No funds for Malawi spy agency, Dausi told to ‘take care’

Cash-strapped Malawi government has cut the funding to the state spy agency – National Intelligence Bureau (NB) – in the month of May and that the bureau may not receive finances in this month.

Dausi:  Take care

Dausi: Take care

According to a circular from acting director of administration and finance at NIB to all directors, regional officers and spy sectroal heads which is copied to Chief Spy Nicholas Dausi, Reference Number HO/SEJ8/13/29, NIB received “very little funding” for the month of May.

The letter said the funding cut was due to “financial constraints and economic challenges that Malawi is facing at the moment.”

“With May, 2015 allocation of inadequate funding amounting to MK9, 475,732 00 only, NIB will not be able to purchase /pay fuel, airtime, stationery, consumables, utility bills and other important commitments.

The letter appealed to spies to “take care of resources” that was provided in May.

“Please take not that NIB may not receive funding for the month of June,” reads the correspondence.

A sizeable number of spy agents, have confirmed that, the situation at the NIB “cannot hold” as some contracted officers, are earning peanuts, with no allowances such as fuel, housing .

There is also no funding for part time informers planted in what the NIB regards as “crucial sectors”.

Some critics have been calling for the country to scrap the country’s intelligence agency, accusing the spies of feeding misleading information to the President.

Others want “control mechanisms” to oversee the NIB finances.

The 2015/16 budget currently under debate in Parliament, has seen cuts of allocations to other departments such as the Local Government and Rural Development, Land and Housing, Youth Development and Sports, Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Financial Intelligence Unit, Registrar General, Transport and Public Works, Human Rights Commission and the Anti- Corruption Bureau.

But offices connected to the presidency will be basking in the privilege of having their allocations increased instead.

Meanwhile, there are strong indications that Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe will be forced to make some significant modifications as it is being demanded by the lawmakers who have already described the financial blueprint as illegal in its current form.

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32 thoughts on “No funds for Malawi spy agency, Dausi told to ‘take care’”

  1. lesta says:

    Thus good news,may be less people will be killed by this gang of murderers,why should my tax fund a nasty group that hunts and kills dpp political enemies? Please how I wish this gang was disbanded,

  2. Ma student says:

    Why giving funds to these idiots

    Not hospitals

    Or colleges
    Hunger stricken families ????

  3. Mwakipiki says:

    If you can’t protect your own secrets, then how can you protect those of the nation!!

  4. Nivindele says:

    This is to blindfold Malawians. While Infact ma spy (most of them call boys) they have been travelling all over africa on poor people’s money. They have no heart. Ma spy onse pano ayamba project yama Chapima houses following their big mafia. Pitala is the most foolish we have had.

  5. Manyopesa says:

    M’Mwana zinthu zavuta zingopita kwumwaza ukagulitse manachesi kkkkkkkkkkkkkk zitsilu za DPP mumaona ngati kuyendetsa boma kuli ngati kuyendetsa ngolo?,muyisova,chili kwa nzako usati kwachigwile nyanga.

  6. Asaaa kodi kani eti?

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Dpp security is different from national security. Unfortunately for our nib, it is more like dpp security rather than national, all you do is terrorize people with a different opinion to that of dpp. The opposition and individual opinions are part and parcel of democracy, they are as patriotic as anyone but want things done differently, they are not a threat to national security.

    Concentrate your intelligence on real threats to national security such as local collaborators with dangerous foreigners and such issues as Islamists which are slowly infiltrating our country, etc.

    We need national security but I think it should be regulated and its activities monitored by a Parliamentary intelligence Commiittee. They should not have reduced its budget but rather maintained it as it was but again as most people here have observed does it really need that much when Their activities are politically led rather than professionally led to protect the country?

  8. nkhawazatha says:

    my Korean neighbor ate my dog

  9. Kindom ya Atumbuka says:

    Mwayiwona machinery yakubela, malawians are not fools . One day flames of fire shall blaze mercelessly on you !

