Mutharika ‘recycles’ speech, says Malawi to suffer Cashgate consequences in next decade

President Peter Mutharika on Monday 21November 2016 completely left Malawian youths with no hope about their future as he addressed the nation through national broadcaster MBC in what ciritics say he recycled the same old story.

Malawi infamous cashgate took place under their watch: Late Bingu (L), Banda (C) and Mutharika Looting took place under their watch: Late Bingu (L), Banda (C) and Mutharika - Photo credit The Nation

Malawi infamous cashgate took place under their watch: Late Bingu wa Mutharika (L),  Joyce Banda (C) and Peter Mutharika

Given that the President does not easily give media interviews, Monday night many Malawians were eagerly waiting for the President to articulate the vision for Malawi and what his government has achieved as the year 2016 comes to an end.

Most of the youths especially university students who are back in their respective homes following the closure of their respective Universities also expected the president to provide an ending to their problem but he finished without instilling positivity to them and also other graduants who remain unemployed.

As earlier predicted by many Malawians, Mutharika almost repeated the same speech he presented in May during the opening of parliamentary deliberations in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) early this year.

In his 45-minute address, Mutharika said the economy of the country is still struggling to heal from the wounds of plunder of public finances in the famous cash-gate.

“Accepting the presence of a problem is the first stage in solving any problem. Let us admit that our country has, over the past few years, experienced some challenges that have negatively affected the lives of our people, particularly the poor. I know the pain most of us have been feeling. But I also understand our impatience to urgently get out of our challenges because this nation has suffered in poverty for many years,” said Mutharika.

“We are all tired of being a poor country. I hear the silent voices of those who cannot speak; and I can understand the feeling of those who want Malawi to change overnight. But in our silent voices and urgent feelings, I see our collective will to use our challenges as a collective motivation to pursue long term solutions. I only ask for one thing: to focus on the real issues,” he added.

Generally, the President said his government is making sure that no Malawian dies of hunger through distribution of maize and other food stuffs to most poor and vulnerable Malawians.

He said his government is geared to increasingly promote irrigation projects in collaboration with other development partners in implementing a plan that is aimed at bring back the cycle of food insecurity in the country.

On health, Mutharika said the goverment will recruit more nurses and doctors with assistance from the global fund.

“I am pleased to report that we are recruiting an additional 1,44m health workers with assistance from the Global Fund and PEPFAR. Out of this figure, we have already processed the recruitment of 960 health workers across all cadres under the Global Fund and PEPFAR” said Mutharika.

He also revealed that the construction of Phalombe District Hospital starts soon and is expected to be finished by 2019.

Touching on education, the President said the government is will also upgradde 33 Community Day Secondary Schools to conventional Secondary Schools. The construction works will be done with funding from European Union.

He also hinted that his government intends to invest in utilities.

Mutharika said he will make sure that electricity generating power plants are rehabilitated and modernized to ease electriciy problems.

The President said will imitiate a project of installing water pipes from Lake Malawi  to the hinterland in three locations.

In his speech, Mutharika said  he hopes to resuscitate projects that were stalled and suspended by cashgate that in such a way, Malawi instills doner confidence.

“Cashgate was so devastating that we will continue to face its consequences for the next decade,” said Mutharika.

He told the nation that he inherited from Joyce Banda, his predecessor a country that was “almost bankrupt; a country without budgetary support. “

Said Mutharika: “Our situation was compounded with unprecedented floods, drought and hunger for two continuous years. But we have prevailed in our difficulties. “

Meanwhile, the President has called upon all Malawians with ideas that can help to change and improve the economy of the country to forward their ideas to government.

“To all Malawians listening to me now, if you have any alternatives that can help us improve, I invite you to submit your ideas to me through the Chief Secretary to the government, upon receive of your suggessions I will organise a platform to discuss these,” he said.

Mutharika said the challenges the nation face are not insurmountable.

“Together, with unity of purpose, we can overcome them. Challenges must never be the source of fear. Challenges must be the inspiration of our courage. It is in this spirit that Government, with the support of its partners, has continued to work tirelessly to address the challenges,” he said.

