Namalomba heading back to Malawi Revenue Authority

Beleaguered former Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Commissioner for Exports, Shadrec Namalomba, is set to go back to MRA where he will be Deputy Commissioner General, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Mbilizi: Acting MRA boss set to be redeployed

Mbilizi: Acting MRA boss set to be redeployed as Namalomba returns

Namalomba was sacked by the MRA board for aiding controversial politician and DPP heavyweight Noel Masangwi smuggle banned round wood to China worth millions of kwachas.

With the removal of Raphael Kamoto as Commissioner General ,who has been redeployed to Malawi Energy Regulatory authority (Mera) as Chief Executive Officer, the powerful Mulhako wa Ahlomwe group is now lobbying with the powers to bring back Namalomba as Deputy Commissioner General.

An insider confided in Nyasa Times that government is now looking for a ‘good parastatal’ to post Roza Mbilizi who is the incumbent Deputy Commissioner General to pave way for Namalomba.

Namalomba is a member of Mulhako wa Ahlomwe and his sacking at the tax collecting body did not please members of the ethnic grouping who have been lobbying for Kamoto’s removal until they succeeded last week.

“They succeeded in removing Kamoto from MRA and I do not see why they will fail to bring back Namalomba as Deputy Commissioner General. Some of them have been boasting that they are ruling and they will do whatever they want because it is them that put the DPP in power and that it’s now time to enjoy the fruits of their hard work,” said the source.

Nyasa Times sources say the Chief Secretary to the Government George Mkondiwa is under pressure to find a place for Mbilizi, who is also considered loyal to the DPP because of her role she played during campaign and proximity to the First Lady.

“It is just a matter of time. Mbilizi will be redeployed to another parastatal and Namalomba will be back as Deputy Commissioner General,” confirmed the source.

Another highly placed source said although Namalomba was fired from MRA, he has been introducing himself as he is still an employee of MRA.

“One member of the diplomatic community was shocked when Namalomba gave him a business card as if he was still MRA Commissioner of Exports long after he was sacked. At this time he was in the company of Minister of Trade and industry Joseph Mwanamvekha and the whole thing looked very legit,” said a source privy to the going-ons at MRA.

There has been leadership instability at MRA as it has changed three Commissioner Generals within a space of three years.

The MRA board is said to have confirmed accountant and tax analyst Thom Malata as new Commissioner General replacing Kamoto.

Kamoto replaced John Biziwick over a year ago. Biziwick was appointed in 2012 replacing Lloyd Muhara after Joyce Banda ascended to the presidency in April 2012 following the death of former President Bingu wa Mutharika.

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104 thoughts on “Namalomba heading back to Malawi Revenue Authority”

  1. mxii says:

    Namalomba kukonda akazi okwatila chifukwa iye akulela mwana wa ena nayenso anayendedwa njomba

  2. Funny monunkha says:

    Eish, iwe wa comment 59.1, leave Odillo out of this, he was a great father to all MDF. you can never compare him with Ignatious Maulana, mbuli yochitisa manyazi pompano igwetsa boma to give way to Saulos to start his own party, aka Mr money ati poti ndioziwika dziko lonse coz asilikali ndiokwiya heavy ndi zinthu zambili soon soon operation chotsa general ndi mbava. Maulana has just legalised prostitution and no discipline and umbava in the army. He is failing to run the army because of his arrogancy and selfishness, all his know is his little puppets praising him for nothing in return they are given appointments which they do not deserve. Appointing a junior major to a commanding appointment which involves families that include soldiers and their wives, an appointment which involves the wives affairs with the commanders wife. he appointed his puppet so that the puppet wife can teach all our women prostitution. she was caught pants down with a member of parliament in the car at Lilongwe technical college, what does that tell us but because the guy is his ticket to his general post through Saulos Chilima and also the major is an inlaw to Ralph Kamoto who is uncle to Mary Chilima. Is that not encouraging women to prostitute Maulanas wife go parading to all women about women being involved in extra marital affairs when actually her right hand woman is a prostitute , we still have the news paper. Mr president where is the integrity of this so called General. Ignatiuos was appointed MDF general last year and as it is a breach of conduct in the army for all officers and soldiers to have an affair with another mans wife within the army family,, he fired one officer for having an affair with another officers wife but this year one of his puppet a senior major was fucking a captains wife and maulanas wife went parading again in all the barracks telling women to stop this behaviour and that they are waiting for the captain to come back home from other duties so they can sort out this issue as there is evidence but because the major is one of maulanas boys/ puppet wakanika maulana kumuika pa mlandu major yu kodi pamenepa pali chilingamo? kenako naye mkazi wa major kunyengananso ndi major wina waku salima kenako poona kuti nkhani yamveka kunamizila kuti a major akumuvitisa involving the wife of that major, maulana wakhaliranso nkhaniyi nanga si anyamata ake. He is abusing the office , he sent his wifes brother to Sundharst in Uk for cadet who failed interviews 3 times under different commanders iye anangomuumiza without interview, we believe kuti in the army munthu amayenela kupanga earn a promotion, so many intelligent soldiers who deserved that promotion not mbuli , mlongo wa mkazi wako nde zinazi tisamangoti mlankho Chilima naye amawasokoneza abwana nawo abwana amaiwala kuti army nde inathetsa mphamvu MCP Kamuzu. Maulana please tell your wife to buy some perfume in china for herslf chifukwa amanunkha pagulu, azikazi athu amavutika ndi fungo

