Mutharika snubs critics on North Korea relations with Malawi

Malawi President Peter Mutharika says he does not see how a relationship between Malawi and North Korea would offend the international community now as this has been the case before.

North Korea Ambassador presenting his letters of credence to Malawi

North Korea Ambassador presenting his letters of credence to Malawi

Mutharika said this reaction to political commentators who have argued that by receiving letters of credence from the North Korean Ambassador to Malawi Mutharika was creating enemies with western countries.

“The truth is that the relationship between Malawi and North Korea is 33 years old, from June 25, 1982. If there is any merit in the commentaries that a relationship between Malawi and North Korea offends the international community, it means all our five State Presidents in the last 33 years have committed this offense,” reads the statement released by Ministry of Information.

The statement says, as everyone is aware, since 33 years ago the relationship between Malawi and North Korea has never been, and still is not, a consideration by the international community in their dealings with Malawi.

“Further, several influential members of the international community who cooperate with Malawi have diplomatic relations with North Korea.

“These countries are, among other things, playing a critical role in international relations by using their relations to engage with North Korea on the perspectives of the international community.”

Acceding to the statement, Mutharika does not believe in diplomacy of isolation saying the foreign policy of his administration encourages diplomacy of engagement.

“This entails that countries must have contacts and speak with each other. Interestingly, this is the view that almost all members of the international community are taking to resolve international misunderstandings and achieve world peace,” says the statement.

It says the ongoing engagement between Iran and the international community on the former’s nuclear programme, for instance, is part of the contact and dialogue diplomacy that His Excellency President Professor Peter Mutharika’s administration believes in and advocates.

“The international community is also trying to resolve the crisis between Russia and members of NATO over Ukraine through discussion and negotiations.

“All these initiatives and efforts are taking place at the back of realizing that to build bridges across divides of opinion and ideas among members of the global community there is worth in contacts and relations.

The statement says in the case of North Korea, members of the international community, “some of whom are our own friends,” continue to engage that country through its contacts and relations to resolve existing misunderstandings and differences.

“Malawi will continue to encourage these efforts and will seize every opportunity to use its relations with North Korea to help bring the international community towards a collective solution that would enhance global efforts to achieve world peace and collaboration,” concludes the statement.

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26 thoughts on “Mutharika snubs critics on North Korea relations with Malawi”

  1. 27 says:

    Malawians are shallow minded people research how diplomatic relations work then come and comment here some of you are criticizing out of ignorance. Russia and USA are always fighting but they have times when they sit down have a cup of coffee and agree on something. Having a diplomatic relation with a country does not mean you are now following their policy it’s just means you recognize their existence and that there might be a time when you could call out to them for assistance or help. When trying to push through a resolution at the UN it is these so called ‘Bad-Boy’ countries like Iran and North Korea and Russia that can help get some votes.

  2. Dr Manga says:


  3. Kenkkk says:

    I have no problem being friendly to North Korea as long as APM and his dpp don’t start copying the brutality and human rights abuses of North Korea. Economic and social ties, no problems for me.

    If APM is doing for childish reasons such as frighten the west by dangling uranium to North Korea, then that would be very stupid indeed unbefitting of a president!!

    I don’t know where APM gets the information that our relationship with North korea started In 1982. Kamuzu would not have allowed any link to a communist state at that time. Just look how he went for Taiwan and not mainland China. We were being imprisoned by just visiting any communist state. Even our passports then never allowed us to visit communist countries or soviet block then.

    For the time-bring let us borrow from economics that diversification is best and our friendship with North korea is purely for that reason.

  4. Southner says:

    Gud move Mr President now we want Bolivia,Venezuela,Russia,Iran to be our best friends am telling this country wont be the same all FORGET THOSE CRITICS.

  5. Okay says:

    I have realised that people with vision are usually misunderstood. Those with chicken mentality critique everything coz they think with their mouth!

  6. hh says:

    go go comunism..enough of capitalist exploitation

  7. hh says:

    go go communism. enough of capitalist exploitation

  8. Parallel Market says:

    My fellow countrymen, why being whimscal with a deplomatic relationship of 33 years? Where were you in 1982 wheb this began? In fact as a country we need as many friends as possible. We need need friends who can assist us intimes of need not friends who shoukd be telling us how we should live in our own country and dictating to us how we should be using resources.

    We need good friends who can buy our uranium at a good price. In fact North Korea and Iran can become strategic buyers of our uranium. We should sell it to them. We need money here. Those so called western friebds have not helped the country to prosper instead we are getting poorer and poorer. We are no. 1 poorest country because of bad western policies we were forced to adopt.

