Mutharika says Malawians should not panic: Assures of ‘more than enough maize’, indirectly responds to bishops

Malawian Peter Mutharika on Monday afternoon gave out statistics to show the country has over 60 000 metric tonnes of maize in Admarc depots, asking Malawians not to panic.

Malawian President Mutharika : No need to panic over maize availability

Malawian President Mutharika : No need to panic over maize availability

Speaking at a special address to the nation on state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) just a day after Catholic bishops accused the government of laisez fair attitude in the wake of chronic maize shortages, Mutharika gave out data on how much each Admarc depot has from Nsanje to Chitipa districts, how many trucks of maize are being cleared, how many are on its way to Admarc depots.

He said the 62000 metric tonnes are enough to take Malawi to next year.

However, private broadcaster  Zodiak said on Monday it has discovered that some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials are influencing the buying of maize to the ruling party followers.

The radio gave an example of a situation in Chiradzulu where an Admarc committee was set up to ensure that people bought maize without problems and check vendors but minister of Labour Henry Mussa who is also the treasurer general of the party handpicked party loyalists into the committee as a result they are forcing Admarc officials to sell maize to party followers only.

Admarc publicist Agnes Chikoko confirmed the existence of such committees in some parts of the country but said there are supposed to be non political.

DPP publicist Francis Kasaira condemned such malpractices if they exist and promised to investigate the matter.

Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua said maize might be available in some Admarc depots but accessibility is the problem.

He said this was why Mutharika was summoned to answer such questions in parliament.

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27 thoughts on “Mutharika says Malawians should not panic: Assures of ‘more than enough maize’, indirectly responds to bishops”

  1. Great Laz says:

    You PP and kongilesi guys are fascinating: every misfortune befalls us, it is equal to APM. Erratic rains= APM, destructive heavy rains = APM, Jessie hitting a truck = APM, Msonda hacking a truck driver = APM. JB squandered all the maize from our grain reserves = APM, Muckraker killed in a road accident = APM. However, when fuel price goes down three times = nothing has been done, city feeder roads fully maintained = nothing has been done. It is not surprising as you did not dare vote for DPP hence its manifestos, no wonder a blind eye to its fulfillments. Since you wanted yours to be displayed but majority refused to take them on board on May 20th, 2014, aggression and wishful thinking is the next step to intimidate the wish of the majority. Experienced propagandists, we are not surprised when you join up the frenzy singing APM must fall, April 5th is coming; TB Joshua has prophesized doom against the high office of the land. By the way who are you to use God in your wickedness? Do you really know who you are playing with and who really He is? You instruments of the evil and the dark, wait for 2019 and test the love of the people they have for you if any. Kongilesi are you still obsessed that DPP robbed you off victory? Are you still believed in your myth that Saulosi rigged using Airtel? It doesn’t really matter how many votes you scooped in each district in the South and East for you.
    “The president must go to each ADMARC deport to help sell the maize” – Are you really serious? How many ADMARC deports do we have? “This guy has to go out there to see that there is hunger” – come on guys is the man denying the fact that there is hunger? This shows that you think like children and once given a chance to rule you will be taken up by duplicated things in order to ripe off our taxes through hefty allowances. Just imagine if the President allowed going to each ADMARC deport and move around to each district, how much money in term of all allowances is he going to use? No wonder JB was always on the move instead of doing much office work. What is the importance of statistics office then? Your plan is to mislead the President so that using your corrupt local media you can make head lines.” If Khumbo was a President we would have plenty maize in our ADMARC deports” – Have you already forgotten that this very same guy used his powers as the second in command to intimidate patients from other district hospitals? He took their beds to his constituent hospital. Surely he is likely to do the same with our maize. “This man is going to die like his brother” – a Nyasa Times you want to do business as you did with Great Bingu, to make funeral DVDs? Mwatchera kumwezi nkhanga zaona.


    We are all malawians and muthalika is our president,lets work together with him for a better malawi.we should always b positiv to the development of our country.lets talk to expres ideas that can move malawi forwad and talk to express anger.dont critisise if u cant suggest a solution.

  3. Pinjo says:

    A.P.M. Dont 4get paja kumakhala 5 April and chaka chinoso alipo sanalephere.

  4. Bwabwalala says:

    the president is being lied to by some top officials.he oughtta go and verify just as he did with disasters.a random unannounced check of 5 admarc depots can give him a better view of the situation.just the same he should embark on a crop inspection tour and stop randomly in maize gardens say a garden per 5 km on a stretch of road and see.already first crop estimates shows a 2% drop frm last year,but we have had 2 dry year he will be more comical when over 6 million people will be waiting to be fed reason he doesn’t want to see problems himself but trust others to inform him while he wines and dines

  5. GONGOLI says:

    AP MATANYULA Remember This for every thing you do there is a prize.WAIT FOR YOURS. Let us not blame other for our shortfalls.

  6. Mmek says:

    Uwu ndiwotikuti mbuzereza JB akafumapo nikale mbwenu masuzgo yose ndiyo? no logic dullness!

