Omar join forces with Lucius Banda to fight UDF-DPP union: Prepared to give Mutharika ‘rude shock’

United Democratic Front (UDF) first vice-president Iqbar Omar who resigned from the party after he was snubbed as running of Atupele Muluzi in 2014 says he is back to fight the party’s political relationship with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) .

Omar: any bad image on DPP will reflect on the UDF

Omar said  he is partnering with Lucius Banda to mount a fight against the DPP-UDF union, saying even though President Peter Mutharika declared that it will “never end” they will give him a a rude shock.

The UDF and DPP became bedfellows soon after the 2014 Tripartite Elections when President Peter Mutharika drafted into his first Cabinet the UDF leader, Atupele Muluzi. Muluzi is currently Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

The President  said he was pleased that the DPP and UDF working relationship continues to grow from strength to strength.

“This relationship will never end,” declared President Mutharika. “It will continue from 2014, 2019, 2024, 2038 and thereafter.”

Muluzi’s party moved from the opposition to government benches in the 193-member National Assembly.

Only Balaka North legislator Lucius Banda defied the party’s decision and is campaigning against the union.

And Omar said they are prepared to fight and give Mutharika and Atupele a rude shock of their political lives.

“The UDF has no memorandum of understanding with DPP.  All supporters of UDF are very shocked. We don’t want our party to die,” said Omar.

“UDF is a party for the people not an individual,” he said.

UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga  dismissed Omar and a group of people organised by Lucius Banda  in Balaka to protest against DPP-UDF alliance,  saying they were not UDF members.

“ Those people are not UDF. Any person can wear yellow [the colour that defines UDF], but that does not mean they are UDF,” said Ndanga.

Ndanga said UDF has never discussed or indicated that it would contest the 2019 polls in partnership with DPP, saying a party national convetion will decide after consultations with leaders at all levels and party membership.

“Working together in Parliament is not an elections’ issue. The elections will take place in 2019 and by then the UDF would have had conducted a process of identifying its leader through a convention and the NEC [national executive committee] will decide when to meet,” he said.

Ndanga also said the party has always been guided by its constitution on the issue and there is no departure from that and that UDF member is aware of the party’s activities.

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26 thoughts on “Omar join forces with Lucius Banda to fight UDF-DPP union: Prepared to give Mutharika ‘rude shock’”

  1. Ulidele mkulinga utayenda naye says:

    Ndi Chipani cha MCP Chokha pansi pa Utsogoleri wa Dr. Lazarus Chakwera chimene chidzapulutsa a Malawi ku mavuto atadzawoneni amene anthu a mitundu yonse akukumana nawo. Dziko la Malawi lidasandulika FARM atsogoleri ake onse cholinga chawo ndi kuba, kuwononga ndi ku dzilemeretsa. Mphavu ya lamumulo adalikhwefula. Mulungu sakondwera ndi anthu pandale amakhala a matako akana pansi. Anthu wofutuka futuka, wosakhazikika mu chipani monga ambiri ali mu chipani cholamula. A Malawi ndikuuzeni, Mulungu Sadalitsa dziko ndi chipani chimene chimaba ma voti, chimayambitsa maphokoso mu zipani zina pogula anthu amzipanizo.

    Ngati sitisamala dziko lathu lidzapitilira kukhala losawuka losalandira madalitso wochokera kwa Mlengi wathu. Tiyeni ulendo wuno tiyang’ane maso athu kwa munthu wowopa Mulungu monga adaliri John Chilembwe.

  2. king solomon says:

    Lucius and Omar you cant fight this fight and win,mr Banda have you so quick forgotten the height of which you fell during the empeachment time? pofera salambula,keep doing what you are doing tikuoneraniso.

  3. balaka says:

    ife tikufuna chitukuko komanso chitetezo pa moyo komanso katundu wathu.UDF/DPP WOYEEE

  4. chapathako says:

    ‘… Our relationship will continue…’ this statement clearly shows there is something underground going on between udf old dogs running the party and Muthalika. As long as their pockets are being filled with pennies and they will forget their true nature as opposition parties.Scarcely we here them(udf) criticing gov when something goes wrong as they used to. Atupele is not udf nor is Ndanga.These two dogs are so incapacitated and luck brains to be leaders. Believe me or not as time takes it toll little by little pple are forgetting about udf.Plz ! Don’t kill our party!

  5. UDF20190BOMA. says:

    Cold heart of Africa. Always kuba and Ndanga is one of beneficiaries in the dpp-udf amagament. Sakudziwa that the party’s morrality is slowly engufed by awowo. Keep up Lucias and Omar.

  6. santana says:

    Lucius Banda is still having grudges against DPP because of the knock-out he received from Bingu when he Lucius wanted to show off during the Impeachment of Bingu. Iqbar Omar is looking for a revenge of what the writer says he was refused to be runningmate to Atupele in 2014. So the two guys are doing this because of the bruises they have.

