Mutharika says Malawians should not panic: Assures of ‘more than enough maize’, indirectly responds to bishops

Malawian Peter Mutharika on Monday afternoon gave out statistics to show the country has over 60 000 metric tonnes of maize in Admarc depots, asking Malawians not to panic.

Malawian President Mutharika : No need to panic over maize availability

Malawian President Mutharika : No need to panic over maize availability

Speaking at a special address to the nation on state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) just a day after Catholic bishops accused the government of laisez fair attitude in the wake of chronic maize shortages, Mutharika gave out data on how much each Admarc depot has from Nsanje to Chitipa districts, how many trucks of maize are being cleared, how many are on its way to Admarc depots.

He said the 62000 metric tonnes are enough to take Malawi to next year.

However, private broadcaster  Zodiak said on Monday it has discovered that some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials are influencing the buying of maize to the ruling party followers.

The radio gave an example of a situation in Chiradzulu where an Admarc committee was set up to ensure that people bought maize without problems and check vendors but minister of Labour Henry Mussa who is also the treasurer general of the party handpicked party loyalists into the committee as a result they are forcing Admarc officials to sell maize to party followers only.

Admarc publicist Agnes Chikoko confirmed the existence of such committees in some parts of the country but said there are supposed to be non political.

DPP publicist Francis Kasaira condemned such malpractices if they exist and promised to investigate the matter.

Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua said maize might be available in some Admarc depots but accessibility is the problem.

He said this was why Mutharika was summoned to answer such questions in parliament.

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Great Laz
You PP and kongilesi guys are fascinating: every misfortune befalls us, it is equal to APM. Erratic rains= APM, destructive heavy rains = APM, Jessie hitting a truck = APM, Msonda hacking a truck driver = APM. JB squandered all the maize from our grain reserves = APM, Muckraker killed in a road accident = APM. However, when fuel price goes down three times = nothing has been done, city feeder roads fully maintained = nothing has been done. It is not surprising as you did not dare vote for DPP hence its manifestos, no wonder a blind eye to… Read more »

We are all malawians and muthalika is our president,lets work together with him for a better malawi.we should always b positiv to the development of our country.lets talk to expres ideas that can move malawi forwad and talk to express anger.dont critisise if u cant suggest a solution.


A.P.M. Dont 4get paja kumakhala 5 April and chaka chinoso alipo sanalephere.

the president is being lied to by some top officials.he oughtta go and verify just as he did with disasters.a random unannounced check of 5 admarc depots can give him a better view of the situation.just the same he should embark on a crop inspection tour and stop randomly in maize gardens say a garden per 5 km on a stretch of road and see.already first crop estimates shows a 2% drop frm last year,but we have had 2 dry year he will be more comical when over 6 million people will be waiting to be fed reason he… Read more »

AP MATANYULA Remember This for every thing you do there is a prize.WAIT FOR YOURS. Let us not blame other for our shortfalls.


Uwu ndiwotikuti mbuzereza JB akafumapo nikale mbwenu masuzgo yose ndiyo? no logic dullness!

masibusanu zongo

nkhope ngati chiphwisi, chindere chakufikapo. after flopping miserably in all the three cabinet posts, it was a joke to elevate you to presidency, such nonsense cannot happen in a serious nation save the banana republic of nyasalande. #MATHANYULAMUSTFALL

usheshe nosha
so the president should go and sell maize in Admarc markets? Do you really mean it? Are you sure of what you are saying. Incompetent, fraudsters ,and moronic employees of Admarc together with a non directional political opposition , all these together is the President’s fault? really? Have Malawians lost their intelligence, credibility and integrity.Why heap problems that someone has inherited from the previous govt. Has anybody summoned Joice Banda to account for the so called cash gate during her term in office.Why keep quiet when she is still alive and can shed light on what actually happened. Yet Peter… Read more »
hungry man

mr president doesnt know what hunger looks like,so he cant do something about it,while am writting this,his stomach is overloaded with pizza and ice cream


It is all about accessibility, affordability and availability to the common ordinary Malawians in the villages. That is what mr president you should be concerned about and hammering your message. Are the maize prices in admarc reasonably pegged so that villagers can easily afford? That is what your govt. should be worried about and thinking how to help ordinary citizens access the maize.

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