Njobvuyalema attacks ‘clueless’ Mutharika over Malawi economic revival

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mapuyu; Joseph Rabson Njobvuyalema  has accused President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of being clueless on turning around the economy ,  shaping up to be the big test of the Mutharika’s rule.

Njbvuyalema: Mutharika  is out of touch with reality and the sufferings of Malawians

Njbvuyalema: Mutharika is out of touch with reality and the sufferings of Malawians

Njobvuyalema said MCP raised the red flag in parliament on the ailing economy but said DPP government have not taken the alternative views from the opposition to rebuild the economy.

“People managing our economy are not doing the right thing. They don’t know what to do,” said Njobvuyalema on Capital Radio.

He said Mutharika is clueless in resolving to a plethora of challenges affecting the economy

“Let us meet the demands of the donors so that they can resume the aid,” advised Njobvuyalema.

Among donors demand is thorough investigations into the cashgate scandal from the first DPP rule but apparently, the government in a bid to hold on to power and shield some of its top officials seem to suffocate investigations in the DPP-rule cashgate.

Njobvuyalema said keeping cabinet lean is not a solution unless the ministers are productive.

“We are talking about productivity. Small number of cabinet does not make things improve. The 20 ministries are not producing [results],” said Njobvuyalema.

He also blasted DPP leaders of being pedantic.

“We give alternative views but government doesn’t listen. They don’t take action, they don’t implement,” he stated.

Malawi is literally on its knees with unemployment rising, hunger and poverty stalking the majority of its citizens and a breakdown in social and health systems.

The Kwacha currency continues to weaken against major trading currencies.

“There is nothing that can beef up our currency. We have been relying on tobacco; demand for tobacco now is declining. We can no longer rely on tobacco,” said Njobvuyalema.

He accused DPP for “lack of planning.”

Njobvuyalema asked Mutharika government to focus on pressing issues such as high unemployment rate, power and water shortages, liquidity crisis, lack of medicines, declining education standards and deteriorating agricultural production.

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Goodall Gondwe admitted the country has big economic challenges.

“We are passing through a lot of turbulent times. And I am hoping that World Bank, EU will support us with the budgetary support,” said Gondwe.

Government spokesman and Minister of Information, Jappie Mhango rejected MCP criticism, insisting that the government had “got a grip” on the ecomomic crisis.

“The opposition advise is always listened to. Very soon you will be clapping hands for government for turning around the economy,” said Mhango.

But MCP lawmaker insists DPP-led government lacks the vision and leadership acumen to address the suffering of Malawians due to a myriad of macro-economic challenges facing the country.

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76 thoughts on “Njobvuyalema attacks ‘clueless’ Mutharika over Malawi economic revival”

  1. Vikhumbu says:

    Kkkkkkkk,kunyasisa nkhope bwanji iwe njovu,nkhani ulinayo ndiyoti umafuna udindo osati iwe mkusintha zinthu.Njovu ta chabechabe.

  2. Thikiwa says:

    Kkkkkk koma kumalawi…… Aliyense ali ndi mzelu zoyendetsera dziko kkkk koma a nyasa mumusinthe munthuyu picture yakeyi,,, sibwino choncho…

  3. What? says:

    tazingolimbikirani kugwira ntchito basi. Zala lende mwati bma lizingokupatsani za ulere? Simukuona anzanu tikudzutsa ma mansion mmataunimu inu mubalirabe choncho. Dolo ndi Jessie, wati ziiii, waionera patali.

  4. yuona says:

    Koma DPP ndi mbola amwene.

  5. fato says:

    Peter should be booted out.

  6. Analisti weniweni says:

    It time Pitala stopped saving the asses of his cashgate friends and himself so that the aid taps started flowing again.Nothing is working with his useless zero aid budget.Its time he worked on 577 billion cashgate than relying on some non working zero aid budget.The way the kwacha is falling,we are soon going to reach Zimbabwe levels.This useless professor should simply admit that he has failed Malawians.Malawians are finding it tough on everyday basis.

