Mutharika will not launch Malawi national ID project Wednesday: Postponed

President Peter Mutharika will  not go ahead to launch the national identity cards (IDs) project  on Wednesday as it was earlier announced, both the State House and National Registration Bureau have confirmed the postponement of the function.

Mutharika will not perform the launching of the project

Mutharika will not perform the launching of the project

The national IDs will address the challenges Malawians have long faced due to the absence of the documents.

Malawi is the only country in southern Africa without such IDs for its citizens.

The President, who returned home Sunday after a weeks-long visit to the United States that sparked rumours over his health, was expected launch the project at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

But the public expressed doubts that Mutharika was not in “robust health” as it were earlier claimed that he would launch the project.

However, State House spokesman and presidential press officer Mgeme Kalilani told Nyasa Times on Tuesday the State House has been informed by the Registration Bureau of the postponement on Monday evening.

According to Kalilani the President was all set for the launch.

Registration Bureau spokesman Norman Fulatula said the cancellation of the launch has nothing to do with the President.

He said there were some shortfalls that they want to address before thelaunch of IDs project.

The cancellation will spark more  rumours of the president’s ill health which continued with his return when used his left hand to wave to a crowd of supporters and to shake hands with officials.

More speculation among Malawians continued with other spreading information that Mutharika has beenflown out of the country for treatment.

But government says “sickening rumours” are appalling.

The ID’s project is a milestone of the Mutharika government as Malawians currently use driving licenses, passports, and in some cases voter registration certificates as proof of their citizenship in places and institutions where identification is needed.

Those who don’t have such documents are asked to bring any person with a passport or driving license to be a witness.

Malawians who cannot fulfill such requiremenrts cannot get assistance in places like commercial banks and money lending institutions.

Health authorities say the absence of national IDs is putting strain on medical resources because foreigners come to take advantage of free medical services in public hospitals, particularly in border districts.

Campaigners against child trafficking also say lack of identification is contributing to an increase in trafficking cases.

Malawi’s government introduced the National Registration Bureau in 2007 to oversee the process of issuing national identity documents.

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33 thoughts on “Mutharika will not launch Malawi national ID project Wednesday: Postponed”

  1. Mphwache says:

    Lets go back into history. President Mutharika and his First Lady left Malawi on October 25th , 2011 to attend the Commonwealth Summit in Australia, which ended on 31st October 2011. Then, he simply disappeared. On November 14th, 2011, under pressure from Malawians, who wanted to know the whereabouts of the President, the DPP Executives held a Press Conference, at which the then DPP Vice President, made a telephone call to the President in Hong Kong. President Mutharika was forced to deny rumours that he had died, or he was critically ill. He talked to a veteran journalist Dickson Kashoti on the phone to dispel rumours of his death, and told kashiti, he was of “Sound Health”

    Fast forward to April 5th, 2012, exactly 141 days later, President Mutharika was dead. Can you spot the likeness here?

  2. Nambewe says:

    Norman Fulatila sindidzakukhulupiranso. Wayamba kukamba bodza. You did very well when you were with Zodiak. Now you have changed colors. Why sacrifice your integrity and professionalism with cheap politics.

  3. Mvulayagunda says:

    Akuti Friday 2pm adzatiyankhula, koma anthu ena akuti mkuluyu sakulankhula panopa. Mwina Friday adzakhala atachila. Koma chonde bwana APM mau oti “nonsense” asadzakhalepo. Ino ndi nthawi yofunika kudzichepetsa; musadzipatse stress yopanda ntchito…

  4. A be humane, being a blind dpp follower zidzakuphani. Your friends are telling you the truth, the best you can do is to delink yourselves from the social media because people will never stop chiding the evil dpp and its evil corrupt leaders or accept it leading up to swallowing your pride. MULUNGU SI DPP, SANGALOLE KUMATINZUNZA MWATINZUNZIRAMU. ALL THESE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ARE CONSEQUENCES OF DPP EVIL ACTS. SIMUNATI, EVERYTHING HAS ITS OWN TIME AND YOUR EVIL ACTS ARE WHAT YOU ARE FACING.

