If not Mutharika, then who? ‘Life President ‘remarks was DPP ploy tasting waters

Political analysts say President Peter  Mutharika  has been caught in the trappings of power that saw his party tasting political waters with Sports Minister Grace Chiumia declaring he is ‘life president’ at the fundraising dinner of the Mulhako wa Alhomwe in Lilongwe on Friday where he was guest of honour.

Mutharika is silent on the life president matter

Mutharika is silent on the life president matter

Chiumia called Muthalika the ‘life President’ in her remarks and Mutharika was comfortable with the remarks by not correcting the speech.

According to Chiumia, who is also the Nkhata-bay lawmaker under the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the remark was as a result of a slip of the tongue.

But Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) executive director Rafiq Hajat  said Muthalika’s silence on the matter enlightens that he agreed he is in supportive to the making of a dictator

“Of course we know that anyone makes mistake but what Malawians expected on the day was to see the Minister to correct  her speech or the President himself,” said Hajat.

“The speech was from honorable person and it smells fishy to Malawians. Remember, Bingu wa Muthalika who is the former president of the country as well as the brother to the incumbent President was also named Ngwazi (copy cat to Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda) without objection. So Malawians think that the speech was true,” he explained.

Kamuzu Banda was also president for life before he was ousted by Bakili Muluzi in 1994 multiparty elections.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) condemned the remarks saying it is part of showing dictatorship.

Hajat  has since called on Mutharika to also apologize in order to clear the mess.

Meanwhile, some Malawians believe that Chiumia’s speech reflects what the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) plans to do because most of DPP senior officials claim that their party will be in government for ever.

Observers say the punchline of  ‘life- president’ remarks is that Mutharika is up for running in 2019 for another term of office and might be difficult to displace within the DPP rank and file.

Agriculture Minister George Chaponda has been repositioning himself as the heir apparent to Mutharika for 2019 elections but if Chaponda is going to be the next president of Malawi, he’ll probably have to do it from outside the DPP tent, which makes the task considerably more difficult.

Chaponda’s immediate route to ultimate power is not simple any more as Mutharika is staying put.

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6 thoughts on “If not Mutharika, then who? ‘Life President ‘remarks was DPP ploy tasting waters”

  1. President Pedro says:

    I dont protest him being a life president, but the DPP with its Goodalls have proved being failures in macro economic policy, so being life president is condemning the whole country to hell. Its different from Kamuzu who was so good at strategy, but not deserving life presidency

  2. Maunisi says:

    Let me tell you be Humane, what is required of leader is Integrity for the nation. Look what is Magufuli doing just a country after our northern district Chitipa called Tanzania. Surely the guy was a minister like Mathanyula but he is delivering. The economy of that country is viable and we cant compete with ours though we say we are land locked country. He is even riding a bicycle with his two bodyguards instead of motorcade. He has cut a lot of state funds and allocate towards health sector and other government sectors. He is using three official vehicles to travel. Since elected he has turned down all foreign trips and he even said that he will only if he sees his people enjoy mother for country. That is reform and integrity not paying huge sum of money for just to receive honorary degree in Ethiopia and someone say we are doing reforms, travelling on the roads with 40 vehicles and someone says we doing reforms. Travelling for Mullakho walomwe and someone says we are have integrity. Which integrity are u talking about. Go and read it again its when you will realize that you are a failure. Raising university school fees that is reforms. Learn from Magufuli. Mumafuna udindo ndiumene ukukanikawo mavuto tho.

    1. be humane says:

      Very true brother, understand my point. With all sorts of failures our leaders has, when you look at the current political platform, do you see any promising rescuer/s? Is he/she or they establishing themselves as potentially ready to bail out Malawi? This is what Iam crying for my beloved country. You can give so many examples of leaders with sound minds and welfare of people at heart and their countries economies are ticking. Good. The facts is our is not ticking too much problems for the common poor man. The issue is Who do you think can and is ready to bail us out. Learn to suggest and offer solutions rather than criticisms that have no way forward. I have heard people saying there are many who can lead Malawi. and this is true. But where are those people? How are they positioning themselves? Remember we don’t vote for people from their homes but only those who are contesting. Do you see the challenge now. Those we think can lead us better will they have a chance to stand for presidency? This is where our strong advocacy should be geared to. Let’s prepare a successor now otherwise the same man will lead us and continue crying day in day out. I hope I am pumping sense in you brother

  3. be humane says:

    I don’t support Mutharika either. I dully accept that Mutharika has failed the nation. But get it right. We need somebody strong enough to convince poor Malawians that he/she is better than Peter and can bail out Malawi from this mess. Currently Malawi lacks such a potential leader. Leaving partisanship aside but looking at things objectively. If this is not corrected now, we shall enter into another 5 years of turmoil come 2019. Ok, if Peter can be impeached tomorrow, who can take us through to 2019? Chilima right? Does Chilima have such potential as enthusiasm Joyce Banda had? Think Along these lines. I don’t clap hands for Pitala I cry more than you do. If not Mutharika who else? thats the question to answer. I know there are good people in Malawi who can rule the country better than Mutharika. Are they in politics now?
    will they have a chance to stand for presidency? How? in their own parties or in the parties they are today? If they start their own parties will they get popularity? If they decide to stand as independent will they win? These are the questions Malawians should think of and let the Civil Society and opposition prepare the nation along these lines. Sure Maunisi we need change. BUT WHO WILL HELPS US?

  4. Maunisi says:

    Humane are you in Malawi or green card. Reasonable person can equate Mathanyula with Chakwera by far. Let me tell you this my friend if you are also a foreigner in Malawi; Mathanyula failed to manage all the portfolios given by his brother Bingu, He has failed to stabilize Malawis economy as we are in the 3rd year now. Mathanyula failed to protect people living with Albinism, Mathanyula is even failing now to fire thieving ministers. No trust, he must be impeached.

  5. be humane says:

    very true. face reality, apart from Mutharika who else can lead the nation in the next five years? Atupele ndiuja anasiya ndale joined DPP when he has his own party, Chakwera doesn’t exist on political platforms seems doesn’t know his role as leader of opposition can then he rule the nation? So who else can lead Malawi? Olo mutukwane koma 2019 if somebody does not emerge now as a potential leader, expect a repeat of this worse situation

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