Mutharika pledges to be more media-friendly, warns criminals

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Tuesday promised to be  more media-friendly during the meeting with journalists which the President hosted at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre pledging  government’s support for freedom of press so that media practitioners are working in a conducive environment.

The Malawi leader said since he ascended to the Office of President, his government has not witnessed any arrests of journalists while on duty.

President Mutharika meets the media at Sanjka: Greeting Media Council of Malawi chair Prof Wiseman Chijere Chirwa

President Mutharika meets the media at Sanjka: Greeting Media Council of Malawi chair Prof Wiseman Chijere Chirwa

President Mutharika having achat with Malawi News journalist Innocent Chitosi

President Mutharika having achat with Malawi News journalist Innocent Chitosi

Journalist and influential columnist Ralphael Tenthani at Sanjika during meeting with President Mutharika

Journalist and influential columnist Ralphael Tenthani at Sanjika during meeting with President Mutharika

“As such, I must, therefore, assure you that my government will not arrest anyone who executes his or her task within the principles of law of the land, fairness and honesty,” Mutharika said

The President said he is not bothered by negative reports that he reads in various columns  in the newspapers and online Nyasa Times since he respect media freedoms.

“I have seen, heard, read your articles though sometimes I get frustrated with some commentary columns. However, I encourage you to criticise me when I am wrong and support me when am doing well because I believe that no person can be right all the time,” he said.

Added the President: “It is, therefore, necessary to note that though media, civil society organizations, religious leaders and government have different roles to play, we must work in collaboration to spearhead national development.”

Mutharika said he used to write in various newspapers when he was young and urged the media to be professional all the time and work within the perimeters of law.

During the interface,  Mutharika urged the media to open the new chapter in as far as media relationship with government is concerned.

President Mutharika also shared a number of reforms which his administration was undertaking aimed at unlocking various challenges being experienced in the country.

Journalists through their media bodies Media Institute Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi Chapter and Media Council of Malawi (MCM) took turns bringing penitent issues which affect the media fraternity.

He also said Malawians that they should not be worried with the security lapse ,saying his government has devised sufficient measures aimed at addressing the problem.

Mutharika  warned thugs that “your days are numbered.”

The President was flanked at the high table by Media Council of Malawi chairperson Prof Wiseman Chijere Chirwa, Secretary to the Ministry of information Chimwemwe Banda, Minister of information Kondwani Nankhumwa and Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa.

Media Institute for Southern Africa-Misa Malawi Chapter Chairperson, Anthony Kasunda, described the meeting as a clear indication that government recognised the significant role the media play in all spheres of development.

Kasunda, therefore, appealed to the government to consider opening up national broadcaster, MBC, and speed up the enactment of Access to Information Bill as well as endorsement of the Table Mountain Declaration.

Mutharika pleaded for media practitioners’ patience assuring that he would look into all the issues that were raised.

This is the first time in the history of Malawi for a sitting President to interact with media fraternity in an event that attracted journalists from different media houses across the country.–(Additional reporting by Memory Kutengule, Malawi News Agency)

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Abale anzanga,

Why waste your breath for Tenthanis’ dressing? The President never talked about that mans’ dressing. but warned thugs. To Tenthani what that meant is that ” It is normal” he does not see it different. He was on a function that to him whether President was available or not it is all one.

The President put on his best suit, thanks. But only to warn the thugs. Better dress like Tethani and deal with the thugs which he claims to know where they are. It is not suits that work Azibambo,

Weniweni Balakasa

Kusavala suit nthawi zina ndikumudelera amene ukakumana naye. In this case tenthani is perhaps disapproving the authority of the inviter as it is through the backdoor. We are for the genuine critics not for his dressing


Nanu inu Tenthani munamuonako atavala suit? The reason why he was in shabby attire is that he is a shabby person. That’s all and not your wicked hatred. Stop hating APM. He is a human being like you. It will not take you anywhere. Do you really go to Church or mosque?


Osamangoti “your days are numbered”. For us that are empty words without actions. Start reducing the number of traffic officers to increase the number of security officers.


Do be shaken Wisi Boy Mr Tethani that’s life, life is what you make, akanenanena atopa asiyendi lead your own life bola moyo ukuyenda .I now muwerenga ma comment osewa but ine ndimakunyadilani.keep it up ,keep on surpring those people.


You don’t know what you’re saying” just keep quiet than comment .


Wakudyestani ma banzi a blue. He has now silenced the media.


Iiiii! Koma abale zinaziiiiiiiii!

wobeba wanga

Big up APM

I would have been more comfortable if the President only talked about his journalists and lie to them , period. Why really did he go on warning thugs. To me this does not make any sense of the whole Presidents’ speech because there was yet another time when he said he knows those thugs and that he was going to squeeze them. But to my knowledgeit is the thugs that from that day he said those nonsense words have (the thugs) squeezed the VP, the Atupele and more innocent people. Mr. President, you have spoken enough, It is time to… Read more »

Mr. Tenthani tamachenani please aaaaaaaaa! Ku nyumbako koma munthu wa mayi amangoyanganira kapena kulibe? Kusamba ayi, zoti chovala chimasitidwa ayinso

Kumakhala ngati simulandira ndalama. Bambo chonde,chonde ndagwira mwendo wanu yambani kuzisamala.

Umandichititsa manyazi ngati ndinu mbale wanga, nthawi zonse zithunzi zanu zimapereka chisanzo choipa ku media ku.


Olo kubwelekako jekete abale, mulibe ndi jekete yomwe abale. No wonder, you always critics, when you are poor nothing is good in your sight.kikikikiki


Raphael Tenthani, please.

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