Mutharika meets Anglican leaders: Says Church and State crucial in social change

State and church are inseparable players in re-programming the national character on the basis of patriotism, integrity and hard work which are values that must be the foundations of economic progress.

Mutharika and Anglican church leaders

Mutharika and Anglican church leaders

This was said by President Peter Mutharika on Friday when he hosted Anglican Council of Malawi at Kamuzu Palace.

“As a country we cannot succeed without any strong foundation of moral principles. We need to cultivate in the people the right value system that supports socio-economic development. Any sustainable development must be founded on the principles of our umunthu,” said the Malawi leader.

The three values were introduced sometime last year by Mutharika and he clearly intimated to the nation about their importance as foundations for his policy direction.

“These are values that are consistent with scripture as such I urge you to take this new value system as part of your teaching agenda,” said the President.

He further singled out servant-hood as a virtue every leader, whether in the church or state, should always adhere to.

“This country will only prosper if we count ourselves servants of one another. Although I hold the most powerful position in this country, in my personal heart, I have always thought of myself as a servant of the people,” said Mutharika.

The President noted that the Anglican church, being the oldest Christian organization in the country, has and continues to play a crucial role in uplifting livelihoods across the social divide in the country.

The Anglican Church in Malawi is renowned for their intervention role in areas of education, health and humanitarian work among others.

The delegation was led by the Right Reverend Brighton Vitta Malasa who is Chairman of the Anglican Council of Malawi and Bishop of The Diocese of Upper Shire.

Taking his turn, Bishop Malasa disclosed that the audience was aimed at appreciating what government under the leadership of Mutharika was doing and discuss on how best the church could support government programmes.

“We came to talk as partners and there is a lot that we discussed with the President among which is, how we could participate in the development process of the Malawi nation,” explained Malasa.

He also said the church’s other purpose of the visit was to lobby for financial support to complete the nursing school under construction in Nkhotakota.

Malasa has called on Malawians to stop finding faults or pointing fingers at the leadership but rather come forward and be part and parcel of the transformation as well as development process.

The Anglican Church was first introduced in the country around 1861 and is one of the churches with a large following in the country.

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38 thoughts on “Mutharika meets Anglican leaders: Says Church and State crucial in social change”

  1. Mangochi says:

    MCP woyeeee!

  2. advisory committee says:

    This is good discussion so long the church is no t silenced

  3. mtate mike rsa says:

    577billion at point just pocket the money and leave but that money will be accounted for the so called leader will be jailed for the shit

  4. themba says:

    Iwe linga primary yakale kale or desk,koma ma lawances a state house Mr malasa

  5. themba says:

    Kuseli kwa church kwa Bondo komwe Mr malasa 1960 kamuzu adapangisilako first conversion ya mcp ,motelo ndikani tili pambuyo pa mcp mpaka muyaya Ku nkhota Kota,ndalamazo apeleke mitsokho yathu st Annies itukuke,osati school yokhayo komaso akonze kings primary azizakowo Mr malasa ndi yakale ingazagwere Ana skuphuzila

  6. mtumbuka1 says:

    The old man is trying to find some shoulders to cry on since there have been calls for him to step his ass down. I thought you would ask the men of God to pray for you and confess stealing the votes to become the useless president to ruin the country. Facial expressions are speaking louder on those guys that they were used as some political tools to score some useless political points…amazing!

  7. Nathan says:

    A Bishop, asakunyengeni Pitala yu! Munthuyu ndi kape yemwe wawononga dziko la Malawi. Inuyo ngati atsogoleri a mpingo mumayenera kumadzudzula Boma koma osati kumaliyikila m’mbuyo. Zowona zenizeni ndi zoti makapewa alephera kuyendetsa Boma. Dziko la Malawi lawonongeka koposa. Ndiye inu abusa sichinthu choyenera kuti mudzigwirizana ndi mfitizi zomwe zikuzunza nkhosa za Mulungu.

  8. mfiti mayaya says:

    Moneys for both the church and government are collected fron poor and struggling people. The only difference between the two is that the church charges very high fees for its services to society (bee it school fees, hospital fees etc) while the government offers the same services for FREE. Shame on the church.

