Malawi civil society slam police, govt for the arrest of Mayaya over blackout match

Civil society groups in the country have condemned the arrest of Billy Mayaya the organiser of Tuesday protests, saying this was unlawful.

Anti demo protests were disrupted

Anti demo protests were disrupted

Mayaya was arrested at Area 18 roundabout where the protest match against persist and never ending blackouts and water shortages, was supposed to start.

The police rounded up Mayaya and two others, bundled them in a police vehicle and whisked them away as other protesters showered the police with ridicule and insults.

The protests were later called off.

Mayaya could not be reached for comment but on Monday he said he had duly given notices of the match to Lilongwe City Council and the police.

He said he gave the notices on Thursday.

However he said he was told to cancel the protests match because the police had another assignment but he refused.

National Police headquarters spokesperson James Kadadzera said Mayaya and the other two people have been charged with holding a demonstration without consent.

Kadadzera alleged Mayaya did not give notices to Lilongwe City Assembly on the match.

Dan Msowoya, activisit, condemned the arrest, saying this was unlawful.

He said Mayaya, an experienced protest match organiser, had followed the law to the latter before taking up to the streets.

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I have been asking this page about the number of people who attended this quashed demo. Why are you ashamed of telling us how many people were to march? Why is it that Nyasa is failing to give us the pictures? Nyasa Times I am shocked to discover that you are not posting some of my contributions.


Can someone tell these foolish police officers that they are not supposed to approve anything. They are supposed to be told. demonstrations are part of human rights.

Spell Checker

Our dear Malawi! Komatu timati “match” osati “match”. Please proof read your articles before posting.


You also need to proof read your comments before posting. It has turned out you are as “daft” as the one you were criticising. Did you mean “march”? Moral: Anybody can make mistakes.


This country is a joke!There is an incapacitated president for all to see and still the likes of Kalilani and co are still in denial. How pathetic is this! And then the arrest of a demonstration organiser! What are you doing Malawians?Problem is, this is the worst president Malawi has ever had.I really believe Saulosi Chilima will do a good job as president. Don’t get me wrong but I think he has the personaility and charisma .Wake up Malawians!!!

be humane
A msowoya musatinamize achita bwino, if he was told to shift the date he would have agreed. Many times he has walked on demonstrations with police escort. Remember demo ija anayenda yekha ija, then ina imakhala ngati akupanga demo ndi a polisi ija. zonsezi he was accepted to march. This time he was told please can you shift? He was not told kuti asachite demo koma was just requested to shift and not cancellation. Kodi mumaona ngati apolisi amangokhala idle alibe ma programme mdziko muno and then iye amakani kumati ayendabe then arrested mudziti amulakwira? Who said activitsm does not… Read more »

Nanu a Humane mwadya chibanzi basi. We give notice of seven days before we demonstrate. Kodi masiku onsewa apolisiwo samadziwa kuti Mayaya will demonstrate? Who was supposed to shift the date, Apolisi kapena Mayaya? How many police employees do we have in Malawi woti sakanatha kugwira ntchitoyi? Do you know that planning a demo costs money? Mabanziwo muzidya bwino akutsamwani.


dpp on the way to opp .benches zimayamba chonchi

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