New-born baby thief arrested in Lilongwe

Police in Lilongwe have arrested a 25-year-old woman, Rosemarie Leo who went on a rampage of stealing newborn babies from government hospitals in Lilongwe.

Woman Arrested For Stealing Baby

Woman Arrested For Stealing Baby

According to national police, Leo is the one who stole a day-old baby boy at Mtenthera health centre in Nathenje on Sunday and has been caught after stealing another baby at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) on Wednesday.

Leo stole the first baby while the mother Mgwilizani Kambwiri was having a bath and she stole the second one from Maureen Chisangwi who gave birth to twins on September 28th, 2015 at Ntchisi district hospital and was referred to KCH for further treatment.

“Maureen Chisangwi was admitted at KCH and was with her mother as a guardian. On this day (Wednesday) the suspect approached the guardian as a well-wisher willing to help her in taking care of one of the babies, the guardian accepted. However the suspect ran away with the baby,” explained National police Publicist, Rhoda Manjolo.

Leo was arrested on Thursday by Nathenje police officers after intensive man-hunt.

Manjolo said: “The baby which she stole at Nathenje was found alive at her home village Thete in Dedza by our officers who had gone there to investigate after being tipped, but by then the suspect had escaped leaving the baby with her young sister”.

Leo will be charged with Child Stealing contrary to Section 167 of the Penal Code. The offence attracts a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment.

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25 thoughts on “New-born baby thief arrested in Lilongwe”

  1. Sandram says:

    Well done to investigators. We need a better Malawi that will never take any criminal into smile.

  2. Bravo!!!!! Malawi Police Service a job well done

  3. Ngozo says:

    Job well done our men in uniform! Bravo MPS! These are type of officer deserving promotion!

  4. mbanga says:

    tatipatseni ameneyu timpatse wake mwana ndi muchite kanthu

  5. Lotolanga says:

    She must be crazy up there. Giving the other women pain, amaona ngati afika nazo kuti? authority need to thoroughly investigate her, maybe its a syndicate and sikoyamba. Ask also the younger sister, she may know something. Or else, she has been harboring to have twins but then she had it wrong, that’s not the way to fulfill one’s dreams.

  6. Gandali kanamwali says:

    Ena ndimalonda kufuna kupeza zosowa pakhomo pawo.

  7. Mwana wapakaya says:

    I wish this bloody woman severe punishment. This fuckin behaviour is now increasing in Malawi. What do we expect from future generations?

  8. Mwana wapakaya says:

    I wish this bloody woman severe punishment. This fuckin behaviour is now increasing in Malawi. What do we expect future generations to com?

  9. says:

    kupepha ndikwabwino.ana atha kupatsidwa ambiri.kungoti nawo azibambo enawa ulesi m’nyumba.

  10. ankhoma says:

    could you pliz show us her face. she is abad woman no nid to respect her.

  11. kadamanja says:

    Just lock her up for ever, otherwise we will burn her ourselves.

  12. vendort says:

    Is she normal?

  13. mwai says:


  14. kamfana says:

    Seven years is just TOO SHORT for a HUMAN LIFE.

  15. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Ameneyo musamumange abwere kwa ine ndizamupase mapasa, asazelezeke ndi kuba ana a eni

  16. Chimwemwe Banda says:

    From the article we can see that the baby at Nathenje was recovered. Why are we not told the fate of the one taken at KCH?

    I would not be quick to condemn the one who is accused of taking the babies; she may have mental health issues, perhaps having recently lost her own child.

  17. nyambose says:

    Ngati simubereka pephani kwa ambuye akupaseni uterus yobereka

  18. Spirit says:

    This woman is evil. The Nathenje baby was found alive, what about the one picked from KCH?

  19. Abiti says:

    Inu anthu osabereka, go to orphanages they will give you babies to take care of. osamavutika kuba

  20. Kavuluvulu says:

    So why hide her face ?

  21. chesuman says:

    koma aneyo muudzeni abwele azalandile atatu koma kuba mwana osangopita kumene asungila ana nndikwamphepha ndipaseno modzi ndidzikalela kupambana kuba tawonani tsono mupita ku ndende za ziii patseni 50 yeas akagele koko nasi

  22. i miss kamuzu says:

    can’t we just start a database for baby thieves versus baby dumpers? it seems some of these creatures want children they can’t have, while others have children that they don’t want.

  23. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Inu a Nyasa osamabisa nkhope ya zilombo nanga anthu tidzimuzindikira bwanji kuti tidzikhala naye tcheru tikamuona.

  24. SONG says:

    Confirm all babies recovered now. Excellent Malawi Police we love you keep up the good work. This woman is bad and to me it shows she is barren and cant bear a child. Put her behind bars so that she doesn’t do it again.

  25. jen says:

    Seven years basi???? Koma zinthu zinazitu osamazitengera kuntoso ngati ngati nyama yagalu mwanva? This woman is evil she must rot in jail.

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