Mutharika says Malawi to eradicate HIV/Aids by 2030

Malawian President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika and his government has been hailed for demonstrating high level commitment in the national and global fight against HIV and AIDS.

Photo opportunity Mutharika, Sande and Sidibe

Photo opportunity Mutharika, Sande and Sidibe

President Mutharika wirth UNAIDS boss Sidibe

President Mutharika wirth UNAIDS boss Sidibe

Speaking when he called on President Mutharika in Johannesburg South Africa where the President is there for African Union summit, United Nations Under Secretary-General and UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe said Malawi remains a model in the global AIDS fight.

Sidibe said Malawi has led in committing to a number of ambitious and risky targets aimed at reducing or eradicating the pandemic.

“Malawi was the first country that to introduce the Option B+. You were also the first to sign the 90-90-90 treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. Mr. President Sir, we are very impressed with the risks that you are ready to undertake. This shows commitment.

“It is because of this that Malawi received the highest amount of funds from the Global Fund in Africa, it is because of the credibility of your case and efforts,” said Sidibe.

Speaking earlier, President Mutharika reported that Malawi has set out an ambitious plan to eradicate HIV and AIDS by 2030 as set out in the 90-90-90 treatment target.

He said treatment and prevention is his administration’s priority, including mother to child transmission of HIV.

“We managed to eradicate leprosy, measles and other diseases we can achieve that. We have managed to reduce the new infection rate by 65 percent. I am glad that we are just one point away from achieving zero percent mother to child transmission of HIV.

“We just need to remain focused, with more commitment and resources we will achieve this in no time. My government is at the moment in the process of procuring 8.5 million ARV’s for the 2015/2017 period,” he said.

Mutharika hailed UNAIDS for what he termed as g wonderful work the organisation is doing in Malawi in the fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

He said the organisation has been instrumental in Malawi’s recent success to secure the $USD611 million HIV funding from the Global Fund as well as assisting us with the National HIV/AIDS Strategic plan among several others initiatives.

“We are grateful to you for the support that you gave us by assisting with resources for our team to go and present our case. You supported us technically  and we ended up being given $USD37 million more than what we applied for,” Mutharika said.

During the audience Sidibe was accompanied by several officials including the UNAIDS representative to the AU  semary Museminari and UNECA, Prof. Shira Tlou regional director for Eastern and Southern Africa and Amakobe Sande UNAIDS Country Director for Malawi.

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24 thoughts on “Mutharika says Malawi to eradicate HIV/Aids by 2030”

  1. Chewelesine says:

    How….when your ugly wife is busy partying using Aids funds?

  2. MASO A GULU says:

    Vision 2020 or 2030 ???

    Gods plans is no mans plan

  3. Ngoni wa pa phata says:

    Congratulation to you your excellency madam for your appointment

  4. man dhlaka says:

    I’m sure he’s busy to see more financial support coming for another nacgate….

  5. msozi coole says:

    A ndembwe kkkkkkkk kaziwerenganiko zocitika muziko . kuyambila Emma 80s main a munali musanabadwe.kkkkk ma fli born . go to research. Kkkkkkkkkllll

  6. kenkkk says:

    Different presentation but still the same negative publicity of the country which apm was claiming and telling us not to. Apm just confirming what foreign journalist say about our country being aids infested and ravaged. Hypocrisy at its best.

  7. ndembwe says:

    A MALAWI mbuli inu,mitu yanu! amene kukuchita kulilira edzi. Mayiko aanzanu ambiri they have put a dateline kuthetsa edzi, inu mukuyifunabe? shame!! mutenge inu matendawo sure! EVEN AMERICA Ali ndi date line yawo, and after all iwo anasankha 2015, no new infections and are also eradicating it, munya ngati munakahalirako kudya za EDZI,ganizani zina zochita, achina msonzi,June, mulira chokweza kkkkkkkkk!

  8. nick says:

    UN’s Sidipe seems to get the joke !!

