Nepotism rocks Malawi education council, non-northerners targeted

A spirited campaign by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Dr Matilda Munthali to flush out all staff that do not come from the northern region is hampering the Council’s work and making such staff watch their backs and utterances for fear of dismissals, Nyasa Times has established.

Parliament passed into law Bill 31 of 2010, authorising the creation of the National Council for Higher Education, or NCHE

Parliament passed into law Bill 31 of 2010, authorising the creation of the National Council for Higher Education, or NCHE

The first casualty of Munthali’s tribalistic warfare is the former Chief Procurement Officer Elwing Kondwani, who resigned on November 7, 2014, barely two months into the job.

Munthali gladly endorsed his resignation despite the fact that Kondwani was supposed to serve a month in lieu of notice.

Our investigations revealed that Kondwani threw in the towel because of a continuous systematic campaign by Munthali to marginalise officers from other regions by among other things denying them support and alienating them from the decision making process thereby frustrating them.

Kondwani comes from Chiradzulu.

The Malawi government recently established the Council as a regulatory body for higher education and specifically tasked it with monitoring, registering and accrediting universities and academic programmes.

President Peter Mutharika said the major challenge for the council is to ensure that no university student, whether at a private or a public university, has a sub-standard education.

But his government’s vision for higher education is facing stiff head winds because  Munthali is resolute in pushing out non northerners from the Council hence steering the body from its explicit legal mandate.

NCHE Corporate Service Manager Dingani Soko while confirming the departure of Kondwani for greener pastures, assured Nyasa Times that his office is working hard to ensure that all employees regardless of district or region of origin are treated equally and fairly.

“I do not see the basis for nepotism here,” Soko said.

Soko comes from Mzimba.

However, NCHE Board Chairperson Professor Moira Blessings Chimombo contradicted Soko saying she could not comment on the matter claiming she did not have information on the abrupt departure of Kondwani.

“I cannot answer questions premised on falsehoods,” Chimombo said in an emailed response without clarifying the issue or giving further details.

When contacted for comment Munthali asked for a questionnaire but did not respond despite being sent over 10 emails.

However, our investigations also reveal that Munthali is never short of controversy.

When she worked at the National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST), where was managing the National Health Research Initiative (NHRI) grant, she also had challenges working with officers from other regions.

She doled a majority of the scholarships to northerners.

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118 thoughts on “Nepotism rocks Malawi education council, non-northerners targeted”

  1. APM says:

    scapegoat. inu mungosova mavuto alipowa, osati za kuchoka kwa kondwani. munthu wapanga resign inu mumafuna abwana asavomeleze? koma pa nyasalande anthu sazatheka. mumati amukakamile munthu asakufuna kugwira ncthito? mulibenso manyazi mukamalemba nkhani.

  2. amakep says:

    This is very true, these northerners are evil. I was once fired just to pave way for a northerner to be employed. Scholarships amangopatsana okhaokha. Malawians lets open our eyes, even in banks pakangokhala waku North ma loans amangopatsana.

  3. Sharktus Nangwale says:

    Dingani Soko…..chenjera…stop messing with my woman. Your wife and I both know….stay the fcuk away from my woman…Don’t say you were not warned.

  4. true says:

    The nepotism at NCST is true!!!!!!! Glad someone mentioned it. These people would rather have the money sent back that give support to non northerners. Their vindictiveness is diabolic and distractive. They could not give me a scholarship even to SA, others offered me a better one in USA!!! The sooner they go to Nyika republic the better for Malawi.

    1. Proudly chewa says:

      True that my brother. Malawi will never develop as long as they still be part of it.

  5. bobo says:

    Dr Msilimba at work..very ambitious young man but tries to use lies. What he wants is Dr Munthali to get sacked. And dumb believes in this gossip.

  6. Nyaliki says:

    You cewas and Lomwes are fools. You want Tumbukas to be speaking your languages. Why don’t you learn Tumbuka. Inja! muyahlanya!

  7. John says:

    I am a northerner but I dont subscribe that one should be appraised basing on region. On one occasion in convince to hirer a guy from Mangochi whom I noted was best and indeed is best.Therefore generallising all northerner is also not goood. Indeed if this boss is running an instituion like this can his bosses take up this matter.

  8. Kateta says:

    Our journalists like Fazilla Tembo are ones who are nepotistic, you need to know that you’ve got a responsibility to report responsibly, mind you, as a journalist you could build or break the nation. How does one come up with a headline like that after one person Kondwani, who decides to resign? ok, people do leave their respective jobs without their working out the 30-month notice. What if the CEO was from Ntcheu were you going to say people from the Central Region are nepotistic, generalising like?

