No reason provided in removing Chief Immigration Officer: Medi reverts to Malawi Police duties

The removal of  Chief Immigration Officer Masauko Medi  has puzzled many people in the country, but the government has refused to give reasons for the move.

Medi: Back to Malawi Police

Medi: Back to Malawi Police

Medi has been Immigration chief for a year after being appointed from Police  to replace Hudson Mankhwala who  was moved from Immigration to head the Refugees Unit in the and Internal Security.Ministry of Home Affairs

But government has decided to redeploy Medi back to Police and  reverts to his rank of Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police at Police Headquarters in Lilongwe.

The move raised questions on why Medi has been removed with reports of underperforming by the department, loss of cash through damages and refunds.

Immigration department also reportedly failed to pass the passport availability litmus test under his charge.

Chief Secretary to Government George Mkondiwa  said there were no official reasons for the changes.

Home Affairs Minister Jean Kalirani and Information Minister Jappie Mhango, could also not give any reasons.

In a farewell message to Immigration Department, Medi said it pleased the government to redeploy him to the Malawi Police Services.

“Officers, it’s now official, it has pleased the government of Malawi to redeploy me to a Police Commissioner. Thanks for your support during my stay at immigration. I enjoyed every aspect of professional interaction. For any reporting, report to the Deputy Chief Immigration Officer. God bless Immigration. God bless Malawi,” reads the message.

Government spokesman said  Medi’s deputy automatically took over in acting capacity.

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24 thoughts on “No reason provided in removing Chief Immigration Officer: Medi reverts to Malawi Police duties”

  1. dell says:



  2. mapuya molopale says:

    Bolanso Mankhwala yemwe uja..

  3. Vyantonda says:

    to be appointed IG pompano

  4. Mbani says:

    kaka unalowa vaweniwake alomwe unakwata kwamphenzi

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    Now it is a Lomwe’s turn instead of a Hinyas which is which?we must not concentrate on accusing every Lomwe instead of the culprit likewise,we must not single out all the Tumbukas for one’s crime,this is utterly unfair and divisive that could lead to distabilisation of our peaceful Nation.This simple misconception,must not be encouraged in our society and names of our ethnicities must be replaced by the individual’s name of the criminal who is a Malawian simple and pure.Mind you,tribalism is more devastating than wildfire.Look at our brothers and sisters of Mozambique one of the richest nations in Africa as far as God-given natural resources are concerned,instead of showering the soils with fertilizer,they are watering the soils with blood since FRELIMO took up arms to liberate themselves in September,1964. Malawians,we are not Engels,we must learn from the mistakes of others.GOD BLESS US!!!

  6. soko says:

    Ngati akulephera kupereka zifukwa zoveka bwino akuluakulu amenewa Dziwani izi ndi ndale,ndipo very soon amalawi muziona ndi kuziva. Ife tilipheeeh.

  7. Mwachipoka Kawawa says:

    Mpando umenewu utha anthu! Leave In Peace, Medi.


    Well done! Medi the Government Seniors knows you delivered well at Immigration and even those before you at Immigration there they did good job too…Mr Medi is Smart and Home Grown brainy Chanco Big Boys …well Done Medi …No Demotion Here its part of Government Protocals thats why government didnt give reason why?? God Bless You for better Health and keep Malawi Safe ….

  9. Carol says:



    The Immigrations Department is NONSENSE!

  10. UM says:

    Medi has always been a performer. .. he is an asset in the police no doubt about it,,,,

  11. Kamuchitete says:

    Chouluka chinatera. May be he is involved in 500 billion cash gate which so quite. Days are numbered. Kunyasa zinthu zake!!!!!

  12. Chisa says:

    He has completely failed the immigration .palibe chanzeru wachita po chipitileni ku immigration hence the reason of redeploying him back to police though he has been demoted

  13. this is not an issue at all. morever, he is not the first person to be deployed.

  14. Alhomwe Alhomwe says:

    Dr Kamoto Chief Kwataist and we know the Mulhomwe who is going there he was there before and is now busy spreading the deadly one at MRA……
    You people are note serious. You think we are fools. We knew Medi was warming the seat for your Lhomwe one

  15. medi vuto lake akuti kufunsira akazi aweni uyu amaonjeza mpaka a firstlady?

  16. Gugulethu Chapondachindoko says:

    He has been moved away to pave way for a Lomwe person

  17. Winston Msowoya says:

    It is a matter of guess work.The influx of Asian migrants into the country,is very suspicious especially the issuance of Work permits and residence permits and also hundreds if not thousands,are living in the country illegally.

  18. Jahan says:

    He failed the immigration department, give him a desk job! Why do we celebrate mediocrity? It is because this gvt is mediocre?

  19. mbwiye wapata says:

    there is no smoke without fire,otherwise its not smoke but snow or foggy

  20. chibale says:

    Nothing wrong with this movement. The exigencies of service so dictates. I suspect Medi is being earmarked for DIG position. Mind you if he is going back as Commissioner then he has been promoted as he was a Senior Deputy Commissioner. Its a strategic move by govt.

  21. Gift Shabah says:

    Pamenepo ndiye pa boma, expect anything to happen!

  22. Grace Chandiloza says:

    The rank of chief immigration officer is the equivalent of deputy inspector general of police. Being made commissioner is not just a redeployment, it is a demotion. They must have a good reason for demoing him.

  23. Jambo says:

    Check your introduction. Which Malawians have been puzzled by the removal of the CIO? Do they even know him? Write better intro by writing facts not opinion.

  24. Dr Kamoto, Chief Kwataist says:

    Akufuna kuyika ko mulhomwe. Demeti

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