Mzuzu PP supporters ‘to vote for AFORD candidate’ in ward councillor by-election

In a slight protest against Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) suspension of Peoples Party’s (PP) candidate for Chibanja ward in Mzuzu, Blackson Gondwe, supporters have announced they will vote for Alliance for Democracy (Aford) candidate Gibson Chisale.

Chihana (C) tells people to vote for Chisale (L)

Chihana (C) tells people to vote for Chisale (L)

PP and Aford entered into electoral alliance during the last year’s elections.

MEC suspended Gondwe three days after receiving his nomination papers on grounds that he did not appear on the May 2014 tripartite elections voters roll.

But the development has been described as ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) “machination to frustrate Gondwe,” according to supporters.

“This is a deliberate move by government after realizing that our candidate had strong support in the ward and was definitely going to get a land slide victory,” PP Provincial Chairperson for the North Christopher Mzomera Ngwira told Nyasa Times in an interview.

Gondwe challenged the matter in court but eventually lost. He is currently on the run being pursued by the Malawi police.

PP regional treasurer in the North Joseph Njaliwa said they had all agreed to support Aford’s Chisale.

“We have all agreed to vote for the Aford candidate. We are mobilizing support and campaigning for him and we are sure he will carry the day,” said Njaliwa on Monday.

Our assessment show that there is going to be a neck to neck competition between Aford’s Chisale and main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate Charles Mlogera.

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18 thoughts on “Mzuzu PP supporters ‘to vote for AFORD candidate’ in ward councillor by-election”

  1. Family Inheritance says:

    Not the failed PP-Aford alliance again. Let us show them the exit door. Enock Chihana is not genuine from the northern perspective and he has no leadership skills at all. Let Chibanja by-election be the terminal show in the death of AFORD in Mzuzu city.

  2. Obster says:

    Let us work together for better malawi

  3. g says:

    C honcho tikamati atumbuka ndinu atsankho nkumati tili kulakwa. Just vote for whoever you feel is right. No need for you to swear others. The north has many other tribes but you behave like you own the north.
    Once again let me remind you of two things that are silent but play a major role in elections here.
    1. Religion.
    From the previous votes, it was evident that moslem voted on religious lines. That is why though MCP has it’s stronghold at the centre, the lake shore districts went to the UDF.
    2. Intermarriage
    The south and center have a lot of children from this. This also plays a role though very silent. I personally have a mother from the centre and father from the south, so does atupele muluzi and many others. So the whole south and Central thing is not an issue to me.

    NOT everyone is looking at REGION and tribe

  4. WAPSA TONOLA says:

    Mlogera wa mcp ndiye ndizavotere ine kuno ku chibanja ward osati zinazi

  5. rumphi says:

    Koma alomwe nonse you must change your mind set. There’s no such thing as voting for ruling party brings development. Go to school and read what the constitution of Malawi says. It’s every malawian’s right to access development cos development is not done by Peter mutharika’s pocket money but taxpayers money which every Malawian pay. Anthu akumwera anachuta kukulozani ndi umbuli eti?

  6. mzuzu city says:

    In south Africa Capetown vowed never ever to vote for the corrupt anc and they vote for d.a every election just to express their anger and we in the north feels the same way. A lomwe pantumbo panu kuno za dpp zanuzo kulibe.

  7. baby says:

    DPP does not care about ward councillors. Wait until 2019 mudzadziwanso kuti DPP ndikawawa.

  8. myao says:

    Koma mdala wadziko lathuli sali mchipatala, ziiyu nkuphwanya maulendoku bwanji?

  9. ..... says:

    Very good. Musavotere chipani cha ma sataniki (DPP) chija ayi.

  10. Boven banda says:

    Kumpoto no DPP takana !

  11. Dr Henzie Mussa-Chemical Engineer says:

    Dont vote for DPP for sticking to QOUTA SYSTEM

  12. clement says:

    Za ziii amphaka a anthu. Dpp imawina popanda voti ya Mbuzi ukuziti mtumbuka1
    ukagwere uko

  13. Dr Mbewe says:

    Dpp and peter are thieves. Don’t vote for thieves

  14. chipwete chalunda says:

    Kkkk what idiots u will remain underdeveloped u fools if u vote for the dead party called Aford . Pp nde yatha ngati makatani. DPP doesn’t need chibanja it is chibanja that needs DPP. After all we beat u last time pa may 30 results. Do u know who handed the power other than your own Justice Kenyatta

  15. CHINDELE says:

    I Would Rather Urge All Pp Supporters To Vote For Mcp Candidate. Aford Yes Has Been Our Party But This Time It Lacks Leadership. Its High Time We Start Partnering with Our Central Region Colleagues. They Have Been Strong And Faithful To Mcp The party We Thought Would Be The Firsty To Die. So My Fellow Northerners Lets Start Strategising By Teaming With Our Central Region Comrades So That We Eventually Unseat The Alomwe Leadership That Is Nauseating.

  16. chiya says:

    Dpp will learn a big lesson from the loss in this by electn.they will know that alomwe party is unwelcome from dedza to chitipa.

  17. Nana says:

    My brothers and sisters in Mzuzu show the stupid dpp that u dont care about the frustratration dpp z showing u vote charles mlogera for mcp to prove to them that they didnt win the elections.Dpp ndi pitala wanu pamtumbo panu learn to face comptetitions

  18. mtumbuka1 says:

    Anyone but dpp that’s the way to go. We don’t need dpp in the north and we will keep voting the opposite. Dpp and peter can go screw themselves they will never see votes in the north. Go vote for each other in thyolo and kwankando not in the north!

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