  9. MDF Solder says:

    Malawians should stop finding faults on the leadership and government? How then does one know his weaknesses or errors if one does not bring out the faults? Pokhapa mwanama ndithu Ambuye.

    Musatilakwitse. Mungopempha nkumachoka. Osatha mawu.

    Very Rev. Malasa ndinu a DPP timadziwa koma osamaonetsera chifukwa nkhosa zanu zina ndi za DPP, zina UDF, zina PP zina MCP.

    Mistakes are a learning process. If no one points out the leaders’ mistakes they will not learn, they will not change, Malawi will still live in the dark. Which woman would allow a husband go astray just because whatever he brings is meant for the transformation of the house and family? Inu mungalole nkhosa yanu ikusochera osayilankhala just because some of the proceeds are shared with your church for transformation? And you keep quiet coz of that?

    Don’t mislead Malawians. No wonder munalankhulako nokha. Bishop Kalemba simunawapatse mpata olankhula, because you knew he is not a praiser of evil. He talks to the point. I guess you just bundled ansembe onsewa kumeneko. Mumafuna muonetse mphamvu kuti mumadziwana ndi a President a dziko. You are a disgrace to the Anglican community.

  10. Malawiyano says:

    No comment

  11. Eugene says:

    Bwampini mwasuta fodya eti?

  12. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Ma moslems ukumana nawo liti gwape iwe.

  13. Nyamakumutu says:

    Kodi mumakapemphaso bwinotu bwino.

  14. chatonda says:

    Bishop Malasa has started again as usual showing his true colours of being corrupt in any new government. He is a disgrace to the mission and the nation. He wants to show as if he supports any leaders that comes by but he is very corrupt and has no shame that the country is judging him.

  15. BRAJOE says:

    Counting ourselves servant of one another? I have always thought as a servant of my country? What have you done APM? We cannot be servant of one another instead malawians voted you to be a servant of the nation.I think you are very useless president, you should die as a teacher.

  16. Njolinjo says:

    Khaki envelopes must have changed hands.

  17. KARU UNITED says:

    Panicking signs from the ruling clique. If you want to be told the truth you better meet them @ neutral venues, or is it part of showing off, “i am now here, see how beautiful the palace is!”

  18. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Kape watha nzeru

  19. peter mshali ku salima says:

    meeting church leaders is paramount mr president keep it up

  20. KUKHALA says:


  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    ‘Lobbying for financial support to finish the nursing school.’

    Where will government get the money from?

    You are wolves in sheep’s clothing. what you are saying is not true because government has no money. Who does not know that our government is strangling to pay its employees and meet operational budgets.

    So you started a project without a proper appraisal. Men of God read what the scriptures say.

  22. learnedmi says:


  23. Attention Seeker says:

    Deliverance ndi annointing Ku nyumba ya chifumu. Atsala ndi m Apostle ndi ma Prophet

  24. George Kamanga says:

    Church leaders be careful with APM. the cash he brings to you is what he stole during his brother’s rule and part of it is what bingu plundered and APM unfreezed without investigating how his evil brother got those billions of kwachas.

    woe to all those who claim to God’s servants but you feast on bloody, dirty cash which the source I’d clearly known that it is through evil ways.

    Even the false prophets during Ahab rule defended that Ahab was a just man but The True God’s Prophet Elijah maintained his stand and told Ahab that he is evil in all his ways.

    APM is evil in all his ways and his leadership is devils ordained one.

    Church leaders ask God to open your blind blind eyes that you can see what is there

  25. Alex Likoswe says:

    So not pointing where things go wrong Right Rev

  26. becks says:

    Dyera atsogoleri a Anglican

  27. Josophat Returns says:

    Nice words from the president. But he needs to tell them to his homeboys who are running around town irritating us. There is no Ubuntu in this country when only one tribe enjoys the fruits at the expense of all other tribes. There is no Ubuntu when you first look at lomwe blood in each and every appointment and not the merit each Malawian deserves. This is neo-nazism.Become good nationalists like Chipembere who never fought for yaos only but for all Malawians. This path of tribalism is sulking like hell. You are brewing a perfect storm. You are fermenting the subject of federalism by your works. I don’t want to see a more divided Malawi because one tribe thought the winning tribe takes it all. It’s unwise.

