North water ‘new billing system’ unwelcome

Customers of Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) have accused the utility body of stealing from them with the present billing system.

NRWB Chief Executive Officer Titus Mtegha

NRWB Chief Executive Officer Titus Mtegha

 NRWB prepaid meters

NRWB prepaid meters

The disclosure was made in Mzuzu recently during presentation findings done by Kalondolondo in two separate areas of Rumphi district.

Findings showed that several people in the aforementioned areas “are not satisfied with the way the board is calculating their tariffs.”

According to the findings, the board is too secretive with the manner in which “it handles the water bills.”

A representative from Rumphi Secondary School, for example, lodged a complaint that when the school is in session they pay K500 000 and when the schools are closed they pay over K600 000.

“It doesn’t make sense,” the representative registered.

Ekwendeni Girls Secondary School of Mzimba also registered similar concerns.

Apart from the billing system the survey also indicated that there is poor communication between the Board and its customers.

Reacting to the concerns, NRWB’s quality manager Lewis Banda admitted to Nyasa Times that “customers had indeed been complaining about our billing charging system and that customer relations is not indeed good with our customers.”

But he was working towards a “lasting solution.”

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13 thoughts on “North water ‘new billing system’ unwelcome”

  1. chizaso says:

    Kayerekera, where is our promised water in Karonga?

  2. Cashgate1 says:

    And Worst still, they have adjusted their tariffs I don’t know by what percentage. Only to see huge bills coming for payment. Is this how you run these utility providers? At least if you have Public Relations person in your Body you let him/her run notice in Media so that your clients are aware. What is that Northern Water Board is afraid in letting people know about hike in tariffs? I want to know what percentage have you passed to your consumers please?

  3. Bahasa says:

    Ku blantyre kulibe ma bill, nonse atumbuka bwerani

  4. zoopsa says:

    These fools with their mzuzu city coynterpatrts are stealing and dearailing development up north,these clowns must be sacked forth with,how do you explain this bulshit NRWB? huh? Another group of thieves is at ESCOM,this escom gang aswel dont charge their services accordingly,this mentality of robbing fron people one day mudzaona polekera,mxii

  5. Cecilia Mapila says:

    This billing problem aside, which will be sorted out anyway, Titus Mtegha and his Northern Region Water Board, still remains the best run and most efficient of all Water Boards in the country. Even the Minister attested to this. As much as I personally don’t like Mr Mtegha, his efficiency cannot be taken away.

  6. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Non of our business anthu akumidzi ife, tizingokumverani mukamiliza kulimbanako mutiuza.

  7. Mpinjipinji says:

    My bill used to less than K2000 a month to my surprise this month it’s more than K8000 yet I stay alone….at new tariff
    Mbava zenizeni mxieeeee

  8. Charombanthu says:

    Uyu mwaika pa chithunziyu ndi Maweru osati Mtegha a Nyasa Times.

  9. Mr Chasowa Fredrick says:

    This is not the picture of Mr Mtegha CEO of Northern Region Water Board This is Mr Maweru, Principal secretary for Water and Irrigation

  10. musolin says:

    Mtegha…tell us where you get this water that you are overcharging us. This very same water from Gulliver but we are paying so exorbitantly Why? Don’t steal from us you dogs…mwamangamanga ma lodge umu koma you use the same water without paying..
    wambwengu imwe, ntchito mwalembanaso pa ubale winu. Nkhukundembo izi

  11. atumbuka si anthu says:

    Their billing is unrealistic. the board should fire the CEO and his right hand man some Mr Mtawali and a series of incompetent so called ‘senior managers’ from the board.

    ACB should come in as well these people are accumulating personal wealth at the expense of ordinary civilians.

  12. Tili Chenene says:

    NRWB must have been ordered by certain evil higher authority because what has happened cannot be regarded as a mistake. The evil is working amongst service providers

  13. peter muthanyula says:

    Kwachuluka ndi kuberana basi. Poor services, koma overcharged. The water is not even clean. Tiyeni tidzikondana aMalawi, chonde!

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