and cell

  113. Uchitsiru of the highest order

  114. Kalanga says:

    Malawan politics so low! Advisers what do u say on what your landlord did?

  115. Zochititsa manyazi,zosakuyenerani amwene

  116. Patriot says:

    Pulezidenti anali Bingu osati izi.
    Awa ndi madeya akusowa chochita ku ofesi kwache.
    Useless leadership.
    Malawi to remain number 1 poorest in the world.

  117. Fathara says:


  118. Likoma Economist says:

    The blame goes to PP govt. These idiots were accused of trason – the most serious crime in any country. For over 2 yrs they were left free – to the point of campaigning for the highest position of the land. Are we serious? Which country on earth would act so naively? This is a self created mess!
    Can you imagine, even chief cashgate suspect Lutepo was allowed to campaign for MP position in home district Kasungu? A suspect thief campaigning to be a law maker? Are we serious?
    This is part of PP mess, period!

  119. lol says:

    Chanzelu chimene president wapanga ndichimenechi chitengeleni boma. Nanga paliso chinaso?

  120. Banda mutengeko says:

    Chitsiru!!!!!!!! Icho!!!!!!

  121. Aaah! The whole of you Mr. President bending so low for graffiti? I now believe that your ADCs are not competent enough to aid your diary for reasonable outings. And do you mean all prisons and police cells need to wait hosting hosting high profile inmates like you before they can receive that kind of gesture? You are a mockery to real sufferers in jail with your petty cries. That was not worth expenditure of our tax sir. Try to find your fading honour sir in better things.

  122. Banyamulenge says:

    All stupid leaders like peter need to be embarrassed come 2019

  123. uncle Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk our president, this is the best thing he can do to develop the country.

  124. tell me says:

    why are these civil servants shoving it in everyones face everytime the president does something? They do realise that not everything depends on them ?

  125. big laden says:

    Ichi ndiye chitsiru cha president

  126. Penyengu says:

    This president is bcoming more foolish by the day. There people who have spent ages in cells. Just look @ him cribbling on the wall, he cuts a figure of an idiot. Wat a shame…the whole president? Are we serious as a country?

  127. Amanganagumula says:

    The ignobleness of Citizen Number sub zero!!!!

  128. Chief Strategist says:


  129. MICHAEL says:

    shame on u mr presedent.mwakalamba udyo!!!!zeru zikale zimenezi

  130. moli says:

    MalawI wopusa kwambiri mayaya

  131. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I entirely agree with Mayaya. Every right thinking Malawian is horrified with what Peter Mutharika has done. He is clueless. Malawi under DPP regimes will not move.

  132. Richard says:

    This clearly showsthat our Pres. is an educate savage.Shool does not assist him.This is a shame.

  133. Wamisala osagenda says:

    Ngati si treason ndie ndi chani ndipo constitution imati chan? Iwe Peter Naked Fool Muthalika?

  134. Yankees says:

    Ukukana kuti unapalamula Treason ndi anzakowo? Cholonzeka chomwe wapanga pa 8months mesa ndikupangitsa mayi Malawi kukhala osaukitsitsa padziko lapansi? Kodi akaidi aja amapanga bwino kulemba maina pa Khoma kapena amanyasitsa Khomalo? Ukakapeza phuzo pamusi padzina lakolo pakatha mwezi umumanga atakutukwaneyo? Mano kusi ndithu, ndiye uike publick Holiday tsikulo kuti alomwe anzakowo azidzakukumbukila bwino nangasi chilichonse kumwamba ndi Dziko zaikika kwaiwe, siiwe mesiya iwe?

  135. Sub.T/A says:

    By writing on the wall what lesson are you teaching the youth? I can see in the near future people will start praying for someone

  136. edda mwalweni says:

    Mr president you have chosen to spend you term in that way. Shame on you the so called prof. Teachers, doctors ,police officers, the list goes on and on needs your help financialy yet you chose that. Ahome umbuli shaa!!!!!!!!!

    1. Amanganagumula says:

      The ignobleness of a president

  137. Alfred Munduwabo says:


  138. nkunthamasese says:


  139. onjoya says:

    ngakhale chitsiru cha mmai chija chimasangalala kuti chakwanitsa 100 days chikulamulira nde lero vuto ndi chani? agalu atumbuka inu ndi achewa

  140. chim says:

    Malawi is ruined by sick people.

