I am not dying anytime soon, 2019 will seek re-election – Malawi President Mutharika

President Peter Muthatika has scolded members of the opposition for wishing that he would hurry up and die , saying  he has ‘more than 9 lives’ like a cat and will not be dying anytime soon because he is in ‘perfect’ health.

Mutharika: I have more than 9 lives

Mutharika: I have more than 9 lives

Mutharika not walking away: Fit and well

Mutharika not walking away: Fit and well

He spoke at a news conference at Kamuzu Palace parrying away fears that he has falling health.

The President who was in a jovial mood also waved both hands in the air to refute rumours that his right hand was in bad shape after he greeted people using his left hand when he arrived from a month long visit of the USA where he attended the 71st United nations general Assembly.

“If there is a person who has died several times and wake up, then it’s me,” said 76 year old leader.

“I think I have more than nine lives, more than a cat. Maybe I could be likened to Harry Houdini; do you know who Harry Houdini is you members of the press? Ok maybe Virginia Palmer (USA Ambassador to Malawi) might know him,” said Mutharika.

“There was too much talk about my health, but I want to tell you that I am well. I have organs like a 30 year old. ”

Mutharika confirmed about undergoing a shoulder operation.

“I only have a long time problem with my right shoulder and I had an operation in the USA so when I was coming my right hand was numb and that is why I greeted people with my left hand,” added Mutharika to the ulululation of DPP women who also graced the press briefing.

“Maybe the opposition wanted to face a weaker candidate in 2019, I am here you will face me in 2019,” said Mutharika.

“Others were saying I should hand over power because I was sick. Maybe you don’t know but I am the one who inserted that provision in the constitution on 4 February 1995 in this very room that when a president is incapacitated, there should be a team of private medical practitioners to examine him and then inform the Speaker of Parliament. Its incapacitation not being sick,” said Mutharika, who apparently was now losing temper.

Answering a question on the blackout of information on the last 15 days of his USA visit, Mutharika said he sent all his staff back home after the UNGA and therefore there was no one to pass on that information home.

“Don’t blame my people, if anything blame me. I am not accountable to newspapers and by the way it’s not on for me to tell you every minute of my meetings,” said Mutharika.

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41 thoughts on “I am not dying anytime soon, 2019 will seek re-election – Malawi President Mutharika”

  1. Kwacha Malawi says:

    a ZBS musaonetsere mbali imene muli nthawi zonse chitsime chimaoneka chakuya chikaphwa. Management of ZBS should work soberly and do as professional radio. You always brings shame to the Malawian nation when you air a story without backup and which you don’t have first hand information. Remember 2012 mumachita kunenera ngati masewera a mpira mpomwe ndi imfa everybody deserves respect and honour. What had happened that day at state house briefing it wasn’t surprised. Please ZBS management deserves your respect not zikachitika mumvera kwa ife musanafufuze. There is no man on Ireland! MCP ngati mwayi ulipo olowa m’boma muzazionanso zomwe akuona anzanuzi lero. Munthu ndi okhumudwitsa koma Mulungu samakhumudwitsa ai.

  2. Ause Mu Mtendere Peter says:

    i have followed all the comment, i have counted votes for those hu r behind peter and for those hu r against peter, according to these comment the against ones have wone with far much votes, the YES BWANA, very lito votes. now u say peter azawina 2019 kuti? pipo r dying out there coz of lack of proper health care, and u think pipo a 2 blind to see?uchoka kunjakwakeko kubwera kuno kungofikira kukweza mtengo wa chimanga, yet he is saying nobody will die with hunger, hau? is he going to be giving free maize khomo ndi khomo? does he know kuti kukwera kwa chimanga ndekuti chilichonse chikweranso? fetereza anthu akulephera kugula chifukwa cha mtengo, 25000 one bag munthu wakumudzi aitenga kuti? this man MUST go, we dont care in what way but he must go period, zikungofanana ndikukhala opanda president. i withdraw my vote from this dump leader.

  3. True Patriot says:

    I want someone to mention just one thing that Malawians benefited from the much choreographed and very expensively organized press conference – just one thing that added value to our fast deteriorating standards of living! Zero!!!! All we saw, and it was exhibited in full abundance, was executive arrogance! One would be forgiven if one concluded that arrogance is actually a key characteristic for one to survive in APM’S cabinet!

