Mutharika seeks God’s guidance: To lead Malawians to pray for rains

Malawians from all walks of life will this coming Saturday gather in Lilongwe in responding to the Presidential call to prayer which has specifically been organized to pray mainly for rain, good harvest, seeking God’s guidance for 2016 and other related blessings from God.

President Peter Mutharika:  Bear with Escom on blackouts

President Peter Mutharika: Turn to God

The gathering- which will run under the theme : “Dedicating Ourselves to God in Seeking National Peace and Prosperity” – is going to take place at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC).

The event has been organized by all religious mother bodies namely; Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), Malawi Council of Churches (MCC) Charismatic Pentecostal of Malawi (CPM), Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM), Quadria
Association of Malawi, Anglican Council of Malawi, Lutheran Church of Malawi among others.

According to Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Apostle Timothy Khoviwa, the event is in line with President Mutharika’s established belief that divine intervention is the bedrock of leading any organization including a nation.

“President Mutharika believes that as a God fearing nation, we need to come and pray together from time to time. We are coming from a year of many challenges such as lack of donor aid and floods which had a bearing on the economy. However, God has made us sail through to this year,” he added.

“So, the prayers are an expression of thanksgiving to God for granting us the year 2016 as well as asking him to lead us throughout the year so that we receive good rains and attain a good harvest.”

The prayers have come after the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services described the dry spells as worrisome for farmers as they have now lasted two weeks, raising fears of a food shortage.

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43 thoughts on “Mutharika seeks God’s guidance: To lead Malawians to pray for rains”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Peter,God has no respect for people like you and your henchmen who have no sense of love for your fellow human beings.A vivid instance is your own late brother Bingu Wa Muthalika whose death was treated with contempt throughout our country.May be you try to pray to a devil.Please leave God alone as he has no time for frankeinstein’s monster.It is too late Peter!!!.

  2. lackson nyasulu says:

    God is great and the answer good step for organising prayers

  3. Luwazi says:

    We should have been praying for Rains in October. Even if the heavens open up today, it will not save the crop. This administration is soooooooo disorganized

  4. Helbert hb says:

    Please find a way to deliver him. teach him about jesus salvation.

  5. achakulungwa says:

    Mulungu osamapanga naye chibwana. mukunyoza malamulo ache koma mukumufuna akupatseni mvula? Bwanji osapempha kwa azungu kuti atipatse mvula?

  6. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Presidential advisor on religious matters could you please properly do your Job not only in organising these prayers but also advise him to stop parading the gay rights issue remember satan was the first person to fight for the minority rights and he was cast down with his angels.
    what is your stand on this as an advisor? Elijah challenged the congregation….. if Yahweh is God follow him and if Baal is follow him also…… you cant save two masters at once, if soldomy and donor worship is ideal follow it and if YAHWEH is…… then follow him and his commandments.
    If I were you I would have advised the high office the right steps to Christ…. much we know that God is love……… read Romans 1verse 25-32.
    Also revelation chapter 14 verse 7-10….. all these verses has a powerful massage for the president an advisor and a common man like me. No compromise here.

    If you really mean it, walk a talk man of God. Its a challenge of coz but remember Jeremiah, Daniel, Elijah just to mention afew………. Only the levites were stood by the God’s side and so did Aaron….. thus when every one seemed to go wrong a very few were by God’s side and its the same even to day when lawyers, doctors, professors, ministers, nations are dancing to the devils tune in the name of minority rights some are worshiping the almighty YAHWEH…… and he is the answer to all their needs with or without donor money in the name of minority rights.
    Yes it is true that God answer prayer but……. Hosea 4 verse1- 6 has something to teach you……… love for money? leadership? loyalty? uh?…………. matthew 6 v 24 & 33

  7. Tione says:

    Obey God on the gay issue first and God will listen and respond otherwise mungofuna ma allowance basi

  8. Paul says:

    Price for fuel has dropped by half in the world why are you we still paying high prices it is because of excessive kwach devaluation APM please replace Goodall and try Chikapnda kwacha will be stable

  9. James says:

    APM please also pray for kwacha to appreciate the currency has dropped from 450 to 700. Chuka is doing this to tarnish the image of dpp he is a supporter of people party so we are warning you be careful Chuka is the enemy for DPP Party

  10. Umunthu says:

    Akasambadzidwe ameneyu. Which God (or is it “god” ) is he talking about? Azibusa kagwireni ntchito yanu aidziwe Bangwe.

