Mutharika jail cell visit ‘stinks’ – Mayaya

Malawi President Peter Mutharika was widely criticised on Wednesday when  he led Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters in the capital Lilongwe in “celebrating” two years since he was freed on treason charges and went to his jail cell and did a graffiti when he scribbled his  name n the wall that he stayed there.

President Mutharika and other colleques in the Cell at Lumbadzi Police Station - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika and other colleques in the Cell at Lumbadzi Police Station – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Mutharika: Writting the walls of his jail cell

Graffiti: Mutharika writting the walls of his jail cell

The visit drew widespread criticism amongst Malawians who took their anger to social media platforms to accuse the President of using the tvisit to pirison for political gain.

One of the human rights activist Billy Mayaya who has largely been soft with the DPP regime took it to Facebook to trash the visit.

“ The idea of commemorating the arrest of Peter Mutharika stinks!” Mayaya posted.

He wrote: “ If you were planning to irritate Malawians once more you have! I can’t believe the government would sink so low! The beginning of the end!! “

Also commenting was Sanga Mwamlima who stated that President Mutharika “should try a better stunt.”

He wrote: “Peter please bring one project that will define your legacy. Pay the civil servants in time.”

Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) executive director Rafiq Hajat said: “It is very disappointing and inconsistent for the President, who is a professor of law and who can interpret the Malawi Constitution much better than most of us, to have been part of the elaborate celebrations.”

In 2013, Mutharika was arrested together with six other DPP members Jean Kalirani, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Patricia Kaliati, Goodall Gondwe, Nicholas Dausi, Simon Vuwa Kaunda and Bright Msaka. They were charged with treason. The charges were later dropped when he became President.

The cell where Mutharika was sleeping during his arrest has been painted blue and the corner he slept has been dubbed “Freedom Corner”.

“I was arrested alongside my good friends, Goodall Gondwe, Henry Musa, Bright Msaka among others and we spent three days in jail. While here, the then Inspector General of Police Loti Dzonzi received a directive form the former President that I needed medical attention that doctors have been assigned for that which was a blue lie.

“Three fake doctors  arrived here (at the Lumbadzi Prison) and before they could enter the prison they were detained by the DPP supporters who demanded their identities and explanation of their motives.”

He added, “When our party supporters asked if I were sick I said no, this, angered them to the extent that they started chasing the so called doctors and beat them up.”

The President said he did not know the reasons behind his detention as well as the doctors who were sent for him.

“I have assigned an affidavit with the Inspector General of Police I will produce it at an appropriate time,” Mutharika said in brief as he promised to disclose more at a rally he had later in the day.

The President donated blankets, 15 chairs and 8 solar lamps among other items to Lumbadzi police station.

Mutharika lamented at his inauguration last year that he faced persecution under the previous regime when he alongside former Cabinet ministers in the Bingu wa Mutharika administration were charged with treason.

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uyu ndiyo kaya. Izi amapanga ndi ana Ku primary kulemba mu ma toilet ndi bibi


Taking graffiti to another level… That is exactly what we are teaching Malawians


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! kulila mokweza a Mayaya. Pangani zanu. asiyeni anzanu ndi nthawi yawo. za ziiiiiii! kapenteni nau ndende. poti munalemba mmadzi a PP chule anafuta. mumayesa akaferamo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! wangosiyamo signature tu basi!

chisoni kobasi

I dont trust our POLICE , police is there for the entire country…….Apolice alola bwanji kuti anthuwa akalowe mkulemba pakhoma ? Police statation yomwe ikugwiritsidwabe ntchito… yomwe sinakhale miziyamu? apa akuwonetsa mbali apolice kuti amasopota DPP..
MKATI MWAKE KU PENTEDWA BLUE…….AAAH NO MALAWIANS…. I WISH APOLICE AKADAMAGWIRA NTCHITO MOSAWOPA MUNTHU… if it was like me to write on that that wall apolice sakadalola or half…cell ya 3days aaaaaaah.



Jihad John

Iwe ‘Aferazao’ ndiwe chitsiru kwabasi. How do u compare this sheet with sugar cane sellers from Nambuma? Unamva kwa ndani kuti anthu a ku Nambuma amaganiza mopepera. Ndiye chitsiru ku Nambuma kulibe a Lomwe wamva. Only Lomwe behave in disgusting ways osasokoneza zinthu. Kugulitsa mizimbe ndi kulakwa? Fotseki

achimzy bambo a manze
achimzy bambo a manze

Very bad acts indeed! How. Can the whole of the state president do such a thing. Totally impossible




hahahaha, , , , , ,koma guys


This guy likes graffiti on walls, etc. You will remember he also cut his name and Bingu’s on a tree in his home village. The tree still stands with its tattoos today. If we dont stop him, he will write his name on everything he sees. Watch out Sanjika, Presidential Palace, Ndata, shortly he wants his name written on the hills and mountains of Malawi.

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