NAM summons Mwawi for snubbing Malawi Queens call up

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has summoned Malawi National Netball Team star Mwawi Kumwenda following her national team call up snubbing ahead of the Fast 5 Netball Series tournament which lately took place in New Zealand.

Rose Chinunda: We will give Mwai a right to be heard-.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Rose Chinunda: We will give Mwai a right to be heard-.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

NAM President Rose Chinunda confirmed the development  after calls from the general public that the netball mother body needs to punish Kumwenda for her actions which resulted into Queens’s distraction at the tournament where they lost all their games.

But Chinunda said the player need to be given a chance to explain her side of the story before taking the next step.

“We will have to give her a chance to be heard before we can map the way forward. We are meeting this Friday [tomorrow]” Chinunda told The Nation.

Chinunda, however,  admitted to have received communication from the player that she will not be available but was puzzled to learn that what was in the letter was contrary to what happened.

Reports indicated that the player was in the Northern Region conducting netball clinics whilst she informed NAM that she will be in South Africa undergoing a tooth operation.

“Prior to the tournament. She left me a letter, informing me that she would be in South Africa from November 5 to 16 and for that reason she would not make it to Newzealand. So our assumption is that she must have returned on November 16 as indicated in her letter” she said.

“But if the reports that she deliberately snubbed national duty are true, then it is very unfortunate” added Chinunda.

When contacted by Nyasa Times few days ago, Kumwenda vehemently refused to comment anything on her national team absence.

“Sorry no comment” briefly said Mwawi who is Malawi first ever netball export..

But through the newspaper in reaction to her summoning, the player did not show commitment to meet NAM officials.

“Where am I supposed to meet them? Do they have an office? What do they want us to discuss, I thought I wrote them a letter? Anyway I cannot say anything in absence of an official letter,” Kumwenda is quoted as saying.

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16 thoughts on “NAM summons Mwawi for snubbing Malawi Queens call up”

  1. Quantas says:

    I will the nation why Mwawi rebuffed a national netball call-up.
    (1) Mwayi is a team player, she as a Goal Shooter is dependent on the passes she gets from the Centre and Goal Attacker. It’s common knowledge, that the best Centre in the country is Beatrice. Mwayi knew her performance in the team was under threat if Beatrice was not in the team.
    (2) Mwayi is a professional. She knows her attendance at the top levels is always monitored even by her current employers. She did not want to disappoint after NAMs decision that she should be backed bya second string team.
    (3) Mwayi is a leader, and as every commander knows, no Army fights on an empty stomach. NAM ensures the netball army is undernourished, allowances from as back as India 2012 have not been paid, and as any good commander, Mwayi is selflessly fighting for her army.
    (4) The current NAM composed of officials who never played netball at the top level in their life, are messing up the girls careers, by picking their own favourites without any merit. Mwayi is single handedly fighting this.

  2. chosatheka says:

    we have had enough of this tumbuka called Mwai, let her go her way. There are plenty abled girls who can play netball here in Malawi. Its not only Mwai who has this talent kuti mpaka azitiboola m’mimba just because she thinks she has made it in life mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mavi patako says:

    A chinunda ndi ka NAM, mumusiye mwai alone, are greedy bunch of idiots kumadyera masuku pa mututu ana powabela ndalama, koma mwai ndiwajakaputu , ali ndi cash simumuta . Visilu inu.

  4. Mnyasaland says:

    NAM if a player misbehaves definately you will punish her and now it is you what else do you expect her to other than to snub your calling her to perform national duties which are not recognised by you greedy officials. Whatever punishment you want to impose on her will not serve the purpose coz she is expressing her freedom of the achieved talent which you are abusing.Resolve the issue amicably and no intimidation here.



  6. "NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Rose and NAM, u can not win the issues of Mwai thru the media. Ur dirty linen is so stinky and dont bring it out in public. Wash them in ur board room. U r a shame 2 the public. Let her go and she has done her part. What is ur problem. ?

  7. mthakati says:

    IS she a netball employee? Is she on a salary? If not then she should have the choice whether or not to play for the Malawi national team.

  8. opportunist says:

    This NAM this must be foolish, u were the ones who said can’t be bothered with abscess of Mwayi .Now what do u want from her after all there were five players who didn’t not attend ur tonarment. This NAM is symphonng money which were intended for players

  9. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Instead of concentrating on sorting out the mess you have caused to our creamy netball team you are now busy fighting this young lady. No no no concentrate on what made these young girls not to go. If it is their money give them, if it’s the ugly behaviour of the so called coach Mary Waya then do away with her and let former coach Griffin Sayenda come in or sort out your so called coach behaviour towards these girls. Sayenda was a good coach in my own personal opinion. If all fails then start from the scratch let all old players go but never expect positive results soon. We need exeperienced players, look at what has happenned to our football team if the had realised earlier the need for experienced players Malawi would have made it to Afcon. Stop politics on things of national importance, stop tribalism of where Mwai comes from,if so then let’s share Malawi through Fedalism

  10. James Gwamba says:

    NAM is full of shit. Jealous women in positions. Pelekani ndalama kwa asungwanawa.

  11. Biliati Phodogoma says:

    Mwaonatu atumbuka zochitika zawo busy ndima netball clinics kumpoto m’malo mochita represent dziko lawo,come on Nam,mupite kwa Goliat,Namphungo,Naseta,ndi Namitambo muli atsikana odziwa kusewera netball kuposanso amenewa,muyambe kulowa midzi imeneyi muona tisiya zodalira munthu m’modzi basi.

  12. beleka wako says:

    vamahala vinatha kale na ROY WELENSKY

  13. dzina langa says:

    These are administrators not managers that’s why they are getting problems

  14. Angry at NAM says:

    Personally am tired of these Mwawi articles. Please spare us from this Mwawi nonsense. NAM should concentrate on the other players

  15. Old APM says:

    A NAM atsikana apatseni ndalama zawo. Kodi ndalama anakupatsani a airtell zija mukuchita nazonji? pathetic Malawians. Failing in the midst of plenty.

  16. Salima says:

    Chinunda and Entire NAM must resign,you are all dictators,Musadzamuopseze Mwana kumeneko.Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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