Mutharika to receive ‘conservation’ award at US dinner

Malawi President Peter Mutharika will to receive an award from the International Congressional Conservation at a dinner which will also see Gabon president Ali Bongo Ondimba getting his award for their commitments on issues of conservation and development in Africa.

President Mutharika to get an award at the dinner

President Mutharika to get an award at the dinner

Mutharika flew out Malawi on Monday April 13 and said he was going to Washington DC in United States where he said was going to deliver a keynote speech at the International Conservation Caucus Gala.

It emerged that the 2015 U.S. Congressional International Conservation Gala was already held on March 19, 2015 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

But State House press officer Justice Mponda said from Washington DC that there will be a second edition of the gala on Wednesday April 22.

The programme from the organisation website said it will be a Congressional Dinner focusing on issues of conservation and development in Africa. Mutharika and Ondimba will be special guests.

State House press officer said President Mutharika will be honoured for working tirelessly towards trans-border solutions on conservation in Southern Africa.

“Malawi is a signatory to the 2014 Arusha Declaration on Regional Conservation and under the leadership of President Mutharika, Malawi has declared total war on combating wildlife and environmental Crime,” Mponda quoted the statement from the organisers.

Apart from the conservation gala, President Mutharika also said he is scheduled to hold discussions with various world leaders and officials on a wide range of issues affecting Malawi.

Among those leaders to have an audience with President Mutharika are Ms. Dana Hyde, Chief Executive of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Mr. James C. Nicholas, Executive Partner for Global Business Resources USA and his team.

Mutharika will also have an audience with professors from the Dayton University, OHIO, and the Chief Executive of Universal Leaf Company among others.

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33 thoughts on “Mutharika to receive ‘conservation’ award at US dinner”

  1. nyani peter muthal says:

    galu wathu wayamba zoyendayenda pano kupusa basi

  2. George Lihoma says:

    Let Malawians know and practice constructive criticism. Kumangotsutsa poti ndine wotsutsa kapena anandimana Malambe juice kaya udindo will one day come back to us. So when ill informed ideas turn negative, they counter attack. Hahahahaha.

  3. fkr says:

    oh yes is that for the elephant tusks he burnt……ops sorry forgot that he cancelled that one….great conservation effort. how much is it going to cost is tax payers for him to fetch his award? what a waste of money and resources

  4. Okhrana says:

    Hehehede, Nyasatimes timve ziti? Dzulo mmati APM ayenda chazemba mutagwirizana ndi abiti Z Mtata, lero is t receive awards. Do u carry out a research. We call this lack of professionalism. Now who has has the last laughter kkkkk

  5. ujeni says:

    Joyce Banda recieves such awards every monthend and every friday of a week she is invited to be a keynote speaker at global meetings

  6. Julie says:

    I also had the same question, if they say Trans boarder, what do they mean? Malawi and Tanzania are at logaheards, concerni ng the Lake Malawi border wrangle, and currently Malawians and other foreigners are being burnt, tortured, cut and killed in Republic of South Africa, what is he doing? How about the killing and abduction of people with albnoism? Western nations organisations, why do you accredit our African dictators and later when that tendancy is shown, you backtrack?

  7. Kandapako says:

    Nanga ulendo umenewu sakaonana ndi Obama???

  8. wakutsina khutu............ says:

    Deal ya A mai JB iyi, APM apeza yophulaphula iyi.

  9. ujeni says:

    Since when did he work tirelessly for conservation. He just got elected last year. See this is how African presidents who are clowns are interested in, making themselves feel self important. Hard working proper African leaders cannot accept to waste time playing up like muppets.

    1. Think Tank says:

      iam kicking my head against the wall trying to remember when,where and how he worked “tirelessly” on the project. America!

  10. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    zimandiwaza bwanji…ma president akumudzi…kupita kunja koma osaonana or kulandilidwa ndi president waku US….umangoziwilatu nkhani ndima levels


  12. Maximum Prison says:

    Brandina Chakwera apa ndiye uti chani! Wamva zimene walemba Thom zi?

  13. How many times does this ceremony done per year?

  14. one malawi one people says:

    … a pitala nanunso mwayamba kukaikitsa….mwayambanso za jb kodi?….awards for wat?…..musatigulitsetu anthu inu!… always at pains to understand where jb gets her powers/mandate, its obvious dat its not from the poor citizens of nyasalande coz sanatithandize anangotiberabera ife nkumavutika uku akunamiza azungu kuti ku Malawi zinthu zikuyenda and receiving awards for that….now a pitala nanunso mukuti mwapanga chani?….whether jb or pitala, with a sincere heart, to me these awards r questionable….what did they do that we know for them to b singled out from the whole Africa for these awards?…..pli don’t sell this God loved land to satanists . …u will surely pay dearly for it one day!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Tatyata says:

    ANtata mumati nanga munena chani,zabwekabwera inu na chindere

  16. eeish says:

    Who is a liar now you nicompoops. Eat that shit.

  17. pamsundu says:

    Peter Mutharika the rock and pillar remains the darling of Malawians shaming the haters nyasa inclusive

  18. Timabungwe ta ku USA tidziyenda. They should come to Malawi and see how Dzalanyama is being depleted and how Chikangawa has disappeared and is still being completely finished and assess government approach to all this.

  19. edda mwalweni says:

    Malawi is slowly becoming a damping site for fake recognitions to our presidents. I don’t remember anything good and worthy recognized done by our poor headed Peter.

  20. A Ntata apa ndiyetu mwayaluka.Lets hope u have seen the press release

  21. mkaidi says:

    Malawi will be the best place if we wll hav this Ernergy Compact deal

  22. Yes the Professor at his best

  23. Teresa Mwale says:

    ICCF should apologise for failing to update their websites

  24. Teresa Mwale says:

    Its long time we need that Energy Compact, please Mr President convince her

  25. Mapazi ako says:

    Yes His Excelllency, bring more investments here in Malawi

  26. Taonga Boto says:

    Please clinch more deals with Universal Leaf to benefit our poor farmers

  27. Nazombe says:

    Great to know that ur are also meeting MCC Chief. Thats the way to go

  28. J CHAVULA says:


  29. WESM MALAWI says:

    As WESM , we are not surprised with the award. President Mutharika has gone into the history being for being the first President in Southern Africa to attend International Wildlife Day which took place at Parliament Campus in Lilongwe about a month ago. Bravo our President


  31. Teacher says:

    Which trans-border solutions has he worked on? Are these organisations really serious or it is just their own way of keeping themselves busy? What has Muthalika done apart from rendering us as the poorest and some fools go on to award him as an achiever? Masanje eni eni

  32. Ntata says:

    Akunama akukachosetsa dzino!

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