  3. Chaka says:

    The story and the comments some people are posting do not tie up; people think every time a lady gets a good position, the he is sleeping with bosses! Did you see them? Did you take a photo ?were you guarding when it was happening? Stop making baseless accusations…..

  4. Kachamba wa Ganja says:

    The media can make or destroy.
    Some people r of the opinion that publicity is a way to go by but some they let their works speak on their behalf. The thing I have learnt here is negative publicity is good marketing strategy…
    For example the story was was intended to black paint Namalomba but in reverse it has shown the people that he is capable, if only I were APM I could appoint this guy as soon as yesterday to be the CG.
    when u go through 80% of the comments r for Shadrick Namalomba and I believe this guy really performed when he was at MRA.

    Inu ngati Yesu anabadwira Ku Israel, ndi kulalikira konko osapita kwa USA…. Nde mwati APM asamasakhe alomwe azake?

  5. pati says:

    nsanje bwanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. ZOMWEZO says:

    shadric you are the man congratulations

  7. khotekhote says:

    Hate at its best.

  8. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    Kamoto just had a personal vendetta against Shad otherwise Shad is a a popular guy EQ 75%

    The only problem Shad amanyenga akazi okwatiwa coz he rans away from responsibilities . And his greatest mistake was kumwa pa chitsime chabwana Abigail who Kamoto has shoshomuladi since 2005 when he was pamalo pa Roza . So mwana wachipongwe Shad umwa bwanji pachitsime chabwana? Ona lero ukuvutika otherwise facilitating politicians all CGs have done it before ie Hule Biziwick

  9. Shad says:

    Kodi namalomba uyu ndiye utinso abale, kapena ndi uja akuti amaba ma round wood ndi a china masangwi uja?

    Kodi ameneyinso ndi mulakho kani?

  10. i jabu says:

    Dont forget Tchinga the guy is suffering

  11. mwe chelwa says:

    Mr president sir anthuwatu ndi nsanje, nthawi zones amangoti hiii ahlomwe ahlomwe but the forget that suppose it was them on chair azayamba ana awo, ziweto zawo asana ganize za anthu ena, chakufwa chihana ana zazitsa atumbuka ku NFRA ndi m’mboma munadzadza atumbukatu nthawi emene ija chomadzimodzi atcheya, nanji amayi hiii nde osakamba, nde inu akufuna akusawuseni bwanji, sono mukafa ndinjala sakusekani womwewo ? last time they were the same people amene amakunenani kuti amuchotsa bwanji Namalomba ali ahlomwe, amati mwayamba kuphana nokhanokha mutha ngati makatani and now mwamuyika manongo nongo kuchuluka. APM, muthundiwosayamika go ahead with Namalomba the guy is very good

  12. rewlayi says:

    MRA mbava zokhazokha kuli Gomani munthu okuba heavy makamaka mafana a BTs .Tsiku lanu lifika

  13. Gopaninji says:

    When a tumbuka is apointed as chief justice, atony genderal and anticorruption bureal nonse ziiiii. But when a deserving Lomwe is ‘just likely’ to be apointed to MRA you are all up in arms. What kind of pple are you? Tikukuwonanitu! And do you think Malawians vote for DPP not for a reason? Atumbuka tsankho lopanda nalo manyazi chonde?