  9. msozi coole says:

    My Foot. Shame the whole president telling nonsese to the world. Anamulembera speech imeneyi NDE cifukizo wake it I. Can mbuzi mmusi. Ucize ma minister ako uli nawowo Ali nkhope non in on I ndi ma Arv WO. Mimba Zhao zopotokera mbali imodzizo ndi ma arvwo. Cisilu iwe. Giving people wrong information. Kagogo kako kanaomba za NAC zo. Ndekuti HIV inatha mmene amabamo. So anthu azigonana zedi with the idea yoti matendawa anti athetsedwa! Bastard empty headed tin. Is this wat u can advise the nation???shame. Anthu azitiseka koz of pipo like u. Total disgrace

  10. Malawiana says:

    Just shows how empty headed this man is. What about those born with HIV today the majority of whom will surely still be alive in 2030, are you going to kill them to ERADICATE HIV?

  11. ujeni says:

    Kakakakakaka etadicate Hiv? Oky oky bwana tamva ife anthu osazindikira.

  12. mambala says:

    NAPHAM ikutsekedwa mukulephela kuipatsa ndalama mukunamizana kuti muthetsa matendawa mukunama

  13. chifundo says:

    utidula ma shaft?

  14. Kenkkk says:

    Very embarrassing. How can you eradicate aids/hiv when they haven’t even found a cure?
    All you are after is stealing more aids funds and money.

    All of a sudden apm and the First Lady are very much interested in aids to cover their abuse of the same aids money. You are trying to legitimize your thefts through pretending to be aids advocates.

    Please examine yourselves and provide good leadership in this country.

  15. Jelbin mk says:

    Sooth sayer you are right because it is very very impossible to eradicate HIV where poverty and illiteracy are at rampant progress where the gap between the few rich and the masses widens unprecedentedly,the poorer you are the high risk of contracting AIDS due to lack of some basic needs on every day basis which may lead women or girls to sell their bodies for food,clothing and other bisics and on the other hand a person who lacks basic needs will not go and buy a condom than buying food to fill his/her belly. On the side of illiterate people I have ever met one woman who didn’t want to have safe sex just because she heard that condoms do remain inside a woman during intercourse which puts the lives of those in the dark at stake ao please just prioritise basic education before dreaming big Mr president.

  16. ruth warren says:

    The only reason ian browse here is to learn how many thugs hv been shot dead by police onda daily basis. Remember a mínimum of three per poach osati zopusazi ayi iwe prezident wa tablecut opanda mano. dont hunt wat u cant kill HIV simuzathana nayo, anthu anapita ku trip imeneyo akachinda ndi kutengera matenda za nsete basi mxiiiiiii

  17. mayeso says:

    We are fight into zero but economy empowerment is a big problem

  18. THE WISE ONE says:

    MG Jones…yes eradication. Eradication may have different targets depending on the magnitude. For example Malawi may say 1% prevalence of HIV equals eradication.

    The president gave examples such as measles but we still see cases of measles…..But as Malawi the prevalence of measles is negligible equaling eradication.

  19. SOOTH SAYER! says:


  20. ruth warren says:

    This toothless bwampini doesnot know wat he z saying. The 90 90 90 target was set by unaids not malawi gvnt, it wont work. Sizimene tikufuna ife if we are to deal with HIv zausilu basi ur promoting uhule ndi azimuna ochindana konyerera as priority groups is that wat we need in malawi?

  21. malawians says:

    Ndalama za HIV AIDS anthu alemera nazo amanga ma mansions choncho nthendayi ingathe?

  22. Peeping Tom says:

    Eradication when the wife has been abusing the funds?Who is cheating who?NAC funds were used to promote their archaic tribal grouping of Mulhako wa alomwe where girls of poor people in phalombe and some poor lomwe areas loyal to pitala,having been baring their chest to show their breast to some sex hungry lomwe men and you are deceiving people in South Africa that you are eradicating hiv in 2030.Are you dreaming?

  23. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    Kkkkkkkiest. Uyamba yakoyo then ya uyoyo uyo umati mkazi wako yo

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