Mysterious death with missing body party: Man killed on his door step

A man in his 50s only identified as Magombo was dumped dead about 100 meters from his house without a left foot at Sumani Village in Traditional Authority Mposa in Machinga with possibilities that he was brutally murdered right on his door without the knowledge of his neighbours for three days since his disappear.

The body was discovered in a bush under a tree in a bad state Saturday morning when people in the village failed to recognize the deceased due to partial decomposition.

When the police and medical personnel arrived at the scene they ordered the villagers to bury the dead right on the spot.

The deceased had a big cut on his neck, with a swollen head and had one foot missing at the time of discovery.

100 meters from the spot was his house where blood spots were discovered and sand was poured over to leave no traces of blood as his house was locked and pair of sleepers was seen on his door.

But when the police turned his body to prepare his burial people at the scene identified the man by his waist belt and this changed the mood as women and other sympasaziers sobbed upon discovery that the man was the son of the village.

The police picked two men who are relatives to the deceased for questioning.

About 200 meters from murder scene was World Vision Malawi event but was affected due to the somber mood of the patrons who were mostly from the area.

The discovered body was talk of the day as traditional leaders such as Group Village Head Manja were running up and down mobilizing subjects to bury the son of the village.

The deceased was staying alone, according to Manja who added that death of Magombo is a loss as the man was instrumental in many community initiated development activities.

In another development within a week, people at Malenga village discovered remains of a ten year old boy Solomon Kalumpha who went missing almost ten days earlier in the village at Traditional Authority Chamba closer to area of the latest incident.

The body was discovered about 800 meters from his parent’s house without feet and arms and the head was found at a separate place closer to the decomposed body.

Police also picked some people including the deceased boy’s relative for questioning.

Criminal cases are increasing in Machinga ranging from abduction and murder of people with albinism, exhuming bones of people with albinism.

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This murder is symptomatic of the salvage behaviour of illiterate people. These acts are becoming too common, and will increase as the population of illiterates increase in the country.

What makes me sad, is the lukewarm manner in which these cases are dealt with by the law enforcement agents. Besides hustling people driving through Malawi’s roads, The police does nothing else. Every police man is a traffic officer in Malawi, scheming money from motorists, and government doesn’t care, why?. What a country!!


Nthito za chair Bakili Muluzi munthu ameneyo akutha wanthu mothandizana ndi mwana wake atupele munya muona ubwino wake akupha anthu akwawo kuMachinga ndipo zisafalikire kwinaku kukonzekera masankho a 2019 ndipo simunati


So all this is atumbuka. Sichoncho? Anyway back to serious business, I support the one who is advocating for forensic criminal investigation and use of DNA to track criminals otherwise things are really getting out of hand. This is completely unacceptable.

Police, more civic education is needed in the Yao Land. More killings there than any other place why? It was in Machinga that a mad man had his foot amputated for rituals.The culprits were apprehended.It was in Machinga where Sam Mpasu was found loitering around at the graveyard. Issues of body parts started long time ago in the Yaoland.Now the rituals on Albinos so rampant in the district.I will be saying as if i hate the Yaos but the truth is that the Yao people believe so much in extraodinary riches without the need to go sit in class.Ambiri anapitilira… Read more »

u mean no forensics,bury on spot?our police r full of shit


Umphawi umapangisa uchitsiru

Genghis Khan

Genesis 9:6


Koma this is a difficult article to read.


Abale koma Ku Machinga uku. Achawa inu bwanji? Alubino inu momwe.


Shoot to Kill Basi

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