  4. Gab Banda says:

    Is Teresa Ndanga a threat to the President? Why is it everytime the president gets emotional whenever this American educated professional ask or enquire? What sanity was that she was being moved seats minutes before Press Conference? Who hired those women who followed her all the way from the gates to the Conference Room and all way back to her vehicle?
    What wrong with Mr President not to allow her ask a second question? You even started to respond emotionally to her unfinished question. Remember, Ndanga doesnt own ZBS and casigating ZBS because of Ndanga is very sad, shameful to the big man. As an academic and HE, you should be proud we have people like Teresa Ndanga and ZBS for development, not avoiding them or hating them in public. This shows that you are out of tune, because no radio staion was announcing of your deah. Mwanamizidwa bwana, mukanafufuza kaye.

  5. mchisala says:

    Mutharika was servicing his American Green card on our hard-earned tax money and needed the additional days for this!

  6. chitima says:

    “how can l return while sick when l have a medical insurance in USA” …what ? l doubt if Mr Chunga’s question meant something to him… he doesnt care about the status of our health system. I sent all my staff back …that why there was no communication … maine ! A Malawi tili pamoto … mabodza awa atithandiza ?

  7. Tione Phiri says:

    Nthanga kunena adathawitsa likongwe wa apongozi ndipo ndapakonda adasiya mnkhonde. Ife athu ndi maso kuyang’ana ndi kumvetserara.

  8. The Analyst says:

    Any sensible person can’t wish or celebrate another’s misfortune.
    . . . Thus, wishing or hoping or praying that APM become incapacitated, is just as nonsensical as interpreting any sickness of the president as a scintilla of incapacitation.
    . . . But isnt it an indellible mark of wisdom to respond to such idle and malicious rumours with equanimity and humility?
    . . . Nanga inu, who doesn’t know that “Tomorrow is promised to no one”? – Clint Eastwood; and thus that all we can do is wish?
    . . . Wouldnt it be more appropriate therefore for APM to say “I do not wish to die any time soon than “Am not dying any time soon”?
    . . . Who has already forgotten that it’s Heaven’s business to humble those who unnecesarily exalt themselves?
    . . . It’s high time APM stopped being loose with his tongue coz not only does such idle talk not befit the president he is, but it also doesnt tally with the profesorial gowns he wears.

  9. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Everyone gets sick sometime. Personally I dont like Mutharika’s leadership style but it was sickening the way people wished him dead. From Lazaro Chakwera, Gift Trapence, Timothy Mtumbo, aka ka lawyer ka Thindwa aka, makamakanso this lunatic Kamlepo Kaluwa ndi anthu ena a ku Ntcheu ndi mbuzi za mitima yovunda who deserve to die in the stead of the president!

    Palinso mabakha ena mukulemba za kumtumbo ngati kwanu anthu samadwala kapena kufa. You are not God! Munaluza let Peter rule. Tonse tidzafa!

  10. thickcolouredchick says:

    Mr. president please do something about water and electricity

  11. BBA says:

    Why treating Teleza Ndanga with emotions like that during the press briefing Mr. President? Remember you are the father of the nation. Whom do you think she should have asked the ‘questions’ she had if it was not you? For your own information, the questions she wanted to ask were the interests of Malawians. Publicly attacking a medium house like that was not professional! Why did you start answering before she completed asking? That was very bad. Remember, you were NOT only embarrassing her but hating the whole group which like listening to the station(of which is the majority of local Malawians). Take care please, it was possible to address the media, advising it where you think so, without mentioning ZBS nor publicly showing that YOU hate it. You are our father please all we need is information, true information and not what you are doing.

  12. Eugene says:

    Midnight Six thief

  13. fearing MACRA says:

    Some believe a person is immortal. I don’t think the president share that belief nor does he believe in non-existence of Faith. He lied through his mouth piece that he was fine and now he wants Malawians to believe that it is opposition that wished him bad luck. He told the country that he was fine and succumbed to natural biological force when landing. Instead of apologizing for lying that the presidency was fine, now it is lying again that it is sick. Such move could only be considered as calculative to buy voter empathy. Since the general populance doesnt have access to TV, radio waves do not show them how defeated the presidency was. In my village this is the time the presidency should be asking for divine intervention even if it means seeking ancestral intercession from Papa.

  14. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:


    Awa ndi matenda a wanthu otha ntchito ndipo otheratu, okalamba, azigogo oti olo ubongo wao unasiya kuganiza. Nkhalamba zoti kubedi ndikamodzi pa miyezi itatu manozolo anafa kalekale.