  11. Atate says:

    When did Malawi turn into a God fearing from Secular nation? Palowa njoka eti?

  12. Haman kamphanda says:

    we a foolish and stupt!! We are hating God by disobeying His commands,e.g the issue of gays!! And we are here seeking for His guidace??? You have all powers to stop that,, lets maintain our ways first before calling that. Do you think God can not give us what we need? Let the donors depart with their unaccepted rabbish.

  13. kudambwe says:

    When did you start praying Mathanyula???? Thou shall not call God’s name in vain

  14. clement says:

    The truth is. The rain problems is not only Malawi affected my dear country men. It’s almost southern Africa will be affected but because people doesn’t read news from other countries think its only Malawi because of dpp. We must stop that sick thinking guys. Read BBC how alinon.

  15. jenx says:

    koma a Khoviwa zina muziziona p
    a mapempherowa mukuphatikiza Mulungu ndi milungu mukufuna mayankho kapena ayi. Zina kumaziionera patali

  16. MKWAPU says:

    A met already told us rains will start weekend
    A dpp timing kuti ati god has been told what to do

  17. Toad says:

    When did the president start believing in god .having recently allowed mathanyula to live a free life in Malawi, apm is now turning god for healing the country. He the president being a mathanyura, is it not a mock to god? Apm need to dress in a sackcloth to show regret and repentance on the day of prayers for taking the country astray. Church leaders on the date should not miss the word .the should size this opportunity and tell mthalika on the open that he has presided over all these problem the country is found in. Tb Joshuas prophecy is hanging on mthalikas head.otherwise take care

  18. Owen says:


  19. maperenganya says:

    Owelenga khala maso Anthu ngati Innocent Issa Njaunju being strungled, Chasowa brutaly murdered Mulungu mukukamupemphayo ndiye uti mukalape kaye. Sodom ndi Gomorah mulungu anaononga onse coz of SODOMY(MATHANYULA) Ndiye nkumati tikapemphele kwa Mulungu yamweyo God wave ur mercy and show them U are angry. mathanyula anaononga mzinda wa Sodomeeee ka malawi nkachiyani? Mbusa aliyense yemwe a akapatsidwe mwai akayambe kaye walapa on behalf of all Malawians who think they can fight God & prosper

  20. youna says:

    Kupanga zinthu modzidzimukira bwanji? Zoona mapemphero a mvula kumapanga mu January instead of October/November?

  21. chilombo says:

    Koma tisakangopemphelera mvula yokha ayi.Pali zambiri zofunika chauta alowelerepo mudziko lathuli,ndikukhulupilira kuti tonse tikupita kumeneko tikuzidziwa.Tiyeni tikazitchule mofuula kuti chauta achitire chifundo dziko lathu.Osaopa munthu chifukwa tikakatero ndiye kuti tikumubisila mulungu machimo ndi mavuto athu.Amen!

  22. Pastor CT. says:

    Iam delighted in hearing this but no at all.If we read God’s word,we hear that “We should stop sining,hating evil and do good”.We can pray indeed,but if we are unrepentant,that will not qualify our prayers to reach God.Let us first look at what we ourselves are doing.And let’s go to the Bible and hear what God wants us to do.The Bible clearly says that “Obedience is better than sacrifice”.Let’s obey God’s word first thereafter we should pray.Our leaders,please,Make this bold confession which Simon Peter and John made when they were asked to stop preaching Jesus Christ.They said” Judge for yourself if it’s right to hear from you rather than from God.For we cannot stop preaching of what we heard and seen with our own eyes”. Now Can’t you leaders bold enough to completely forbid this act of gays?Dont yoi know that it’s abomination to God? Indeed we have other evil things happening indeed,but also this very act is a grieveous Sin.Remember what the author of life did to sodom and gomorra.Please our leaeders,we are taught by God to obey you so make your job which God has given right and acceptable before God.please,abolish this act of gay,cashgates,stealing,corruption,gossips,greedy,fornication,immorlarity,disobedient,unfaithfulness.God will hear us only when we obey Him and forsake our evil works.Read Isaiah 59vs 1-2.It’s not our many prayers that will convince God to hear us but our obedience and a repentant heart.lam crying togather with you.lam also trying to cast away all evil acts within me.Let us built our Malawi with God’s love.But if God asks us today what are going to show Him what we have done?