  14. kamps says:

    its no use complaining when nobody is listening,upite konko ukanene,we are tired of your criticism,eve you want to every time you write you complain

  15. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    I HAVE ALWAYS SAID KUTI ZONSE ZIKUCHITIKA KU MRA its because of ROZA MBILIZI. If you really want to bring sanity please remove this woman. She is stirring all these issues in order to consolidate her power. She wants to be No1 simply to find a free way of stealing. A grave mistake was made when she was brought back. Now she wants all commissioners and directors out so that she gets sorrounded by her puppets. Mmwenye okuba BATATAWALA amakhala akupita ku nyumba kwake. Batatawala has a case with MRA to pay K6 billion but now they are discussing with Roza to pay only K2 billion and share the rest. Watch this space soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. lazy man says:

    Its very clear that there is politics of pull down syndrome here. Its not proper to dent potential replacements because you want to be alone in the race. God will judge you.

  17. VYOTO says:


  18. Ziliko pamalawi says:

    Alomwe atasa pa Malawi.Dont cry when tables turn very soon.So lomwes are all in strategic positions in Malawi.What a country led Pitala with full of its citizens in total slumber?

  19. zoona says:

    And should we be surprised Malawi is the poorest on earth? its because its being ruled by people with least IQs.

  20. Mphepo Zinai says:

    Why should sane people be overtaken by a a nepotistic Lomwe criminal cabal lead by Mwanamveka, Masangwi and Namalomba.

    These idiots are after plundering and looting this country and after ruining it, there will be nothing left to salvage.

  21. Bololo says:

    Stop squabbling about who is being appointment into what post at MRA. The economy is on life support machine and needs fixing by somebody, anybody. There isn’t liquidity in the country. All MRA will collect are meagre taxes which will be wasted on useless things by the government anyway. It absolutely makes no difference to us or ordinary people. Malawi is doomed.

  22. musumere says:

    Rosa mbilizi and your husband musatinyase pano ndi ma publication anu a uvewa. To begin with mai wa calibre yako anayenera kukhala wozichepetsa koma not you. Namalomba was not gired and the board cleared him of any wrong doing. Rosa mulipira anyuzi mpaka liti? Kona munva kuwawa ndi malata. To mr mbilizi chonde musalolere kupusa ndi maiwa. Chonde zigwirani ntchito ku umodzi park basi.

  23. pobwera says:

    Koma apm ndi deal phokhapa wandi maliza Shadric is a good man who knows what to do

  24. pobwera says:

    We want him as CG bwana let Shadric be our cg .mukumva a president

  25. apm says:

    Njala,nthenda ndi nsanje ndizomwe zikuyeneka kukhala n’dani wathu bwanji mukudana ndi mlomwe? Namalomba can head mra .what are your problems you people,

  26. ndizatonse says:

    APM everyone had someone who s/he can trust. I don’t not see any problem with your appointment and moreover Namalomba is well educated

  27. swazi says:

    If what is here is true then GVT has made a great decision we need people like Shadric Namalomba who are educated and can deliver. Bravo Mighty DPP.

  28. CCO says:

    Kwa Nkando you are correct Thodi is snake in the grass am told he likes ‘skirts’ too!

  29. woza says:

    So what? Does that mean alhomwe asama patsidwe udindo? Mr president aliyense amayika yemwe amamukhulupilila ngati mwafuna Namalomba muyikeni yemweyo more over he is good

  30. mra staff says:

    We want Namalomba back in the office pliz

  31. weniweni says:

    Why is it that roza you are afraid of Namalomba? The answer am getting is Shadric is a hard worker, has good relationship with employee ndi Malawi weniweni he has respect of his jnr this will be equal to good tax collection which this so called Roza doesn’t want mr president to see the good things in Namalomba. mr president look at the potential what namomba has mzimayowu aku chimwitsani

  32. Roza says:

    Nyasatimes reporters be objective in your reporting as the whole nation looks up to you for credible objective and balanced news. From this article it is clear that you are 100% for Mbilizi and nothing for the president, Namalomba and Mulhakho wa Alomwe. If I may ask what is the motive of this story? To cause the president to not redeploy Mrs Mbilizi? To cause the president not to appoint the Namalomba? You wish bad for namalomba and others but God in heaven will reward you and your Mbilizi accordingly. Watch out!