  9. Zondiwe says:

    No 91 and 92, you are liars.
    None of your fanciful stories are true and you know it.
    The issue here is that someone resigned after working for 2 months.
    How many people resign from jobs in Malawi?
    As a CEO, I have employed people from all corners of Malawi and have fired
    people from all corners of Malawi. That is the work of a CEO.
    Do not feed lies to people who read Nyasa Times.



  11. Thakolako says:

    That is the work of one Golden Msilimba. The same guy who brought problems at Mzuni is now going to destroy NCHE. We warned you and you dindt understand

  12. AnzeruNdife says:

    I hardly understand these guys from the north. They are utterly selfish, regardless of whether they are educated or not or of whether they are religious or not, as long as they are given a position of authority. I have two personal experiences to share that will highlight my observation.

    After my graduation from Unima, I secured a job with a consultancy with a firm that shared officed with The Scripture Union of Malawi in Area 15, Lilongwe. I had no problems with that because it was the reputable Scripture Union anyway and the firm had only my boss and I. First observation, we were required to attend morning devotions everyday and there was a preaching roster, etc. Then secondly, I noted another thing. The General Secretary of the Union was a northerner; his Secretary, a northerner; Accountant, a northerner; Office Assistant, a northerner. Essentially, the official language was Tumbuka! I couldn’t get a thing. Whenever I had a friend visiting, I was not allowed to have my friend in the building – I was asked to go out with my visitor! The environment was just too hostile and unfriendly that I could not stay at such a workplace. I resigned barely a week into the job!

    Then I got a job as a lecturer somewhere. I shared offices with one northerner who upon getting a professional qualification sought greener pastures somewhere else where he became somebody big. The same trend was repeated where he went such that he could just bring in people to be employed and ask to have them on the payroll – all of them from the north! Some employees couldn’t stomach this nepotism from him that they exposed the malpractice on Nyasatimes some time back!

    As a bonus testimony, I have a friend who is also a big boss in his institution. He is so close. Guess where he went for when there was an opening in his organisation – north!

    What happens is no coincidence. This is inculcated into them as they grow. They have such a hatred for people from other regions when they are in positions of authority such that they do everything possible to frustrate all non-northerners and fill up their posts with “akwithu”s!

    1. Anzeru ndife you amaze me with your pronouncements. Do we have to look very far to notice tribalistic tendencies? Look at the current cabinet, appointments into diplomatic posts including recalls of diplomats etc. People who say northeners are tribalistic, they are the worst themselves. One of them is you. You have developed such hatred for northerners such that all you see is them employing each other blah blah blah. The story by these silly Tembo guy is one sided and some of us do not trust it. A guy resigns (not fired) and this story comes up. This is one of the worst articles i have read. If you ask is Wayengwa a northerner? The answer is yes. Is he tribalistic? No not at all, Wayengwa believes in merit hence away with qouta system because this is the worst tribalism that happened to Malawi

  13. BalakaGuy says:

    Thats typical life of northeners,this is exactly what they do in workplaces,i do not understand them,but there are some who can understand,its not all of them who indulge in these malpractice,but a good number of them are selfish.Kaya ndi chifukwa chiyani kaya,koma guys si onse amapanga izi pali ena ake sungaziwenso zoti amachokera ku mpoto ayi,ali ndi khalidwe lokonda aliyense,anthu amene ali ndi khalidwe lotere ndi oti akulira kwao konko,koma amene akulira pakati kapena kumwera ali ndi makhalidwe aumunthu ndithu.Komanso gents muzakhale ndi anthu aku chitipa,they behave like southerners,or centrelers,the difficuit people are from Karonga,Rumphi,Nkhatabay,and part of mzimba.Try to study them you will agree with me.Just a comment.

  14. Mtumbuka says:

    Mukhaula muwonanso, you people from South and Centre are Lazy idiots, mumangofuna zinthu zaulele.

  15. ADE says:


  16. Mendulo says:

    Before introduction of quota system (equitable distribution), Northeners used to make up 50 or more percent of UNIMA places while Cenre and South shared the remaining 50 or less percent, not because they (Northeners) are more intelligent as they claim ( I have see extremely dull people from the North just as from the other regions. Some Northeners have been weeded from UNIMA, even those who passed MSCE with very good grades) but because of the nepotism similar to what is described in this story. They want quota to be abolished so that we return to that period of their undeserved domination of institutions of higher learning. They want to dominate everything good so that people from Centre and South share half or less of any good thing while they get the lion’s share.

