Mutharika speaks about fall: Malawi President says ‘growing old is like a small child’

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has commented on his much-publicised fall at outside of Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during a tree-planting ceremony on Friday , describing the incident as “nothing to worry about”.

Mutharika: Angry

Mutharika: Angry

Mutharika commente are on a Facebook page widely believed to be his that there was “nothing to worry about”.

“Falling down is not a crime. Anyone can fall down. Its just a matter of slipperly place and how you have walked,” the Malawi leader wrote also quoted by News24.

“ I have fallen down so many times when I was a child. You should know that when a person is growing old, is like a small child who can easily fall down. How many times have you fallen down? So many times. Do not waste your time talking about somebody’s fall because tomorrow its you. Check what has made you to fall down and not where you have fallen down,” Mutharika wrote.

Law scholar Sunduzwayo Madise queried the Facebook page wondering if it President Mutharika himself writing or his aides.

Mutharika, who continue to discharge his normal duties as President, appeared unhurt following the dramatic fall which attracted social media buzz after the photo was first published in Sunday Times newspaper and also posted on Nyasa Times with observers linking the tumble to old age and ill health.

The presidential spokesman Gerald Viola, however, dismissed reports, saying Mutharika has a clean bill of health.
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Viola speaking on Daybreak Malawi program on Capital FM said that Mutharika was “fine” and that no medical personnel had been flown in from South Africa to attend to him, as indicated by some reports.

“The president is fine. He is not sick. If you talk about the slipping of the president that happened yesterday [Friday], it’s normal, it’s just like any other human being…,” Viola said.

Viola said Mutharika stood on a “rotten” brick which broke and resulted in the president slipping.

Mutharika’s fall continues to be a hot subject of social media debate, with some saying there was nothing newsworthy about it as everyone has fallen at one time or another and argued that it showed he was human.

Others however, poked fun of his fall and the incident as embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times understands that although government officials appeared to be publicly taking the incident lightly, it was a serious security issue that would see those who were supposed to be closely monitoring his movement in trouble.

Heads are rolling at State House following the photo which appeared in the newspaper.

Presidential guard Supritendant Ben Mwaliwa has seen been booted out of State House and there is expected to be more casualties .


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His Excellence the Life President Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza
His Excellence the Life President Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza

I have never fallen before, but I don’t think falling is a big deal. What interest me is that the president is referring himself as a child due to old age , then he should retire, instead of messing the country and offer no solution.


SILENCE IS GOLDEN todays lesson to mr president.

There is no need to comment on nonsensical issues

I would rartha remain quite to teach em a lesson

Hv u forgoten that empty tins makes it louder . Kkk but MW eish

Peter Mathanyula

If you knew that you’re old why did you waste Malawi’s time by thieving the presidency, you foool.

This is a non issue Mr President . You needed not waste your time writing about it on Facebook to defend your fall because many civilized Malawians know that everyone young or old can fall. The ones who hate you are disappointed to have seen you still alive. They still think you will die the same way your brother did forgetting that only God knows. My advice to you is to just calm down and take it easy and move on. The economic challenges we experience have moulded us to become more resilient.We have learned that government can not become… Read more »
Kholowa mkabudula

Kodi iwowa ndi ma fall guard kapena bodyguard? Mdala wa suit yakudayu akuyenela pulomoshoni mpaka mwado ofiila pamtunda? Chonde mganizileni ameneyu ngolimbikila kungoti bwanawa ndi duntuntu. Not a big issue though any one can fall!



hamiso kalima

kugwa ngati chi nlovu kuti thiii phuuuu kachaso yense kutheratu


Enanu mukufa mwezi wa mmawa muzamusiya president wanu ali bwino lomwe. If you never know, some of us pray and fast for our leaders and president and God hears and answers our prayers. If you wish someone dead then you are still in your sins and God can’t hear you even if you pray.



George Kamanga

If it was your last fall I was going to see another liberation day for mass innocent suffering Malawians.
Malawians are eager waiting to hear that you are gone for good to the land of the dead. But K577 billion will follow you even in your grave

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