Mutharika will not resign – Chiefs Forum

Some chiefs from the Central Region operating under the Chiefs Forum have quashed the calls by the opposition parties for President Peter Mutharika to resign, saying there are no valid reasons for the leader to step down.

Some of the chief addressing a news conference

Some of the chief addressing a news conference

The chiefs made the remarks in Lilongwe on Thursday during a news conference which they held.

Chiefs Forum secretary Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu said the calls for the president’s resignation are being made out of hatred than building the country.

“The current problems facing country are not man-made, we currently have food shortage because of climate change and there is no way this problem can be attributed to the current leadership because during the past regimes, we were also experiencing the same things,” he said.

He said it is high time instead of trying to divide the country, the opposition leaders should come up with ways and means on how best the government can solve the problems.

Lukwa further said Mutharika was legally elected and has the mandate of ruling this country for five years so any calls for the President’s resignation are ‘aimed at bringing confusion and violence in the country because it’s against the constitution to make those calls.’

“If we say that the economy is not ticking, is Malawi an isolated case? This a global problem and the best thing we can do is work together,” said Lukwa , reacting the opposition political leaders are making such call without consult them.

Taking his turn, Senior Chief Chadza of Lilongwe said the resignation alone cannot change the economic status of the country.

Gule akalowa mbwalo amakhala ndi nyimbo imodzi ndipo ngati akulakwitsa kuvina sitimamutulutsa pokhapokha nyimboyo ithe. Those who are calling for the president’s resignation should just wait for 2019,” he said.

Traditional Authority Kalonga of Salima said Malawi is facing a lot of problems because of sin.

“This is punishment from God. What is needed therefore is for the president, opposition leaders and chiefs to repent. Until we do that, God will bail us out,” he said.

The briefing was also attended by TA Kabudula, TA Malili, Senior Chief Kaomba and Senior Chief Tsabango

Recently, there have been calls by the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) for the president to resign within 30 days.

MCP Director of Publicity Dr Jessie Kwabwira repeated the calls on Wednesday on Capital Radio that Mutharika should “humbly resign.”

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world as 74 percent of the population here lives on less than 1.25 dollars a day, and nearly one in 10 children die before their fifth birthday. The rising cost of basic commodities has added to these woes.


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Malawi is the poorest in the world because of such selfish people like our chiefs. Our chiefs should hear us crying saying that we are hungry, we have no jobs, we are poor, we are not educated. Our country is far behind in everything. No development. Our government can only offer a travelling passport to its people nothing else. Our economy is going down every day because of our policies are not helping. So when we are crying for help, our chiefs say we should keep quiet. This is sad. Malawi will not develop

Lawrence M S

Those Of You Who Are Saying He Should Step Down Keep On Fighting A Losing Battle.

mahomwa Nyika Republic
mahomwa Nyika Republic

who is lukwa stupid ponyela pako you can see ppl are suffering who to blame if we have the leader who doesn’t understand and react to the problems


Mayendetsedwe a boma amanyiwo nkumati chiefs of central region alankhula. Ndiye manyiwo. Zivute zitani DPP singalamuleso dziko lino kulibe. Ngakhale atandithira dumu mkamwa .


Mafumu, Mafumu, Mafumu!!!!
A Mfumu Lukwa, a Lukwaaaa!
Mudzapusa nazo izi pa mawa.
Nkhani ndiyakuti Boma la Mutharika, La DPP likuti liri ndi chimanga chokwanira kuti a Malawi adye. Ndiye MCP ikuti, nanga chimangachi chilikuti poti ku ADMARC kulibe! Then a MCP akuti in 30 days chimanga chipezeke mu ADMARC. Apo biii a Mutharika ndi DPP mungochoka mwa ulemu!


Kodi ku Kasunguku kulibe mfumu zokana katangale? nthawi zonse a Chief Kaomba ,Lukwa kodi ndalama zakatangalezi sizinawakwane ,boma lilonse lingabwere iwo komweko ndipo zimene amalankhulazi zimati nyasa kwambiri .adikire boma posachedwapa adzalandila ulemu onse oyenera Mfumu ngakhale magalimoto adzapatsidwa ,adzanjoya ngati mmene akunjoyera Ngolingoliwa asamatichitse manyazi pomawapusitsa chonchi ngati ku Malawi sikwawo ndi anthu omwewa amene amakondwera abale awo akamavutika go to toilet kaomba and your friend mfumu zopusa agalu inu


I totally agree with TA Kalonga of Salima that Malawi is facing a lot of problems because of sin. The President, Opposition Leaders and Chiefs and all of us should repent so that God will bail us from these problems. This TA is full of wisdom and i hope it is God himself who have revealed this to Him.


Zabwino zonse our president tilamulireni mpaka 2019


Malawi and its old but ignorant chiefs…during the multiparty era,the same chiefs said Kamuzu cannot go,but things changed,during Bakili Muluzi’s reign,the chiefs said Muluzi qualifies to be given a third term,but things changed,during Bingu’s time the chiefs said Bingu is a Ngwazi but God changed things for us,now they are saying Peter must not resign…I think the chiefs should think about their relevance in modern day’s society.We don’t need them in Malawi,They just make empty decisions, killer decisions which are not compatible with the modern world.I wonder if America has chiefs.

Ellias Ellarbi


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