  5. Marry Me says:

    APM is not dying, unless God wants. Some of you wish him bad, while some of us are praying for him.

    Get well soon APM, in Jesus Name.

  6. Atcheya says:

    When you invite a president to a function and once it is confirmed, the only one who can cancel or postpone it is the president, no one else. That is the simple protocol in government. You don’t invite the president when preparations are not finalised. Don’t treat us like kids!

  7. Last warning message says:

    If it was in North Korea, this Norman Fulatira could and the whole NIB could have been dead by now, how can you invite the HE to an event and then suddenly cancel in the last minute

  8. Wina Alira says:

    Panyapako Norman ndi anzinzako achina chaponda mfiti zobisa matenda you are planning another midnight 7 kuteloko munya mumangidwa chaka chake ndichino Goodal, Kaliyati, Henry Mussa, Nankhumwa and Friends get prepared for Maula and Zomba Prison Cells akaidi okuba mbuzi akudikira anyani a cashgate ngati inu mukakhale mabongwe muzikaseta anyapala kumeneko machende wanu nkongo wa manu

  9. Mphono Mamina says:

    Foolish Mgeme Kalilani cheating Malawians.


    Bisani matenda koma ujeni simudzabisa

  11. be humane says:

    Mukuwoneka ngati anzeru mukamati that man is dying ndithu. Is his life in your hands? Do you control someone’s life? How on earth can people rejoice when somebody is sick and wishes him dead? May the good lord struck all of you wishing a person dead with a curse He decides kuti mudziwe kuti mukuchita zibwana ndi moyo umene Mulungu anawulenga

  12. gridlock says:

    kodi nthuni mubisa mpaka liti, matenda sasekana kwannena choona basi



  14. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:


    1. nancy says:

      he should go to Kamuzu Central Hospital not any expensive hospital it’s a waste of money and there are a lot of malawians in hospital who are suffering some are dying due to luck of specialist doctors/medicines…I wish him well though

  15. Waphuma says:

    Mmudziwe mulungu a Norman Fulatira bodza bwanji….bwana akudwala ndiye nkhani yake tu….Let us be frank a Malawi. munthu wakalamba uja 76yrs kumati 2019 tidzaimaso…zamanyazi…

  16. The Awkward one says:

    The good thing is that we are all aware the president thought he was sneaking out, but we saw him leave. The other good thing is that come rain, come sunshine, nature will still take its toll. Come on people, people greater than our Muntharika have been taken ill and passed on before. He can run, but he can’t hide. It’s tick-ctok! Tick-tock! We can all sit back and relax. Obviously, he is basically fooling himself. Not us.Tick-tock! Tick-tok. If it’s the DPP denial syndrome again, they better realize they are sitting on a timed bomb. Sooner or later, it shall go kaboom!!!! Let me sip on my jiuce!!!

  17. OMEX70 says:

    Nornan Fulatira, you think you are talking to your children. You have no power to cancel any government program. It is obviously the state house that has cancel the program after seeing that the president can not manage speak at the function. Full stop! The moment you begin peddling lies, it’s when you show your stupidity.

  18. The Analyst says:

    One doesnt have to look further than the answers by Norman Fulatira to learn that Malawi has an acute shortage of brains, hence her wholesale impoverishment. You see . . .
    . . . If the cancellation has nothing to do with APM’s fragility, why now (last minute)?
    . . . If the issue is about the non-existent shortfalls, why did you announce the launch in the first place?
    Truth is . . .
    . . . Only fools think that a president is made of stainless steel or rocks, thus enjoys no poor health. And lending ears to government officials, one quickly learns that Malawi has an abundant supply of such fools.
    . . . Luckily, God; in His infinite wisdom, created people, not just with ears but eyes also; for He knew there are people like Fulatira who are experts in nothing but telling lies.
    . . . Thus, even if nobody wants to feed people’s ears with confirmation of APM’s zero/negative health, people can see; for they have eyes. And this, is the reason why the launch has been cancelled.
    . . . Osati zomwe mukukamba apazi iai.

