Mzomera raps JB for delaying her return to Malawi

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) Provincial Chairman for the North, Reverend Mzomera Ngwira, has said the party leadership is “shocked” former president Joyce Banda’s postponement of her much-anticipated homecoming.

Mzomera Ngwira:  Banda's failure to come does not make sense

Mzomera Ngwira: Banda’s failure to come does not make sense

Banda , who was expected to jet in on November 2, said she will delay further due to “serious security concerns” and lack of an official retirement residence which government has indicated is “ no longer available”.

The former president is in the United States of America (USA) where she has been since she lost the May 2014 elections.

But Mzomera Ngwira argues that Banda’s absence will make PP members lose hope in her leadership.

“We have been telling our party members that JB is coming to revamp the party. Now people we judge us as liars [because of the postponement on her return] when we are not,” said the outspoken Mzimba Hora legislature.

“Obviously people will lose trust in all of us because the president is not coming,” he added in comments attributed to him by Daily Times.

According to the paper, PP spokesman and acting administrative director Ken Msonda agreed with the observation made by Mzomera.

Banda’s spokesperson Andekuche Chanthunya said the former head of State has deferred her return after government last week indicated that her retirement home “was no longer available.”

Chanthunya said there are “serious security concerns” for Banda, after government trimmed her security detail in June this year, hence the decision to postpone her trip.

But Mzomera Ngwira said Banda should have been back in Malawi “staying in that provided indecent house with the poor security and then complain.”

Ngwira said chances of PP to strengthen the grassroots and win 2019 elections are slim with the party president staying abroad.

“Now the party has no leadership. She is out,” said Ngwira.

University of Malawi’s (Unima) Chancellor College political scientist Blessings Chinsinga on Thursdays described Banda’s reasons for delaying her trip back home as “pure politics”.

He said Banda must decide now to either return home and lead the party or relinquish her position.

But Chinsinga said nobody can force Banda to come home” unless on legal basis, otherwise she is a free citizen she can decided when to be in Malawi and not when to be in Malawi.”

Government spokesperson Jappie Mhango said the house for Banda was not available because the landlord had withdrawn it and offered the same house to an international organisation.

Mhango, who is also Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education, said government in conjunction with officials from the office of the former president was jointly looking for another house.

According to Chanthunya, Banda’s retirement home was identified in Lilongwe’s Area 43 suburb in August this year after the Ministry of Lands and Housing invited officials from the office of the former president to find a suitable house for her.

Initially, government assigned Banda another house at the same low density suburb of Area 43 and the State was charged $1 800 (about K465 000 then) a month, but she declined it saying it needed massive rehabilitation.

Government is mandated to provide retirement homes for the country’s former presidents.

According to the Presidents Salaries and Benefits Act, a former president is entitled to a tax-free monthly pension, a house or a housing allowance where a house is not provided, two motor vehicles, medical services and six security guards, among other staff and benefits

Banda is also demanding her salary from government, which she claims has not been paid for 17 months.


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44 thoughts on “Mzomera raps JB for delaying her return to Malawi”

  1. zekezeke says:

    is the government serious to rent a house for JB almost K500,000 a month? For how long do you think JB will leave while spending this amount while people suffering in hospitals? Can you consider building one decent house and save so many millions!

  2. Shosa says:

    Mzomera tsopano mwawona ndalama za amayi zikutsowa mwakwera ya Kachali we know how clever you think you are tonse a kumpoto kuno tikukudziwa yako yija yodyela anthu ndalama let Mama have a peacefull holiday.Ukumanga tchalichi chako chija cha pa Univesity ku Mzuzu udadyela a zungu ndalama mpaka adzungu kuzdinyela mu tchalichi atawona kuti umawanamiza.Iwe ndiye watha tinakutulukila kale.Amene sakukudziwa ndiye akuti ndiwe munthu koma ife tikukudziwa ndiwe khuluku.Si akuti ndiwe Secretary General wa PAD chipani cha Chilumpha bwanji osapita komweko?Ife ayi koma amayi omwewo basi.Tenga Clifa wako upite naye.