    1. Mendulo says:

      To show the true scale of the monopolisation of university education before quota system, you can consider that the population of the whole Northern Region is less than the population of Lilongwe or the population of Blantyre. Even now they still monopolise because each district in the country gets a minimum of 10 university places regardless of population. Before quota it was like maybe 10 percent of the population getting 50 or more percent of UNIMA plaves (as that time it was just UNIMA)

  17. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    The article just shows how some brainless people do not expect a Northern name to head a public organisation. A lot of people resign from public organisations not headed by Northerners, but it is never an issue.

    As for private organisations, the owners will always hire people who will perform, rather than risk their investment with non performers.

    So its neither here nor there!

  18. Mabasa says:

    From this article,there is barely enough evidence for us readers to believe that Dr Matilda Munthali is hounding out non-northerners from this institution.The writer is blindly attempting to whip up emotions against the Chief Executive for self- aggrandisement. We need to work together as Malawians,irrespective of ethnic origin,for this beautiful country to move forward.

  19. Kwakiutl says:

    Muhlakho wa ALOMWE leads in nepotism. Atumbumbuka ndi wodedwa ndi kale. They are used to that. That’s why when mwai arises they console each others. When presidents make decision wc are mephitic and inconsistent with natural justice, other tribes smile at the oppression of Northerners. If you hate a group / a sect you indirectly unite it & makes it firm. The best is federalism or North be a country. Why do hang on to these people you hate & oppress? Till Jesus comes dongo ndi citsulo won’t get together. Classical Daniel Prophecy. Hate hatred and more hatred. Let North be a country on its own if you want the seeds from the North. Mukuopa chiani?

  20. Bomanile says:

    That is typical of Northeners. I have lived with them, been to primary, secondary schools and even university and worked with many of them. Have observed this trend many countless times, and heard countless stories like this one. That is how they behave. The irony of it is that they still claim that they are sidelined when in fact it is them who sideline people from other regions. They always want to have a lion’s share of anything good at the expence of people from the other two regions. But it is good that people from the other two regions are tolerant.

  21. peter Simkala says:

    Manje amalawi mudana zedi ka chalu kadoni. Why a Chimwene??

  22. Tiyanjane says:

    Pamodzi pamene sindimvesa ndi apa: kodi a Tumbukawo alipo angati? Sizochitisa manyazi kuti anthu 12 million, azingokhalira kulira kuti anthu 1.5 million akuwatengela ntchito, ee, akutenga maphunziro onse, ee akumanga nyumba kwathu ife tikuwona, ee, akutenga netball ndi football. Zaka ndi zaka, kulira komwekobe!!

    Ndiye imvani izi, ine ndili ku Mzuzu komwe ma professor a kumwela ndi pakati amanga mansion zawo. Timasekela limozi za nkhani zopusazi

  23. NGWAZI says:



  24. Kondwerani says:

    This is propaganda by Dr. Munthali’s deputy. The following link might help put issues into proper perspective.

  25. Quota system says:

    People just hate northerners for nothing. They are good people. I come from the south but stay very well with the northerners. Stop demonizing them please

  26. Christina says:

    Keep it up dr umaitha iwo amaona ngati they above u they should all resign including ur mulakho president

  27. Tonse ndamalawi tiyeni tikondane osamazinva mphanvu kuposa mzako chonde

  28. Freck Malunga says:

    Sorry 4 the behaviour.GOD is seeing u.Change pliz .

  29. Henr D Banda says:

    uyu ndiye Tumbuka yemwe ndimamudziwa

  30. Mtumbk says:

    That is the Mtumbo behaviour I know from the Northern hemisphere! Do not be surprised with them, you know what they think like they are still in the iron age, when people used to live nomadic life, and the people they know are tribesmen. Tumbo pipo are are still in that age. That this world is a global village, to them amamvera kutulo akagona. It will take a decade kuti adzazindikire. Do you know what, they are a community that behave like a tribe in all spheres of life. Do you wonder why they cant even solidly create a political party in the Tumbo land? They are still not aware kuti the world is no longer working on tribal formula. They dont know we are now using numbers in decision making, while for them they use tumbo values and beliefs. They can not associate with the rest of the world well, until may be a decade from now. Unfortunately the world would have changed further by then. Do you know what?? OK next time……

  31. mukwaweghe says:

    There are more pertinent issues to talk about than a peerson who voluntarily resigned, I question the intergrity of the journalist who carried thiss story.

  32. Angel of Doom says:

    This is too cheap a propaganda.

    If you look what has been t, it contradicts itself.

