Ntaba pushes for world orphans day

Malawi High Commissioner to Britain designate, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba has called for the establishment of a U.N. World Orphans Day.

Ntaba: Lets have world orphans day

Ntaba: Lets have world orphans day

Ntaba, 72, made the call in Korea where he  went to attend a high-level forum on the subject organized by the Korea Soongsil Kongsaeng Social Welfare Foundation, a civic organization.

The foundation is behind the effort to establish the U.N. observance.

“When you look at 150 million orphans worldwide and how much they suffer, there is an obvious need to set up this world day. Orphans are a very unfortunate group. They are voiceless and vote-less, and because of that they are often ignored by politicians,” Ntaba is quoted by  The Korea Times.

Ntaba doesn’t agree with the narrow definition of orphans as those whose parents are dead.

“Kids who are raised only by a single parent are also orphans,” Ntaba said,  arguing that the lack of care and protection they receive with a single parent can be significantly damaging to their development.

He said in Malawi, orphans are often found in rural villages where they lose their parents to malnutrition, AIDS or malaria. And they are primarily raised by uncles or grandmothers.

Ntaba called on the government, the international organizations and non-governmental organizations to provide assistance to single parents.

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16 thoughts on “Ntaba pushes for world orphans day”

  1. samu phiri says:

    madala ndinu aboza mwayiwala zomwe munawachita ana achimwene anu aja

  2. Seasoned Political analyst says:

    World orphans day when your DPP government was busy dismissing orphans and widows, what now.? Re-employ those orphans and widows you dismissed.

  3. Cashgate 1 says:

    Vuto lomangopita ku ma meeting chifukwa choti ndi Kunja ndilimeli, eligible people are left behind. If you can ask Gender & Social Welfare guys, they will tell you a difference between an Orphan and Vulnerable Child and Malawi government has a policy on it. You would have read before going to that meeting mwina mukanawathandiza anzanuwo kumemeko. I hope Ntaba is good a prescribing Panados or Declofanic, asiyileni eni ake a Kaliati zimenezi.

  4. silvester wa ophee says:

    ill informed proposal! Stop your political ambees fillage,that won’t help us @ all.


    Good idea, Dr HN, u r 72years! U guys u r old. Does our Malawian constitution say anything of age retirement in Govt as President, VP, Minister, High Commissioner etc, If not its high tym we started 2 push 4 it. Its tym 2 raise young leaders 4 the next generation.

  6. Chinjachinja says:

    What a worst of limited human resource. This man would have done better to serve or save people he was trained for but here he goes to just sit in the office phwii drinking tea and some pepy talks and yet Mzungu ndalama zake wakana nazo. Where calear deplomats even some DCs whe were trained for such a job. We can not develop

  7. Patriot says:

    Ife tikutsutsa dzimenedzo kuti tsidzingatheke olo ndi pang’ono pomwe poti tsiku lokumbukira ana onse apa dziko la pansi lilipo kale, ndipo ma orphaniwa amagwera mu category imeneyo. Ndipo anali khadzikitsa tsikuli ndi a Unicef.


    72 years old? When wil these guys retire and what is the retirement age? Politics full of old pipo. Can sum1 start 2 advocate 4 the retirement age. Tym to raise new leaders 2 take over.

  9. crazy says:

    A piece of advice to all ambassadors designate when you are invited to important meetings like these please do your homework and not embarrass us by saying things that don’t make sense. Actually you don’t have to say anything at all just listen.

  10. chilungamo says:

    I agree with ‘Me too’ that what we need r social comprehensive policies and programs! Koma Dr Ntaba kukalamba or chani? Zoona mungatinyozere ife ma single parents kuti ana athu ndi amasiye! Munthutu ukakhala single parent sikuti mwanayo bambo/mai ake anamwalira koma pamakhala mabvuto ena! Ndiye pano mukuyankhula molopa chonchi muli ndi zaka 72 nanga pakatha zaka zisanu zizakhala bwanji?

  11. okavango says:

    Ntaba @ 72, that’s what you want us to read about. Any way Ntaba is a genius no wonder he is a chewa-doctor, when his peers were busy masquerading, he was reading books and writing assignments. Keep on doing the good work bwana timakunyadirani!!!!!

  12. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Ntaba you have no shame. You grabbed property from the widow of your brother and you think by supporting this stupid motion you will be forgiven, huh? What a stupid doctor. No wonder you cannot follow your profession just being used by thieving politicians from Bakili to Peter. Do not forget that we still remember how you stole fridges and things for the hiv programme during Kamuzu’s time. Mitala ikukupwetekani? Kodi mupita ndi uti ku UK ko? Kapena mukabwererana ndi mzungu uja, amache Dziwe.

  13. Charter says:

    Abwana kodi practice isavayiva inu muli kunja? You are most helpful as a medical practitioner. Zinazi siyilani ena!

  14. Me too says:

    This proposal is ill informed. Firstly, the term orphans is stigmatizing as it labels children. Secondly, we have on 365 days in a year. Suggesting an international day for everything in order to make politicians pay attention to the issue suggests to me that the problem is with the way politicians play statesmanship. Thirdy, children raised by single parents are not orphans. Calling them orphans is disrespecting the efforts of the single parents. Going by the ambassador’s line of thinking, does it follow that we need an International Day of the Widow(s) and widowers as well? Let me propose something more obvious that the doctor should be promoting. We need comprehensive social protection policies and programs, free of political patronage, wastefulness and corruption. That is what an ambassador should be be advocating for.

    1. Nyasa says:

      Inu anzeru a Ntaba opanda nzeru…tumbuka mentality

    2. Obama says:

      I agree with you ‘Mw Too’. you are great. Prepare a proposal and give Ntaba for free. It is a social responsibility and not a political rersponsibilitity. Auzeni Ontaba…

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