  3. chitsa boys says:

    Mai joyce banda akufuna kuti uza kuti alibe nyumba ku malawi? Atachoka pampando amakhala kuti? Musiyeni woipa athawa yekha

  4. Sailota says:

    JB, dont listern to these pipo. Honestly, many of us, given a choice this time around we cant choose to b in Malawi.

  5. mjiba says:

    Komanso a mayi you mean you do not have your own house to stay so that govt can pay you the allowance while waiting for the proper accommodation to continue to further rip off our taxes???

  6. waseme says:

    Mzomula whats your problem? If you think that you are capable to head the party just take over basi than kumangoti fwifwifwi.

  7. Big Show 11 says:

    Madam JB knw that your genuine supporters are now frustrated with your failure to return on countlesss occassion your genuine supporters are now leaving their beloved PP in most grasaroot areas across the country,if your top brass isnt telling the truth they only want your position in the party at the occasaion hence lying to you about your security and persecution by govt.Come back before PP completely disintergrates!!!!!!!

  8. Mwana wa Dororthy says:

    Mzomera could be an example of a democrat,Msonda too is coming up now.we have seen presidents operating from their homes and security followed them.where is our former first gentleman staying? AAAAH pliz. lets have another interim leader for this party.

  9. These are indicators that a lot of malawians have nothing to do, just roittering and making noise on bublic media platforms. What has staying of Jb outside the country got to do with you. Is she begging from your impoverished ramshackles for her sustenance abroad?
    Assuming she comes today then you what next. How many of your brothers and sister are abroad and do not even have the means of coming back home? Concentrate on issues that will improve your wellfair. Pathako pinu

  10. musisipala says:

    Kodi JB kwao ndi kunjako? . Kodi ozamuvotela pa chisankho azachokela kunja? . Achose chipilala cha udani between her and Peter. Kukula mutima kusavomera kuti peter si president sikumuthandiza

  11. angoni apaphata says:

    kodi nyumba zonse anamanga nthawi ya kongelesi ija mumakhala ndani? Ma state house mbwee sangamakadikilire mmenemo?

  12. Ambassador says:

    But for her to keep on postponing the much anticipated home back,its really something docile

  13. chaduka chadewa says:


  14. Mafulufute says:

    Joyce Banda dzibweranikoni!

    Kunjako anthu anthu atopa kuwona mzimayi woyenda ngati penguin!

  15. jona mtowa says:

    14 mlomwe useless. jb the most loved mama

  16. Mafikizolo says:

    JB’s funny and unconvincing behaviour is, in a way, vindicating someone who once famously said that Malawi is not ready for a female president . Akupangazi ndi za pa ntondo zeni zeni zeni .

  17. Jimbo says:

    JB is now an irrelevance. Out of sight, out of mind. She may as well stay in the US and take out citizenship there. Malawi doesn’t need her. She deserted her country in its hour of need.

  18. ben phiri says:

    Mzomera akulonga BUN mkamwa a DPP usovaaaaaa

  19. buddy says:

    even if it was me i wouldn’t bother coming here

  20. KARU UNITED says:

    7, truth, timati spade, wanuyo sped ndi kuthawa.

    1. truth says:

      Ndthokoza. Nawonga. thank you

  21. losco says:

    Upresident wongolamula miyezi 24 nkumachita claim zonsezi?? A need to change our constitution. Iyaa!!

  22. Ndende uli says:

    All Joyce Banda cares for is Joyce Banda. She is very self absorbing and the biggest opportunist that has ever lived. She does not care about PP and anybody who helped her rise to who she is. It is all about me me me me me me. Pity me, me this. Joyce Banda needs to accept the fact that glory days are long gone. Come home to Domasi.

  23. Tchaka E says:

    Kodi Muzichita kumunyengelera kuti abwere?, Musiyeni alibe ntchito. Inu Ma guys a PP tangosankhani Munthu wina oti azitsogolera chipanicho basi, Kuzolowera Spoon feeding basi.Kapena mwina mukupanga Pusi pusi kuti akabwera mudzamumange?, Inu a JB muli ndi ufulu okhala kumeneko, kaya mudzafera komko vuto palibe.