  23. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Let us be serious! Which God are we praying to for rains? The God who forbids homosexuals or other gods? Let the President and Justice Minister lead the Nation in repentance then pray for rains

  24. kambwali says:

    let him also seek God guidance on gay issues

  25. gh says:

    This is exactly what is wrong with Malawi (Sub Saharan Africa in general). There is no god, fucking wake up and make things happen yourselves

  26. Truck says:


  27. Murupare says:

    Amadikira kuti chimanga chisanduke kaye anyezi? Amafuna kuti akwanilitse kaye za mathanyula, Mulungu wakwiya ndi mathanyula,kubera ma voti,kusakaza ndalama pa zithu zopanda pache ndi K577 billion ija.

    Let him repent first and God will hear his prayer or is afraid of T. B. Joshua’s prophesy? Nanu a advisor a zazipembezo nthawi yonseyi munali kuti nanu nthawi yonseyi, mukalape nanu mungazaone za Nebuchardnezer. Khoviwa you are the one misleading our president by giving him bad advises in the kingdom of God there is no try and error.

  28. Zgambo says:

    Tiyeni tikhulupilire Mulungu momwe Nenera a President Athu

  29. Munthali says:

    In APM we have hope

  30. Ndandati says:

    Let’s hold hands with the President and pray

  31. Judah Mkandawire says:

    We will be there with you our President to pray to God for the rains

  32. Chizotera Mkandawire says:

    Let’s join The State President in praying for the rains in Malawi

  33. Kyungu Banda says:

    A President tikugwirizana nazo ndithu tiyeni tikapemphelere mvula

  34. Kyungu says:

    Ndagha Fiyo Wamaka! Ndagha wa President tiyeni tikamupute Kyala wa maka

  35. Ngwira says:

    That’s the Our President and we will support you

  36. nganidyawo Nkungula says:

    Musiye mathanyula ngati mukufuna mvula agalu inu,munabera chisankho Mulungu akukulangani.Ulaphe nyapaphi ndinako Mbendera

  37. Angel Gbriel says:

    Am feeling sorry for Peter Mutharika, u think God is ur fool. Remember ur brother started like this he thot was clever kumapanga zosemphena ndi chifuniro cha mulungu then nthawi ya mavuto turning back to him seeking for blessing which God listen to such nonsense. U gay mukulimbikitsawo is that Gods will? uzamva caddiac arrest itakupeza uona

  38. moir says:

    chiuta wakugowokera wakujithereska

  39. KARU UNITED says:

    Make sure you invite “snake” pastor as well, to entertain the congregation with his tricks.

  40. luka says:

    mr president prayers are good,the bible says seek his face

  41. Mbuyanga says:

    Azibusa uyu akalape choyamba,mulungu si otchipa ,kubera mavoti,akuzunza anthu nzipatala ,akugula zimagalimoto zodula,mvula igwa choncho,does he fear God?does he love?does he feel? Mavuto alipo

  42. Maliseni says:

    the first thing is repentance from the head of state to all of us Malawians. God wants a sincere prayer that admits our wrong doing and recognize that he is the only solution. I hope that will be the attitude in these prayers. Ministers of God consecrate yourselves to lead a God inspired event.

  43. Chikondi Nsaluzo says:

    Honestly, I doubt if God is going to listen or listens to us because we carry too much hatred against each other. No love for each other, divided over regions, tribes . I was even shocked when I read about the Nation reported who was molested and told that people of her kind (from the North) deserve to die. And you tell me that we will need before God as innocent people asking for Gods mercy, no ways. If we only got united, got patriotic, loved each other and honest, then God would be sympathetic

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