    Soko is supposed to have been proved a lier by Chimombo, and yet both say we do not know anything about nepotism in our organization.

    What is so striking is that all the comments in support of this article allude to the fact that Northerners ill treat Southerners, these is no one from the center specifically saying we from the center are discriminated against by Northerners. What is so special about people from the South so that Northerners target them and not anyone else?

    Fellow Malawians from the south you will kill your own sisters believing they are Northerners because they dared to marry a northerner.

    Munthali, unfortunately has the misfortune of marrying a Munthali from the North, she herself is probably not she is a Chithila. I am not she she could be from likoma, then she is from the north.

    The point I am making is we have women with lomwe names yet they are from the North, women with Tumbuka names yet they are from the Thyolo, Mangochi,Chilazulo, Blantyre, Zomba, Kasungu, ncheu,Karonga.

    Nepotism has nothing to do with tribe, it has everything to do with individual personality.

    I am sorry to say it appears that in Malawi we expect everything to be rationed (Quota) that is why the country is in a mess, certain things need to be done by those with the expertise regardless of where they come from.

    Makolo akuuzani pitani kusukulu, now you are reaping the fruits of ignorance(wanting jobs that you are not suited for) and if you get dismissed for incompetence you cry the regional foul.

    Asiyeni anthu agwire ntchito

    1. Mtima says:

      uobviously are another tumbuka agent boy! I am from the central, LL in particular, but i honestly hate northernors. I can co-exist with southernors, infact we are one but not u the northernors. its not that i hate u for the sake of hating you, but its because i have learnt over time that u lack national perspective on isues. All that comes from your mind, mouth, blood and probably even ur seed is about mtumbuka fellow and not malawian. what ever u say, i for one will never trust u atumbuka. i dont even trust ur livingstonia religious grouping. i hate it and i will hate it to hell. say anything but that z just a fact. kikkkk, fact yes!

  33. Sok says:

    Atumbuka are too nepotistic, stupidly so, even dull to the extent that they dont know nepotism when it is practiced by fellow mtumb! Go visit even NGOs where tumbukas are leaders, the rest will be tumbukas. Go and visit CHRR, EAM,YONECO ku zomba uku etc. Ndi atumbuka okha okha from top down to earth. Tiatumbuka koma timalira kwambirinso, ngati zeni zeni. Munthaliyo musamudandaule, we will sort him out soon soon. Thanks Nyasa for bringing it up!

  34. makito says:

    The article lacks substance, very speculative. Accusing Munthali of not rejecting the resignation of a person who has worked for only 2 months? was he not still on probation? Hatred for northerners yafikapo. Someone is not happy the nyika thing has subsided.

  35. utawasala says:

    This story is just a propaganda. Let us avoid to bring cheap propaganda on the paper. The story clear shows how some people hates northerners. Munthali’s story is out of hatred. It pains a lot how some people treats northerners and northerners feels pain to be treated like this in there on land Malawi. God will one day hear our cry and will send Moses to take us out of this slavery.

  36. Zondiwe says:

    One person resigned, and the headline is that Dr Munthali hates people from other regions. If Kondwani resigned for greener pastures, what could Dr Munthali do?
    Do not treat Malawian professionals in this manner by heaping lies against their names. Let the organisation work efficiently whoever is there. Dr Munthali was given the responsibility to run the organisation, and let her run it without the foolish lies that are being created against her. This was the order of the day during Kamuzu’s time, and that is why we fought against Banda’s one party state. Many people suffered at the hands of Muwalo because of lies like this one against Dr Munthali. Do you hate her because she is educated?
    If you do not know how organisations operate, please avoid making silly statements. Combine Cargo is a private organisation run by a very astute businessman, whose wife does not even come from the North, and he has no time for this nonsensical topic being discussed here. He treats all human beings, including Malawians, equally.
    Learn to appreciate other people and God will bless you.

  37. Nyamazi says:

    Doctor Matlida Munthali, please keep up the good job at the National Council for Higher Education.

    These guys are feeling bad now because nepotism is happening to them. We from the North have suffered so much from this disease. Let them also feel how it pains when you’re treated like that

    Bravo Dr Munthali.

  38. m'bantu says:

    Nyasa times, u must thank tumbuka’s/ northerners bcoz they are your news makers on nyasa times.Yes, I mean it. a day never passes without tumbukas/northerners being mentioned. Mtunduwu umasowetsa ena mtendere bwanji?

  39. Eric Dombola says:

    Typical Nyasaland

  40. patriot says:

    I am a northerner. I run my own small, little business in one of the country’s cities that, currently, employs 11 people, including myself. Of the 11 only 3, again myself included, are from the north.