  7. Malindi says:

    DPP ndi mbola amene akubakila apm ndi alomwe! Ndipo amapeza zinazake.things are getting worse everyday tifika PA Zimbabwe. Athu okuda simungayendese ziko mukuchepa zofunika azungu akhalepo. Mwaiona Zambia???? Mayi Joyce banda bweran muzatiombole Ku 92 billion hahahahahahahah a DPP osalusa macheza awa

  8. Mhango says:

    Its easy to spot out mistakes when u r out of field of play

  9. Chakwera says:

    Capital Radio please repeat this interview. you are the best râdio.

  10. Indeed Malawi cannot survive without donors. It’s not about DPP it’s about the freezing of aid but now Mutharika & his friends need to do the right thing to win back the donors.

  11. Malawi economy will not work until donors come in if you deny this DPP govt will it dung together with the citizens of the country just because of few people the government is trying to protect.

  12. Zanga Phee! says:

    Thank you Mr Njovu yalema, there should some noise against this current administration,it is very true this government full of promises for nothing again they are all connected to cash gate.The only solution to curb this virus is to bring new administration especially parties besides UDF,DPPAND AFORD the other parties can handle cash gate because they are not attached in any how,but these other parties they are there in other names people be it cousin,brothers,nephews,Trust me cash gate is a virus it needs immunization to clean blood.See my name



  14. Mzozodo says:

    Levelheaded, that’s besides the point, raise facts here, don’t only portray your blind loyalty!!!1

  15. nyere kuwawa says:

    MCP nkhanza basi

  16. GRM says:

    Tired Elephant indeed. This guy is as clueless as the people he is accusing. I was searching in this article where his alternative views are written and i saw none. Can someone pinpoint what the lethargic elephant is proposing?

  17. Luke says:

    The only party which can bring a change iz MCP. Dpp yalephera mu zithu zambiri like fertilizer company ku Kanengo, Nsanje port, green belt ngakhalenso Ndata university sizikulongosoka. Ndiye ngati unayaka mtengo wauwisi(Bingu) kuli bwanji wouma uwu? Then Njobvuyalema is right.

  18. Abwino says:

    Vuto osusawa akuwona ngati dziko mmenelilipano likufanana ndimmene linali nthawi ya kamuzu. Andino they think if they given a chance to govern the country today they will be perfect. Kuyendesa boma ndikuyendesa mpingo ndizosiyana. A njobvu yatopawo angosowa mfundo zoipisira anzawowo koma chowona chake aliyense akudziwa kuti padzikolonse zinthu sizili bwino andino ma donor wa akamatithandiza musawone ngati zimakhala zawuleleyi. Ampindula kwambiri iwowo. Andino palibe yemwe adalemelapo ndi zopemphesa. Azungu anuwo amasangalala akamatithandiza ndipo samafuna kuti anthufe tizizilamulira tokha.

  19. Nyau Chinde says:

    Nanunso a Njobvu mulibe mfundo. Ntchito ya Kongelesi ndikulamula Nyau kuti zikazunze ndikukhapa ana osalakwa ku Area 36…your party itself is in a mess, divided into four factions now. First faction has Chakwera as leader, second has Jumbe, third has yourself (Tembo’s errand boys) and the fourth by Richard Msowoya. See Jessie Kabwila is now quiet because she belongs to Msowoya’s camp. Njobvu ngati uli wanzeru, unite these four factions under Lazalo!

  20. kikikikiki zilikoliko a Njovuyatopadi eeeeee

  21. Mauziboy says:

    My dear Honourable Njovuyalema, I used to respect you but i am very disappointed with your empty accusations. Are you serious we still need to be begging after doing this for the past 51 years? Are you not aware that even those Azunguzi have serious financial problems in their respective countries? They give various conditionalities instead of accepting that they can not do the same as they were doing previously, i mean when ykur MCP was ruling. Let us find solutions in parliament. Why should we all branches of givernment(judiciary,legislature and executive) always be GREEDY thinking of Consumption instead of investments? We always need more to ourselves-mwayiwala mmangofuna ma allowances muzipita kunja nonse a opposition? You now come here and blame the President without giving alternatives? Let us sob up as we only have one Malawi. This is not time for politicking.We have enough resources in Malawi and we can excel in everything if we can avoid GREED FOR CONSUMPTION. Check all the budgets we pass- we concentrate much on CONSUMPTION to please you opposition and all branches of government. I rest my case.

  22. Chidongo says:

    zowona amwene lingakhale dziko lanji longo dalira ma doners.Is it an indipendent government?