  7. nkhope ngati chiphwisi, chindere chakufikapo. after flopping miserably in all the three cabinet posts, it was a joke to elevate you to presidency, such nonsense cannot happen in a serious nation save the banana republic of nyasalande. #MATHANYULAMUSTFALL

  8. usheshe nosha says:

    so the president should go and sell maize in Admarc markets? Do you really mean it? Are you sure of what you are saying. Incompetent, fraudsters ,and moronic employees of Admarc together with a non directional political opposition , all these together is the President’s fault? really? Have Malawians lost their intelligence, credibility and integrity.Why heap problems that someone has inherited from the previous govt. Has anybody summoned Joice Banda to account for the so called cash gate during her term in office.Why keep quiet when she is still alive and can shed light on what actually happened. Yet Peter is blamed for this precarious situation started by those thugs. No wonder empty tins will always make noise.

  9. hungry man says:

    mr president doesnt know what hunger looks like,so he cant do something about it,while am writting this,his stomach is overloaded with pizza and ice cream

  10. Kenkkk says:

    It is all about accessibility, affordability and availability to the common ordinary Malawians in the villages. That is what mr president you should be concerned about and hammering your message. Are the maize prices in admarc reasonably pegged so that villagers can easily afford? That is what your govt. should be worried about and thinking how to help ordinary citizens access the maize.

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    How on earth a leader advises his starving fellow citizens not to panic,in the wake of acute shortage of food.However,he himself would not panic because he is being fed by the suffering taxpayers.

  12. Bodza! says:

    Kulibe atumbuka chifukwa cha dyera ndi mzeru za mmabuku ndi omwe akutilowetsa pansi. Iwo sukulu amaphunzirira kudya ndalama osati kupititsa umoyo wa anzawo patsogolo no wonder kashigeti. Ma Engineers awo ndi mbola, samaganiza koma kukonderana, kukokerana, ndikulimbana ndi zipani zozindikira kuti azitibera. They are good at creating propaganda and spreading it.

  13. Concerned malawian says:

    Aaaa this president isn’t fit malawian needs akhuta saganiza za ena apite akadzionere yekha ku zomba and phalombe kulibe chiyembekezo .america and british gvts donated huge of kwachas but no maize zili kut?

  14. Liberal Market says:

    I once foretold you about the folding events in the political arena of our country. Now things are unfolding. I warned against JB that she was squandering the maize kept by wise Bingu in our silos built by mighty DPP in order to create hunger for her and her cohorts so that they would takata. You see now; the government is busy buying maize because of some greedy decisions made in the past. That maize was kept in readiness of such situations as we got now, caught out of guard and start running up and down as if we didn’t have plenty plus surplus maize in our reserves. How dare PP was inscribing Joyce Banda on every bag, creating hunger in the years of plenty to the extent of soaking a third of the stock in one of the grain reserves- which was a lie, in order to distribute all meant for drought fight. Now last year things didn’t work for us as we experienced heavy rains that wrecked havoc to our fields. Worse still this year rains have been erratic no wonder poor harvest. Have you now realized what these PP fools are claiming, they are pointing fingers at the president as if he is the one responsible for rain pattern to the extent of holding vigils well understood by their masters of the dark. These people are power hungry, waiting for 2019 is just a waste of time to them. Panopa zikutakata moti m’madera ena ma MP a kongilesi ndi PP akumatuma dala ma venda ndi anthu wamba kuti akamalize chimanga m’maadmarc chikabweramo. Lets be honest guys; Mr Mayaya and your friends you know much better why maize is becoming difficult to be accessed by the local villager, aren’t you? The problem is not the president and DPP, NO! The problem is Mayaya and your friends. Why fighting the government which is doing all it can using zero deficit to purchase the maize. Even local media are the real problem. Why lying to the world that maize is a scarce commodity in Malawi? There is plenty of maize in Malawi, but the problem is our trade laws- liberal market. To be honest; Malawians if anything to point fingers at is our MPs, all of them. They are the ones responsible for this mess, why not passing the law restricting market liberalization on staple food. If they are really concerned with a common man let them all including the pompous CSOs fight for this not strangulating the president. If they amend this law on maize and force everyone to sell it at k110 per kg, you will agree with me that those long queues at ADMARC deports will vanish. Komano iwowa apezerapo kampeni tool moti iwonso akutakata, ndiye asamatipusitse. Ngatidi iwowa akuimirira anthu alimbane ndi lamulo limeneli lichoke osati president yemwe ma efforts onse ogula chimanga angothera mmanja mwa ma venda omwe akufuna kuti azikagulitsa pa mtengo wa k280 komanso ma MP a opposition Kongilesi ndi PP omwe akumasunga chimangachi kuti adzamenyere kampeni. As you can see they are now drawing in TB Joswa, which is real propaganda. If it is true why this man of God is always interested in Malawi leadership? Don’t they have a President in Nigeria? What about other countries in the world? Why only Malawi, why? Mind you God is watching you murderers. We voted and we are waiting for another election in 2019 ndiye inu a Kongilesi, a PP ndi ma youth league anuwo musatiphere ufulu wathu wovota kungozuka mamawa tikukupatsa 30 days upange resign who are you, who voted for you to represent us? Atumbuka anzanunso a ku UNIMA akufuna aziyambitsa masitilaki atapopedwa ndi hule Kabwira. Inuyo mukuopa chani 2019? Mukudziwa kuti no matter what simungawine no wonder you are taking advantage of these natural phenomenon to get into power. Mavuto anjalawa ndi umbuzi wa JB ndi PP kusosola chimanga chonse ku nkhokwe not taking any lesson from wise Pharaoh ndi litima la a mabungwe, a kongilesi ndi PP posalimbana ndi liberal market on maize ndiye azitipusisa, Ng’ooooo mwalemba. m’madzi. Aliyense akudziwa kuti President slibe mphamvu zophwanya lamulo koma Parliament. Kungoti atero inu nomwe mumunena kuti DICTATOR ngati muNation ya lero