    Lets change friends now. New friends like North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, Jordan, Saud Arabia, Pakistan, Cuba, Venezuella, Mexico must

    1. Zan says:

      Syria?? Why??? Aren’t you aware of the war and disturbance that’s there? The Assad regime fell apart …Isis the terror group that has beheaded foreign journalists, aide workers and 21 Egyptian copit christians… Is this what you want in your new friend? Please re think your Syrian ties…

  9. fkr says:

    The only thing that we get from North Korea is cheap labor to build all the Chinese building projects that jobs are supposed to be done by us. they provide this country with nothing else. why on earth world we want to jeoordize our relations with the rest of the world because our north Korea? we really really know how to mess things up. we are our own worst enemy, our government has no common alI or any sense bring a member of the world community and what that means when dealing in human rights and abuse. they have no clue

  10. Kanthu Ako! says:

    This habit of criticising anything and everything is the main cause of things not moving in Malawi.

    Unless one is not human, you listen to what others are saying, and you weigh the merits and demerits of what is being said. by the time you decide, the opportunity is gone, and the very same people who were causing you to procrastinate start criticising you for being a slow decision maker.

    It does not take a genius to look up what countries have diplomatic relations with North Korea. There are around 10 in Africa, one of which is Zimbabwe, and the west have said a lot about Zimbabwe, but did you hear them criticise Mugabe for having diplomatic relations with North Korea?

    The United Kingdom and Germany have embassies in pyongyang for Christ sake, The USA is represented by Sweden, and the whole Commonwealth is represented by the United Kingdom except Tanzania and Singapore that refused, Tanzania has a non-resident embassy.

    We Malawians are our worst enemy, and all the time we blame our Politicians, most of whom do their best, and as soon as we see they are making progress, we invent stories like the No.1 poorest, and we point fingers at someone who has been president for less than a year.

    what are you going to say now! the figures were for 2013 (2012-2013) who was president then? the person you were saying performed the best. (statistics can be manipulated) and you did manipulate them.

    What some of us want to read is the truth, so we can do something about it, but if you keep twisting things to suit certain people, then “where is our freedom?”

    The freedom of the press to lie to us is not freedom, it is worse than dictatorship, thats what North Korea does, so we are the same, North Koreans get lied to by their Government, we get lied to by our press.

  11. yuona says:

    Pajatu makani ngati awa ndiomwe amativulaza.

  12. Kamchitete says:

    Tachioneni ku kamwa kolankhulirako

  13. ken says:

    Westners can’t cant choose friends for us,they aren’t collonise us any more we are free to choose who we want to interact with.

  14. ujeni says:

    He does not believe in politics of isolation, but what about tribalism which he practices here at home, hypocrite.

  15. phodogoma says:


  16. Ntchona says:

    To change things it means you can’t do them like everyone else before you. You have to be different. North Korea can’t be the best of friends with their human rights record which one can’t write home about. You are a lawyer sir you should know about these things

  17. Wezi says:

    Just goes to show what this president thinks abut human rights. Also what benefit do we get by having diplomatic relations with North Korea ? This guy really does my nut in.

  18. makito says:

    Ingonenani you did not think about it in the first place.

  19. Ashraf Kumar says:

    Mr were not wrong to receive letters of credence from North Korea..dont listen to commentators who know nothing about foreign relations!!

  20. If North Korea would have been a good friend with Malawi in the past proclaimed 33 years many donors and other diplomatic missions were to drop Malawi from aids and relations. Let us say the truth here dear leaders. Tell Malawians details on how they will benefit some of these relationships. It is not right that the whole honourable Bwana President depicting such words as “all the past Presidents….” we are not talking about the past what as Malawian need is that the current or sitting big bwana of government in the name of the President must always give solutions from all the past mistakes done by his colleagues not polishing those mistakes and give Us Bongololo kind of solutions that looks shinny and yet full of rubbish inside.
    Why choosing North Korea as a partner mwaonako chani kumeneko? what have you seen there most relevant to your sitting citizens if I might ask? Don’t pretend to convince Malawian with sweets and bananas yet jeopardising them by tying knots from countries that have a great number of enemies internationally muzapweteketsa nzika za mudziko lanu.

  21. nthandalanda says:

    Nkhutukumve izi inu. He is adamant and believes that he knows it all. Tinavota and let us take it as it is. SICK NATION!

  22. special advisor says:

    Well explained. But I want to know more about what is in it for us now and in future.

  23. Kelvin says:

    Well spoken professor

  24. Mapwiya says:

    Koma nde desperationtu.. Kushota komhakokhaku a Mutharika? Sha..

    1. Jang`ala says:

      Weldone proffessor keep it up. Uknow Malawi is goin down economically due 2 donors withdrawing their aid. Time has taught u 2 make more friends sodat Malawi can develop

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