  10. Nyapambi says:

    Choopsa ndi chani pa Malawi kuti mpakana tikhale ndi ma spy from Nsanje to Chitipa??? Za zii! These are the people who cause miseche in the country. Ntchito ya spy ikhale kufufuza zoti employee uyu kwao ndi kuti, ali chipani chanji, uncle ake ndani, amagwirizana ndiyani…..etc rubbish!!! AMalawi tizingothyolana makosi zopanda ntchito ngati zimenezi. Dziko lathu silingapite patsogolo ndi mchitidwe uyu. If anything, let’s revert to Special Branch ya Police inalipo ija, we dont need nyasi zilipozi.

  11. mulhomwe wakwa Goliyati says:

    Usova Dausi!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. GwAAAAAAA! says:

    Dausi usova ! since it can’t be to put funds into a stupit group so called (spy) while pple are suffering with hunger nation wide and the increased number of uneployement in Malawi.You shud know zat an educated man like our president can’t allow this to happen.

  13. kaya says:

    I don’t really know what this NIB does. I hear a lot about the CID section of the police than this NIB. I think the CID section is more active and more relevant than NIB which is headed by a politician without any knowledge on intelligence matters. I think NIB needs a review of its roles and relevance otherwise our taxes are just being consumed for nothing mwinaso boma ladulira dala funding after noting that the NIB is another useless careless and thoughless idea to have and implement in a modern democracy. Next month just pay these guys their salaries and only pay for their rent water and electricity and nothing extra unless they review their roles and operations otherwise transfer all these guys to the CID section of the Police

  14. KARU UNITED says:

    Don’t personalise the matter of funding for NIB, Love it or loathe it,it is part of state machinery,almost all over the world.Unfortunately,events in a country, do not always unfold the way you as an individual want.

  15. mulli says:

    Mr Dausi you are failing to identify offices to be petrol-bombed,when u identify some be assured of massive funding for buying matches

  16. Charombanthu says:

    Just abolish this institution. We are yet to see the benefits it brings to this country…

  17. Sokosi says:

    What did an educated president like Professor think to give this position to a dumb head like Dausi?

  18. Shaft says:

    Wawa Bwana Dausi

  19. Samuel Lwara. says:

    I do not even know if there is any spy agency in Malawi. Spies are rewarded after accomplishing a mission as assigned by their master in line with intellegent government security system that is enshrined in a Republic constitution. I do not think ours fit into that. Am sorry….

  20. Mlakho says:

    The man is a crook.Wagwa nayo!!

  21. Mbewe ku mphani says:

    Azipita kwao. What do they do?

    Boma liribe ndalama ndiye ma department anawa titseka kaye.

  22. Marcus says:

    An intelligence Bureu that washes its linen in public, having its agents well known to the media and who can accord interviews at will. Zachibwana basi! So now the enermies of the land know that May is the right month to attack since you do not have enough resources. If your agents can talk without being under dures, what secret information will they reveal while at gun-point?

  23. bob says:

    Indeed this spy agency is a liability to the nation and must be abolished. The Military intelligence in the Army is enough to secure the country against its enemies. However NIB seems to focus attention on spying on innocent Malawi citizens in the opposition and fabricating lies against them. This is primitive in the modern Malawi. Nonsense, abolish NIB

  24. surestream says:

    Wawa bambo Dausi

  25. toxic loan boy says:

    what do these people really do? anthu akuphedwa ngati nkhuku m’taunimu. if we had real spies, bwenzi akutulukila ma operation aumbanda monga ma bank robbery ndi petroda attack asanachitike. fake spies

  26. LAWFORD PALANI says:

    I as one working at statehouse have all reasons to support disbandment of NIB. Its being personalized by Dausi. As former DC better channel those resources to health sector in Dowa District

  27. Rodriguas Latata says:

    No more allocation. Period. We don’t a mabodza agency.

  28. edda mwalweni says:

    Amenewa ndi a ‘kazitape’ a pa Malawi. Mkatolika ngati Dausi kulimbana ndi kuneneza anzanu, chitani mwanyazi, ndithudi mmwana.

  29. joy dungulinya says:

    Dausi ali mwana amakonda kuonera ma filimu a James Bond,the spy who love me.He is very much concerned about spying.Mavoti anatha akusowa choyatsa.His job is at stake.Akalongosola chiani kwa abwana.

  30. Helo says:

    Just abolish this institution. What good does it do apart from setting fire to electrol commission warehouses?

  31. captain says:

    Dausi mavoti obela aja sakupinduliratu

Comments are closed.

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