    Amalawi ena mwina simudziwa. Mmene alili a Chilima sangadwale Nyamakazi.


  15. Citizen says:

    Haha My Head of State is here mpaka 2024!

  16. ndamwera zanga says:

    my beloved president does not owe anyone an explanation on his health ikakhala tax tonse timadya njira zosiyana ku hospital and the road u use everyday going to your work place so go to hell

    1. anti-santana says:

      Dumb and daft comment… he owes the nation an explanation to why there was a blackout on his whereabouts. His employers who are Malawians have the right to know what the President is up to. It is mindset like this which are killing our nation! Another 50 years in the dark and happy to go business as usual. Typical docile mentality. My heart bleeds! Oh! this country, full of blind followers who never learn!

  17. Jelbin mk says:

    Pride goes before a fall thats what the bible says. Kamuzu was right to say; i quote “you can go to any university and take a proffessor to run a country, i tell you he will not know what to do” end of quote. In Peter we have a fool of a president who tries to diverge public attention from real issues. He says he sent all the deligation home thus why he did not communicate with his office back home is tha logic????????. Whenever a president travels he travels with a presidental team which comprises of a medical doctor security personels communication personel and some chefs. These people go and come with the president no matter what unless he was on leave so who is this fool trying to fool??????

  18. Kkkkkkkk says:

    Munthu akatsala pang’ono kuduwa pamakhala tsiku Lina lake amakhala ndi zimphamvu. It’s downhill from then on.

    1. Alex kaliba says:

      Inu mukuoneka kuti mmapanga za maliro kawilikawili

  19. winston msowoya says:

    I very well remember Hastings Banda saying during the Cabinet Crisis in September,1964 that,”i HAVE NO TIME TO DIE”.What a stupid rogue? Where is he now? These political idiots think that when they are in the highest position in land,they forget themselves that only GOD controls human life.However,Muthalika’s assertion that he will live upto the next elections in 2019,demonstrates his low capacity of thinking hence his tragic failures in running our country.The health situation in which he is now,forbids him to hundle the affairs of our State intelligently and effectively,he himself does not,foolishly,realise that he is done and constitutionally,he is not fit to lead.Muthalika it is time to leave before our country sinks into the uncontrollable trend.POWER CORRUPTS,ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.Take heed before you follow your late corrupt and tribalistic brother Bingu.You were not dropped from the heavens to rule Malawi definitely.

    1. Angel of Doom says:

      He did not die in 1965 that’s for sure. And if we follow your argument, do you think it will be a good thing when you die, which you will, to ask where you are then?

      When we comment try to be real, what you have said here Msowoya rubbish and you know it.

      Who in their right mind does not know that death comes to us all? That does not mean we can not assume we will be alive tomorrow, otherwise we will do nothing just waiting to die.

      I have followed your comments Msowoya, always childish, I am sure you are older now, change!!

      Politics is not a human being, the same people you call idiots now will help you in the future, I delieve in objective comments, not political bias.

    2. kanchenga says:

      Yes you are right Banda said that and he continued to say I still have 30 years to my life. Well he is not the only person to have wished like that. However Banda was allowed by the almighty to live that long and who knows it could please the almighty to allow Peter to live according to his prayer. It’s the will of God and we can only ask. Everything said though it would have been wise for the president to inform the nation that he will be staying longer than planned because he needed some medication. He didn’t have to specify what was wrong. After all that’s what happened and yesterday he accepted that. If he had said that earlier all this drama would have been avoided.

  20. Waphuma says:

    We need to know where you are because you waste our taxes….media is the only channel that citizens will come to know about your whereabouts. Ndiye mumakalipa chani…you are supposed to be accountable to us…we employed you and imagine you sound proud enough that come 2019 udzawina…with all these myriad of problems?…SHAME

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      Waphuma, let me tell you. Let 2019 comes, you will be surprised…..ngowinawina kale. These myriad problems are not due to him izo nde udziwe m’bale!!!

      1. Waphuma says:

        Adzawina CHISI

    2. Joker says:

      Kodi mukamati 2019 sadzawina nde adzawina ndani a Malawi nzeru zakucheperani munatani? DPP woyeeeeh Munya muona …… ngati mukukanika kuyendetsa chipani what more kuyendetsa dziko munyeredwa muona.