  7. KAZINYALALA says:


  8. Titani says:

    Let be hournest, there is no permanent things on earth which will never change or end. But only Gods words will neve end up to the end of the world. Every thing has its on time, how long it will take, enjoy, opressing punishing and intimidate other, but one day it will collapse, vanish and gone for good, due to Gods will. The . Almighty sees and hear the crying of the innorncent and poor people of Malawi. Therefore Him will judge and intervin.

  9. Hatton says:

    How about MCP and PP? Are the killings, the Thambani accident and others, not going to affect PP? How about the cashgate in PP, which prompted amai to run away to unknown locations, not going to affect MCP?
    Bwana Omar, please remind us the constituency of which you are the MP. You resigned from UDF please keep quite or start your strategies to take back your constituency whether it means joining Tambala Wakuda.

  10. Dali z says:

    I totally disagree with UDf and DPP alliance,because it blindfolds some other members particularly from UDF.I salutes those who r still existing in udf like honourable Licius and others they r true party members dont ignore them.But coalition its not much bad but coalite with gud aims

  11. wise b says:

    But Iwould like to support Honourable lucius banda for the greatest heart of love ur showing on your party because its not ajoke for u to stand over the challenges ur passing through akanakhala ena akanaithawa nkhondoyo….Do it soldier ithink ur the one who will stand on presidency for UDF.The country is lacking such kind of vocal pple lyk how u do ,because they r other pple who tolarates or even no-sense but for u ,ur really qualifying to be ahuge political influential figure.Wu doesn’t knw that u ,two guys belong to UDF anyone knws it or even mwana amaziwa.But lets work for a one goal to transform the country from poverty to prosperity may God bless malawi.Amen!!Dont disown ur own members please .May God bless Malawi and our all leaders with extraordinary knowledge

  12. wise b says:

    No no no !Lets be mature enough we are all grown up pple.If ur frnds are doing better let’s join hands and support them in fully rather than continuing
    with our childish malnourished mind set.Congrants to president with ur alliance with UDF thats wisdom that many vulnerable political parties r lacking in our proudly free poor Malawi

  13. Havenot Nyoloma says:

    MBC must be taken to task because it has been misleading Malawians for a long time.The style was the same during Kamuzu era so why not change to suit the currrent type of politics.Strike against such type of behaviour is emminent.

  14. Mukhaula, mufa ndimaganizo anzanu akudwerera, muyankhula npaka tsiku lanu lakufa likwanila mukuyankhula anzanu aludyerera, watch out

  15. hadry says:

    Peoples party woyeee ndi amayi tatenganso.obelana boma akhalanso limodzi pofuna kupusisana kachikena

  16. WALIKO MAKHALA says:

    Muluzi has sold the Party.


    Always people make me to lough whats wrong to work as a team @ have you ever heard that together we can stand? look what MCP is doing always pull their friends down @ why Malawi @ am understand is a Democratic nation but if we continue living in such way we will not and we shall never developed @ lets us work for the development @LETS as do political that will bear fruits

    1. Central says:

      Mbuzi ya mano kunsi iwe Gerald!!

      Seriously your writing easily show that you are one of the beneficiaries of the looted resources. Sincerely, do you think whoever is against what DPP is doing is busy doing all that out of ‘kaduka’? Awanso awa! Why do you love promoting evil deeds? Mwana wa njokaaaaaaaaa!! Is telling DPP gurus to stop stealing pulling them down? Forsakeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    2. Bullshit says:

      Lembani chichewa kuti mwina tikumveni

  18. Douglas Ndindi says:

    These are some of the things that always remind us that we are in Malawi. All our political parties are VERY WELL DISORGANIZED and DISILLUSIONED at best, and outright DIRECTIONLESS at worst!! Welcome to the Warm Heart Of Africa!

  19. mtete says:

    Really Ken Ndanga? Are you saying Lucius Banda and Omar are not UDF? You must be mad. These two gentleman are true UDF leaders. They have shown they are men of principles. Anyone associated with DPP should be loco and their motives are questionable.

  20. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Seriously if you can take a closer look into all these wrangles you will discover that DPP is behind all this confusion. they are the ones bribing other members of opposition so that they can continuously cause havoc and pandemonium in their parties.

  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    “This relationship will never end,” declared President Mutharika. “It will continue from 2014, 2019, 2024, 2038 and thereafter.”

    May the register look into the above statement by our president and tell us if these parties are still separate entities by substance of their existence.

  22. pathfinder says:

    Well! ok! but i don’t think its fair to say MBC is shielding DPPs internanal scandals. look if there were more problems in DPP, as there are in other mentioned parties, those problems would have come out as fast as waterfalls. Not many people are listening to MBC radios more that other private radios these days. So i’m sure private radios would be more happy for its listeners to listen to how dirt DPP is. And you my friend read these on nyasatimes not MBC, so why don’t you ask nyasatimes to print a story about DPP problems instead of blaming MBC?

  23. Wrangles in Malawian political parties. That’s why this country is going backwards politically and democratically. MCP has issues with its leaders. UDF has internal problems. And these problems have not spared dpp either. Only that those of dpp are put under wraps by mbc so that people should think that only dpp is a peaceful party.

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