  23. Dennis Chibwana says:

    Njovu mcp will never win any presidential election in Malawi so stop your nonsense azungu tilibe nao dilu pano China yadya one.

  24. Wisdom of Karonga says:

    I think there is total misunderstanding of what Mr Njubvuyalema wanted to express, but he should have been more clear.

    To say that president Peter Mutharika should have complied with donors by meeting their demands,a prerequisite for aid resumption,is a true statement because that equates to inflow of revenue for the country’s budgetary support,at least in short term, and sustaining Kwacha stability which also has dynamics to control inflation.However, Mr Njobvulayema should have been courageous enough to suggest exit strategy for dependence on donor funding because Malawi will never develop with such funding.

    Donor support ought to have been treated as a temporary relief even during Kamuzu’s time if our leaders had the spirit of progress.An era of “factory revolution” should have been envisioned and championed by one of the leaders between Kamuzu and Bingu Mutharika.By now, Malawi would have been a fairly industrialized country at least by African standards, and with a bias toward agro-industry and light industry in electronics.

    Mr Njobvulayema might be trying to say that if donors were pumping money into the economy like the good times of Dr Banda,people wouldn’t be suffering in a battered economy Malawians experience now.He is pointing a finger at APM because he believes the president is showing a stubborn attitude that is condemning the country to isolation from budgetary support.THE MCP LAWMAKER IS RIGHT ABOUT HIS STATEMENT BUT LACKS LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS.

  25. Only wise people knows where the economy and the country is heading to

  26. nankhumwa says:

    Ndati ndikufunseni ine nakhumwa: kodi munaonako nyumba iti wa rent akudzala maluwa mu dothi kupatula mumbiya? Cholinga chake nchakuti akamanyamuka azangonyamula maluwawo mumbiya mosavuta. The same with this goverment, 2019 there shall be landslide losing so there is no need to develop the country!!!

  27. NANKHUMWA says:

    Ndati ndikufunseni ine nankhumwa; kodi munaonako nyumba iti wa rent akudzala maluwa pa thodi kupatula mumbiya? Cholinga chake nchakuti akamasamuka azangonyamula maluwa mumbiya mosavuta. The same with this government 2019 there be landside loosing therefore there is no need to develop the country!!!!!

  28. Mwethu says:

    I am sure that even Aunt Gertu is regretting being the 1st lady now!! Even being married to a prof who seem not to know simple basic tenets of running things must be as surprising to her as it is to the whole country. Someone even mentioned that as a prof who has spent life reading and memorizing stuff, he seems not to even manage that to simple speeches that he gives to the nation, reading throughout and not even looking up to the audience. In this prof we definitely have molasses of the elite.

  29. People says:

    Komatu Kumajambulana bwino. Amatelo munthu wamkulu kumujambula anga aluliratu.

  30. nankhumwa says:

    Ndati ndikufunseni ine kondwa:kodi munaonako nyumba iti wa rent akudzala maluwa pa dothi kupatula mumbiya? Cholinga chake nchakuti akamasamuka azangonyamula maluwawo mumbiya zawo mosavuta. The same with this govt, they know 2019 they will lose so they do not want to develop the country

  31. Tatopanako Kuba says:

    Njovuyalema is not laying more buildings built by MCP government has been distroyed, when they come thier seems Dr,Prof but on ground both of it are became nothing to our country. we vote fore crying and mamaring untill five years

  32. nobel says:

    Mr. Kanthu Ako writes amid high intoxication of stupidity to its extremity. No wonder I doubt whether these Lhomwes can really help Malawi. U just write as a clueless as ur president is. Shame on u. Do u think the economy can build up amid corruption? Who do u think can longer trust Malawi govt with aid amid scandals,dragging corruption cases involving DPP officials including the president himself? I refuse to take ur stupid defense on ur this dunderheads govt

  33. levelheaded says:

    Kodi inu a tired elephant monsemuja munayambira kulira muja koma mudzalamulirako. Munali ndi a tembo lero muli ndi ochakwera mpaka liti mukumangotsutsa chilichonse. Mavuto omwe Ali panowa musamaganize kuti angadzathe chifukwa cha ma donors. Opossition yomwe amalawi akufuna ndiyomapeleka njira zina zomwe dziko lingapezere ndalama kupatula fodya osati Chuma chathu chidzayenda bwino azungu a jazz at it hand is a chifukwa zidakakhala chomcho bwezi titachita bwino nthawi yomwe amatithandiza mmbuyomo. Piano tikuvutika inde koma tikudya zathu ndipo we are only left with one step which is changing our mindset of dependence ndikumapanga zathu. Palibe ndipo sipadzakhala dziko lomwe lidzatukuke chifukwa chogawiridwa.