  33. ineyo says:

    Shad is very professional and a hardworker. No corruption. The more you write about him the more the exposure. You are doing him good . He can not returm to MRA but for sure he will end up somewhere better than MRA

  34. melody says:

    Koma abale hatred imeneyi bwanji? Do you know kuti Namalomba was the force to reckon with. Kamoto thought he wad a threat. His fellow Chartered accountant. Wonfikumbira dzenje amagweramo yekha

  35. hisbolla says:

    Ka boma kowina 34 percent, I have never heard b4 . Kkkkkiest

  36. The Prison monger says:

    The integrity of this grouping called Muhlakho wa Alhomwe has to be checked, The group is like a cancerous tumor that needs to be eradicated before it affects the whole nation.

    This grouping is operating like the Jesuits, on the surface, it operates like angels but it has sinister agendas to advance. Malawians please wake up, this grouping is now on the list of challanges Malawi is facing

  37. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    Get the message NOT the names!

  38. crazy stuff says:

    Dpp will rule against. For many years to come. And our scary cat Malawian yaos and tumbukas will be trembling. Scary cats. Learn from south Africa and Nigeria . Demonstrate in the streets. Don’t fight amongst yourselves. Forget the mwenye. Our own Malawian is finishing us!wake up to the truth foolish fellows!!!!

  39. Mika Kumbire says:

    I thought the New Commissioner General is STEWART MALATA and not THOM MALATA???? Nyasatimes, the first time you introduced this story you told us that the new COMMISSIONER GENERAL is STEWART MALATA not his young brother THOM. Which is which??

    Seems your stories contract themselves most of the times???

  40. Chaubweya says:

    Oh time alone,time will tell
    you think your in Heaven but u are living in hell!

  41. bob says:

    It does not make sense to criticize every appointment made on the Lomwes because some deserve the positions. But what is important is that when people occupy such senior positions, they should not abuse power, they should also not abuse their staff like some Lomwes who are currently doing exactly that. By abusing power, you are tarnishing the image of other level headed Lomwes

  42. matako a pusi says:

    MRA is in need of great reformation in terms of leadership especially from the level of managers yo commissioners it seems they dont have a proper recruitment polucy on these levels if not the whole organisation they are now always in the news for wrong reasons on tecruitment and dismissal matters

  43. Mrs chimpini says:

    Namalomba back.. Well done APM. People were just jealous of him. Namalomba is a very hard working guy. Corrupt free.

  44. Angoni says:

    Roza Mbilizi should be deployed to Airport Developments Limited. Otherwise Government should confirm General Odillo as the new Chief Executive. General Odillo is too big to deputise the current CEO whose contract already expired.

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Odillo wache uti?
      Wokuba heavy uja, ku MDF kuja uyu?

  45. the truth says:

    Malawi everything is next to imposivle the government is doing nothing to control the kwacha

  46. zora says:

    Karu United comment number 47, zoti Roza is intelligent, wealth etc tilibe nazo ntchito. Being rich doesnt attract Gods attention but the heart. She is wealthy ok, tamva but not wealthy in heaven. There we are all equal and dust to dust.

    Why does she still then and always backing Indians if she is wealthy?

  47. WiseOne says:

    It appears that many of you commenting do not know Namalomba too well. I know Namalomba is overqualified for the job of deputy at MRA. He is chartered accountant, certified internal auditor, practicing auditor with both ACCA and ICAM. In addition has an MBA, a bachelor degree in accountancy with over 20 years of experience. And has successful businesses employing a lot of people with different tribes- Tambulas, Chewa Ngoni etc Why do you waste your energies in being nepotistic and jealous? being Alhomwe is it a crime? Complain to God that he never created you one. Otherwise shut up!!!