    1. Senseless says:

      Don’t show your ignorance here. The withdrawal of maize is jointly monitored by a committee comprising government and donors and there is no way JB could have been getting the maize from the SGR. Why can’t you people accept that 2 years down the line you are now certified failures? For how long shall you keep on hiding previous administration acts to justify your lack of capability to manage affairs of the state?

  15. Cocoon says:

    Cowardice of the highest order. Why not give out such information in Parliament? You choose the comforts of State House where no questions can be asked? This country ain’t moving anywhere with this Leadership period!

  16. Concerned citizen says:




    THIS ?,,??



  17. People do not eat words Mr. President. People eat food , just provide it , if it is there and has reached appropriate threshold people will stop talking. so be action oriented not verbal oriented.

  18. Iwe Joshua ndi Alongo Ako says:

    if you were hungry would you have had that energy to write your comments here??

  19. The Analyst says:

    I wish APM had some cells left upstairs . . . . .
    . . . he would have realised that it helps no one to be assured that the country has enough stock of maize when the maize is out of reach of the common man’s hand or pocket.

    Who doesn’t know, but only someone with a questionable professorship; that assurances are only relevant if people already have enough for today and are worried about tomorrow?
    . . . Truth be told – even if you APM or any of your officials say that the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, no one will believe this, because it is coming from you. This is how you guys have lost integrity and trustworthiness.

    . . . Simply put, nobody wants any assurance from anybody. People will believe their eyes when they access the maize.
    . . . Reports have it that though the maize is available in some depots; to access it is a problem for the common man; all because the ADMARC deport managers are being unprofessional hence discriminatory in their conduct. And what have we seen you do? if not issue mere threats? What happened to firing one manager so as to warn the rest?
    . . . Let it be known that there is a very thin line between restraint and fear; passiveness or kind-heartedness and weakness; being care-free and being careless; kufatsa and kusachenjera e.t.c.

  20. Jahan says:

    This guy just PUKES stats every time he opens his mouth without verifying his numbers. I will give him a statistic- Malawi has 1 president but every DPP party loyalist is doing their own thing. Is that a helpful stat? It’s not just about HAVING SOMETHING mr president, it’s how that something is working( implementation).

  21. Gulo says:

    People, those are the statistics. Your humble duty is to go and verify them. I do not see the reasons to continue debating on this except the verification exercise.

    We are dealing with subsistence hunger and figure out where we will get the next maize supply because even south africa did not receive even a drop of rain.

    People, the hunger crisis is world wide, its up to us to diversify on crops. Nsima every day will not help us. Why don’t we diversify in our stomach.

    The Nsima syndrome will surely kill us.

    For our on information, managing a country is different from managing a house. when there in no salt in the house, you simply go buy it.

    In a country when there is no salt, you would go through all the processes required to get it. For those who understand will know that much as we need things when need arise, we may have to wait for all the necessary protocols in Govt.

    Continue crying, Ine wakumunda kukalima chinangwa and sweet potatoes. I will be eating mbatata in the morning and I will use cassava during lunch. Madzulo I will be eating nsima. I will not sell my little harvest of maize this year and I will be food sufficient. Iwe ufa ndinjala ndithu, pitiliza kuyenda mumseu mmalo mopita kumunda. Demeti.

  22. BOKHO says:

    Muthalika has failed honestly speaking. We can’t have a President who is just telling people don’t panic yet people are suffering in the country. I tell you now Muthalika should be careful enough in handling wale fare of the country. This is what make people before their time because pressure from citizens no doubt about it. This guy is not a politician that is the whole reason he is struggling to run the country. He is completely deceived by his advisors and feable ministers.

  23. kanchenga says:

    It is foolishness to ask dying people not to panic when you couldn’t hold yourself when you held that a peculiar thing is going to happen to a southern African leader. Not even your name was mentioned but you went shopping over it.

  24. 2016 welcome says:

    If the current plight Malawians are going through cannot make someone press a panic button then I wonder what sort of calamity can make this ever snoring so called president wake up from his perpetual hibernation.

  25. ineyo says:

    Does APM know about such committees? The president must tread carefully with such People he calls party loyalists or gurus bcoz some might just be digging his grave.

  26. Donka says:

    If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, move out. Nobody forced you to be President. If you can’t be answerable to Malawians in parliament, just MOVE OUT!

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