MV Chilembwe commissioned, ready to sail on Lake Malawi

The long awaited MV Chilembwe vessel with a carrying capacity of 120 passengers and 20 tonnes of cargo has been commissioned at Monkey – Bay ship yard in Mangochi and now ready to sail on Lake Malawi.

The newly commissioned MV Chilembwe captured at Monkey Bay ship yard in Mangochi. Pic Sellah Singini (Mana)

The newly commissioned MV Chilembwe captured at Monkey Bay ship yard in Mangochi. Pic Sellah Singini (Mana)

Kasaila (right) and da Silva captured at the function. Pic Sellah Singini. (Mana)

Kasaila (right) and da Silva captured at the function. Pic Sellah Singini. (Mana)

Commissioning the vessel on Thursday, Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila said the MV Chilembwe has come at the right time when there water transport system is facing serious challenges as a result of the breakdown of MV Illala vessel.

“The launch of this vessel is a relief to many Malawians who depend on water transport since it will help to reduce some of the problems people have been facing since the breakdown of Illala,” Kasaila said.

“Water transport sub – sector and access to efficient water transport services is considered to be an important catalyst for economic growth as it facilitates growth in other sub – sectors like tourism, manufacturing, health, education, mining and others,” Kasaila added.

He also said government is looking forward to the construction of jetties to reduce the time vessels take to load and offload at some ports like Nkhotakota and Likoma.

Kasaila, therefore, said the MV Illala has been repaired and would be back soon plying on the Lake of Malawi.

Earlier, Managing Director of Mota Engil Jose Dinis da Silva said the MV Chilembwe will improve transportation on Lake Malawi.

He  said the vessel travels at a fast speed than the Illala, hinting that new vessel will start sailing on the Lake by January next year.

He added that the vessel has cost Mota Engil close to K4 billion to build.-Mana

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24 thoughts on “MV Chilembwe commissioned, ready to sail on Lake Malawi”

  1. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Is blue not fit for a vessel? Why is it that nobody has said this about the Ilala which is of the same colour? Malawians are very interesting people, and we are becoming more interesting by the day – politically, culturally, religiously, morally, economically and……in all spheres of life. But above all, in our ways of reasoning. I don’t know whether to congratulate you or cry for you.

  2. Neymar says:

    koma ilimba ndi mphepo ya mwera imeneyi, i really doubt.

  3. Whatever it is,the blue colour is not fit for a vessel.It looks ackward.

  4. thako says:

    blue doesnt matter, thanks to motor engil,ndechtukuko chimenecho

  5. Gogo says:

    A DPP nanu mangani yanu.STUPID.Ngati color ndiyimeneyi sindidzakwelamo

  6. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    May I offer a bit of clarification on the issue of the colour? The blue colour here has nothing to do with DPP. The vessel is owned by Mota Engil whose official colours are Blue and White. I know this because I work for Mota Engil Malawi. If you need more evidence, just check and see the colour of uniform of Mota Engil staff. So, don’t worry about politics here, okay? I hope you will now be in a position to patronize our new ship without fears of being seen to support a political party. Believe it or not, it is just a coincidence!

  7. ngakha says:

    If the color is blue ndiye bvuto ndi chani? Za ziiiii mumva kuwawa mpaka kukoza magazitu.

    1. mdf says:

      Enheee, pamenepo ndiye

      1. fwelefwetu says:

        Blue is nothing to me , boma lapita kale . Let Malawi be Malawi
        Osati mthalika wopupulumayo.

  8. fkr says:

    Ok let me guess. … The vessel will not be properly maintained as we have no trained technicians in the country and eventually the vessel will be scrapped and the tax payer will have to purchase a new one again ….. Right?

  9. tuvitwana says:


  10. Komaditu mpaka blue eish

  11. Angozo says:

    Anthu ena ndi oseketsa komanso pena omvetsa chisoni, makaka a blue ndi colour ya kampani yo osati chipani ayi kkkkkk za umbuli basi.

  12. pasimaro says:

    Good one. Thank motor engil for the job well done

  13. Cheyo says:

    Mwayika blue ngati munayamba kumanga ndinu.anayamba ndi a boma la Pp.anakuyambiraninso malawian air koma sanaike orange colour.zopusa ikani white or silver.

  14. padoko says:

    Neither beautiful nor morden but still better than our death trap, “illala”. Its lower and upper colours remind us of PP and DPP cash gaters. Being habitual hand clapping nation, we just say, “phwa phwa phwa” to the name, “Chilembwe.”

  15. Patriot says:

    Nzeru za Amayi. Zikomo Amayi. Inamangidwa sitimayi chifukwa cha inu mutaona kutero.
    Ngati alipo sakugwirizana ndi zomwe ndalemba akayanike ufa pa chingwe.
    Odi Uko!

  16. phoenix says:

    It looks to me like ‘MV DPP’ shuwadiiii

  17. Hoitty says:

    K4bn for this khola?

  18. Moya says:

    A ship with no standards at all, 4 billion my foot.that looks like an 18th century ship.

    1. me says:

      you think mota give good things and for free?
      that an old boat people already.
      are you going to travel for free.
      now mota give a boat so he can steal more and put people slaves working for them almost for free.
      mota its piece of shit

  19. khakhakha says:

    thank you for the good job done, but why not use neutral and attractive colours please. eeish! Its too loud party colors for my liking. silver would do for me!
    can you imagine with only MKw 4billion, local malawians can have accesses to moderate water transportation. Question? what would MKw 92billion do, developments wise?
    our gluttony ,cold-bloodednes and high levels of insensitive has drugged our country into stinking want. and they’re still milking the already staggering ship.
    God help and bless our nation.

  20. Malawianah says:

    Nanga colour ya blue bwanji? Kapena ndiyachipani?..ngati ndiyadziko chotsani makaka achipaniwo ikani colour yoyenelera.

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