Mzuzu city MP challenges residents over use of constituency development fund

Member of Parliament for Mzuzu city constituency Renald Njikho popularly known as Uncle Jose has challenged his critics over the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) over claims that  he diverted the funds meant for Msongwe and Zolozolo clinics for other purposes.

Mzuzu City Mayor Njikho

Mzuzu City MP Njikho

Njikho is accused of diverting the CDF money for the two clinics in the city without consulting the  constituents.

The diverted money was used to maintain a roof at Kaviwale primary school that was blown off by heavy storm some months ago.

“Nobody can dictate me how to use the CDF money. I am in-charge of the CDF  and more over I did not made the decision alone, all councilors from all 15 wards of Mzuzu city agreed that the money should be used to rehabilitate a school block at Kaviwale primary school so what is wrong with that,”  wondered the MP.

He continued:“How can I let children learning in a classroom which has no roof? And yet there is CDF money and CDF money is not meant for clinics.”

He said it was the responsibility of ministry of health and Mzuzu city council to deal with the issue of Msongwe and Zolo-zolo clinics.

“These clinics have been in bad shape even before I became the member of parliament of this city. I do appreciate how significant these clinics are to my voters, but currently there are no funds for these two clinics. 900 thousand kwacha has been used to maintain the school block at Kaviwale,” he says.

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The Binoculars.

The school roof was an emergency ;and therefore the MP was right to avert the suffering of our children. Those baboons condemning the MP wanted our children to either get soaked by the rains or scoached by the sun while learning.


Atumbuka;CDFGATE IMENEYO…ndizoonadi ndinu okanika eti???

ellias munthali

go mr njikho go ,haters will die a natural death


Hehehehehe ! The pressure over resource misappropriation took the Mzuzu MP to a political rally at Kaviwale. Why did he not go to Zolozolo and Msongwe whose development de robbed ? If CSOs did not question this, how could we have known about this funds misappropriation? Same Cheap old practices.


This MP is clueless here. CDF is not for emergencies. The MP had goofed. Anzanu amapanga involve private sector in such hard times. I will not be surprised to hear Mzuzu MP using CDF for coffins. Wake up mr. MP


He must be so daft. How does he shamelessly claim dictatorship over public resources and public development. We are tired of such stupid leaders who think they are bigger than the elctorate

Angel of Doom
That is the problem with Malawians. Surely are you telling me that the whole of Mzuzu City does not have enough people who can donate K10 each to rehabilitate facilities that benefit them anyway? We are never going to develop, with this mentality of waiting for someone else to do things for us. There is talk of comminity colleges, these will fail for the same reason, people not knowing what comminities are required to do for themselves. And this stupid MP instead of ralying the people in Mzuzu he is challenging them, who is going to win I wonder. He… Read more »

That was a good move Mr MP. Those who are crying are just jealous.


This makes sense since there was an emergency at Kavibale School It would be wiser however to remove development fund control from members of parliament and pass on the control to municipal councils where local development issues belong Members of Parliament operate at national level and their role is to make national laws


Bravo that the way to go. Children first.

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