  34. John Magalasi says:

    if u have a clue please lets share the ideas this is our country if the boat is sinking all of us we go to thengere to be in opposition means ure in Government so do not pretend as if ure Holy

  35. Alungwana says:

    Honestly the MCP is the only party that can claim to have done greatest and tangible development in this country. All the democratic parties are using and destroying what the MCP built for 30 years. It is sad the these democratic thieves have destroyed everything with 15 years.

  36. Denguzman says:

    APM, analiuza dziko kuti azapitiliza pamene Bingu anasiyira. Pano kwacha ikulowera kuti? Amalawi nthawi yakwana yoti tigwilane manja popemphera dziko lathu coz even APM sakudziwa kuti dziko limene akulamulira likulowera kuti. Koma amadzilimbitsa mtima ngati zinthu zikuyenda mudziko lino. God do something for this country coz innocent Malawians are losing their lives bcoz of our selfish politians.

  37. Dr. Mango says:

    Let us not point fingers at each other. If we have alternative sound solutions then express them clearly so that Government may follow. Let us love our country first by looking into solutions for the poorest.

  38. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    forget about these thieves Mr. njobvuyalema, all they know is to steal our and spend it on Ndata and Mlakho wa alomwe with Mulli. but i tell you they will not go far before they are punished!

  39. No Retreat No Surrender says:

    2019 ikuchedwa…Tichotse zimenezi

  40. Rodgers Banda says:

    Who doesn’t have eyes to see the nose diving economy of our beloved poor country with thin and hungry natives save party diehards and cashgaters
    Corruption is at its peak. While ruling parties are milking a boney cow civil servants are crippling it. Now it’s only enough for elites and the rich esp. Presidential lineage. We are still drinking river, dam, lake and well water which is not safe. Electricity in homes follow roads which are in tartars. If someone says “Malawi economy”is bettering , he is mocking Malawians. These words should not come president who mocks natives. Forest is no more.

  41. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    What Mr njobvu is doing is politics. Malawians can agree with me . He is one of long time serving MP in August what contribution did you speak in parliament for the good of our economy. All you say is the dpp has rigged the election . Mind you we have sent to parliament to contribute what is good for the sociol economic of our country. If govt fails u are also failure, mcp fails every one has failed

  42. captain says:

    Njobvuyalema is right, we needed to graduate from donors aid gradually not at once.

  43. becks says:

    APM doesn’t impress me at all . He doesn’t even give me any hope that things would change for the better in Malawi. So clueless. Even you people accusing Njovuyalema you know pretty well APM is clueless. It doesn’t take one to have clues to know that APM is clueless. Does it if I may ask

  44. gwamba says:

    Iwe # 11, siuli M’Malawi usatipusitse.

  45. hisbolla says:

    Iwe CLEMENT machende ako, cash gate inayamba ndi mbuyewako bingu wowola uja. stupid Lomwe iwe.

  46. Benedictor mwalweni says:

    Malawian we are easily convinced try to learn now

  47. Ichocho says:

    ndizavotera mcp basi

  48. Christian life says:

    You don’t get rich in begging. How often have received then ending up losing our creativity to grow. Should we really count on you with that mindset. Koma abale pa Malawi;iiiish, mwati ndinu phungu!!. Eish, ndiyetu munachita bwino osalowa mboma. Anzanu ndi aja amakasamba mankhwala kuti azungu awamvere chisoni. Azungu akuti!

  49. Christian life says:

    You don’t get rich in begging. How often have received then ending up losing our creativity to grow. Should we really count on you with that mindset. Koma abale pa Malawi;iiiish, mwati ndinu phungu!!. Eish, ndiyetu munachita bwino osalowa mboma.