    1. Ndabaninge says:

      Search on CNN Website, even when Barack was taken ill in 2014, his doctor actually made a public statement and it was also announced to the public that his illness was not such that it would lead to incapacitation that would require the VP to take over. Koma Malawi kaya anatilodza ndi ndani….I simply fail to understand how our govt is failing to simply state kuti he is sick and undergoing treatment..Full stop! Without even going into details about the nature of hill illness…vuto ndi chani makamaka???

  19. Sorry For Typo Typing On Left Hand says:

    Koma kumalawi kuli despicable inefficiency. The bureau was launched in 2007. In other words this project was started in 2007. Ten years now and no single ID card has been issued! Iiih may be it is me, who has a problem understanding this.

  20. Ractis says:

    “Bisani matenda, maliro tidzamva” (Gwaladi Joe, 2011)

  21. Gogodasi says:

    This project cannot stop just because someone is unable to attend which you claim to be logistical challenges. The President has his Deputy and why not delegate him to carry out the duties if he is unwell as is widely claimed. Do yo want to launch this project next year? I predicted that this would not happen and perhaps the write of the story, Chiumia did not believe my word. Ndiye bola ndikanangokhala ku TZ kwa Mangofuli komwe kuli chilungamo.

  22. Papa Chalo says:

    When people say “Malawi is bigger than Africa” is not a false allegation. Don’t we see ruling parties overtaking govt functions? How many party flags flew along the roads compared to govt flags? Do our 3 arms of govt balance each other? Or its like an elephant, a rabbit and an ant?
    Kupwambwana, uchitsilu, omwa madzi ometera ndevu. Why Not arrest Geme Kalirani and others for giving false information? Amamutani President to come back injured? A Malawi tingoyang’ana our money spent for medication yet akukana kuti he is no sick. Open cases for them, otherwise sectors/offices responsible to manage such queries are full of dogs, zitsilu and idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mwenelupemphe says:

    DPP yatha nzeru …..they are playing cheap politics and putting life of somebody in danger , our beloved president is not well say the truth and take him to hospital please inali nthawi ya kamuzu imene timati president sadwala or mwana timakagula ku chipatala pano ndithu, our father is sick lets pray for him . Akuti 101% fit ayayaya uwu ndiye ufiti uwu. Had it been i am a relative of H.E i couldnt accept politicians to play with the life of APM ……….. ndizibwana zikuchitikazi.

  24. Banquo says:

    strange things indeed. We all know too well what is going on. Else where people could have resigned here, why continuing with lies like this?????

  25. Kkkkkkkk says:

    Inu aja mmati Satana wachita manyazi aja tanenaninso.

  26. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    Then the National Registration Bureau head is supposed to be sacked or resigned, otherwise you can not just call the head of state and suddenly change the event anyhow.

  27. ANALYST says:

    Apa tsopano ingobwerani poyera inu agalu a DPP! Mubisa za matendawo mpaka liti??? Kodi pa nthawi ya imfa ya Bingu simunaphunzirepo kanthu? Mxiiiii

    1. mudzalila says:

      A Fulatila, Mulungu akufulatilani! Stop telling shit lies.You are dealing with educated and inelligent people here! Ass leaking bootlicking shit of a man!

  28. sokonenza says:

    maliro tidzanva

  29. Apao Kugola says:

    Norman Fulatira shame on you for lying to the nation that the postponement of the I’D launch by the president has nothing to do with the president himself. For starters, when the president is set to launch such an important project the organisers cannot cancel it on the last minutem. Only the president is the one who can cancel or indicate his absence and therefore delegate if possible. Apa ndiye mwanama inu a Nation Registration Bureau. Dziko labwino Malawi likudziwa kale mtsogoleri wathu sanabwerereko ndi moyo wathanzi kunja komwe adapitirako msonkgano wa UNGA.

    Vuto ndi loti in Malawi important offices are managed by imbeciles. So they think that all Malawians can trust them with their crap.

    Mmwemo, anga nkutaninso?

    1. triple C says:

      Norman!! Uziwopa MULUNGU, ndipo Satana Akukathe galu iwe…if there are shortfalls to address before the launch of IDs project, you should be fired, how can you invite HE before cleaning your shit??? SUPITI.

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