Not convinced’ – Mixed reaction to coach Mtawali as Malawi blows K200mil for AFCON

Following the Malawi national football team exit at the Cosafa Castle Cup tournament in Windhoek, Namibia, several people have expressed their disappointment with the team’s recent performance both in Coasaf  and Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers claiming coach Ernest Mtawali and his entire backroom staff are to blame for the team’s poor showing.

Mtawali: Returns empty handed

Mtawali: Returns empty handed

Speaking to Nyasa Times, one fan said the Flames are inconsistent and exiting the Cosafa at such an early stage is a true reflection of that factor.

“We have a very poor record in must win games and the loss to Lesotho is such a good example of that. We played against  a youthful Angolan side before facing a resilient Mauritius side two days later. From the two games, one could tell that our team lacks consistency because I felt we should have punished Mauritius with more goals to prove our wealthy.

“What happened against Lesotho was the continuation of the poor showing from our previous game. There were some players like Chiukepo Msowoya who didn’t deserve to be in the starting eleven basing on his poor performance in the two games  but that wasn’t the case. I believe Coach Mtawali and his technical panel had their own understanding o the game but I felt the fielding was somehow amateur like ,” said one of the concerned fan Alfred Kachimanga.

Another fan said Malawi should start thinking about building a better team rather than putting the hype on old guards who have passed their playing time .

He said it is unfortunate that Mtawali was given the nod to lead the team without experience which he said has been his major challenge.

“He (Mtawali ) has never coached a competitive club and doesn’t have the qualities of becoming a good coach. Look at the way the team has been performing in AFCON qualifiers. Within a short period of time, we have used over 30 players which shows lack of direction for our team and it’s a clear indicator of failure on Mtawali part and his backroom staff. We need to sharpen our pangas so that we get rid of them once they return,” said a furious fan.

Meanwhile, reports which Nyasa Times have established shows that the Football Association of Malawi is yet to make a decision on Mtawali’s future.

But speaking to Nyasa Times on conditions of anonymity, one of Mtawali’s close pal said  t the coach was given targets by his employers following the Flames poor showing in AFCON  qualifiers.

Football Association of Malawi  (FAM) has since blown K200 million for the Afcon campaign.

According to  FAM  administrative manager Christopher Mdolo, the Flames will drain about K30 million for the remaining academic fixture against Swaziland.

FAM was allocated K32 million by Malawi National Council of Sport in the budget, they received K50 million from Carlsberg Malawi and K44 million from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

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8 thoughts on “Not convinced’ – Mixed reaction to coach Mtawali as Malawi blows K200mil for AFCON”

  1. Sports Philosopher says:

    Which parent at this point in Malawi wishes his son became a footballer??? Should a child show any interest in football, he is stopped immediately! Are you sure football can not be a career? That tells it all, we have all belittled the sport hence the dwindling standards. Imagine all the pitches that were used for the young stars to play on, there is a structure. Where will they practice and develop their skill? At the national team? If we can only change the our mentality, to believe that our children can make a living out of football then the rest will flow!

  2. Wapa Bench says:

    The football in 70s n 80s as said by Victor was based on performance of an individual and not on club neither place of origin. Secondly, identification of players was being done even in rural areas. Koma pano nobody ku FAM kapena Sports Council amene amapita kumidziko regardless of so many opportunities of league games sponsored by politicians and others.
    Today we have District Sports Officers who are there ambiri just kuti amafuna ntchito koma zampira sadzitsata ayi. Sanasewelepo komanso sadziwanso ndi malamulo azamasewero ena aliwonse. Ma games amatha kukhalako just 5km from their place of stay sapitakonso.
    Let’s come up with a system of identifying talentented players from all corners of Malawi. Just assign volunteers to be selecting potential players from kumidzi who should later cluster them pa district where akatswiri from FAM, Sports Council and coaches from all popular clubs should be able to come and see them by creating or organising deliberate test match.

  3. Chandamale says:

    Under the leadership of Ngwazi Kamuzu flames was built on the four cornerstones, let me remind you 1) unity, 2) loyalty 3) obedience and 4) discipline. Thats where flames was built upon. I the Ngwazi was still arrive that could be Chitimu in Africa and Malawi in particular.

  4. victor says:

    Yes Bibo is right, there is a need to go on the drawing board and start fresh otherwise tax payers money being wasted.In the 70s and 80s there were no football academies in Malawi but the National Team was performing very well. The ship is sinking please help……………………???????????????

  5. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Who wrote him the job?

    1. Fireworks says:

      wrote him on the job?????? anamulemba ntchito ndani? kkkkkkkk chingelezi cha chichewa

  6. Bibo says:

    Football standards have gone down drastically due to lack of long term planning by both government and FAM. Success in the game is based on massive investment especially in the youth. One wonders how a country can achieve success in such a popular game without having even a single well known academy. Clubs rely on old players scouted from rural areas having played on bare ground without playing shoes. Such players become the so-called stars for the national team and featuring in the sub-standard Malawian super league.

    FAM administrators have for long believed in short term achievements instead of laying down a foundation for a solid future success. They even hire coaches that hardly improve performance for players. Ernest Mtawali is one such example of a coach rushed to coach a senior team without any required credentials. History has taught us that a best player usually doesn’t make a best coach. The combination of poor quality of coaching with a no-talent Flames team has proved an embarrassment to the nation. It is for this reason that we are asking for a new overseas coach with youth experience and a disbandment of the team in order to concentrate on rebuilding through the youth. We don’t have quality players to take us far at the moment and it is not good for the country to keep on spending on a team that doesn’t deliver. It doesn’t hurt to take a break from football activities as long as you preserve your pride. Losing to Lesotho or Swaziland or Botswana is the last thing Malawians should accept because they pay tax to get better services.

    This is the right time to plan with reasoning. Goals should be set for the 2022 world cup and the 2021 Africa cup by planting the right seeds now and let them blossom in a healthy manner. The nation should borrow a leaf from countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Senegal about how they have developed their football. There is too much passiveness in Malawi in almost everything, and football is the worst. The country should continued from where late Manfred Hoener left. The German had a very good program for the youth. Finding someone similar to Mr Hoener would help a lot.

    1. James says:

      This is very true. Every word.

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