    I know of a friend, also from the north and also self employed like like myself who has a staff contingent ratio similar to mine; less northerners than people from other regions.

    We are extremely nepotistic, us northerners, aren’t we!!!!!!!!!! It’s in our DNA, right!!!?!!!

    I guess we shall never understand why we are so very badly hated, us northerners, for the simple reason that THERE IS NO REASON.

    1. lemon says:

      Just go to combine cargo nbs at that insurance company in delamere house. Then you will c the truth


  42. jokala says:

    Dr Matilda Munthali is nee Chithila. Northerner?

  43. mkombezi says:

    Zizindikilo za kubwera kwa Yesu Khristu zikukwanilitsidwa.

  44. Central says:

    This a purely true story!!

    Munthali hates anybody from centre and south and loves to be surrounded by northerners just as Chakufwa Chihana loved to live!! Sadly enough APM too hates the Chewa and could suffocate them to death if given chance!

    Mr Nyondo, I suggest its time you convened a meeting with your henchmen!! Abale bvuto ndi chani?? A Munthali and APM, mukaona m’chewa mumamva bwanji mumtima?

  45. Wawaman says:

    Nkhonya yobwezera imawawa, mumuwuze bwampini wanu asiye tsankho.iye amati wapanga decision on merit uyunso akupanga ma decisons ake on merit.makape inu,simunati.kkkkkk

  46. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    This council needs love. Please adopt what Mr Nyondo said ‘love’. My God Jehove bless our nation.

  47. puludzu says:

    Who doesn’t know that tumbukas are shallow minded and only survive through nepotism, stealing public money and cheating during exams? Mtundu onyansa uwu mxiiiewwww. I mean, when shall they pack and go kwawo kunyika?

  48. Muchizi John says:

    This writer is a failure in life and should not hide behind atumbuka. Why not go to court to seek redress. This hatred for northerners is going to make you live in misery. Ife atumbuka pheee enjoying in our beloved country.

  49. Matapwata says:

    go back to school. u are half baked my frend.dont show ur ignorance personal vendetta here

  50. HILL says:

    Zitsiru ndi achewa. samakondana

  51. MBACHI says:


  52. mundali says:

    Dr Munthali does not come from the North she is only married by a Munthali from North

  53. CANAAN says:

    Munthali akukwanilitsa zomwe Peter Muthalika amafuna. Zisakhale zachilendo poti ndi wakumpoto ayi. Mesa alhomwe mumafuna nepotism yomweyi? Mukudabwa chani? Yobwezera imawawa eti! Shame on the president for promoting nepotistic tendencies in our country.

  54. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Anthu a ku south alibe nzeru, ndiopepela and uncivilized thats why amakalima muminda ya fodya ku mpoto ndi pakati. muzakhumudwa centre kapena north itakulandani boma!!!!!!

    1. lemon says:

      Anthu akumpoto kupusa that’s why they develop the south and centre. Tidzakubalamutsani ngati Kamuzu. The south and centre have never really had issues so let’s not lie. We even intermarry perfectly.

  55. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Chodabwitsa apa ndichani? Mesa anayambitsa nepotism ndi president Peter Mutharika. Ndiye pano zakupwetekani poti zagwela inu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  56. ANALYST says:

    I thought ths story will have prima facie evidence of nepotism, but I see none in the story. If you had atleast given not less than 5 employees (who are not from the north) who have been fired from NCHE without clear reasons, I would have believed your poor story! In addition, part of your story says Prof Chimombo “contradicted Soko….”, but if you read between the lines, all that Prof Chimombo is saying is that she doesn’t have details of why Kondwani resigned to competently comment! Is that a contradiction to anyone in the story? Come on Malawi journalists, I cry if I read such reckless writing (having myself studied Journalism for 4 years!)

    1. Journo says:

      Mr analyst!! spending four years studying Journalism does not make one a good Journo. I have handled copy of people with Masters in Journalism or whatever and was badly written. poor sentences structure, too many adjectives etc. A degree does not write stories but people do. and those people are the ones that have run thru the mill from cub reporters to reporters proper and then rose thru the ranks. They are moulded thru experience and competent mentorship and thru various specialist courses.