    1. chiya says:

      Mr wise one, mwaonjeza, mpaka ”complain to God?” eeeh, nkumati kutumbwa ndi moyo kumeneku?

  48. aphiri says:

    Good work HE

  49. Zotsekesa says:

    A MRA nde mwatasatu pa Nyasa Times. Koma tchito zikuyenda kumeneko?

  50. Alex says:

    mphamvu ndi ulamulilo zapasidwa kwa inu ,do whatever you can koma ndizosiyilana

  51. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Hey you tribalistic, stupid and lazy MRA employees, stop writing nonsense on Nyasatimes and get back to work!

    Thieving idiots! Mxiii!

  52. chatonda says:

    Time and the clock is ticking and ticking fast. Enjoy yourselves guys but remember that your days with your DPP are numbered

  53. MABVUTO says:

    Tribalism will not get us anywhere rather than destroying our mother maqlawi.These nepotistic appointments you are making are the ones destroying our country and no wonder our economy is nose diving.
    Our president if these allegations we are reading has some truth in them you better change those advising you.

  54. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Oh yes. This is the MRA I know. People are always conspiring against others. Some are always fucking each other on the beautiful carpet at Msonkho House. I don’t think Abigail and Nancy are the only one enjoying the comfort of the carpet, alipo ambiri. We need Baker Tilly to come and audit the MRA ablution system to determine the number of used condoms. Ndiye mwati Roza akunyengana ndi Messenger, uti ameneyo. Chonde a Malawi chepetsani zonyengana ku ofesi.

  55. Palikanthu says:

    Malawi Robbers Association = MRA

  56. KARU UNITED says:

    Mrs Rosa Mbilizi, is a VERY intelligent lady, there, to serve her nation, Malawi. She comes from a famous & wealthy family. It is common knowledge that, one can’t please everyone, let alone be liked by everyone. By any standards, she is a successful lady.

  57. hopesonemchoma says:

    Dpp woyeee

  58. Here we go again says:


  59. The Patriot says:

    Mulhako wa Ahlomwe, one day mudzaliona dziko la Malawi kuwawa ndithu! You can fool all people sometime, you can fool some people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time! No tribe is superior to other tribes in Malaawi, we are all equal. Please know that APM is a president to all Malawians and that Mulhako will not rule till eternity. Treat other tribes the way you want them to treat you!!

  60. hopesonemchoma says:


  61. Pempho says:

    I wonder the calibre of people working at MRA eeeeish daily busy pa nyasa. Sindingagwire ntchito malo ngati MRA something must be wrong. I hear customs is the worst coz ambiri anakwera ma udindo without school koma miseche.

  62. mathews says:

    After the closure of the ifmis parties shall now turn to MRA for cashgate…dziko lili mmanja mwa Alomwe.

  63. Apawo says:

    If Shad comes back to MRA it will indeed confirm that APM is just a figurehead president, and that the real power rests with Lhomwe oligarchs. It is stupidity of the highest order to be toying with MRA (the main revenue collecting body of the nation) in this way.

    Shad himself will be extremely foolish to take up the offer if it is made: Once bitten, twice shy. Last time he got off lightly by just being fired and going back to his accounting firm. The second time around, he may likely end up sharing a prison cell with Lutepo. What is the use of being a Kwacha billionnaire for 3 years and then spending the next 11 years in prison? Shad, please be satisfied with what you already have (it is already a lot by Malawian standards). Politicians drop you once you have served your purpose; just look at Lutepo – you can tell that he thought that he would be protected. In the end the only thing they could give was only a useless press conference!

  64. foot-soldier says:

    These are people you claim can champion Reforms when they only see the ‘blue’ genes in you for any available position of any significance!

  65. 666 says:

    Since you seem tp have run out of ideas as regards the right candidate for the MRA top job, I suggest you try Friday Jumbe as the guy is in need of the job and he is qualified.

  66. bambo anyoo says:

    azungu nawo angadabwepo kuti dziko timati losaukisitsa koma umbava wakewoo mufuna mudziba bwinotu anyapapi inu mudzasiya tsiku ndilimodzi.

