Of Ben Phiri commedy resignation and fight with ‘Commando’ Ntata

We all know that it has been Commando Z Allan Ntata who has been giving the Prime Minister sleepless nights of late. We also know that the Commando has asserted that we have a puppet at state house and that a puppet master is calling the shots.

Mutharika's aide Ben Phiri

Mutharika’s aide Ben Phiri



There are people who were claiming that the puppet master aka Prime Minister Ben Phiri was silent and unmoved with the blistering assertions and revelations from the Commando. They were wrong. The prime minister has been hitting back through his proxies.

The only difference is that Ntata’s articles have been effective for they have been voluntarily carried by almost all credible Malawi online publications. On the other hand, Ben Phiri, having instructed his boys such as Justice Mponda, Chancy Chingwalungwalu aka Magede Si Wandale, James Mwangali, Martin Nkasala and Pato Phoya to assassinate Ntata’s character,  the team has been savagely hitting at the lone soldier Commando Ntata using the DPP’s mouth piece, Malawi Voice. But Phiri’s attacks have lacked impact for they have been generally shallow and lacking merit whatsoever, failing to demonstrate clearly if Ntata is indeed unemployed or if he really wants a government job. After all, Ntata himself repudiated the ‘frustrated’ argument by stating on national TV that he was offered a job but turned it down, and that he did not want a government position.

The bottom line is that these DPP cadets, working on strict instructions from Ben Phiri, have generally done a bad job, which has not managed to change the public opinion on Prime Minister Ben Phiri.

Now having seen that his boys have failed to deal with the Commando, the Prime Minister has switched to Plan B in his desperate attempt to throw his first grenade in order to wound the unstoppable Commando.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from state house, the Prime Minister Ben Phiri has by default obeyed Newton’s Third Law of motion. The law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Having analysed the matter, I can reveal that Phiri’s resignation letter to the President is an indirect response and a counter attack on Commando Ntata! Allow me therefore to unpack this!

Why has Prime Minister Ben Phiri resigned?

Ben Phiri is trying to play a tactical game. He is faking a defeat amidst Commando Ntata’s blistering revelations. This is propaganda, pure Propaganda. Fortunately, days for Malawians to be fed with stinking propaganda are long gone and this is why you must know nothing but the truth else don’t say you were never told.

There is a very good reason why the Prime Minister has faked resignation.

The first reason is that he wants to protect his bruised reputation. Commando Ntata in his popular theory stated that Ben Phiri harbors Presidential ambitions. With allegations of corruption raging against him, Phiri’s move has vindicated the Commando that it is indeed so, because all he is trying to do here is control the ACB to clear him of corruption for future reference.

The logic is simple: Phiri knows that Malawians can’t take him serious on his future presidential ambitions with all these damaging stories hanging on his head.  It is the same as how Malawians can’t take serious one Bright Malopa if he can think of vying for the Presidency owing to his Makiyolobasi Programme which used to savagely attack and undress our respected fathers and mothers in the name of Bakili Muluzi, John Tembo and Joyce Banda just to mention a few, in order for his masters (Malopas) to gain petty political mileage.

In order to protect his reputation, Prime Minister Ben Phiri has devised a plan to discredit Ntata to the nation. The plan is for all Malawians to not only hear but also appreciate that Ntata is a liar, jealous and not worthy to be listened to.

But in making this move, Phiri has helped enhance Ntata’s rating, which has greatly been boosted owing to his stand to speak for the voiceless. Just do a random survey on the social media on who is evil to Malawians between Commando Ntata and Prime Minister Phiri and you will know that Phiri has sensed danger hence his resignation letter to redeem himself.

This is how he did it:

Ben Phiri recently put a story in one of the online media houses that suggested that Ntata through an organization called ICAT has prepared a dossier on the wealth of Ben Phiri which he got corruptly. Ntata has never claimed to have compiled such a dossier and those of us who have followed Ntata’s writing know that if he has been investigating Ben Phiri, he would have made it clear that he was doing so.

