Njobvuyalema attacks ‘clueless’ Mutharika over Malawi economic revival

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mapuyu; Joseph Rabson Njobvuyalema  has accused President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of being clueless on turning around the economy ,  shaping up to be the big test of the Mutharika’s rule.

Njbvuyalema: Mutharika  is out of touch with reality and the sufferings of Malawians

Njbvuyalema: Mutharika is out of touch with reality and the sufferings of Malawians

Njobvuyalema said MCP raised the red flag in parliament on the ailing economy but said DPP government have not taken the alternative views from the opposition to rebuild the economy.

“People managing our economy are not doing the right thing. They don’t know what to do,” said Njobvuyalema on Capital Radio.

He said Mutharika is clueless in resolving to a plethora of challenges affecting the economy

“Let us meet the demands of the donors so that they can resume the aid,” advised Njobvuyalema.

Among donors demand is thorough investigations into the cashgate scandal from the first DPP rule but apparently, the government in a bid to hold on to power and shield some of its top officials seem to suffocate investigations in the DPP-rule cashgate.

Njobvuyalema said keeping cabinet lean is not a solution unless the ministers are productive.

“We are talking about productivity. Small number of cabinet does not make things improve. The 20 ministries are not producing [results],” said Njobvuyalema.

He also blasted DPP leaders of being pedantic.

“We give alternative views but government doesn’t listen. They don’t take action, they don’t implement,” he stated.

Malawi is literally on its knees with unemployment rising, hunger and poverty stalking the majority of its citizens and a breakdown in social and health systems.

The Kwacha currency continues to weaken against major trading currencies.

“There is nothing that can beef up our currency. We have been relying on tobacco; demand for tobacco now is declining. We can no longer rely on tobacco,” said Njobvuyalema.

He accused DPP for “lack of planning.”

Njobvuyalema asked Mutharika government to focus on pressing issues such as high unemployment rate, power and water shortages, liquidity crisis, lack of medicines, declining education standards and deteriorating agricultural production.

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Goodall Gondwe admitted the country has big economic challenges.

“We are passing through a lot of turbulent times. And I am hoping that World Bank, EU will support us with the budgetary support,” said Gondwe.

Government spokesman and Minister of Information, Jappie Mhango rejected MCP criticism, insisting that the government had “got a grip” on the ecomomic crisis.

“The opposition advise is always listened to. Very soon you will be clapping hands for government for turning around the economy,” said Mhango.

But MCP lawmaker insists DPP-led government lacks the vision and leadership acumen to address the suffering of Malawians due to a myriad of macro-economic challenges facing the country.

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Kkkkkkkk,kunyasisa nkhope bwanji iwe njovu,nkhani ulinayo ndiyoti umafuna udindo osati iwe mkusintha zinthu.Njovu ta chabechabe.


Kkkkkk koma kumalawi…… Aliyense ali ndi mzelu zoyendetsera dziko kkkk koma a nyasa mumusinthe munthuyu picture yakeyi,,, sibwino choncho…


tazingolimbikirani kugwira ntchito basi. Zala lende mwati bma lizingokupatsani za ulere? Simukuona anzanu tikudzutsa ma mansion mmataunimu inu mubalirabe choncho. Dolo ndi Jessie, wati ziiii, waionera patali.


Koma DPP ndi mbola amwene.


Peter should be booted out.

Analisti weniweni

It time Pitala stopped saving the asses of his cashgate friends and himself so that the aid taps started flowing again.Nothing is working with his useless zero aid budget.Its time he worked on 577 billion cashgate than relying on some non working zero aid budget.The way the kwacha is falling,we are soon going to reach Zimbabwe levels.This useless professor should simply admit that he has failed Malawians.Malawians are finding it tough on everyday basis.


DPP ndi mbola amene akubakila apm ndi alomwe! Ndipo amapeza zinazake.things are getting worse everyday tifika PA Zimbabwe. Athu okuda simungayendese ziko mukuchepa zofunika azungu akhalepo. Mwaiona Zambia???? Mayi Joyce banda bweran muzatiombole Ku 92 billion hahahahahahahah a DPP osalusa macheza awa


Its easy to spot out mistakes when u r out of field of play


Capital Radio please repeat this interview. you are the best râdio.

Keen Observer

Indeed Malawi cannot survive without donors. It’s not about DPP it’s about the freezing of aid but now Mutharika & his friends need to do the right thing to win back the donors.

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