Ntata is frustrated failure ‘cooking up stories’ –State House

President Peter Mutharika is taking a fight with his critic Allan Ntata far and wide . After suing him for defamation, Mutharika has said barrister Ntata has chosen to make a career out of slander by “cooking up stories “ aimed at tarnishing the President and those they perceive to be stumbling block to his ambitions and his henchmen to land lucrative government jobs.

 Z. Allan Ntata: Am keen for good govrnance in Malawi

Z. Allan Ntata: Am keen for good govrnance in Malawi

In a statement made through his Press Secretary Gerald Viola, the Malawi leader said Ntata is leader of “a few disgruntled individuals” who were ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) campaigners.

According to State House, Ntata, who is also believed to have hatched the idea to block former president Joyce Banda from taking the county’s Presidency following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika, had his own expectations when the DPP took over power in May 2014.

Ntata was the legal adviser to former president late Bingu wa Mutharika.

“For reasons best known to themselves, the individuals don’t seem satisfied with their current occupations but have chosen to make a career out of slander by cooking up stories aimed at tarnishing the President and those they perceive to be stumbling block to their ambitions to land lucrative government jobs. These individuals are led by Mr Z Allan Ntata,” a statement from State House said.

“And having sensed that his expectations may not be met, Mr Ntata decided to embark on a mudslinging drive at the Presidency and his Advisor and Personal Assistant Mr Ben Phiri. This is common knowledge to all Malawians who patronize the on-line publications and social network among other communication outlets,” reads the statement.

But Ntata said the claims of seeking government jobs are baseless.

“I have nothing to be bitter about because I have never wanted or expected a government position. In fact, at the beginning of this administration, I made that very clear to Mutharika’s advisors. The truth of the matter is that I have never expected anything from Peter Mutharika except that he should be a good leader and lead Malawi to economic prosperity. I happen to have had experience working in government and that experience was enough for me,” said Ntata recently in an interview posted on Malawi Newsnow online publication.

Ntata said he is only “keen to see good governance in Malawi.”

However. Viola stated that there is no truth to the allegations that Ntata and others are making either directly or using their pseudonyms ( Zigoba).

According to him, the President will continue to respect the Constitution which he swore to uphold, therefore at no point “shall the President interfere in any transactions that are carried out by duly mandated public institutions”.

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28 thoughts on “Ntata is frustrated failure ‘cooking up stories’ –State House”

  1. Chigawenga says:

    Khoswe wakudzala adaulula awo ali padenga. Ntata knows this administration very well. He will continue to throw in bits and pieces until Peter true colors will be revealed. There is something brewing which Nata is yet to disclose mark my words. The president needs to come clean with Malawians before he is exposed. The donors are also watching. If the president is truly genuine in his efforts to eradicate corruption, why is he mum on Viola matter? Why has he not commented on the murder of ACB official? The man is so corrupt that he does not know where to stop. His prime minister has him so conditioned that he has truly become a puppet.

  2. Please people do not comment out of frustration here. The state house press man is saying he Mr Z Allan Ntata was leading in other way was a leader for the DPP campaigners in the run up to the tripartite elections 2014. Basing on that statement it is stupid or absurd to utter that during campaign he was no where near the DPP family. Cheat us with something else no this gusto.

  3. Kadakwiza says:

    This Ntata guy has a point. He don’t want any government position. At the same time he said what he expect from Professor, of all professors Peter Muthalika is a good leader. This is interesting. I like this Ntata guy, he is good and smart. To my opinion, I think this Ntata guy, was also involved in this game called cash gate and now he want his share from his uncle Peter. Sorry, am just suggesting.

  4. let Ntata speak !!!….Pitala ndi mwana Osasamba.

  5. the truth says:

    Inu a zonse zonse zamveka kutukwanaku bwanji tanenani mfundo koma osatukwana nananga kutukwanaku tipindula chani , a nntata chilipo chimene akudziwa nanga inuinu ndalama zonsezi zinasowa zija mmpaka lero zosatila sizikuwoneka pamene oofufuza anasiliza kalekale kufufuza

  6. Palikanthu says:

    It is getting interesting, will this stop plundering of national resources and bring efficiency in government expenditure?

  7. foot-soldier says:

    You have to have some reputation (or earned some genuine respectability) to be defamed. Mr. President seems to have none! I maintain he can not be defamed!

  8. Zonse Zamveka says:


  9. Dr Ben says:

    You are keen for good governance in Malawi. Thus why we need you to come and explain that to all Malawians. Some Malawians do not cooperate with you possibly because you are not talking the same language. Come on Man.

  10. Barrister Z A Ntata is not frustrated. I think it is the bootlickers and corrupt people who are frustrated. You are messing Malawi big time. Mafuta a 6th July, munagawa, and you are messing the country big time. Dr. Ben Phiri, (kkk Doctor wa matchabwada) umuwuze puppet achite zokomera anthu ndipo akonze dziko liyambe kuyendanso bwino.