Anyway, a day later, Phiri comes with a resignation letter posing as an angel that he has resigned because he wants to allow those who are claiming that he has accumulated wealth corruptly to freely investigate him so justice can take its course.

Phiri knows that Ntata is not investigating him. He just wants Malawians to believe that he is. The idea is that with passage of time, Ben Phiri should come full throttle discrediting Ntata for having failed to prove that he got his wealth corruptly. At that stage, he can then tell the nation that Commando Ntata is a liar and press defamation charges on the barrister not for them to succeed but just to send the message to Malawians that Ntata has failed.

As you can appreciate, the fight is now getting interesting. It is impossible, however, for Commando Ntata to be cornered in this manner because for us to know Ntata’s assertions, all we have to do is go to his facebook page and follow his articles in the media.  If we are to assess the fight so far, however, Commando Ntata seems to be proving that he is not called Commando by mistake.

On the other hand, this resignation letter and the cheap plan to portray Ntata as the villain in this issue has simply exposed Ben Phiri as desperately unsophisticated and dreadfully shallow and unoriginal. Don’t say you were never told!

By the way, given that commando Ntata has on numerous occasions asserted that Phiri is the puppet master and the one that really runs government, it remains to be seen if Mutharika will be able to run the government with Phiri purportedly gone. Perhaps he will find a new puppet master or insist that Phiri should not leave. Watch this space.

  • Disclaimer:Views expressed in this article are those of the author Chiipira Wachaje and not those of this publication, whosoever. For tips and feedback, please drop an email to [email protected]
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Mzimu wa munthu supita pa chabe. Mzimu wa chasowa umusowesa mtendere Ben phiri mpaka Infa.

bentby smart

kkkkkkk yoooooo!

Briton Ntata
Ntata is so confused and disturbed. He is jealous of Ben Phiri because he thinks he is the one who blocked him from meeting Peter. It seems this narrow minded guy has nothing to do with his law papers. He can just make his way back home to start his political party to test our vote in 2019 rather than concentrating on baseless things. He thinks Malawi is still in its dark ages in terms of decision making. We are now maturing and no one can trick us to follow their foundationless ideas. So Mr. Ntata you want every political… Read more »
Danger chipino

There is no reason to resigne. We know you did a very good job for serving your master, reverse your mind and come back to the state House.

Ukutaniko ku UK
Ntata is the fool’s commando who fight his own battles. He thinks sane Malawians are behind his foolish publications and he has to be assured that he will be in these shoes for the rest of his life. If he is the true hero why running away from Malawi seeking confortable life in UK. True heroes are the ones whose true services are on the rolling now in zero aide budget. This Ntata guy and his cohorts are full of jelousy aiming at political gains maginalised in narrow minded people. Mr Ntata your foolishness will pay you not long and… Read more »
King of Israel

Dpp followers wont learn no matter how somebody enlightens their foolishness they keep on clapping hands.


koma Peter akunyizeka bwanji. mpakana he will fail to run the govt without Ben Phiri? Muzilembako za ulemu


The developments surrounding Ben Phiri, Malopa and the likes points to the fact that the whole professor Peter Muthalika is surrounded by very cheap people. Notwithstanding his professorship, Peter is as hopeless as Amayi amandazi aja. At least late Bingu could talk sense ,demonstrate signs of a visionary leader and give hope to Malawians especially during his 1st term.

Some of us will pray hard that Peter should rule Malawi only for 1 term.

The truth of the matter is Ntata thought DPP wont make it into government hence he started talking sheet about DPP way back during the PP hoping that he can be an angel to the next government so that he can be considered a govt job. Unlucky he is DPP made it as the only trusted party by the Almighty to be the party in govt this time. So it was obviously nuisance to himself to shift to the side of theDPP looking at how he has bruised the party. As a result has resorted to personalities and the person… Read more »

Iiiiiiiii shiiiii!!!!!! Ndikugona ine osandisokoneza ine!!!!!!! Phokoso bwanji kdi!!!!! Aaaaaaa!!!!!! Mmmmmxxxxxxxiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

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