No apologies, MCP tells Mutharika: Malawi News hits at ‘senseless’ opulence

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has refused to apologize for its critical comments on President Peter Mutharika on his UN trip.

Kabwila at a news conference showing a flagship daily quoting Mutharika saying Malawi is broke yet he lives in Mapwevupwevu

Kabwila at a news conference showing a flagship daily quoting Mutharika saying Malawi is broke yet he lives in Mapwevupwevu

Party publicist Jessie Kabwira said they have nothing to apologize for and will never apologize for telling the truth.

Kabwira has since urged Mutharika to work on challenges Malawians are facing rather than boosting of his wealth by telling the nation he is not poor and that he already made money during his stay in America.

Mutharika told a news conference that MCP spokesperson should apologise to him for criticising the President for hiring the jet on his New York trip.

But speaking to reporters in Lilongwe on Saturday, Kabwila said Mutharika’s apology demand is wishful thinking.

“We will never apologise to the President in fact the President is the one who should apologise for the pain inflicted on Malawians by spending millions of Kwachas for this year UN meeting and yet hospitals have no scanners,” Kabwiila said

Kabwira said it is unfortunate that Mutharika decided to hire expensive jet at the expense of ordinary Malawians who are suffering with growing poverty.

The MCP publicist also accused President Mutharika for shouting to the media.

“It is unfortunate that Mutharika singled out one radio station, this is very bad, media is the fourth estate we need to respect the media,” she said.

Kabwira also took a swipe at the Malawi President for his remarks that he is already a millionaire and that he funded the campaign from his personal pocket.

MCP has since given a five day ultimatum to Malawi government to release the list of the people who went to United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and the list of people who funded them.

The party has also made a fresh call to Mutharika to step down asked by revealing that the country is broke.

Mutharika, 75, has already declared that he will not resign and will be seeking re-election in 2019 polls.

Meanwhile, Malawi News on Saturday in its editorial comment criticised the Mutharika government of “utter senselessness whose only objective is to murder poor Malawians.”

The paper also hit at Mutharika for going “berserk” in justifying why he needs to travel in opulence and said the citizens of Malawi also “expect their welfare to be taken care of.”

Reads the editorial: “The DPP should remember that it is the same citizens that pay tax to fund the President’s comfort abroad who are crying for fair treatment.”

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Innocent Blacknyasa Pembah
Innocent Blacknyasa Pembah
Malawi is in pain.. Mwatikwezera passport kuti tifere momwemuno. Tikayamba business mukubadwitsa timisonkho topanda mitu, school ndi iyi mwachotsa PSLCE ndi JCE yet MSCE ndiyomwe yaphweka kubeledwayi… Bursery mukuti yathanso amphawife mukutiganizira? A super rich african american who made millions of dollars in america, why is he here in malawi the poorest country on earth? Ngati muli ndi ndalama mudadzikwezera salary yanu chifukwa chani? Misonkho ndi iyi mukutipha nayoyi, mukapanga zopusa anthu nkudzudzula muzitiopseza pomenya matebulo? Musaiwale Lucious Banda adaimba kuti boma salamulira pomenya matebula koma mofatsa ndi mozichepetsa… A super rich president athu….. Musaiwale kuti amalawi akatopa amanena momveka… Read more »

ministering to the pple is different from ministering to God. 2019 DPP will continue.2024 to 2034 DPP with Dr Chilima.Politics is a game of numbers sizapagome izi.ngati mukufuna kulamulira mpofunika mupange convice southern region & the entire Lomwe.ForYour Info. registered Lomwes who attend the muhlako wa a Lhomwe is over 5,000,000 pple across the nation. ndiye pali ena not registered, mukhaula simudzalamulirapo. zizingokufinyani mumtima.dziko ndi lathu ili, we are everywhere in mw in large numbers.


Manowo timaliza ife za utsiru sitimafuna Gyz tiyeni tiyende pa 20 pakubwerapa

marvel chikondi

MCP still habours the dream that it won the general elections. again you can see that their leader after leaving God has lost directions. he thinks only of power & ruling Malawi. as a veteran in the field of scripture he should have advised his followers that everything has its time. DON’T RUSH


Akatolika munyengo ino ya kolona tiyeni tikumbukile kupemphelera dziko lathu,ndithuuu.otherwise eiiiish, we are heading for crush landing ndukuuzani.


Wamva Peter?ndi mutu wako wowumawo



Austin Banda

If you had posted the word of God so many people could have been inspired and saved in this last hour of our salvation.Lets fear God and give Him glory for He made us in His own likeness.Lets love one another for we are the temples of God in whom He dwells.

maliwa wa chamba

The significance of the truth is that it pains and nothing shall come to pass before it i s revealed. Midnight boma can not produce tangible things because it is passing with the angel of darkness and death. Bravo Kabwila. Very soon God is going to reveal Himself of the truth of the matter.

Mtondoli Jonazi
I think nthawi yakwana yoti ndidzakhale president pa Malawi. The following is the list of my do’s and don’ts: 1. I will not stay at the State House. The government will just have to do with nyumba ya housing or yotchipirapo mu Ndirande, ku 18 ku Lilongwe ndi ku Masasa mu Mzuzu. Better still ku Mzuzu I will operate from kumudzi ku Jombo, Enukweni, Mzimba. 2. Draw a MK1.00 salary because I will need to get paid as per requirement being a government employee 3. I will not need a body-guard? For what? Kuopa kuphedwa? I doubt if I have… Read more »

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