  57. Makhalapwiya says:

    Atumbuka mumazipopa ndiye munya manyi ndithu. Mumva kuwawa. Mumazipopa kuti ndinu ozindikira ndiye mufinyidwa mochuluka. Munthaliyu sakudziwa chimene akuchita. Anytime timuchosa bola asalire. Abale anzanga osamasewera ndi alomwe. Dzikoli ndi lathu.Kamunthali kanuko kazifunse kuti “kodi ndine president?” If the answer is “NO” ndiye kuti ali mmavuto. Atumbuka nonse kagwereni uko.Ndinu zitsilu. Mmazikonda kwambiri komanso mmazitenga ngati muli ndi influence mu dziko lathu lino! You are not even malawians for that matter!! Zopusa basi!! Shut your rotten mouths. Muzingobuula choncho basi.Dziko ndi la alomwetu pano,simukudziwa??Bwanji mitundu inayi sikudandaula??Tizingomva madandaulo a tumbuka daily?Ndinu ndani inu? Are you the only tribe in this country? Tsekani pakamwa panu povundapo! Zitsilu!! How many tribes are there in this country? Why only YOU?? Agalu inu anthu opusa.Musagawanise dziko warm heart of Malawi!! Zopusa baaasi. Fotseki!!!

  58. Kadakwiza says:

    Atumbuka ndi anthu abwino kwambiri. Anthu achifundo ngati atumbuka ine sina wona. Anthu abwino awa inu. A Malawi, tayamikani chonde ntchito za bwino zimene achitira dziko la Malawi. Ena ataya miyoyo yao atumbuka chifukwa choti Malawi yikhale bwino. Koma mapeto ake atumbuka amenewa sadyerera ufulu wa dziko lawo. Mwachisanzo, Orton Chirwa, anamenyera ufulu koma mpando adapatsa Kamuzu. Chakufwa Chihana ndi uyu. Inu atumbuka ndi abwino kwambiri. Anthu awa anapanga foundation ya dziko la Malawi. Bvuto la mtumbuka amafuna chilungamo pa ntchito. Ndi chifukwa mitundu yina siyifuna mtumbuka. Mtumbuka munthu wabwino kwambiri a Malawi.


    Useless article

  60. zoona says:

    this is true. in fact they wanted to fire another senior officer from Kasungu. The decision was reserved when MCP complained to government to watch these kanganyas.

  61. ellias munthali says:

    put constructive articles,otherwise there no story to tell here



  63. ujeni says:

    We all know Malawi is the most poorest among its Southern African neighbours, all because of politics and politicians. Malawi will do well to focus and make politicians accountable for every step on the way. But no, we allow some scumbags to write articles that devide the masses and lose focus. Africa is in this position because we waste time hating each other. Northern people have never ruled Malawi and they dont go about hating its vice versal, ask yourself why?

  64. Piper says:

    This is really one of the most stupid article posted on nyasatimes… No substance whatsoever !!

  65. nyongodole says:

    atumbuka ndiobowa generally, amatipanga frustrate anthu a pa central ndi a ku south ….now anzathu aku south ndi central tiyeni tigwilane manja powathetsa chimbenene agalu amenewa amazolowera….

  66. What do expect from them if they build churches where only tumbukans meet. There is No God acording to them

  67. Masoambeta says:

    These are the days of falsehoods

  68. chris says:

    Munthuyu wanena basi, musantenge ngati ozungulira mutu ayi, nkomwekomwe wamisala anaona nkhondo. Izizi sizaboza ndiye khalidwe lenileni la ambwenumbwenu, a stumbling block towards unity.

  69. Proudly chewa says:

    Although I don’t support DPP but I like the Lhomwe tribe for one thing. They know how to fix TUMBUKA nepotism. Just imagine Malawi without the Lhomwes, what could it be? All tribes e.g. Yaos, Senas, Ngonis, etc. would have been under Tumbuka slavery. Of course including myself, a Chewa from Mchinji. Malawi would have been subjected to Tumbuka superiority. Please Lhomwes help us to fix these Satanists from the North. And I know the only reason why Tumbukas hate Lhomwes is that it is only Lhomwes who know how to fix their asses. Please rescue us from these nepotistic people.

    1. johnM says:

      Alomwe sakufinya atumbuka okha. Achewaso nde akufinyidwa zedi. Ngakhale kuti achewa ndi ambiri M’malawi, maudindo onse akupatsana anguru. Iweyo usamasangalale ndikuvutika kwa azako

  70. JB says:

    I’ve noticed with disgust that there’s so much tribalism in you country.This is sickening. please tell your nationals to copy the Zambians way.