  11. Izeki maphango'mbe says:

    Its now time for Ntata the great to prove a point. Come my dear for the legal battle against mathanyula. Its easy to get a credit here. Its time to show to Malawians how serious you are. Or are you just a mare gossiper, not even worth to be called whistle blower. Whistle blower is not a gossiper/gossip monger at all. Come Ntata , the world watching you getting your credit, even distinction.Ntata if ten year girl or boy in Nigeria is becoming a suicide bomber, losing life for better Nigeria, what more with you Ntata. Come and give us a very good drama of its own type.Just come and land into the hands of SCOs for your safety for the legal proceedings. This is the time you should lose your life if it means losing your life.

  12. Dr Ben Phiri says:

    Bwinotu paja pali ka throat cancer ku state ko. Before milandu yo ends someone will be six feet down. Tikuwonerani

  13. phodos says:

    Ntata is finished. Come and defend yourself in the court of law if indeed you are legal practitioner.Once you fail to face Manyula face to face then that will your cowardice in purest form.Come out man and stand the heat of law in Malawi. Mind you , you will meet Kenyata Nyirenda waiting for you in court.

  14. Pika says:

    Nkhondo ya Alomwe. Useless president who just want to finish his days on a high note for a state funeral.

  15. Ehede come on Malawi Muthalika cashgate vs JB cashgate.

  16. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    That President wa Muthanyula has dragged Ntata to court does NOT mean he (Daniel Phiri’s young brother) has won the case. I am surprised to read some comments from purportedly Young Democrats who do not know that one in a court of law is innocent until proven guilty. Who knows Ntata could have evidence to substantiate his claims? Have you already forgotten about Justice Mpanda (young Democrat) versus JB?

  17. Nahidzithi says:

    I am not a political fan nor am I a supporter of DPP. BUT I have this to say Ntata is one selfish dude. We know that you run away when JB took over. The current president and his colleagues such as Akweni stayed in the country and were charged with treason. It was not easy for them but they sank so low until the end of JB tenure. You were busy talking on the background whererever you were. You didnt even want to come back to fight for your freedom or to help your colleagues in campaign. Now after DPP’s victory you cam back looking for udindo in the government. You entered the state house mobela and when the President realised this he sent you back. This made you so bitter and thats where you started writing your so called stories against DPP. You are a selfish Dude, instead of concentrating on your career you are wasting it this way. I support the DPP’s idea not to give you any government post. Za milandu against you usova. Phokoso basi ngati sudziwa Mulungu. Ine nde anthu aja mumaononga mbiri ya Mpingo wanu.

  18. iyawm says:

    Ntata should just fuck off, we have issues and enough problems to worry about in Malawi than your pointless accusations, remain a frustrated sucker

  19. If you finish fighting you will come back to Malawian and tell them the truth atambwali sametana. Mizimu ya anthu mukupanga yayamba kuvuta.

  20. Mhesha says:

    Ntata enjoyed during Bingu. That’s enough. We don’t want you in DPP.

  21. Lottie says:

    There is usually a deep-seated motive for all this. Whether the motive is for good or otherwise is yet to be seen. Let us observe the end of all this.

  22. Dr. Ben Phiri, Ph.D.(Cyprus Uni,USA) says:

    Let me tell all amateurs in politics. There is no politics without corruption. As a D.P.P. led government, we are not exceptional. We shall use Malawi government resources clandestinely or openly to benefit us and the government. Leading government requires a syndicate of crooked people and we have them. Barrister Ntata is very right. Who controls government purse, becomes the mafia general. And we are the mafias now, you can not do anything about this. Work hard to fool people and in 2019 become the controllers of government purse

  23. greyson chapita says:

    Mr. Viola don’t forget we put you and your president where you are today.

  24. nyapapi says:

    ntata uzafa imfa yowawa. Anthu akwanu onse amafa ndi edzi iwenso upita posachedwa.

  25. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    We thought that this issue of Ntata is taken to the Malawi Court of Law which forced Malawians to be their president.

  26. Kenkkk says:

    Rising from the slumber. Peter and the govt are now on a full throttle offensive attack against Ntata. Too late for damage limitations.

  27. Soko says:


  28. Sekulu says:

    Well, if Ntata is cooking up those stories, then he must be a very good cook. How possible could he be coming with very delicious dishes when there is no salt, tomatoes, onions, and possibly cooking oil.

    I am hopeful Mr. President, you always like appetizing dishes served before you. So simply employ Ntata and Nyasatimes that they should be cooking nice stories which your ears would like to be hearing. Para charu chimuzizwaninge yaye.

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