  141. Another form of Cashgate by using taxpayers’ money on a DPP Agenda which adds no value to the welfare of the citizenry.

  142. Mwiza says:

    The cell visit was not just unnecessary and wasteful but also a symptom of some form of bankruptcy either intellectually or otherwise. The President should avoid creating silly grounds for criticism and redicule from the general public.Can surely do better! Why not do a Judicial review sort of the case

  143. Yesaya Dziko says:

    I do not see anything wrong here. Why all these bad comments. Why Mayaya? I do not understand you.

    1. My friend you can’t understand neither see something wrong here because you are stupid like them. Do you really in your conscious and normal senses expect the whole president of a country making a the whole journey to visit a cell he spent 2 days and make a commemoration about it? I may not have grown on Kamuzu’ era but the history tells us he spent Months if not years in Gweru prison, did you see him wasting govt resources to visit Gweru? This Goat wants to make history out of nothing.

  144. grinzo says:

    Foetsek. This is total foolishness. What riberation are you talking about. Whom did you riberate? Total madness. This man need to be taken to Zomba mental Hospital to be checked if he is sane othetwise i doubt it.

  145. brutsha says:

    Ana osuta chamba ku secondary school ndiamene amapanga izi. “Afana Bvulumende was here 1991 to 1994″, ” Remember afana Jentala” Lero president wa dziko akupanga zomwezo. Joyce anali mzemzenda koma uyunso ndiye ndi mbatama. But he is promoting graffiti among the youths. Don’t be surprised when we start seeing graffiti all over the walls in towns.

  146. Mmodziyekha says:

    Munakalowaso mu cell?

  147. Suicide Bonza says:

    Hahahahaha, munthu wa zaka close to 80 kukalemba pa khoma ‘mapwiya was here!’ Koma zinazi zosa mvetsetseka, akanakhala mwana mkanamva. Failing to do tangible projects only managing a prison cell wall painting.

  148. ndebele says:

    What is the difference between this president and a standard eight pupil who writes on the wall of his class room stating that he was there from such a year to such a year. The whole president write his name on a wall of a prison? When our youth see this how are we going to tell them not to write on class room walls. Shame! Alomwe tsopano. Masankhasankhawa.

  149. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    Promoting graffiti in the country among the youth? Do not be suprised if the youth start writing on every wall “Bago Pido was here” , “Pido bonks Getu” et cetra.
    Now I believe State House reports that this country is being ran by none other than Ben Phiri.

  150. nyasi mmaso says:

    that is a very stupid thinking of APM. and shows a character of man he is. how can the whole full grown up person full of all senses go and write on a wall of a prison. how ever its stupid to say there was no treason since justice has never prevelled. what is he teaching the school children. please its time we use our heads propery. ngati wamisala salemba pakhoma. nde kuti ofunika ku mental hospital ndi nda?

  151. Ngungudya says:

    Kkkkkkkkk the old good days

  152. weaklicks says:

    Visiting his cell was a way of trying to provoke the leaderless PP .indeed eight month have gone and there is nothing that he can show except mere rhetoric and useless politiking .The behaves like a good headless chicken and seems not to know what he’s doing.

  153. salavador says:

    Very stupid man. idiot of all idiots. Joyce should have just jailed you for life to save us from the shame of having another mutharika for a president, for the treason case was constitutional and not political…fotseki!

  154. brutsha says:

    Akuluakulu akale sadaname ponena kuti, “Ukayenda ndi Mulhomwe wayenda wekha” komanso kuti,”Mlhomwe angakule bwanji olo aphunzire bwanji zochitika zake amakhala ngati mwana”
    Given any leadership change, this should be the first thing to rub off the wall,

  155. brutsha says:

    I thought a well travelled president would be different but I was wrong. This is another brand of bulutu wa president. Is there any significance of his arrest to Malawi politics? If anything he was arrested on good reasons. By concealing the death of his brother the conduct was tantamount to treason.

  156. moya says:

    The reasons for arrest remains valid regardless of the painting and writing on the wall, those files will be reactivated in the near future, enjoy the immunity whilst it lasts your excellency,, its the longest arm of the law we are dealing with.

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