Mutharika pleads with World Bank for Malawi support

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Friday met the visiting World Bank mission visiting the country in Lilongwe and pleaded to the team to support the country.

President Mutharika poses with the World Bank Directors and few Malawans participants at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

President Mutharika poses with the World Bank Directors and few Malawans participants at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Mutharika said he briefed the team, which in the country to assess the economic situation, about “the triple problems that have rocked our economy which are; Cashgate, Donor flight and the devastating Floods.”

The President in a statement posted on his Facebook page said informed the team on the commitments his government have made to deal with the situation and heal the nation.

“I talked about the various reforms we are undertaking such as the Public Service Reform Programme as well as the reforms we are championing to tighten our Financial Management Systems to ensure that the unfortunate incident of Cashgate never happen again,” Mutharika added.

The Malawi leader told the team that Malawi needs the bank’s support and the support from other multilateral and bilateral donors for its recurrent budget in the short term to enable her achieve the goals set this year.

Mutharika said the response he got from the discussions is “promising.”

He stated: “I trust that the team’s visit and talks held with a wide range of officials in both public and private sector will help the delegation to put our case in the appropriate context, and to be fully informed about our strengths, opportunities and challenges to be able to speak for us when they return.”

Meanwhile, Malawi’s official news agency Mana reports that a World Bank missionexpressed happiness to see that the money they gave to Malawi for various projects were utilized to alleviating poverty.

The team leader of the delegation Allister Smith from Canada made the remarks on Friday in Salima after they visited two projects funded through Local Development Fund and one project under the Agriculture Productivity Programme (APPSA).

“We are happy to be here and to see that the financial support you receive for various projects from the World Bank have been used accordingly,” said Smith.

Smith further said that their trip had also given them opportunity to appreciate the problems which people were facing in the country.

“Here we are able to see for ourselves the impact of the support to the people and the country and indeed the gaps that remain as the country continue its effort to alleviate poverty amongst its people,” said Smith.

Smith said that the visit has also helped the directors to have a clear picture of the situation in Malawi; which will be vital on their decision making on future support to the country.

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11 thoughts on “Mutharika pleads with World Bank for Malawi support”

  1. We dont need the donors! They should not come. We should learn to fend for ourselves. 50 years is too much.

  2. nsonga ciswe says:

    Akupatseni ndalammusanasove cash gate ! Chamba pena ma sachet ?mutu wanu ukugwila bwana! Ma floods mukuonetsapo ndondomeko yotani yoti zinthu zibwerere mmalo. Mawa piano kukuma anthu awa will still ave no homes to return to. Donor .kodi Mesa paja timabwebwetuka yodzidalila apart from ma floods????? Munkaota mmene mmakamba izi dzana Lima????? Koma azanga in UCI timacicha cizumbazumba kuzweta mutu. Ei plesdent be reashow us yo skills man

  3. male pipo says:

    Please appreciate the development. Kodi anthu inu ndiotani?

  4. dumakude says:

    Take this money to the pple who need it more than ever, do not packed into bags like ur Brother did. Malawi is very smal country, we cld have been rich by now if u leaders use the funds wisely. U take the funding money and investing in Tswizland insteady of improving our daily need ur busy sending ur children to expensive schl outside the country while ure pple suffering. I don’t trust u leaders of malawi real ur turning us to be more poor.

  5. chakwanuleka says:

    Too early at this stage to ask for aid before the house is in order. As people who love our country, we want this DPP government to come out in the open and tell us what happened to the 92 billion, who is keeping it, how much can be recovered etc.

  6. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Lets do away with the western donor. We stand on our locally available resources. For how long Malawians shall continue dance to the tunes of the so called donors? Lets swich our attention to Russia, Iran,China if our mindset is still donor deriven!

  7. Ujeni says:

    “Dead Aid” by Dr Dumbisa Moyo

  8. liu says:

    We dont need their money. It will just enslave us. Let us just work hard and use our own resources not involve these Katapira thieves.

  9. KUKHALA says:


  10. IKLC says:

    Malawi has been receiving aid from 1964.. if only we would use it in the most diligent appropriate and prudent way, Malawi would be somewhere as was the case in the Kamuzu days… we still can try.. and lets keep trying to make Mw a better place to live .. please please…

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