  50. kipps says:

    Well spoken but what is the solution, I do t think just investigating cash gate will bring solutions to this country. Let us open to other donors as Undule said in his article. It’s time to go east , China is a key ally and can bring many changes to our economy. Yes the government has to listen and it has its plans too which they must implement. Can Peter look for experts to help him canvass for international support. We have many Malawians who wish this country well the Kachanjes, the Unduies, mkandawires, the newas and many others who knows issues , national and internationally exposed. Infuse them in and you will see wonders and turn around …

  51. Ned says:

    APM is a nice guy I like him a lot,maybe because of the love that I had for his brother(Bingu),in terms of his leadership principles.BUT prior and during last General Elections i was telling people not to vote for him,unfortunately and now I strongly believe that Malawians are so DULL DULL DULL.
    All they were answering me was that Peter muthalika has been trained in the USA,so that make him a good leader automatically.
    The guy can help Malawi in other areas but not leadership,if you are as blessed as me in analysing one’s personallity of which now I know many Malawians are not,(thats why am calling them DUMB) you can easily see that APM’s leadership incompetence is so obvious,from the way he interacts with people around him in public even the way he talks,he is so obvious.
    But am not blaming common Malawians,they are so innocently ignorant,they were supporting him in good faith,they wanted their lives to improve.
    But maybe I can blame the learned fellows and those blessed with leadership insights,you should be able to come in such kind of circumstances and systematically decampaign such kind of people as APM for the betterment of our country.
    am currently living in Tanzania where their economy is thriving and looking much much better,the idea of returning home is there but the way things are happening now in Malawi am so discouraged.
    i love Malawi koma anthu ake amandivetsa chisoni kwambili,pena misozi imangotuluka yokha ndikaganiza kwambili.
    And some of you can not fully understand what am saying here,mudzangoyenda pan’gono,kaya kupita ku Zambia,Mozambique or Kuno ku Tanzania
    you will forever have a heartbreaking view of our Country.

  52. mulibwanji? says:

    Koma what you should know iwe Njovuyatopa is that MCP will never rule again. We better bring UDF or PP back to power then DPP again but not MCP

    SIMUDZALAMULANSO…..Mudzingokhala ma champions OTSUTSA.

  53. mwiithotho says:

    If you had a clue, we should have seen and known!

  54. Changers says:

    Vuto limayamba ndi ife ovotafe. Sitidziwa chomwe timayang’ana povotera atsogoleri athu. Kuyambira ma Khansala, ma MP mpaka President timayang’ana komwe akuchokera basi. Koma timayiwala kuti mavuto ngati awa amakhuza dziko lonse.

  55. Dwambazi says:

    I’m still waiting to ” clap hands” for this administration. By the look of things I will be waiting for a very long time if at all.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      Rome was not built in a day. In Malawi we want to build in a day things that can not be done in a day.

      If I remember well, the man said next year, is this next year?

      This is why I always contend Malawians are dull.

  56. clement says:

    What are you talking about Njobvuyalema? Do you have any credibility to turn things around? I think you are just talking just to gain praise from your fucken mcp but you know the reason that put us in this situation. The pull down of donors is the major reason plus Lutepo and Joyce.

  57. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Chilikumzako umati chigwire nyangazo. A Njobvuyalema even if we sea Chakwera should take over the reigns of power, there is nothing he can do to change the economy for the better.

  58. IBRAEGO says:


  59. Njolinjo says:


  60. Kambindingu says:

    Listening to the president speech from the press conference yesterday, I was not impressed at all because the guy could not articulate issues affecting this nation. I believed that he can not propel this this country to greater heights. In short, we have a president who does not know what to do. This nation is in trouble.

  61. Yusuf says:

    Ndipo ndi zoona a Njobvu nkulu wotchona ku dziko la eniyu ena amati APM palibe chomwe achite. Pali zambiri kupatula kukhala ndi nduna zochepa zomwe zikufunika kuchita chimodzi mwa zina mwa zofunika kwambiri ndi kufufuza katangale komanso mapezedwe a chuma chochuluka chomwe atsogoleli a DPP anapeza mu ulamulilo wa BINgu( chitsilu cha njanji) . Palibe ma donors kapena ma investers omwe angafune kupeleka ndi kuyambitsa ma company dziko lomwe ntundu wa anthu ena ndi chipani chotchedwa DPP akumadzitenga kuti ali pamwamba pa lamulo. Chabwino ngati panalibe za katangale nthawi ya Bingu,bwanji osalola ofufuza afufuze?