  24. Kandapako says:

    Former President Joice Banda please come back home for the following reasons:
    1. If the govt does not house you, you will win the sympathy of many.
    2. If the govt harasses you, you will win the sympathy of many.
    3. If the govt causes death to you through one way or the other you will be a hero.
    4. If the govt does anything detrimental to you, that will backfire on Peter Mutharika and
    catalyze his downfall.
    5. If you are not paid your dues, you will win alot of sympathy.
    6. When you come and humble yourself you will win alot of admiration.
    7. If you are scared of cashgate prosecution, that will be your opportunity to expose
    Bingu’s cashgate escapades which will do alot of good to Malawi.
    8. Love your country mama, sacrifice your pride for Malawi to cross the Rubicon.



  26. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Kuzolowera kugona nyumba za boma mudzasowa pokhala. You must have a home and you will be provided with security.

  27. Lhomwe Belt says:

    JB can stay anywhere! Even Mars Mercury Venus or Pluto!……Go to hell Ngwira!

  28. mbuli67 says:

    It doesn’t matter where she is, we don’t need her now, we already have a President. This is for pp ndiye muzikambira mnyumba mwanu momwemo osamatisokosera ndi atsogoleri a manthu, akuba,ofuna chisoni,opanda mfundo zenizeni, ma yes bwana

  29. Awesome says:

    1. Why didn’t she build a proper house for herself instead of relying on government property she also misused.
    2. Why cant she employ her own security while waiting for government to beef-up her security? Does she think the failed police can give her ample security?
    3. Why cant she visit her home country just for a day and return to her hideout if she is a free citizen?
    4. Why is she obsessed with government money that she always wants the government to spend for her?

  30. She have demolishing her on paty coz of stress. To go abroad,what was her motive?. Hence she gone, she waving couples like she’s going her home country .she have spend more money and her supporters they have lost hope she as I can see Mr mzomera. Foolish Lady. Kodi anthunu nzeru zamunthu wankazi simumaziziwa?.iiiiii ine zamai awa sizimandikhunza chifukwa ndiaphuma komaxo osaganiza bwino. Ngati sakubweraako asiyeni Kaya abwera vutoxo palibe coz naexo ndinzika mwini nthaka yadziko la Malawi. Amalawi tieni tioneni zina chifukwa zaawa nzopanda phindu

  31. enoch says:

    Nanga abambo alibe nyele?

  32. Mai osaganiza ngat I uyu. Pamene Ali paja ukalamba angamakhale moyenda.woipa athawa yekha. Mwina Bushire analosera kuti adzaphedwa akabwera kuno.

  33. KARU UNITED says:

    Why can’t she revert to the life she was leading as founder of NABW? Did she sell all her personal houses. She troubles us as if she was once DIRECTLY elected as president. If anything she completed her term as Vice president & should claim her benefits as such. The list for Malawian presidents, so far is as follows: Number 1, H. K. Banda Number 2, E. B. Muluzi Number 3, B. W. Mutharika Number 4, P. A. Mutharika. Check with MEC. So far Malawi has had FOUR presidents “osati ziwanda zinazi! Shupiti!”Mukufuna mudzingotikawabe?

  34. Mtondoli Jonazi says:

    Pati biiiii, pali minga! Ndimo tikutiliso nthena. Just using another version of ‘chowuluka chidzatera’! Ngati Mmalawi weni weni, I am just very proud to have such a variety of languages I can use. Pity nkhumanya chiTumbuka na Chichewa pera! Damn!!!

  35. Chilewani Pius says:

    JB missing in action

  36. truth says:

    that’s what i like about people from the north. they call a sped – sped.

  37. Gas Machine Head says:

    We read on the same nyasatimes that JB is now based in South Africa and then we are also being told that she is based in the United States? Where exactly is her base? Or is she based in the air?

  38. malani says:

    Chowuruka chidzatera don’t worry

  39. Bornface c Mwale says:

    A ngwira mufuna
    president kkk

  40. Mr Pheee says:

    Zangomuvuta Joy

  41. Patrick Phiri says:

    Akuopa milandu ya cashgate.

  42. kadamanja says:

    Mzomera, forget about JB, what we want is federalism basi nothing else. Tiswane basi. Bina Shaba where are you buddy? We want Fedulo man.

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