  67. GRM says:

    This is a rumor but already alomwe atinyoza anzathu. Chabwino. Palibe mtundu uzalamuliranso dziko lino kupatula alomwe. Ndiyetu muli mmadzi

  68. Minofu Jekete says:

    Why should MRA be in the news all the time. Ndalama izi zipha munthu. Problem is that MRA staff are in general corrupt and it is difficult to find a clean one.

  69. ku town kwavuta says:

    kkkkk koma a president tawonani ma comment wa, ine ndine mtumbuka koma amene akuti ndi a alhomwe akukanika kulemba spelling ya alhomwe kkkkkk akuti Lomwe apatu palibe za DJ LOmwe kkkkkkk omwa tea aza mwaso bola asaswe cup in tumbuka accent

  70. Nthena says:

    if one is fired on ethical grounds what justification do you have to bring him back? much that you may so wish. This may be the begining of begining of the downfall of either the economy or ——-!!!!

  71. zora says:

    Chomwe ndaona apa nchoti boma ili likufuna kutakata thru MRA. Why removing kamoto and yet he is the one who discovered amwenyes deals? Kodi ife ndi amwenyewa wofunika ndi ndani please? So Namalomba ndi amene akudyetsa bwino anthu? Shame

    Zoti tikuvutika mukudziwa koma? Lord have mercy

  72. Jabulosi says:

    Is this DPP government serious in cleaning up the mess happening in this country????? These are signs of incompetent leadership!!!!!!!

  73. Nthena says:

    I think this style of governance will benefit just a few grouping of individuals leaving the rest even more poorer than they were yesterday.

    Kodi anthu kusukulu munapitako bwinobwino vuto ndichani!!? Kodi azungu amatithandizawa do you know that it is from there respective countries’ tax revenues? if they were governing the way you are doing i doubt if they would ve giving us these grands.

    Tingatani kuti anthu azawone kusintha?

  74. zovuta says:

    bringing back the bad apple

    am watching

  75. cm says:

    That is the DPP I know. People are promoted for being too corrupt so that the party’s corrupt practices can easily go unnoticed. Warning for Shad: tread carefully my friend. kuno ndikunja kuyanja lichero. Sooner or later these things will catch up with you. Umufunse Lutepo akuwuza. Don’t ruin your good name and reputation which you have built over time because of money. Ukakhala pamsana wanjovu usamati kulibe mame. Take these words seriously or else you will live to remember them one day

  76. Chipwisi says:

    Iwe Ambele ndiwe chitsiru. We don’t want mahule like Kamoto and Biziwick here. Some of us are suffering for not offering our legs while the Abigail Kawambas and Nancy Nyamulandu are eating millions . Mapwala ako wanva

    Agnes is a tumbuka witch who doesn’t wish anyone good apart from ku thako kwache kokalamba ntchito kudyetsa ku ma Ben 10

    go Roza goooooooo we love you

  77. zovuta says:

    bring back the bad apple

    am watching

  78. kangandiwamba says:

    increament yokhayo tikudikirira this month end

  79. Ambele says:

    if the government wanted CG (commisioner Gen) they can only choose one of these
    Kamoto (same one) Biziwiki (was good) Agnes Katsonga (very knowledgable & qualified), Stuart Malata ex chief of Road fund(expert in govt business accounting) koma za Namalomba, Rosa or Thom malatayo ndiye khaya tsekani MRA anthu achite zinthu

  80. Kwa Nkando says:

    Tom Malata one other Mulhakho who will pull you down is Elvis Thodi. Why does APM think that MRA such an important body is where he should be dumping his ethnic group? MRA full of Alomwe ndima driver omwe

  81. Denguzman says:

    VP, it looks like the Lomwez r the ones controlling civil service. Is this what u call reform? If u really walk the talk, do something at MRA.

  82. mra staff Union says:

    We personally do not see any problem with the coming in of Shadre ,atleast he cant be compared to this witch called Roza.Currently we are planning to strike because Roza is failing to address issues on increament and Bonuses properly,The ealier you bring the new bosses the better,Roza instead of working she is busy ,Kunyengana ku toilet ndi messenger.Roza you are a shame.