  71. Sindilimba says:

    Ndi Msilimba ameneyo.Pa Mzuni ankafuna u Vice Chancellor ankagwiditsa ntchito njira zake zomwezo. Kupanga bribe ma journalists kuti zake ziyende. Golden Msilimba akufuna udindowo, ife timudziwa bwino ukhuluku wake.Ku Mzuzu University njira zimenezi zinamukanika. Crook Golden Msilimba Msilimba!Msilimba!Msilimbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  72. Mwaweheke says:

    vianthu vwake za makani ngati mfiti.zimazitenga udolo zitsiru zimenezi.Ana amithulo kunyasa ngati madzi apa sadaka tumbuka tumbuka shit.Zianthu zozikonda kaye kudaaaa.panyapanu aliyense amene ali wamtundu wachitumbuwa ndipo ndipo ndiwankhanza pa mnyero pake mwatikwana agalu inu.

  73. chefourpence says:

    this has been going on since the 60s. But its bad. If you deny opportunies to other tribes, you are breeding criminals. Rwanda 1994 happened because of this.

  74. Mwaweheke says:

    Zinthu izi zachitumbuka izi zimandinyasa.ndiri nacho mu office yanga ndi nyani weniweni.Zopandanso mnzeru mamina tho.Watchout inthe next 5years kkkk.musovenge

  75. bryan says:

    Mnthali, mama u r a hero frm North. That’s not a problem, bali kuyambako ndiwo agalu aba, nabo babhone kuti chikupweteka. Lutilizgani amama.

  76. nkhedu says:

    za mkutu. useless news

  77. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Lankhulani zoyendetsa dziko ndi economy yathu. Mukufuna tiyiwale kuti ma salary anyuwani munayamba kulandira mu July 2014

  78. Wawa says:

    What else can Fazilla write if not a onesided undeserved article trying to demonise northerners.

    Anthuni, check who Fazilla is first, then come back and read the article. Simudabwa.

  79. Dusty says:

    I this might be true, these pole from north are self centered chimidzi kwambiri.Sometimes they behave like animals mainly the so called ngonis.They forget that we are in a globle village where everybody can live and work anyone regardless of tribe.Issue ya mtundu imakhala number one and what these pple want surrounding yawo ikhale ya chitumbuka.

  80. ujeni says:

    Someone somewhere is trying very hard to diverty the attention away from the economic malaise the country is in. Nyasa Times dont be duped and lose focus, stupid Malawians feed and believe such rot

  81. Mnnyabu says:

    Nepotism from the top and now u think all relevant positions be occupied by lomwes not northerners, dzikoli silathunso ayi.

  82. Khansala says:

    All of you making your comments here do luck one thing – Vision. Worse still, you are busy with worldly things. In His (God) kingdom, there’s no lomwe, chewa, tumbuka whatsoever. The more you tussle on such things, the more you expose yourselves of ur unGodly lives. I myself have got friends in all the districts of Malawi and even abroad. Chinanso am sure ndi umbuli chabe kwa enanu. To we the learned elite, we interact positively wherever we meet. So I will keep on praying for you all that the Holy Spirit descends in your hearts so that u know the truth, that will set you free from that bondage of hatred.

  83. Frank Hara says:

    The story has no substance!!!! Stop the shit!!!!!!

  84. mmm says:

    thats the tumbukas i know, i had the same complaint from one of the staffs of tumbuka headed department at queens hosp

  85. 2mbwe says:

    Although u guys from the north treat southerners in such a manner,u have to know that we are better together and remember that ur relatives are with us here

  86. Mmihavani says:

    These people can be nepotistic. Go in tea estates in Thyolo and Mulanje you will be shocked. Once there is say a Finance Director from North, all officers from Chief Accountant to clerk will be from north. All supervisory positions and above will be from north. Go to Illovo you will see. Go to Sable Farming the same thing. At Northern Region Waterboard everybody from CEO, FC, ChiefEngineer to messenger they are from North. Press Properties too much. At Press Corporation when Mr Andrew Sesani from central region was Finance Director he employed people from Nsanje to Chitipa. He was a good man. But now when this lady from Mzimba took over eeeeeee she has frustrated all non northerners and has replaced them with northerners. Imagine an innocent Namboya was forced to resign. Yet they call themselves opemphera, which God tells you to love your kins only and hate others?

  87. Kelvin says:

    Why don’t people voice where and when they should voice.Civil servants are not getting paid Malawi economy is going nose down,our president pay cheque goes up.Kondwani issue is just adrop of blood into the ocean.

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      Sharks will always find that drop of blood, that is why sharks are so dangerous.

  88. Akulisinga says:

    Nyasa Times simumakondera poika nkhani zanu eti? nanga enanu mumati amakondera bwanji?

