Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Let Bingu billions be probed

In 1998, whilst working for Nation newspaper, I was very much involved in the reporting of the then high profile case of Kamuzu family led by Mrs Jane Dzanjalimodzi against Kamuzu’s right hand man John Tembo and Mama Kadzamira over Kamuzu estate.

The Casablanca Manor at Ndata Farm in Thyolo,one of the properties of Bingu

The Casablanca Manor at Ndata Farm in Thyolo,one of the properties of Bingu

Kamuzu had just died a year earlier and battle for his multi-million estate which included Chayamba Building, Chibisa House and Blantyre Print and Publishing now Times Group, had started.

Tembo was chairman of all these properties and the family, as next of kins of the former president, wanted to take control of the deceased estate.

The battle for Kamuzu estate even involved searching for Kamuzu foreign bank accounts and the UDF led government facilitated foreign trips in search of the bank accounts.

The view then was that Kamuzu had stashed huge sums of money in foreign accounts at the date of his death. The results were very interesting. They only found three bank accounts, non with a substantial amount of money.

If my memory serves me right, the highest had I000 British Sterling Pounds and the least had 500 British Sterling Pounds. This is why am asking the government to be positive with the demand by Mzimba West MP Harry Mkandawire to trace foreign bank accounts of Bingu and find out how much money is kept there.

History has shown that Malawi presidents are not excellencies as we salute them. It is a naked truth that Bakili Muluzi is answering a K1.7 billion corruption case, it is not ill will to say openly that JB (Joyce Banda)  is running away from prosecution of her plunder of public money in what is infamously known as cashgate.

Let the probe take place so that Bingu is exonerated otherwise his legacy will still be tainted.

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6 thoughts on “Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: Let Bingu billions be probed”

  1. Mike Nkhoma says:

    I don’t think chasing the former presidents is the lasting solution to all these cash gates, instead the laws of Malawi should be revised towards discarding the malpractice otherwise tidzingosaka chomwe sitingachigwire.

  2. Short, concise and to the point. Kashoti has simply given facts: Kamuzu was probed and results made known. Muluzi is currently answering a charge against him. Joyce Banda seems to be on the run! Why does it seem problematic to probe Bingu? If the money was legally accumulated then it will be established, then case closed just like Kamuzu did not have all those billions stashed away as it was assumed!

    In Tumbuka we say ‘pati biii pali minga’ which is the equivalent of the Chichewa proverb ‘pafuka utsi pali moto’. Ki ki ki.

    Forget kutukuka pa Malawi so long we continue having such type of leadership! Kusowa anthu anzeru or what? Beats me.

  3. Real Malawian says:

    Winston Msowoya, where are you? Come back home we appreciate your progressive contribution to your dear fatherland’s man-made destruction.Your views have a tremendous impact on our fight against Peter’s inept leadership that has led our nation to a dangerous tribalistic course and economic collapse.Winston,come back home to join progressive minds.WELCOME!!!

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Having seen the picture of Bingu’s Casablanca Manor at Ndata Farm,I forthwith held my breath and said to myself,”my God,Iam I seeing this structure in one of the poorest nations in the World and surrounded by the most wretched citizens of our country”? Worse still,Malawians had guts to vote for a criminal’s brother Peter into power.Yes,I now sincerely agree to those outsiders who say MALAWIANS ARE AGROUP OF DEAD MONSTERS.indeed,we are.We are seeing how Peter and his group of untutored Lomwes devour our nation’s inordinate self-esteem.They are driving our magnificent Malawi into the drain and at the end of the day,the country will remain in an Island of despair and hopelessnessThis proves beyond reasonable doubts that the two brothers had hidden agenda,we are all seeing this happening today,Peter has no love for our land and its people and what he is therefore,is one and one only desire,to amass unprecedented wealth for himself and members of group and family.Malawians,it is time to wakeup fight a blow and die: JOHN CHILEMBWE 1915 crying call.

  5. banduwell norman says:

    Mwakhuta khuta ukoo basi mwati muyambepo milandu? Mukuona ngati zitapezeka ndalamazo zingakufikireni inuyo? Tiyeni tizingokhalani olira tsiku ndi tsiku basi nthawi yathu idzafika nafenso tizasangalala.

  6. Nyamwela says:

    This is a fair article!

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