  21. Zaya Kunkhongo says:

    Mr President you are losing your marbles now. Our media as the 4th estate are custodians of public trust and have a constitutional mandate to inform the Malawian public and hold your leadership accountable to us the people you lead. For your Excellency to claim that you are not accountable to newspapers is not only naïve and disingenuous but crass and arrogant. The media remains and will remain a functional platform for public debate and national discourse no matter how much you wish it away Mr President.
    All this hullabaloo about your US trip you invited upon yourself. Whenever you starve the media and public of information the result is speculation. Your government has an obligation to inform us on salient issues pertaining to your government no matter how much you may dislike the subject. As our President and public servant, your health is of interest to all of us and for the well-being, peace and tranquility of our nation. And l would advise you change tact on how you handle the media and public queries made to your government. As of now, your commissions and omissions on matters of public interest – whether by design or accident – don’t inspire any confidence. The media is there to stay, it is there to ask and it is there to inform the general citizenry.

  22. Mndambala Boy says:

    Ofa kambiri samasowa kkkkkkkkkk thats why Malawi is ruled by dead leaders to say the truth if it is to go by.
    No wonder all these things are happening because Mr P moyo uamathawa kaye, poti chakufa sichiva fungo, sichiona mdima, sichiva zolankhula, sichipenya, sichimwa madzi kikikkkkkkkk!!!!!!
    We all saw kuti mkono wakumanja sukugwira ntchito ndipo timati azanu akupantseniko mpata kungopumako osati zimene akukupanganizo wawa,
    They treating you like Chidole china chake timati Namanyada!!! kikkkkkk koma andaseka ine hhahahahah!!!!

  23. Chriss phiri says:

    Icho chi mamuna chadzitho, ” face him 2019” A Ntata Pepesanitu nanga.!!!Tikudikila kupepesa kwanu.

  24. Gundumulani says:

    God is great and we wish him well but secretive tendency, has brought all this good and negative stories..

    1. joseph mwanamveka says:

      this idiot need a bullet in the head like kabila

  25. Abeat Minthu says:

    Education dont matter in Africans behaviour. He lives on Poor Malawians tax money why hidding historia operation. U see Malawians u are still slaves with your own black people. This worse Tja colonial. A White man is kind to Poor people not an African.

    1. Bob Marley says:

      Well said

    2. ineyo says:

      Mr LEFT HAND’S wisdom is being consummed in confidence.We are watching and we know Chilima is our next president soon.And its true that a white man is kind to poor people than such cocroaches.

  26. Guest says:

    To be completely honest with the Malawi nation, we really do not know if he is actually Muthalika or his double. Why did he not say all this on his return at the airport? Why sll of a sudden he has courage and strength?Why admitting now that he had some sort of operation? There are so many questions that are not answered.

    Ok he says he has 9 lives, only God knows someones life. He should not have a BIG LIVER, he just need to be humble because he is only an employee of the MALAWI NATION FULL STOP.

  27. Chidyamakanda says:

    Inu anthu onyansa aja nde mukuti chani tsopano? Anthu oyipa inu. A Trapensi ndi a Mtambo mukuti chani tsopano. Anthu onyansa maganizo inu. Praise God Peter is fine. May God grant him even better health to reach 2019 so he can legitimately lose the elections and be replaced through the ballot and not Mtambo/Trapensi/Opposition/Chakwera/Hajat/Thindwa shortcuts emanating from insatiable hunger for power. WAIT FOR 2019. WAIT FOR 2019. Peter will lose. Personally I wish him not to lose but I find that unrealistic.

    1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

      kodi tiziti sukudziwa kuti munthu ukatsala madzi amodzi umayamba makani? dikira uone madala akowa matukutukuwo ndi uthenga wa imfa umenewo, zidali choncho ndi Daniel Phiri pano chikwanje chikutsatira Nyapapi!

  28. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

    Nyapapi wayamba matukutuku, tiyeni nazoni athu ndi maso ndi makutu, makani amnewa ndiye musalodzedwe?

  29. Mphate ya Eneya says:

    Robust health with surgery on right shoulder? Bola wavomera zomwe ankakana anzako kuti suna chekedwe, we know now that yimawerengazi nzoona ndiye kuti suli bwino. Kukalipako ndi mphamvu ya ma injection alero basi, masiku tikuwerenga basi atsala ochepa iwe.

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      Muyambe kutsogola ku manda ndi inu a Mphate ya Eneya. Chauta simunthu nzathu. Sibwino kufunirana imfa.

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