  89. Sidix says:

    This is trash.See how the the NAC Director gives out the NACGATED money,only to Llhomwe related organisations like BEAM,NIB and Mlhakho wa allhomwe.Why not giving to us the Chewa during Kulamba Ceremony?
    Quota system was introduced to punish the northerners for their hard working and culture which contributes to better performance of their children because the father has full control unlik in chikamwini system.Students from Llomwe land go to University with 30points while Northerners with 12 points are not picked.
    All Diplomats,High Commissioners and Ambassadors are Llomwes thats why Aleke’s son lied that he is a Llomwe.
    80% of the Ministers are Llomwes chosen by a Llomwe President,APM.
    All CEO and Directors of Statutory organisations and GVT Departments including the Police and army are Llomwes even the NAC where NACGATE is dishing money to Muthalika, his wife,NIB and Mlhakho. All Police Stations are now being headed by Llomwes.Is this not 367% nepotism and 1000% tribalism?

  90. O says:

    I need secession of the north more than ever before. As I am writing now they are in my office trying to pull me down akuti reason ndiyoti I am a Chewa from Dowa. Amene simunagwire now ntchito you may think this is a joke. But you will meet them one day and you will be speechless.

  91. lemon says:

    Anthu oyipa awa . Cannot live with others. Always plotting against people of other tribes, why. Tangomuchotsani ntchito Munthaliyo as a example.

  92. Hoitty says:

    Nyasatimes, Nepotism chifukwa cha ku kychoka kwa kwa munthu mmodzi. I was expecting to see more examples of victims kudandaula. it is obvious this story is from one disgruntled Kondwani.

    1. O says:

      Yeah, kuchoka kwa munthu mmodzi can not be enough sign of nepotism to you just because you are one of them (Nyikarians). God will punish you.

  93. chilungamo says:

    That at this time northerners still have power is a blue lie,you just want to tarnish munthalis image you fool,and you are telling us the board chair is chimombo,is chimombo tumbuka?,you have managed to mention only two northerners here,and tluwwant to give us an impression that the whole institution is full of northerners,lhomwes you are a sorry bunch of bad hearted people,you mean the damage you have caused to northerners is not enough?now you don’t even expect them to head any single institution?you are such pathetic assholes lhomwes,look you voted for wrong people into power and have you seen the consequences now? Now am convinced northerners were right to reject dpp.northerners make right decisions,civil servants are not getting salaries now,college of medicine has closed indefinitely for the first time in historyynexr are hospitals,this kind of mediocrity only happens when lhomwes are in power.

    1. O says:

      You sound like one of them coming from that side as well. The most nepotistic tribe in Malawi if not in the world.

      1. chilungamo says:

        You lhomwes are the most nepotistic malawians of all time,just look at yourselves,the positions 99%of you hold are not well deserved,his imbecile of a writer is talking of two positions at an institution,we are talking of 3/4 top positions in Malawi being occupied by lhomwes despite your low education and experience,does nepotism surpass that? Tumbuka haters you can’t help yourselves,you are mad that despite all the obstacles you imposed on us we are still shining,you work so hard to frustrate us,you bark so much like dogs,but the caravan moves on,just look at the way gvt headed by your fellow lhomwe is heading,go n the streets and see how people are frustrated,and you will realize tumbukas are not the cause of your misery,this one is your own,thus why we want to break up with you guys so that your inefficiencies must be exposed naked.

  94. Innocent says:

    That is the problem with Notherners they don’t like people from other regions and this has made other tribes to marginalise others as well. Can they be given their North and let them go home please as we start a new Malawi!

  95. Wakumudzi says:

    Koma Mtumbuka sadzatheka.

  96. Good maganizo says:

    nonsense,,,,,, why cry we have our own president mlomwe koma what is he doing? nyasi zokha zokha .at times I regret why I was born in Thyolo

    1. Innocent says:

      The problem is deeper than you think – you have not worked with northerners – it’s horror, you pray everyday and ask God what creatures are these!

  97. dschi says:

    Typical of notherners

  98. oooooho/ says:

    Just the tip of the iceberg…imagine if we can have a nyikian President! All mlakhos, yaos, senas,mang’anjas will be flashed out…right?

  99. O says:

    Why do TUMBUKAS behave like this? Do these fucken bastard nepotistic tumbukas go to church? I think the problem is with those authorities who give them jobs. Every Malawian knows how stupid nepotistic tumbukas are.

  100. gift ngulube says:


  101. chipojola says:

    Highly inflammatory headline but absolutely no substance. A very good example of the k50,000 type of journalism !

    1. O says:

      because you are a tumbuka yourself.

  102. Nyapapi says:

    Mutumbuka si munthu!

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