Nation editor Kasakula joins Malawi News

After poaching The Nation Editor Gracian Tukula from Nation Publications Limited (NPL), Times Group has pounced again, this time luring away George Kasakula who is currently Editor of Weekend Nation.

Kasakula:  Moves to  TImes Groups

Kasakula: Moves to TImes Groups

Nyasa Times sources at both NPL and Times Group said Kasakula is currently serving notice and will cross the floor anytime to take over the Editorship of Times Group flagship newspaper Malawi News apart from helping at the newly launched Times TV.

Kasakula refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Nyasa Times, saying  “that is a purely private issue and in respect of my employers I see no reason why I should be discussing it.”

Times Group sources indicated Kasukala “is done deal.”

Kasakula has 14 years of experience in the media and holds an MA degree in International Journalism and Communication from Leeds University in the UK apart from a BA degree from Chancellor College.

His departure as a senior editor is a big blow to NPL who have also lost Tukula to Times Group barely three month ago.

Tukula is currently Head of News for Times TV and also a columnist in the Sunday Times.

Kasakula was columnist of ‘My Diary’ in Weekend Nation and is likely to start a new column in Malawi News.

NPL, publishers of The Nation, Weekend Nation, Nation on Sunday and Fuko used to be the Real Madrid of Malawi media as far as attracting talent on the local scene was concerned but lately it appears the company has lost steam and losing out to its sworn rival, The Times Group after the latter went on an expansion drive that has seen it launch Times TV.

Reports from the group say serious radio plans are on the cards.

Times Group also publishes The Daily Times, Malawi News and Sunday Times.

The former president the late Kamuzu Banda’s empire also runs a courier company Times Courier and a book publishing company Dzuka Publishing.

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36 thoughts on “Nation editor Kasakula joins Malawi News”

  1. Yankho Ladza says:

    Athu achotsedwa ntchito pompano muwona. Company yokondera the top bosses only, the juniors r crying. PNL its a proffetional company,it knws where it is going & cares of everybody frm the top boss to lower level of employees unlike BNL ‘am telling u.

  2. NPL is a resolute media house which is founded on principles & strategic direction hence it thinks about the welfare of everyone including the junior staff. While BNL is only interested in enrinching its top brass and when BNL starts recruiting big fishes, know that Tsunami is cooking. Some of its editors ndekuti ali pa mpeni, timva kuti sadyeka wadyeka ndimafupa omwe soon.

  3. MIKE DULIRA says:

    Thats normal, Big up George!

  4. clement says:

    NPL is not George or Gracium and after all they are afraid of something they know.We have editors well respected ones in NPL nothing will be missed from Kasakula

  5. like says:

    Kodi nza atolankhani izi, ndaona macomment ake achitolankhani okhaokha. But times group get rid of that retrogressive and ignorant buffoon called ligomeka. Ligomeka belongs withh politicians. And times can you also poach Ephraim to thoroughly kill nation

  6. Mbola says:

    Taona ma editor eni eni ife. Palinso chiani apa? Gk GK wa chiani apa. Fokolo. Do u think NPL can die without him, was he born there? Or does he hold shares which he has withdrawn. Ifenso tili ndi xool kuposa yakeyo. Fwee fwee fwee, za mkhutu

  7. Hardy C says:

    i’ll miss u bro but no regrets!

  8. mache says:

    if you cant beat them, join them

  9. Zakaliya Mulopwiya says:

    This is private and normal in life and not worthy discussing here. Wish him the BEST. As for NPL you will get someone out there probably better than him.

  10. masa masina says:

    Doing business in a capitalist world is competitive. NPL has to pull up its socks and prove that they still have what it requires to be the winner. To George, I admire your principles. You are a role model.


    Its all about naira power. Nani asala mbongo? No one!
    “..out of respect for my employers…”
    This George seems to be strong in his umunthu. Let me guess: he goes to church, doesn’t drink and doesn’t flirt around with skets. Just the other day he told APM, in the face, to go to hell with his MK50,000 blue envelope; a really strong guy.
    But then, being human, George has his weaknesses, one of which is exposed every time he argues against Federalism.
    Strangely, George and Onjezani Kenani have been vehement in their opposition to Federalism. This is blindness on their part because Federalism could enormously benefit their district of Kasungu. Under Federalism the beneficiaries of their relatives’ tobacco proceeds would be people of KU. Currently, lazy districts get to share in KU’s sweat. Wake up George, Onjezani or, as Atupele would have it, Dzuka George-Onjezani Dzuka. Both of you are deeply asleep!!!

