James Nyondo metaphysical stance on Malawi: ‘We’ve nauseating prejudice towards one another’

In the midst of heightened talk about the sad situation that has become the Republic of Malawi, that is, as regards – essentially – its economic and social being, National Salvation Front (Nasaf) president James Nyondo makes his contribution in a manner that is not only strange but also thought-provoking. He seems to be off-target, yet abstractedly he aptly hammers the nail on the head about the country’s present state of being.



“The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” Stekel

Children regardless of race, tribe or social standing have a natural ability to connect. As we get older we start losing this natural ability to connect. Animals such as hyenas and birds never lose the ability to stay connected no matter how old they become.

Hyenas in Nyika National Park will not have animosity towards hyenas in Lengwe National Park. But, We, Malawians, occupying a small country, which has never experienced war, have deep-rooted, nauseating prejudice towards one another.

We hate. We hate for no apparent reason at all. We hate someone from another tribe or region because he was born on the other side of the mountain and we were born on this side. We hate him because his last name is associated with a certain group. We hate one another because our ancestors settled in different parts of present day Malawi.

We do not use guns nor machetes nor spears to fight, but we cripple one another by denying one another resources. Those in charge of public resources make sure that those on the “wrong” of the mountain do not receive any resources that can transform their lives. They make sure that there are no opportunities for advancement on that side of the mountain. But when they die, all Malawians regardless of tribal, regional, religious or whatever affiliation show solidarity because our culture glorifies death but denigrates life.

If Malawian presidents were in charge of the air we breathe, some sections of our society would have been denied this life giving fuel.

How do we solve these problems?

Love is the most powerful force there is, and it is free and readily available to all. It never runs out, yet we ignore this very powerful force. We try to unite our kind of people by telling them that they can only advance in life if the people they hate, from the other side of the mountain, are denied opportunities. We never unite through love but through hate.

Why cannot we be on the same kindness wavelength as our Creator? Let us live lives of cheerful kindness towards all. Start thinking, feeling and acting kindly towards all. When we give kindness, we receive kindness.

Before speaking or writing let us ask ourselves: is what I am about to say or write going to bring harmony or pain or divide people? Let us learn to bring correction without causing offence. Leaders especially cannot just say things without thinking. We will never correct anyone or anything by condemning him or by condemning it.

Thoughts impact us, influence how we behave. We judge the man/woman because of his last name or because he belongs to people behind the hated mountain and we judge him without examining the contents of his brain.

God fearing people?

God fearing people know that all human beings are experiencing only a temporary human experience and they do all their living from this perspective. They are acutely aware that the only time when they are normal is when they are loving, kind, merciful to all people regardless of their station in life or their ethnicity, language or gender. They find their purpose in serving others.

Ask the sun why it gives us warmth and light: it is his nature to do so, it will tell you.

Children of God never have the concept of enemies.


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U seem to have some great idea but u don’t perform it when it comes in your way. So shut up!!! and mind your own business!!!

Imraan Sadick

Apa Nyondo ndiye walasa
Ndichifukwa chake simudzamunva Imraan Sadick ali busy Mtumbuka this Mulomwe that,Mtonga this
Amalawi nkhondo yathu ili muntima
Jelasi`kufunirana zoyipa–zija zomati atumbuka kapena achewa amakondana okhaokha ndizabodzaso
Khala nawo pafupi udzawona akudandaulanaso
How I wish sometimes I was not a Nyasalandelian,really amangwetu we should learn to love one another
“Resentment is like drinking poison and then
hoping it will kill your enemies.” – Nelson Mandela


mr nyondo u r a true son of malawi


Yah i think its time for our leaders to grow some good brains, lets love each other if we want to develop this nation

Mr. Nyondo, thanks for your contribution on the topic under discussion. A good example is the way we northerners are treated in our different areas of society that we live in especially in work places. A man or lady from the north can be of a very junior rank in a work place but because he or she is from the north, the treatment he or she gets from the bosses becomes very negative against the rules of the job. Always being abusive, e. g. akuMpoto awa. or akuMpoto ndi obvuta awa, etc, etc. The DPP Government of late BIngu… Read more »

A Nyondo zinakuvutani basi.Vomerezani. You are too young to rule this country. You are just a dying horse.I know you are still nursing the frustrations.To you brother, never dream of becoming a president one day.Anzanu awiri a PP nawonso akulira. Tikumangani simunati. Your two fellow northerners are making noise chifukwa JB tinakamutaya kumanda.Ine Makhalapwiya ndikuti munyamanyi muona.Fotseki! Go to hell nonsenu atatu and get married to the devil’s sister!! You have nothing to offer ndima cashgate anuwo!Shut up!! Who told you to be a Northerner????????

Lilaka Nena

eh eh eh a makhalapwiya mwakwiyatu koma mfundo mulibe!!!!!!! tanenani za constructive inu… just because a man failed in elections doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a voice… … lessons in love doesnt have to divide. dont be such a tribalist zimakuonetsani kupanda nzeru…. Chikhalireni sitinanveko abwana anga aAPM akuti a senga inu, or angoni inu or achewa inu…. koma anthu ngati inu ndiye owononga


Good thinking


Vuto lake anthu andalenu mumatelo koma mukangosakhidwa zonse mumaziiwala example yabwino nde ndi uyu opanda mano uyu mumati ndani kkkkk pitala


Mtumbuka kulankhulako zomanga dziko. Kkk. Tell this to your fellow nyikarians. Ife munatikwana. Musiye kaye nepotism m’ma office ndiye tizamvera zonena zanu. We are better off in this country without mtumbuka. Ndiyekhayo amene akuwona kuti APM sakuyendetsa bwino dziko. Munthu wa ntopola.



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