  62. I beg to defer Munthalika is not clueless

  63. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Is it just me that think” is it Njobvuyalema who is clueless”?

    If Njobvuyalema says let us meet the requirements of the donors so they can resume aid, is he saying the Malawi economy is bad because of lack of donor aid? if that is what he is saying, then he can not blame Muthalika of being clueless.

    What he is saying all that Muthalika needs to do is meed the donor demands, is that the same as turning the economy round.

    Guys, we complain a lot about presidents in Malawi interfering with everything, but here is an opposition leader complaining that this president is not interfering enough with the judiciary to conclude cash gate cases. That, I think is the height of stupidity, and the cause of a lot of problems that we have in Malawi, clueless opposition politicians, out for cheap thrills.

    Every country on this god forsaken earth is in economic problems, Good luck to Mr Njobvuyalema fining a donor who will give him 40% of the Malawi budget when they can not service their own.

    Britain is not giving anyone any aid, instead they are diverting it to the European refugee crisis. The only people that can help Malawi in the way he is explaining are the Chinese, and Muthalika has already been there, so what is Njobvuyalema talking about.

    I think we have too many rubbish opposition politicians who have no clue how to keep a party in power on its toes, and doing exactly what Malawians want it to do.

    Its too early to start campaigning.

  64. Christian life says:

    Thanks Njovu for the alarm then what next? Reading through the lines I suppose you have the solutions apart from donor cry. What is it please come on the open. Am behind your idea but I may not blindly follow you unless you create an opportunity window for me. Any light at the end? Are you not the same congress that is strugling to raise funds that can run your party. Are you not the same Njovu that has used our taxpaers money for ages now without creating any production except for producing many kids in your village. Translate that energy into exportable goods for our economy to grow. Just advice.

  65. sandra says:

    Well spoken Njobvuyalema. You don’t need to be a rocket scientists to know that the Cash gate need to be investigated from 2009. And take appropriate action They tell us that the Govt has 3 montwhs forex reserve but go to any commercial banks you will be shocked.

  66. Edoms says:

    I totaly agree with Njovu.The suspension of budgetary support has affected much on the lives of rural people e.g. irrigation farmers from Rumphi has been advised to find money for the transportation of fertilizer from blantyre to Rumphi. (foolish ideas).

  67. mmalawi says:

    All the developing currencies are weakening according to the world bank, should we blame the ruling DPP for all this? Come on MCP be realistic osamangonamiza anthu iyayi.

  68. Mzee says:

    I thought the provate sector is the engine? Has the engine ceased?

  69. Chimangeni says:

    Fact, Malawi Ndi Osauka Ndipo Azakhala Osauka Mpaka Yesu Mwana Mulungu Azabwere.

    Tili Ndi Zinthu Zomwe Mulungu Anatipatsa Kuti Zizitibweretsera Chuma Ku Dziko Lathu Koma Sitifuna Kuzigwiritsa Ntchito.

    Koma Kupempha Ndalama Kwa Mzungu Yemwenso Ali Ndi Mavuto Ake, Azanthu Ku Zambia Coopa Akuwabweretsera Ndalama Ku South Africa Gold Akuwabweretsera Ndalama.

    Tizingolozana Zala Choncho Ndi Kutukwanizana Tsiku Ndi Tsiku Koma Olo Atabwera Wina (President) Palibe Chingasithe.

  70. Who is bringing misery and poverty to the country? Is it politicians or expatriate? All the politicians are the same! I mean they are greedy! Njobvu, so u believe the economy will boost because of donnors? You want homo and Lesb to be here? Teach us how to fish and not to eat the rotten fish . All of you in the August house are greedy

  71. Patriot says:

    Clueless mwati?
    Ife timadziwa zimenezo prior to May 2014 general elections.
    Pano akuti akatapa madzi ku MJ Mt. Kkkkk chonsecho ndi fundo la oyimba wina pa MBC tsiku lija.
    Indeed, this guy is completely and absolutely Clueless.

  72. John says:

    Paja munkati Amayi Amati azungu akuti . Tikuoneni inu muti chani.

  73. Comments reader says:

    Malawi for sale. how i wish malawi wz just a province of another country. no one is clean save for th poor who strugle

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