  12. mtila zomba says:

    Tsoka ku times pakuti oipayo akutsikira komweko

  13. Mbaya Malawi Eish. says:

    A great blow to NPL. Check it out before the water comes to the neck.

  14. Eeeee-The Nation ndie kusosokatu,Ai choncho nanga nkutani.

  15. Angel of Doom says:

    So bloody what?! Big %$£*& deal

  16. Mazulu says:

    Its a big blow to nation news paper because most of us we follow this news because of Kasakula.Times group wants to kill Nation News Paper because it was doing fine on the market.With this thus the end of the Nation newspaper.

  17. King bwai says:

    Ndale zapantchito zimenezi? Ayi mzofunika anthu ophunzira izi osati munthu wangati ine olandira 600 pa tsiku

  18. phunda says:

    Wellcome home Kasakula.

  19. NKhutukumve says:

    Fwe mfwenfwe fwe mfwenfwe!!

  20. MBACHI says:

    We wish you all the best.

  21. mbuya says:

    Shaaaaaaa! Sanalandire nao ma k50,000 ku Sanjika kuja akuluwa? Tandikumbutsani… a foreigner.

  22. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Who can survive on hand to mouth renumeration? Go for mouth watering salary!

  23. hfty says:

    Kodi ndi mmene zilili eti? Times group wants to become one media in Malawi and bring us back to Kamuzu days? Nation what is wrong with you, we need diverse media. this is bad for country

  24. Jemusi Jogobido says:

    …the Real Madrid of Malawi media, you say? I like the metaphor…

  25. Lwitiko says:

    This is a good catch, I imagine a combination of Tukula and Nlhane would be highly explosive

  26. William Chirwa says:

    These guys achieved great things at Nation Publications and its high time they ventured and explored other challanges. After all they were not life employees of Nation Publications, wish you guys all the best in your new ventures. Newsmen all over the world do that remember Peter Gretse of BBC now with AJazeera etc

  27. PJ says:

    What a talent. What a master of art.

    Your loss or win on either side is same to us readers as you still float in the Malawian Media.

  28. Mtungah says:

    Good move, George. We need your talent for a good purpose. Kuche!

  29. Patriot says:

    Times TV is the BEST.

  30. master says:

    NPL sit down and review why retention rate is very low despite paying your staff better perks on average than BNL, u dont listen and understand your employees problems, NPL as a compny does not have infrastructure, their greatest asset is human capital, now that u r losing that hunan capitla what will be your greatest asset????????????????????????????? the quiting of kasakula should teach these a lesson that ur greatest asset at NPL is slowly being lost and at the end f the day NPL will have nothing apart from debts only!!!!!!! employeees at NPL work as if its their own company, their is ownership at NPL than BNL, but now u are losing that human capital!!!!!

  31. Chabecheker says:

    Is this not being nomadic as Kasakula has been accusing polticians from one political party to the other whilst exersing their rights to freedom of association in some of his writings; a george mwaonatu kumanyoza anzanu ;zimakomela mbudzi kuipila galu

  32. Times group to buy the useless Matindi FM. Rescue them from this embarrasment of not paying their employees since October 2014. Chikadya ma junior reporters anu awonjezereni ndalama. Akumachita kununkha thukuta. Ahoy

  33. Nineveh says:

    Interesting but I still find Nation publications papers more appealing in that when I don’t have enough money for 2 papers I always go for the Nation

    1. MUZIWANJI says:

      Change of these guys is not a problem at all! They are in Malawi and if they practised good & admirable journalism, their move to the other house will motivate & inspire members of the new house hence broadening the base of good journalism in Malawi. We should not narrow our mind to a media house but broaden it to a developed Malawian Journalism.Let the guys keep up with the good work: informing, entertaining, advising and educating our Mw!!

  34. Zili bho…now I can buy Sunday times and find good columns by Tukula,Kasakula and ofcourse the master himself Dr Raphael Tenthani.

  35. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Go thee well, GK. We enjoyed your diary. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for both GK and NPL.

Comments are closed.

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