  83. Max B says:

    Leadership without integrity = destruction

  84. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:

    Mr President, you have a time bomb ticking with Roza Mbilizi at MRA. She is the cause of all these problems. Every day she is busy fighting with her commissioners and directors. Why do you want the whole country to be taken at ransom by this Jezebel? Each and every junior she works with resigns. What value does she offer???? Please bwana please bring sanity by removing this woman too.

  85. Moses Makoko says:

    I am a lomwe maself but honestly this is very bad. I did not vote for dpp because l knew this would be the order of the day. The economy is very bad, you are busy mismanaging everything. By the way, can somebody explain what does dpp do so that we always have perpetual black outs? I don’t support pp l support MCP but honestly we experienced some relief in black outs during pp time. Where are u getting it wrong?

    Without fail, fuel will be one scarce again in the next 2 years.

  86. mwana mulopwana says:

    Politicians will never learn from their previous mistakes, Namalomba was fired and you cant bring him back , Don’t try to taste Malawians, I am a lomwe but this Mlakho stinks, bring people on Merit,

    Alomwe will never support DPP because the leader is a Lomwe please becareful this Mwananvekha is another idiot,

    My advice to APM, the very same people who choked your brothers govt are the one who will bring your govt down , I felt very bad after you removed Kamoto and the economy is already on life support machine, you need to be extra careful,

    Enough is enough for Mulakho tatopa nazo izi we need to share the nation cake based o performance, I rest my case

  87. Jali says:

    I am a Mlomwe but this development is very sad if it is true. What is so special with Namalomba? Just to warn government, this guy is more of a liability at MRA than an asset. The consequences of re-deploying him will be so severe that you will regret. We voted thinking you will be doing things right, but from the look of things. We are frustrated each week. 2019 sipatali.

  88. Murendere says:

    We are the ruling tribe and region. No matter any castigation and insults

  89. UFULU says:

    izi ndiye timati nyasi. Kudya zomwe wasanza. Are we serious in collecting revenue when we have crooks running MRA? Are the donors going to take us seriously that we are interested in boosting revenue collection should Namalomba go back to MRA? We are playing with our source of revenue as if we are a rich country.

    I am a bona fide Malawian but I would urge donors to stop supporting us so that we can kick out this Government through riots. MRA is an important institution and we should not play yoyo with it.

    The VP talking about reform and the Lomwes are busy doing their on thing. Let us forget about reform in the Public Sector. Peter is not in control and Malawi is a sorry country.

  90. Jang'ala says:

    Apasenkoni anzanu omwe akusoweka ntchito pls! Mmodzi modzi mpaka liti?

  91. john says:

    Ndale za Mbilizi izi.She is now scared of Namalomba and spinned this story

  92. Chi things says:

    So what? Welcome aboard our Commissioner who fought for our promotion unlike that witch Agnes Katsonga

  93. ku town kwavuta says:

    ROZA! ROZA! ROZA! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I CALLED YOU? Tikukusatatu zomwe ukuchita

  94. john chilomoni says:

    guys w@ r u doing please be serious.

  95. botomani says:

    This country will remain poor forever. Am cursing myself why I was born in this country that divide its people on tribal lines.

  96. daud says:

    Chek nandolo export

  97. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    This is mayi Mbilizi’s tactics to destroy all potential leaders. The sooner the presidency removes her the better. She will not stop pulling down Tom Malata. The mistake was made when this hard core politician was brought at this institution. You will soon realise that Kamoto was not a problem.

  98. Cashgate1 says:

    No wonder, Malawi will still be number one amongst the poor nations in the world. Why? too much mediocrity to the detriment of the greater citizens.

  99. drzeus says:

    Roza Mbilizi is replacing John Msonthi at NOCMA who was seconded from the MDF to fulfil his retirement as he was removed from the MDF b4 the mandatory retirement.

  100. Mapiri says:

    Let us treat this as a rumour. But if it turns out to be true, Mutharika’s image will severe be dented and no one wil believe what he says. He wil be under too much criticism that his health will be at stake.

  101. 5555 says:

    Pitatala stopppppp drinking whisky please. This country is going into a river. If the Nonsense guy was in corruption cases why do you bring him back please

  102. Patriot says:

    Another lomwe

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