Never mind ceaseless fiscal indignities: The making of a banana democracy is nigh

At times, we have to accept that even a competent workforce would struggle to present a credible ‘premise’ for developing the country. We have to accept that if you lack moral integrity, your intellect suffers and so your progressive philosophy can hardly be transformed into a reality. I have no doubt that the nation is being turned into an irrepressible chatterbox; full of tribal bigotry and bare faced nepotism. The political oratory contained in the prevailing power structure is wanting and, let alone, the hysterical attempts to reach out to donor community constitutes a recipe for the making of a banana republic. It seems we have turned out to be a nation rationalising ceaseless fiscal indignities in government functions hence the making of a banana democracy is nearly

There are manifest inconsistencies across the political rifts which point to the fact that multiparty democracy as a concept of governance is being commandeered by criminals masked as politicians. An honest comparative analysis of the new Malawi and one party state reveals the extent to which the country is descending into an abyss of leadership deficiency, corruption, nepotism and heedlessness. You only need to look at the outdated laws and how these are eroding the legitimacy of our justice system and its allied institutional arrangements. I suppose, it is all about that junk legislative house trapped in party-political drollness. Indeed, con men have been let loose and, not surprisingly, the ruling party gurus are eying the tribal presidency beyond 2019. This is well beyond their ability to sustain their fleshly existence as they will be obsolete by that time, unable to serve politically in the predicted years.

Kamuzu is long gone but his socio-economic farsightedness reigns regardless of the loathsome delinquencies that never ran through legal canopies. Irrefutably, my common-sense savvy elaborately attests that evil acts took place under his contemptible authority. Even so, his canny, pensive and progressive accomplishments have the aptitude to convey incomparable character in the new Malawi. I lament the fact that top-notch social and fiscal canons departed with him. Sometimes, I rub in the ‘fuck all wisdom’ and, undoubtedly, assuring myself that innocent sons and daughters of Malawi were persecuted and exterminated under his iron-fist rule. As such, he deserves to be archived for historical purposes. Notwithstanding reprehensible and oppressive undertakings enacted against political foes in the now defunct single-party state, I still find myself charmed by his fiscal astuteness and pragmatic endeavours. At present, I see no political referents matching his progressive socio-economic pursuits but a mushrooming of political morons in the new Malawi.

Well, you may contend that his socio-economic standards were achieved under a ‘stick and carrot’ leadership. Then, Youth Leaguers and Malawi Young Pioneers were implements for knocking some progressive logic into the country. Of course, you may argue that your liberty is now goof proof. It is well now that you can talk balderdash without attracting the wrath of the security apparatus. Categorically, you may argue that we do not have to buy cards to prop up the financial basis of one party. Certainly, you may argue that, now, we can talk in boorish terms about politicians in power and get away with it.

However, it is important to remember that being mouthy is one thing and miming sense is another thing. The utterances contained in the modern political privilege are a cause of trepidation for me. I find the mouthing largely swamped with bare rhetoric and downright pandering to the whims of conmen turned into political office-bearers. We seem to have turned into spiteful societies inanely at variance with each other and uncritically defending partisan trivialities.  I can’t stand the emptiness contained in some online commentary, full of claptrap and mere pandering to the narcissist desires of rascals camouflaged as politicians.

Now, it is zero budgeting deployed as a provisional economic engine with donors keeping a distance and bootlickers on the side-lines queuing for their pay cheques. Never mind the executive trips with oversized entourages on government payroll, out of the blue supposedly personal cash hand-outs and dialogues contextualised in pseudo economic sense. Even the present chief economic player, Gangway Gondolas, has succumbed to the most powerful and knowledge obtained over years of international exposure has turned out to be minions to the political force of the new Malawi. Never mind the U-turns of elected political representatives and barefaced subservience to the prime political powers. We have learnt recently that some have gotten their rewards in the disguise of diplomatic postings. Unquestioningly, they have accepted such postings. The fact is that this is a tactic of shopping cynics to ease the oppositional defiance against the government of the day.

By the way, is the midnight six in self-serving bias after a series of visits to the police stations?  Have we overlooked a seemingly prosecutable constitutional transgression? It all sums up to the erosion of our moral integrity as a nation, being not sure what we stand for and, unsurprisingly, we have become very unappealing to foreign aid. We are simply gambling with the state capitals by entrusting leadership functions with individuals tarred by cash-gate indignity. It’s all about lacklustre electioneering that has tribal undertones dictating the terms of the choice of leaders and, here we are, the midnight six are manning key government offices.

The ongoing arrests leave a lot to be desired as they appear to be politically motivated acts of law enforcement fixed on vengeance. The subsequent legal melees engulfing the ‘cash-gate’ indignities justify my warming up to the character of the discharged one party system. As a nation, we are now facing lopsided governance that is betraying the trust of innocent Malawians. There are too many rotten apples; sort of politicians who have nothing to offer but seek self and tribal glorification. For whatever reasons, at local and national levels, we have abdicated leadership to morons who, since the launch of multiparty democracy, have taken control of the state treasuries. Not surprisingly, as we know of the prime fiscal embarrassments prevalent in our country, it has become free for all despoliation of the state capitals. The reality is that the institutional basis of the anti-corruption body is at stake here and any under par performance in the cases being paraded in courts will raise critical questions about its legitimacy. I don’t get it as to how such mediocrity in the handling of the ‘cash-gate’ phenomenon can help repair the down-at-heel fiscal integrity. It’s like a government of drama queens skirting the real logjams facing the country and being stupidly clever in shielding each other from prosecution. The only priority for the prime powers is to serve their egos.

Are we not all becoming morons given the wishy-washy approach to resolve the so called cash-gate indignity? Surely, these arrests are simply gambits of acting out to the gallery of external donors to soften their stance on financing our country. Surely, the nation needs to jerk up in vigilance and get over this political waffle taking us into the wastebaskets of banana democracies. Some things need to be said particularly when you see teachers and nurses working for skimp yearnings and often in very poor working conditions. Surely, a body in the name of civil society needs to redefine its scope of influence in the political currency and understand that the governmental system has become a forecourt for crooks disguising as politicians.

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Akuwona mlengi

Nthawi ya debate pa campain a tsogoleri amafunsidwa adzapanga chiyani kuti tichoke mu Donar dependency lero zikukanika ndikulimbika cash-gate yomwe ikukanikanso chifukwa chofuna kuphwesa fellow politicians komanso kukhuzidwa ndi cashgate my question is tidya ndale? Kodi ndale amadya? Osayamba ntchito zachitukuko chomwe mmalonjeza bwanji?


I’ve enjoyed reading your article boy. Good English – keep it up.

urban planner

Remarkablel writing.

Chala Cha Gulo Maso Nanga Noni

I dont hav time 2 read this. Ndidzaiwerenga pa christmas holiday. Nthawi ndi ndalama, osaseweretsa nthawi guys.


Leaders assume positions using corruption in the name of campaign. Do you where if we have corrupt leadership? Ndizofuna a Malawi tiziona takula tatha.


1 & 2 columns section is not for you. Kawerengeni Nyuzi zichichewa!


Excellent piece of opinion. Well argued. Write again Thomson. This is for the literati not the morons who cant construct a sentence or two. You remind me of Nyakuchenya Ganda. Keep it up. Malawi needs you. Malawians must wake up!


Well-written article. One wishes such article could form a basis of real debate on the radio stations.


This article would be worth reading if it was written in simple English.

Che Bunaya

My friend your article is good but too high for an average thinker write simpler next time

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