    What you are doing in most of your appointments is dressing your fellow Lomwes in borrowed lobes and thereby leaving them vulnerable one day. If it won’t be in your time, it shall be in the time of your children children. Please correct things now for the sake of your future tribesmen. Don’t leave Malawi more divided than it was two decades ago. Walk the talk. It’s painful but its necessary. That’s what leadership is all about.

  28. opc says:

    When you are serving in public officeyou get paid for your setviservices. That should be enough. Why should you continue being paid after that? The state has no obligation to you after that. This culture of privileges must stop.

  29. Pat says:

    Leaving politics aside, president Mutharika needs to be commended for his openness. If I’m not wrong, he is the first president in malawi to cast his net this wide in as far as consulting and engaging other stakeholdres is concerned, in running govt affairs. My request to your excellency is that you should try to re-invite opposition political party leaders to a similar audience. If they are for building malawi, they will honor your invitation this time around. You are doing a great job, keep it up

  30. Is Peter Muthalika patriotic or he is just an opportunist? Somebody who never lived in Malawi since or even before independence is not patriotic. He was a coward.

  31. Chimunthu Banda says:

    Bwanawo tsilo lomwe amkatenga udindo adakana kugwira buku loyera, ankati kulibe Mulungu. Ndiye pano zatani. Kapena nthumazi ndi imfa ya Ntafu? Kapena lero avomeleza kuti munthu ochitira Mulungu mwano amakanika kuyendetsa dziko? Mulungu wathetsa kunyoza kkkkkkk kkkk!

  32. Billy mayaya says:

    boma lilibe ndalama achristu onse anglican osonkhe limodzi limodzi mukamalize school yanuyo, musampale moya mkamwa ndi chani kodi, katangale mumayambisa ndi ampingo nomwenu mwazionatu

  33. becks says:

    Is Bright Malasa bishop or DPP zealot?

  34. The Analyst says:

    “There are people in this country so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    This should have been the message taken to you by the Anglican Church leaders. Am not sure what they came there for, and am not interested to know.

    Mr President, people in country (where you are the most powerful man) are suffering! Forget the Area 43s, Nyambadwe or Katoto, but listen to the sad songs of poverty from Mchesi, Mbayani Ndirande or Mchengautuwa. There is untold poverty! You can even touch it, smell or taste it. Not to mention the rural areas where poverty is wholesale.

    Not to imply that you are the cause of their poverty but you (the most powerful man in the country) seem to do nothing about it! Ok apart from the judicial complex, Mombera University and Community Colleges (long-term projects) what short-to-medium term poverty reduction strategies have you implemented or just put in place? Nothing!

    A man on ARVs will blame a doctor who does nothing at the moment of the man’s death. If the doc could only give the man a bottle of water he would die grateful. Do something, no matter how little.

    Chilima is not helping you either! The guy literally does nothing but tends to his beards and moves around town in his convoy with flamboyant bodyguards.

  35. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    The Church headed by the Queen of Britain should go and ask for resources from the British tycoon and not the State President of Malawi who is failing to solve national problems. Malasa is a shameful prelate who sacrifices his flock on the altar of bribes.

  36. Ndikutelo says:

    That’s cool APM though we know you are doing this under punic and that your village of advisor told you that the threats from CSO’s n opposition parties are real.
    The question is;
    If APM was voted into the office by a mre 34% what can stop 66% if he is failing to deliever? Your answer is good as mine. Afterall his 34% is dwindling by the end of each day,yes!! I happen to be one of those who voted for APM but aaaaaaaah ndinabetsa voti yanga.

  37. Mbiri says:

    Umunthu wobera mavoti? For as long as your foundation is based on lies and deception, it will crumble… No matter how many religious people you speak to

  38. blessing lipengs says:

    European countries have developed without the religious grouping’s meeting the head of state, look at Malaysia, Singapore ,India ,China etc.In Africa , when we fail to to Lead we blame God .Your meeting with the Anglican leaders or Church Council will not produce any economic success. Meeting village headsmen ,T/As will not change malawi to come out of being the most poorest country in the world.
    Anglican church leaders ! why don’t you just say you went to muntharika to beg money to finish your nursing school project? what we need in Malawi is a visionary leadership but for Prof APM we have already lost confidence in u and DPP sorry

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