But critics say the address did not address critical issues.

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24 thoughts on “Mutharika ‘recycles’ speech, says Malawi to suffer Cashgate consequences in next decade”

  1. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:


    Malawi President Peter Mutharika has reshuffled his cabinet leaving out all alleged corrupt ministers in MK577 biliion cashgate scandal. The casualties are Goodal Gondwe, George Chaponda, Jean kalirani, Henry Mussa, Bright Msaka, Kondwani Nakhumwa, Patricia Kaliati and Joseph Mwanaamveka among others.

    The president has assured the nation that investigations will be conducted and those who are found on the wrong side of the law will be prosecuted. He has therefore asked the ACB to handle the cases with transparency and professionalism.

    The new list of cabinet is as follows:

    1.President of the Republic of Malawi and Minister of Defence: His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika

    2.Vice President of the Republic of Malawi: Right Honourable Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima

    3.Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development:
    Professor Chinyamata Chipeta

    4.Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development:
    Professor David Mkwambisi

    5.Minister of Labour, Sports, Youth and Manpower Development:
    Honourable Lucious Banda .

    6.Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development
    Dr. Nertha Semphere

    7.Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare:
    Dr. Mary Shawa

    8.Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:
    Honourable Aggrey Massi, M.P

    9.Minister of Local Government and Rural Development:
    Honourable Atupele Muluzi, M.P.

    10.Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:
    Honourable Francis Kasaila, M.P.

    11.Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining:
    Dr. Vincent Mgoli

    12.Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism
    Mr. Felix Jumbe

    13.Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:
    Honourable Samuel Tembenu, SC

    14.Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security:
    Honourable Grace Chiumia M.P.

    15.Minister of Information and communication technology.
    Honourable Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano, M.P.

    16.Minister of Health:
    Honourable Malison Ndau

    17.Minister of Education, Science and Technology:
    Honourable Dr. Peter Kumpalume, M.P.

    18.Minister of Transport and Public Works:
    Honourable Jappie Mhango, M.P.

    19.Deputy Minister of Defence
    Honourable Vincent Ghambi, M.P.

    20.Deputy Minister of Home affairs and Internal Security:
    Mr. Kenneth Msonda

    SATIRE!!!! SATIRE!!!! SATIRE !!!!

  2. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr President you must .net stuppid!!!!! Don’t take us for granted, i can not take this fool’s speech serious. How much is our annual budget? It is not even close to K200 billion and how much did cashgate cost the nation? Is it not K233 of his brother plus that K24 billion of JB making K257 billion in total which is equivant of a year’s budget? Now, how would a mare K257 billion make an effect of 10 years equivalence????? Does the president use his brains when thinking and speaking or something else or he thinks we are all as dull as he is. Mr president we are not as stupid as you think.

  3. santana says:

    All the contributors are just wasting people’s time reading their contributions. With all these contributions not even one can say what the govt should do to solve one of the problems affecting Malawians. APM asked your suggestions deliberately because he knew that with your embecility you can not contribute even one solution. Here you are. Your leaders are just the same even worse. They have all the time on the platform criticizing govt but they step down the platform without alternative solution to the govt. Why don’t you just close the foul mouths and open them when you can talk sense?

    1. Chambe says:

      People have well structured suggestions that can assist the nation. Some are based on similar situations with all everything equal to other countries and we can share how they came out of their quagmire.

  4. makunganya says:

    Mr President open a link for malawians to share their ideas if you are serious. But the first idea is to fire some of your cabinet ministers and advisors, they have failed to give you relevant solution for our failed economy. If ones fails to deliver he gets the boot why keep them.

  5. Focus says:

    My foot APM, I wished you were drinking cough last night. Mr President you are indeed there by accident.All this time silent? I find the address too late to change things. Where are your DPP manifestols, tis is the starting point sir? Remove all rotten thieves surrounding you, something is very wrong in our country…the doors for communications to you sir are closed.

