Mutharika takes Christmas celebrations to children

President Peter Mutharika and the First Lady, Gertrude Mutharika on Tuesday hosted a children’s Christmas Party at the Sanjika Palace in Blantyre.

President Mutharika hosted a christmass party for children at Sanjika Palace

President Mutharika hosted a christmass party for children at Sanjika Palace

The First Lady with the children on Christmass cheer

The First Lady with the children on Christmass cheer

Mutharika with young muslims who came for the party

Mutharika with young muslims who came for the party

The hundreds of children who attended the State House Christmas party were drawn from different churches and organizations in Blantyre City.

Activities started in the morning with children singing songs, reciting poems and Biblical verses and some of the children enjoyed games in a giant inflatable kid playground at the State House.

Speaking in his question and answer to the children, Mutharika advised the children that education was the key to success if they were to achieve their dreams.

“Every job ranging from cook, driver, carpenter, president among other good jobs, requires education and you children have to emulate this if you are to succeed.

“Yes, we are having a Christmas party here but the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus and this is the time to reflect on many things in our lives.

“As Children, you are supposed to love one another always and respect your parents in your day- to- day-life,”Mutharika said, adding that people needed to emulate the love of Jesus Christ who died on the cross.

The Malawi leader and the First Lady also took their time to dance with the children to different songs.

During the function, the First Couple presented several Christmas gifts to the children.

Mercy Nkhoma who spoke on behalf of her fellow children, commended the First Couple for hosting the Christmas party, saying it had motivated many children to work hard to become Malawi’s president one day.

Nkhoma said the Christmas party had also given children an opportunity to know and interact with the president and the First Lady of this country.

“We only see you our president on television screens and hear your voice through radios and this is a rare opportunity for us invited here,” she said.

In December last year, the First Couple also hosted a Children’s Christmas Party at the Kamuzu Palace, in Lilongwe.

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22 thoughts on “Mutharika takes Christmas celebrations to children”

  1. Saddened says:

    As much much as this is a very welcome and kind gesture, its kind of hypocritical!!

    1. Was it govt or personal money used for this bash?
    2, What criteria was used to chose those kids that attended the bash?
    3. What does this say about the priorities of this first (so called) couple?
    4. We have no medicines in hospitals, even paracetamol, is it wise to spend money on something like this when you have people who have no hope of recovering suffering in hospitals?
    5. Why dress as if you are receiving letters of credence when you are just mingling with very young kids?
    6. If its personal funds that you used for this bash, surely it was close or over a million, why not add that to the funds that your personal well wisher’s just has K200.000 could have done with these funds since you are well obsessed with a private jet? Remember it could be you own.

    I have so many questions for you Mr President but as much as I would like you to answer them as you should, mutitukwana. If you have time tiyankeniko zili pamwambapa…and please get some dentures before you speak..or you need to get speech trained…zambili sizimamveka and it don’t matter whether it English or Chichewa and please when you start explaining something finish it..and then start another..stop deejaying with your speeches..especially impromptu ones.

  2. FBI geniune. says:

    Za zii izi akulu.Ndalamazo kaguleni zakudya kuchipatala.Sindinawone tinkhalamba tokonda kunjoya ngati iti.koma akati ku mlankho kukufunika ndalama tikawonere kudikula nde kupereka.nde amati Zikukoma eti so sweet eti.fotseki man

  3. MR TIRED says:

    Nthawi zina Mr President. dress according to the function. This is supposedly a function for young kids and seriously kubopha full suit? Why not casual? And this red carpet please be humble enough to tell anthu anu kuti zinazi ayi..why a red carpet for this kids function and even speaker podium ya nkango phhiii? ZInazi onani malo you are entertaining kids…no need for suits and red carpet, that already put these kids in a position to say they can’t be free..zili too serious.

    Anawo mukuwagwaditsa inu mipando..why not just stand with them ngati simungathe kunjuta nanu? You need to change some of these simple things in life..mumaufuna mpandowu koma its too much be humble enough and maybe you can salvage something from the hate that Malawians have of you….

  4. Tione says:

    Kodi ana ake mumangotenga a mtauni ndi a anthu odziwika odya bwino okha chaka ndi chaka basi? Ana olumala analiko kumeneko?

  5. chikhadzula says:

    Thanks so much bwana, kumeneko nde kukhala, pomalilo tikulila limodzi, posangalala tisangalale limodzi thers nothing wrong bwana, ena atukana paja anazolowela kunyoza. Mukadangikhala mukadamva kuti president wangokhala, AMalawi munatani choooobde nsanje lekani .let ys gv credid where it s due. Happy christmas..

  6. tankandeko says:

    Well done Mr President and Mama akakhala galu kusayamika nkwake. Some of these opposing people they can’t even have time with their own kids koma mahule basi.

  7. zimkambani says:

    Good job our State President and Mai you have given hope to our children and some have even aspired to takeover from you as President of this nation. It is again an inclussive gathering and a good gesture of how to live as Malawians

  8. Fainess says:

    Ziri bwino a president anthu okondedwa.

  9. Tang'atang'a says:

    Hypocrites!! What education! when the children have to learn under trees, disgruntled teachers, and burdened with the infamous quota system.

  10. SONG says:

    Ooooh ok.

  11. the phd guy-B Phiri says:

    Koma Mkulu uyu ndiye ayi, okwiisa kwambiri… Kuvala kumeneku ndi kokacheza ndi ana? What picture is he portraying to the kids? This guy is not so dumb with the realities of Malawi. I am ashamed of you as my president, ashamed of my learned friends who could not see this coming, and yet you are graduates from UNIMA. Certainly shows how lacking our university is, or else it is individuality issues where people now chase individual goals than community goals. ubunthu is long gone in Malawi. Mkulu uyu mulungu akamulange, and onse omwe akumutamanda akawalangenso, onse omwe akumusapota only to get bread for themselves akawalangenso.

  12. Joe says:

    Good move Mr President. Reconciliation of Muslims and Christians coming up with One non racial country of Malawi. 100% marks.

  13. Chaz says:

    Muslim kids acknowledges and embraces the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, king of kings at sanjika palace. Halalluia!

  14. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    These gestures by our President must be commended, to be sure.
    APM celebrating Christmas; but his aim is, presumably also, to encourage the younger generations to build a lives for themselves; and a better future for Malawi. Symbolism “heavy” here. Nothing self serving; and completely “unpolitical”. He wants to be seen as a person first, by the young citizens.
    An optimist like no other; and raising the bar for service, for future presidents to emulate.
    Suggestion: In future the racial, and not just religious diversity, should be displayed on these occasions. Last time I checked, Malawi was populated by more than “black” people only.

  15. Fumu says:

    So what were u saying to the? That boys should marry another boys n girls to girls.

  16. angoni apaphata says:

    What was the idea behind taking the Muslims separately. Komatu mutharika bwinotu bwino.

  17. choka phiri says:

    This is bribe in civilised demokratic society. Buying muslims votes.

  18. Patriot says:

    K300 million spent on this useless mapwev6pwevu banquet.
    Useless leadership

  19. Morris says:

    Fix the economy inflation and kwacha slide Apm you need to improve as the current economy is in pathetic state

  20. Kwidu says:

    I love Magufuli.

  21. Look at the Muslim kids
    they’re looking so beautiful,classy
    ,smart and clean

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