Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Better celebrate Eid than Malawi Independence Day

I would rather celebrate Eid than the so called Malawi Independence Day. We have nothing to show that we are independent after all. Look here, 52 years down the line, we are still beggars, apart from the few Chinese donated structures at City Centre in Lilongwe, the infrastructure that Kamuzu left is dilapidated, to afford three meals a day still remains a luxury, very few tend to benefit from the so called government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Carrying the Malawi flag

Carrying the Malawi flag

We continue taking our leaders as semi gods not servants of the people, yes, the moment you criticise them, you are taken as a rebel not a democrat.

Look here, corruption remains cancerous, eating away the fibre of our society, civil servants now steal willy nilly, even to the extent of stealing money meant for HIV and AIDS, God forbid!

I cannot imagine that even heads of state can steal yet when we call for an inquiry or thorough investigations of the K577 billion, we are labeled anti ujeni.

At 52 we are supposed to be more prosperous than we were today 52 years ago but looks like we are much poorer and worse than we were 52 years ago.

I thought at 52, we could show some talent in football but nay, we played better football 52 years ago.

In politics we are worse than we were 52 years ago, in fact we are a disgrace. Sometimes I tend to think that we were in a hurry to demand the independence. I think we should have allowed the whites rule us for a little much longer.

El Nino has hit most countries in southern Africa but why is it that we are the worst hit? Hahahahahaha this is no laughing matter but it shows failure to plan is plan to fail, we should not blame God or satan for the calamities, we are to blame. We have the whole government machinery that was supposed to monitor the situation and plan accordingly but alas, they have been caught pants down

. I am therefore not surprised that the only activity on Kamuzu Day are prayers, we really need divine intervention. If I were a presidential aide, I would have advised the President that we visit the graves of Sir Alfred Sharpe, Sir Glyn Jones, Kamuzu Banda and Bingu wa Mutharika.

We might as well need their spirits to help us out of this mess. As for me, I will be taking solace in the eid festivals so please bring me mpunga ndi bakha!

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2 thoughts on “Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Better celebrate Eid than Malawi Independence Day”

  1. Mugonapamhanya says:

    The most stupid article I have read this week. God forgive me for casting my eyes on trash.

  2. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Malawi is a country where idiocy is celebrated. Who in their right mind would even publish this drivel if they pride themselves as being news editors.

    There is nothing in this article, that a sane person can say is new
    The writer complains about dilapidated infrastructure, how long does it take for that to happen? Two years three, five, ten? How long has the writer been a journalist? How many times during that time has he brought to people’s attention that fact? Why now when the infrastructure is actually crumbling.

    Does this journalist realise that there are laws in the country, laws that are enacted not by the government of the day, but by parliament which is composed of elected people? If there is a law which says if you insult a sitting president you have committed an offence, how do you use democracy as a defence?

    Corruption is a two-way street, and by now we all know it exists so why waste time telling us things we already know. I thought there was already an inquiry on the K577 billion? So why is this journalist or person calling for it again?

    Prosperity is not a collective thing Mr Kashoti, there are people in Malawi who are prosperous because they do not waste time talking about what could have been or should have been, they get on with it. The likes of Jimmy dilly dallied with politics, but realised it was not for them. Do you know what Jimmy is doing now? Irrigation because he thinks forward and acts on his instincts, he does not waste time criticising others for disasters that are unpreventable.

    You wonder why we in Malawi are the hardest hit by El Nino, it’s because of people like you who talk, talk, talk, talk and yet do nothing expecting other to do it for them, in other words Malawians are lazy, and if you are lazy you do not expect God to just drop food from heaven do you? We knew long time ago that cutting trees willy nilly has dire results in the future, but people like you complain when citizens are stopped from cutting trees, and you politicise it.

    That is also why stealing is rampant in Malawi, laziness.

    You seem to complain that the only activity on Kamuzu Day, for a moment I thought you were writing about Independence Day Silly me, if we had food on that day, and other celebrations, you would still be complaining that we are wasting scarce food and resources. So what is it that you want really? I have already concluded you are confused, “Kamuzu Day? Independence Day”

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