  6. DPP clueless says:

    Yamufotera imene amalilira APM,.

  7. Wonani godiba says:

    Mr president why are you not stepping down because you don’t have an idea of how to re tectify our critical problems. Don’t stress us more go home

  8. Maunits says:

    Surely the who 20 member cabinet can not provide solutions to failed state. Surely the bunch of advisers can not provide alternatives to turn Malawi’s economy so that the president reaches the stage of asking Maliwians those with alternative can provide links to CHIEF SECRETARY SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chambe says:

    Sure mr President I have some suggestions to improve on what you have laid down. I wonder if your Chief Secretary’s door will not be restricted for me to present my suggestions.
    Advise me. on 0881543155

  10. Ojere says:

    I don’t see this APM taking anything that one may say. For instance with the big one ones in his cot who will be checking any incoming views that make sure that those in their favor must be brought to APM. I suggest he open a web site so that he may chose from there and hear with sober mind. Ada APM lets accept we have failed. Malawians expect even more as these people are now fighting for power in their Lomwe Party with their Lomwements.

  11. MABUSA says:

    Why do we people always run away from the truth? Does it mean that the K24 billion misused in JB’s administration made Malawi such poor are you serious Malawians? come on our brethren. When did this so called cash-gate started in Malawi? What does it mean when you say you took over and the govt didnt have money but the ‘govt was running better than now what are you talking about and how much money did you want to find to appreciate that you found enough in govt?

    1. Chambe says:

      You see mr Mabusa, cashgate of course started long before JB but the economy was better that we could not feel the pinch due to availability of Donor budgetary support. But the abrupt stoppage to this aid in the JB admin. and with no resumption in APM admin. is a good reason to look at which administration lead us to this misery. I blame the one for JB as I did blame the one for Bingu in his second term. JB did well before cashgate and after she messed up that bad, we are suffering her consequences. If JB failed to get aid resumption after Bingu, we could have continued suffering Bingu’s consequences in JB admin.
      So my conclusion is that we are suffering on JB’s admin cashgate in APM admin; period.

      1. DPP clueless says:

        you are trying to tell us during Bingu when there was no fuel, forex etc economy was good? Talk like matured person and put hatred aside. DPP manufactured the situation.

      2. Foreign Affairs says:

        JB did not stop Cashgate, It got exposed during her time so there was not enough time to loot. Kashi yake is trying to get back in the main stream through Bushiri disguised as charity works and starting up small businesses through their agents.

  12. TA KUNTAJA says:

    When the populace is uneducated, they will surely elect an imbecile as their Leader. Thats the price Malawi must pay for not educating her people.

    1. Patriotic Front says:

      The president said if you have other ideas, you can write him and he is free to discus with you, don’t just criticize, he laid out his philophies and lets wait and see if at the end of the day there will be improvement in water and electricity supply. The Malawian opposition should also borrow a leaf from the US republicans, their candidate had specific policies well articulated which convinced voters to elect them. let them also share with us what the opposition has in plan to turn the tables around. it s not just wanting to go to state house

      1. wa noma says:

        kkkkkkkk MR PATRIOTIC FRONT how long shall we wait? if u treat his speech with a sober mind not even taking sides do u see anything that can change status of Malawi currently or on long term?

      2. OCHEWA says:

        failers are failers even if you give them advice…..infact they dont take what people advise them

      3. Chamwini Kwawo says:

        This Professor President of Yours does not listen, even if someone has good ideas, he can’t buy them. He is busy protecting thugs and thieves as well as midnight 6. Nothing Else.

      4. trump says:

        Malawi could have been better if the three thieves in the picture were no born.

      5. Eugene says:

        If this Midnight Six thief has to ask the people for ideas then he has failed! Just step down basi. Ife tatopa mxii

      6. Qwerty says:

        “Wait and see”; what a tired refrain! We have waited and seen! We will wait our asses sore and see our eyes dry! Suggestions my foot; why not implement their (DPP) campaign manifesto for starters.

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